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  1. Bright white tool heads

    Cool, we'll see the fix in another six months!
  2. Bright white tool heads

    Same bug as https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/topic/161843-fixed-post-update-visual-bug-on-tool-heads/ Whenever someone else is using a tool, the shadered parts of it are bright white. My own tools are their proper color/texture/shader when I use them. Running the vanilla client with no mods installed.
  3. NPC Human

    No, they just sort of randomly roam around.
  4. [BETA] 3D Stuff, AKA "Putting stuff on tables"

    Just tried this out, and all I've got to say is wow! It works great on my server. http://puu.sh/z8wqz/02c87d1aee.jpg
  5. [RELEASE] UI Reskin

    Fantastic work Rico! I never was a fan of the Ironwood GUI, but missed some of the extra elements added in with it. Now I can just about have the best of both worlds!
  6. Weekly News #41 Getting Spicy

    I saw somewhere that we may be able to plant woad in flowerpots. Is that on track for 1.3 or am I just imagining things?
  7. Dead MMO's

    Tabula Rasa. That game had some issues, but it's the only dead mmo that I hold real nostalgic feelings for.
  8. What do you want in your pvp server?

    That and actual bodies.
  9. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    Updated! (How long does it take these guys to dump an updated map? Sheesh.) Could you folks provide X/Y coordinates from the community map? I do not use the in game map grid because it is not as precise.
  10. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    PSA: Once the updated map dump is released I will spend a day roaming the server checking for dead deeds. Also if you have anything to add now would be the time to post about it.
  11. Thanks for all the mods bdew! However I seem to be having an issue with the hots fixes mod: Mycelium doesn't seem to want to spread within Libila's domain. I confirmed the server has PvP turned off and it is set as a hots home server. I also made sure that the hots fixes mod was the only mod running on the server to rule out any possible mod conflicts. Checking the logs seems to indicate everything is fine, but here's the lines from where it talks about loading the mod just in case: I'm not sure what else to try after this. Edit: Tried it with PvP turned on. No change.
  12. Mission Ruler Tutorials

    Odd. I'll have to have another look at this, aside from occasionally shifting a tile on server restart the NPC sat still.
  13. Pristine Community Map (9/9/16)

    Fine fine, updated!
  14. Mission Ruler Tutorials

    Give them the "malformed hind legs" trait. That usually stops them from meandering about.