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Found 44 results

  1. This handsome Rare Marble Fo statue can be yours! Join the bidding Weight: 50kg, Free delivery to winner. [18:38:01] A statue of the forest god Fo. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ua...u.'. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 28.818151, Dam: 0.0. Can be improved Handsome Rare Marble Fo Start Bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s ***DON'T SHOOT THE AUCTIONEER*** -Do not post in this auction unless you are bidding.
  2. Brick & Mortar Services

    Providing Brick, Mortar, Concrete, and Support Beam Services. Your satisfaction is my focus. Taking and filling orders. My stockpile is continuously increasing. I follow through and deliver. Ask any of the players below. Mortar: 2.25s per 1k [4k in-stock] Stockpiling. Shafts: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Planks: 1.5s per 1k [1k in-stock] Clay: 1s per 1k [1k in-stock] Bricks: 2s per 1k Stone: [4k in-stock] Round Stone: [Taking Orders] Sandstone: [2k in-stock]] Marble: [2k in-stock] @ 2.25s per k Slate: [Taking Orders] @ 2.25s per k Slabs: 1s per 100 Sandstone: [100 in-stock] 1s per 100 Marble: [Taking Orders] Concrete: 1s per 100 [250 in-stock] Support Beams: 4s per 100 [125 in-stock] I deliver for free usually. I do crate swaps or will deliver to a BSB. ** Need more than what I have in stock? Put in an order request and I will provide you with delivery time-table** Iron Construction Items: Blank Bulk Tools/Weapons: For Enchanters Tools: Weapons & Shields: Meditation Rugs: PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  3. !!!Location Change!!! The shop has moved from the forums to our own website Https://
  4. Hi - I would like to suggest that one of the creative (and overworked!) Devs has a look at marble items to improve the textures and colours for consistency and/or variation of choices. There are 3 marble items here - bridge wall and marble slab paving: http:// Here again, the marble brazier and the marble horses/ planters do not match - either consistency needed or choice of colour/texture would be good: It would be great if the height of walls to be used between bridges could be looked into as well, as previously asked for: Many thanks, in hope....
  5. I'd love to see some more marble colours! We've already got white, it would be great if we could have gold, pink, blue, green, purple and black. Each marble vein can be a certain colour, like 'white marble vein', 'gold marble vein', etc. Maybe the different colours can have different rarities, with some occurring more often than others.
  6. Marble Floor work needed

    I'm looking for someone who has 40+ paving skill who can come to my deed and do a 2x3 (6) marble floor. As of this post I am still working on getting the marble itself, I need only someone who can do the floors. The deed is on Xanadu and in O21 / 5750,-5435 just north slightly east of "The Three Legged Troll" (My deed is not on the map yet, waiting on it being added.) Please contact me and make a bid for the work.
  7. Forges - New Types

    Sorry, didn't feel like search-fu'ing But would an update on forges/ovens with the new wall types be feasible? I.e. rounded stone, slate, pottery brick, etc.? I can see where marble might be weird but I'd fit someone's deisgn. Personally I'd like to see a rounded stone forge seem to be a part of the room wall, as if it were built into it (or, hey, new walls with built in forges/ovens)
  8. wts rares,pelts

    wts prices as marked, message here or in game Rumble
  9. wts rare mats

    wts rare mats and more. post here or contact me on game Rumble
  10. 10s each PM, pick up Indy G17 (costal) - delivery can be arranged PM me for specifics.
  11. marble walls

    The game has had marble veins,bricks for some time. We can make statues, bridges etc with marble. Can we please have marble bricks to build houses? Everything is here just needs implemented.
  12. Marble white -- flowers work, planter is no known image Marble purple -- planter is black, flowers are X
  13. ended

    I'm sorry, after over 2 weeks asking in trade, i've had no luck so I'm asking here instead. WTB 5 to 10 marble shards, i'll pay a max of 50c (+ mail costs) for the lot. (i need 5, not sure if 50c would buy me ten) thank you finally, after much scrying, Nineol provided me with what i needed. thank you
  14. Gib's Mining Service

    Welcome to !Gib's Mining Service! I offer you nice and effecient service! Prices are listed below... Ore name: 50ql /100 shards / lumps 60ql / 100 shards / lumps 70ql /100 shards / lumps 80ql /100 shards / lumps STOCK in shards / lumps Rock 20c 25c 35c 50c 10k+ Slate 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Marble 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Iron 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Copper 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Tin 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Zinc 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Lead 20c 25c 35c 50c NO Silver 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Gold 20c 30c 35c 50c NO Please note that all sorts can be bought at a lower ql (Random ql) for 10c /100 or 1s/1000! And so can private mining service aswell, you call, I mine! Delivery can be arranged as following... I'm traveling alot between Release and Independence - and can therefore make free delivery to the southen part of Independence (P-coord to V-coord) and the northen part of Release (A-coord to G-coord). Other servers + the northen part of Independence + the southen part of Release delivery fee will be 2s. Pick-Up... ALWAYS FREE (I'm located at D21 /Release) Payment, which is my favorite part... I accept paypal - !(1s = 1 euro)! I'm always up for a good trade, so don't hesitate to ask! STATUS - ONLINE ORDERS - Available CONTACT / How to place your order... Please feel free to leave a comment with your order below, or PM me in-game. Main Charecter - Giblet Alt - Gibletalt Please have some patiance. I'm rebuilding my deed and I DO have a real life... (Believe it or not ) Best Regards. - Giblet, Skyfall
  15. wts rare/supreme

    wts rare 20c each, supreme 40c each

    We have bulk marble for sale, send pm's to Jakerivers on forums, or Aranarth in game.
  17. Was at a slaying event recently and thought about the use of a corpse for this unique...okay "very-rare mob". Idea, allow it to be used as a model for a statue creation in which it transfer the age and pic/image of the creature into Marble/Rock/Slate? copy of the creature success being founded on the masonry skill. But this would increase the value of the corpse. Then have the corpse decay in "memory" as it is successfully copied/etched forever into stone. Keeping it simple.
  18. Add to the brick make up of guard towers(like the marble bridges) . I would like to see a White marble and Slate Configuration add to the menu by use of brick types. This may also allow gold or silver engraving to be added later on to add that fancy touch to them. Keep it simple make what you have nicer...but in this case you would have to tear down/ destroy current towers to make the new Marble/Slate configuration ones to replace them. I'm sure they would lood very nice too. What do you think??
  19. Hi! ❤ I'm a marble lover and I've decorated my deed in this material and I'd love for the marble bridges to match the color of the material it comes from. The bridges seem much too creamy-beige in comparison to their slightly darker-grey counterparts. It makes it look out of place amongst all of my pavement/deed. I propose that the bridge #hexcode match the pavement, since the darker grey compliments stone. I really like this idea enough to share it with you all and I'm certain I'm not the first.
  20. WTB Supreme Slabs

    Buying Supreme Slabs °°Stone. 20c each °Marble. 30c each °°Slate. 40c each
  21. The Lighthouse Myth

    Question: Can a marble brazier pillar's flame still be seen 80 tiles away when surrounded by walls of a lighthouse building with a roof on top? Short Answer: Yes. Test Results: We constructed a marble brazier pillar on the 3rd floor of a building with the bowl/flame part of the marble brazier pillar poking out the top of the 4th floor. We tested it from a view distance of 320m (320m/4m=80 tiles) without walls, with walls and no roof, and then with walls and a roof. In all three scenarios, we could still see the flame brightly lit from 80 tiles away. So for all the people who believed the flame would be limited in some way, shape or form by being inside a building and surrounded by walls and a roof, this does not seem to be the case. Happy lighthouse building!
  22. Xanadu Mining Resources

    Hey residents of Xanadu, I just recently made a thread like this on the Inde forum section and figured Xanadu might benefit from the same idea. This is a copy-paste format from the other thread, but the guidelines hold up the same. If I might add one more note or disclaimer: I am not very skilled in the art of coding, and as such making a nice map such as the community map for Xanadu will not be within my grasp. Try not to curse my name too much if I make a simple map based on the information I gather from you all, as I will do my very best to make it simple and easy to read or understand. If there is anyone out there who is much more skilled than myself and would enjoy helping with such a project I'd welcome it with open arms!
  23. I think the decay rate of on deed Marble Planters is way too high, A q38 has damage 20 already and these are not repairable !!!
  24. I would like to see Gilding be used in the game. My first idea is the use of gold/silver applied to statues to detail characteristics and add some accent/beauty to them. Then I would also like to see the use of Slate applied to Marble and Stone creations for Black created versions of these items..and the Gilding would make it "Pop!" even more. Gilding could also be used on houses on the Non-Plain Stone builiding, benches and even Water Fountains to really add a lot of style to all of it. Gold, Bronze, Silver, Copper and Brass could also be incorporated..but my focus is Gold and Silver for this article. Better use of Jewelry skill could applay here to especially on "Upgrading" of tools to better receive enchants???? Just an idea..what do you think?