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  1. I just removed jcef-natives/ and it worked again for me. So something is not updated as it should be i guess.
  2. This needs to be fixed, in the old UI, there is no problem for me at least to see the difference between queued and not queued. I know the design trends now is to use colors that are so close to each other, but please fix this problem. It is a very easy fix, not like the rune mess we have had in the last updates. @Retrogradeor could we at least get a response from the person who chose the colors and why the person did it this way?
  3. I don't understand, dosn't wurm have a way to test the changes before releasing them? Just load the class for mining and run it a few million times to make sure you get the expected result?
  4. For me it do not matter where i put the WurmLauncher, the only place where i don't get a error or it renames it self is in my ~/wurm folder.
  5. Create the folder ~/wurm and place the WurmLauncher in that folder then run it.
  6. haha, this is so sick. I have had problems with getting the WurmLauncher to run on my Gentoo desktop. I had a ~/wurm folder still didn't work, after reading here i move the WurmLauncher to that folder and then it work!! Someone needs to check the code of that program
  7. Trolling

    Why would it be good to throw gasoline on fire just because you have a bucket with gasoline with you? You can't expect everyone to know everything you know, and you can't expect everyone to have a problem-free life. You sound like a bully that feels he has the power to choose when someone should be hurt by his words or punches! How come you can't act like a grownup about this? Your post is totally offensive and does not help the point you try to make about not being offensive. If you need help writing none offensive grammarly.com can be a great aid to point out when you use offensive words, check it out!
  8. Ok, sure you have won. Stadia sucks. I give up. Are you all happy now? Go on bash away But i think you should try it someday yourself, or go to a friends who have it. As for me i will never have to buy a gaming computer again!
  9. Have you tested Stadia? Sure i get input lag when i play on my 3G on my phone. But 4G works ok for me. No input lag at all when on my home wifi or cable. The complains on input lag feels like when people complain on wurm but never played it as it looks to hard from the screenshots. And to be honest no service works flawless for everyone. Then it is a good joke for me. In short it works very well for me, i don't have to buy a new computer to play games at very high settings. I have no input lag, no framedrops. I move my gaming session from my TV to my computer with a few clicks. With a keypress i save the last 30 sec of gameplay in a movie. And if we start counting on how much money i save on not having to buy new hardware all the time. Please tell me what is a joke to you when you tested it? I know this feels like an ad when i am defending Stadia, but i hate people who throw trash on stuff they have not even tested.
  10. If you want more then 1080 in resolution then yes you need to pay. If you only want to play on your phone or laptop then you don't need a chromecast. But if you want to play with a controller on the TV then you need a chromecast ultra for now. Don't know if it will work with a normal chromecast later on. Atm we who have access to Stadia have access to a beta service that are going to evolve a lot before it is released as planed i think. Well i guess you can leave the UI as is and only say you can play it on your computer. As for IP-banning, that can be a problem but they are hell easy to get around already today. I have access to around 7-8 IPs without even paying for a VPN. If i put some effort into it i guess i can accss 12 more IPs without paying. I don't think this will happen ever since the goal atm is Steam as far as i know. But i like to put it out there for now. So people think about it
  11. I don't understand, this would be a way for me to play on very high settings in wurm without having to get a new computer.
  12. Have you tested Stadia? I notice no inputlag at all, my biggest problem is that there is no way you can play a FPS shooter with a controller The shooters on Stadia i play on my PC with mouse and keyboard, i notice no lags. I would not trust any of the youtubers who did reviews almost before anyone had got there hands on Stadia. Almost all of those was negative to get views. I think Wurms interface could be redone for a controller, look at RDR2 a mess on the computer but works very nice on the controller even tho there is a lot of actions.
  13. Hi Have Wurm registered for Stadia at https://stadia.dev/ yet? It would be great to have that Wurm on that platform. No more settings for the user to have to set to get the best performance. And i think Wurm would be a great game with a controller. Btw, my username on Stadia is same as in Wurm, Greyhound. If someone wants to add me