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  1. I have a few thoughts on this 1. So with the possible incoming ban of character transfers(and others rmt) in WO(when they eventually merge). Does not really have to be super enforced, people should still be able to do so, but just make it so that we can't do it on the forums. 2. A bit related to last. Remove all body stats requirement from combat. Weapon skills and Fighting skills = grindable. Body stats are not. This would perhaps remove the need the pvpers have to constantly buy new accounts? 3. Some sort of ground decay ? Where dirt levels slowly go back to the original state. Deeds, paved roads, fences, highways would prevent this. What I mean is that at the edges of my deed there might be a 200+ dirt slope, due to us being weird and enjoying flat things. So when my deed eventually falls, fences, buildings, pavement has all decayed away, it will then slowly go back to its original state, giving the new player who arrives there 12 months later a sense of fresh terrain he can mold however he likes ? 4. New UI. I love the ui. Guy(s) who are making the new ui have played these games alot longer than I have. But be brave! We will adapt, make it something that does not look like it was made a few decades ago.
  2. Lunalong 2019

    I have some time off work this weekend, so I'll come over on thursday and help with all smithing related stuff
  3. I'd like to come this year. Put me down for some smithing
  4. Thank you. I can't tell you how delighted I am about that.
  5. Huge Grats man! Amazed you actually made it up there!
  6. I think it is just fine. it will take time. But what in wurm does not. The reward of +5 spellpower on every cast is almost too good a reward for grinding prayer up to 70.
  7. I noticed the same, I have a paaw priest, and I've cast 126 botd's today and the goal: "Spend 1k Favor" is still not completed
  8. it will always open from the lowest point and up. what direction you are facing does not matter, the slope of the rock tiles matter. So if you want it to open the other way. you'll have to dig all the surrounding tiles to rock, and then surface mine the corners, so that the tile slopes the other way.
  9. Wow, that was one awesome patch list. Lets hope it all works as intended Great work people. Thank you.
  10. You should have mentioned the rowdy neighbour.
  11. Been suggested before, but Christmas is getting close, and some of us have this weird habit of giving away stuff. Re add it and just include item decay ? If no can do. Temporary add them for December ? please ?