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  1. Did not even know that was a thing, but wiki specifies Fo Domain not altar.
  2. Hopefully the 327th crittermovement fix will work i do not understand the need for the favor sacking change, it will not impact the way I play my priests I think, but 15 sec sacking timer. Thank you.
  3. Please fix the Skill tracker options window so one does not have to resize it everytime.
  4. not how the 30 minute sniper protection works here. if a bid is placed, the timer is extended by 30 minutes.
  5. "Use relative data directory" tip. Solved my issue with both running Steam and WO client alts. Awesome. Thank you
  6. I realised earlier that I ran out of SB very quick. But did not know how much I really ahd when I started. So did this test here with the little sb i got from sleeping a bit [13:04:06] You have 3 minutes left of your sleep bonus, which is frozen. (3 mins and 52 seconds) [13:04:11] You start using your sleep bonus. [13:06:40] You feel the last of your sleep bonus run out. 2 minutes and 29 seconds gone and all gone Server: Harmony
  7. The first thing that threw me off when I logged into this game for the first time. It was pitch dark, and all I could see wherever i hovered the mouse was blue squares(the tiles) it made quite a very poor first impression, if it was not because i had a friend who was playing and insisting it was worthy my time. I would have logged out in disgust there and then. Disable it by default, have a hotkey to enable us to view them, say alt or something. We can permanently enable or disable it in the settings, so us who are used to seeing em, will do so. Throw the tip in a few places, the tutorial. when hovering over digging action, "press ALT to see tiles." New players should get the gist of it. TLDR. Get rid of the tile view on by default. It is ugly
  8. should bump that suggestion to change the H and K's on the map
  9. Bump Back and want more goats. Please COD em to Cenotaph if you are willing to part with yours.
  10. any goats left ? cod em to cenotaph please
  11. funny enough I came across the same thing on pristine this morning