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  1. Sorry it did not work out, I hope everything is ok. And it is not the end of the world. Stuff happens. Good luck with future events.
  2. the ingame timer looks lovely. And the lock QL thingy looks very much improved to the one we have now. awesome
  3. I'll come and do WS(Grimceno) can also bring a vyn priest if needed for channeling (Iwry)
  4. alright, I'll log in and send the items. thanks
  5. Not playing on sfi atm, but still have some deeds there that needs upkeep. So selling off some stuff i have lying on Pristine. Feel free to offer, reply in thread or pm. But I am not in any hurry here. And i don't need to sell all items, just some of them. So if there is anything you desire down there, please poke. And last since I am not playing on SFI atm, if it can't be mailed. I'd prefer pickup@ Milliways on Pristine https://pristine.yaga.host/#182,1084 43x sleep powders. they say they still go for 1s each. if you pickup I'll happily sell them for 0.75s each. 2x rod of transmutation some drake hide and blood. I did sell the other hide for 60c/0.01 so I'll sell the rest for the same price. imbue potions do you lack or want one or two of these ? ada lumps And perhaps i should sell this one ?
  6. Bump ? Yes Bump. So if you want to haggle, feel free to do so.
  7. I just checked my inventory, and it seems like that libram is still there. So bump
  8. As topic states. Libram of the Night 50s Reduces Pierce Damage taken by 15% Increases bite damage taken by 10% It is a decent Tome. reply here, pm me on forums or Grimceno ingame
  9. I have the same issue, my steam player can not connect to server. same as the others non steam ones have no issues (I now got in on the steam client)
  10. Thank you Ekcin for trying to save my sanity. Appreciate it. But I am ofcourse still looking for Coffee, preferably a barrel, but can take lesser quantities. Also ofcourse the higher QL the better. But 80+ atleast (should give 1 hourish buff?) I am willing to throw my money at anyone able and willing to save my sanity.
  11. Help me save my sanity as I grind weaponsmithing up for a second time. Pretty please Reply here or pm me Thank you [edit: can also PM Grimceno ingame]
  12. [18:44:28] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Arno in less than ten minutes.
  13. The sniper protection has ended. Thanks for the bids. @Arno Where do you want me to send it ?
  14. hehe yes I do if it had been over on southern it wouldhave been imped to a silly QL and had all sorts of casts on it.