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  1. I'll take the yulegoats for 1s each
  2. So you broke it! save the whales man!
  3. It certainly seems so, can't log in either
  4. For me, "Limit max dynamic lights" and setting that at a low number fixes glasshollow and all areas with god knows how many lamps
  5. We could always make taps. And with a hammer chug it into the sealed barrel. 20 sec timer to fill a beer stein.
  6. If you do this, my biggest wish is: Please make that transfer of character stats go both ways.
  7. will we see those wagoners making their way about, or will they just magicly make the crates swoosh across the continent ?
  8. hah that wagoner could come in handy, first I was looking at the date thinking it must be 1st of april already.
  9. thumbs up from me and hug rug +2 \o/
  10. grats on a bargain! work sucks sometimes
  11. 43s
  12. empty bsb rack Full bsb rack
  13. In terms of the enchant decay, I am not excited, but I'll give it a go and see how it unfolds. When we had only one bsb for each tile, the 4 bsb in a rack would have been awesome. I feel that the rack is too big for the 4 bsbs it can contain. I would like to have room for more bsb's in the bsb rack.
  14. Dirtbump 20k left now
  15. Cheers McLovin, transaction went awesome Now 25k dirt left to sell!