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  1. Archaeology Journals

    Yes, I'd love to see more in those. I wish 1 journal would cover it all +1
  2. Cannot determine a valid Java Home

    I have no idea what really causes it, I tried to boot up my daughters machine to run a few wurm sermon clients, and I hit the same block. Cannot determine a valid java home. So how i eventually bypassed it there. is that instead of launching the game from the Desptop shortcut the installer makes. I launched the game from the downloaded wurmclient.jnlp file that you get from hitting Play on the main site. It worked like a charm. Now that I am back on my PC I see that the Target (if you click properties on the desktop shortcut) E:\Program Files\Java 80161\bin\javaws.exe" -localfile -J-Djnl........etc............. on the other computer it linked to something like Programdata\Oracle\Java\jawaws. not to the Java install folder. If that is related I have no idea. I am no tech wizard But just launching the game from the wurmclient.jnlp file worked fine.
  3. Hunting Lava Fiends!

    I am guessing you live somewhere southish on xanadu. hop into caves on other servers and north Xanadu and you'll find them,
  4. If noone else has volunteered. I can always go and see a bit of Xanadu
  5. Wand of the Seas [Close]

    awesome, if it can be mailed. Cod it to cenotaph, if not then I guess we'll have to meet up
  6. wts scale set - 200s

    It should look exactly like a white set
  7. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Well done on finishing that thing! I'll come over and take a look
  8. Wand of the Seas [Close]

  9. Sorry but this makes absolutely no sense to me at all.
  10. I will take your horseshoes We can haggle over price in local!
  11. It is a grinding game like few others. And shockingly enough, I like that about it. So -1
  12. Global alliances

    I would love this. so +1
  13. Camping Expansion - Exploration Encouragement

    you can't deed over a tent anyways can you ? oh you probably can, just me remembering issues with tents, when it was probably me trying to drop tents where I could not. But I approve of movable resting spot.
  14. WTB drake set - 70s

    No would not say so. But one can get lucky. Someone might not like to go through that hassle of advertising sale.
  15. Stone Wall or Stone Fence??

    Always thought the difference was: Fence i can look over, wall I can not.