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  1. WTA rare strange bone

    ok 16s
  2. Please Lock

    Why not 20s
  3. Pristine Community Map

    I'll start out you can add Milliways location 169,1079
  4. 1 Eye Giant

    someone had dropped a rare barrel by the tents, suspect they were going to drop tent, and misclicked. pm me and i shall hand it back
  5. 1 Eye Giant

    hah that is a nice picture
  6. Sold Please close

    The niarja page is marked private (edit not anymore!)
  7. High-QL Smithing Account Auction

    105 then
  8. Supreme Strange Bone auction[sold]

    Starting Bid: 30s Buyout: 70s Reserve: None Bid Increments: 1s Sniper protection: 1hr
  9. My 50Ql + forges do not stay on

    Move the forges into a house, or into a cave, and they will burn for longer.
  10. My 50Ql + forges do not stay on

    Are your forges located outdoors ? If so, try it indoors ?
  11. wts 25 sleep powders 25s.

    Title says it all, can pop over and deliver most places. Can be contacted pm on forums or Cenotaph ingame.
  12. WTS Christmas and special Items

    I'll take the yulegoats for 1s each
  13. Pristine Die?

    So you broke it! save the whales man!
  14. Server crashed?

    It certainly seems so, can't log in either
  15. GLSL

    For me, "Limit max dynamic lights" and setting that at a low number fixes glasshollow and all areas with god knows how many lamps