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  1. Free deed to good home!

    You should have mentioned the rowdy neighbour.
  2. Gift Wrapping Paper...

    Been suggested before, but Christmas is getting close, and some of us have this weird habit of giving away stuff. Re add it and just include item decay ? If no can do. Temporary add them for December ? please ?
  3. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    It is already silly, but yes, second page. Up we go. Looking for I dunno 50-80 more yule goats.
  4. Master Crafter Modifications

    I agree, with Kochinac here, 90-91-92-etc gradually locking these up would be fancy.
  5. Fix "Demi" gods being stronger than real gods?

    yeah, though I do find it amusing to sacrifice stuff to Gary, I preferred it when we only had the original 4. so +1 to removing them completely
  6. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    Thank you for those And sadly no on the reindeer And If someone happens to have more Yule Goats, don't be shy. I think I need a truckload more
  7. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

  8. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    Yes I'd like more Goats Feel free to COD em to Cenotaph. Thank you!
  9. A Horse of a Different Color

    +1 can't go wrong with that
  10. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    nice to wake up with Goats in the mail! Thank you to those who sent, and don't be shy. Keep them coming
  11. wtb Yule Goats 1s/each

    If you feel like selling your precious ones, please cod em to Cenotaph