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  1. The first thing that threw me off when I logged into this game for the first time. It was pitch dark, and all I could see wherever i hovered the mouse was blue squares(the tiles) it made quite a very poor first impression, if it was not because i had a friend who was playing and insisting it was worthy my time. I would have logged out in disgust there and then. Disable it by default, have a hotkey to enable us to view them, say alt or something. We can permanently enable or disable it in the settings, so us who are used to seeing em, will do so. Throw the tip in a few places, the tutorial. when hovering over digging action, "press ALT to see tiles." New players should get the gist of it. TLDR. Get rid of the tile view on by default. It is ugly
  2. should bump that suggestion to change the H and K's on the map
  3. Bump Back and want more goats. Please COD em to Cenotaph if you are willing to part with yours.
  4. any goats left ? cod em to cenotaph please
  5. funny enough I came across the same thing on pristine this morning
  6. Bought for marks(monthly skin) Applied to a rare wooden oak shield while in inventory. Skin shows on item when placed on ground, but not when equipped [22:00:18] A medium sized sturdy shield made from wooden planks with a metal spike. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from oakenwood. You must use a mallet on the shield in order to improve it. It has an alternate skin applied to it. on ground Equipped
  7. Supreme saddle 30s ? Red Dragon Blood 2s(not red hatchling) Ropemaking Pots, I'll pay 1s for 10ql 3 c pr QL above that. So Examples 30ql pot = 1.6 40ql pot = 1.9 50ql pot = 2.2 60ql pot = 2.5 70ql pot = 2.8 80ql pot = 3.1 90ql pot = 3.4 100ql pot = 3.7
  8. This is absolutely Fantastic. Love every bit of it.
  9. Alot of great things here, I'm glad I grinded up Ropemaking for one Shod clubs were a nice surprise But the transfer deadline feels iffy to me. I have a deedmate who is not currently playing, he had amongst others a nahjo priest with 90+ channeling for LT casts only, if he returns after april 1st, it is kind of a slap in the face that his once beloved LT priest will now be a mag priest. God knows how you'd solve this, but if you don't want it to stay on forever. Possible to code it so that they get it say 2 months after they prem the character up again instead ?
  10. Could we get Friend request event text in a different colour, and or a flashing message over the screen once one is sent ? So darn easy to miss as it is now.
  11. Shame if you don't go with the anti woa thingy for mag's I loved the idea, and It would make me keep prem on a 4th toon. I truly loved that idea.... as it is now, I'll just give my mag 15 days when I am doing a mining project. Priest changes: We are going back to the old ways, are we upping the weapon enchants back to 120 favor too ? (runs for cover) Loyalty system:Will we be able to up the sleep bonus cap beyond 6hours ? (I thought I saw this earlier, but I could not see it when I skimmed through it again)