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  1. This is the guy you want to have on Speed Dial. Already bought some skillers. A good guy and excellent service. Thanks!
  2. Hey sup! Glad you enjoyed it. [15:01:28] <Ltnicolas> either I managed to put people's experiences into words or did a very generic writing [15:09:04] <Baeowuf> I think it was the former hahaha And... yeah, I almost lost my cabeza. Fo saved my culo that time. But my point still stands: Vynora FTW!!
  3. No. Vynora FTW. I don't negotiate my faith. #TeamVynora edit: [14:36:08] Libilas followers now have the attention of the forest spirits. I still don't negotialte my faith
  4. November 16th, 2021. 1603 Hours local time Participants are massing up ready to begin the slaughter of a Rift. Private Ltnicolas (yes, it's named as a lieutenant but is as green as a rookie. Great start), 8th class, is finishing up his preparatives. 2H Sword? Check Leather Armor while riding a horse? Check 40 units of wool? Check (Spoiler: I ran short) Horse Armor? (What's that? can you eat it?) Mouse cursor running lightning fast across the screen, hovering over every player, hoping to find someone known to me to follow in hopes of getting some clues as to what the hell I have to do here. The Rift opens. Creatures start to litter the area. The slaughter begins. Player count: 34. I feel safe. Well, not for long... (Extract from PMs with Baeowuf while rifting. Timestamps are local time. Post-notes are marked with asterisk and brackets) [16:47:55] <Ltnicolas> doing my first rift ever [16:48:03] <Baeowuf> Oooh, fun! [16:48:06] <Baeowuf> Be careful [16:48:14] <Ltnicolas> man this is a massacre *(OFC it's a massacre: It's so damn easy to swing a huge blade trying to cut some flesh and (hopefully) avoid being hit. Especially if no one's hitting you) [16:48:33] <Baeowuf> XD [16:48:37] <Baeowuf> The NOISES [16:48:40] <Baeowuf> Are awful *(Yes they are) [16:48:45] <Baeowuf> I always have to disable sound at rifts [16:49:19] <Ltnicolas> 125% agree. Summoners hit sound like a mix of a donkey and a mosquito *(No exaggeration here) [16:50:07] <Baeowuf> LMAO yeah [16:50:13] <Baeowuf> Seen any ogres yet? [16:50:39] <Ltnicolas> yeah they are right in front of me [16:50:44] <Ltnicolas> they asound like a 50cc scooter *(again: they sound BAD. not like a bad boy, but just plain bad) [16:50:57] <Baeowuf> Hahaha (So far so fun, right?) [16:51:15] <Baeowuf> Those ogre mages can put a hurting on you fast if you don't watch out for their AoE spells (I should have known better. Now here comes the other kind of "fun") [16:51:49] <Ltnicolas> [16:51:33] <Laval> oh boy a champ *(Another player spots a champ moments later. DUH) [16:52:00] <Ltnicolas> we could call it a SNAFU [16:54:46] <Baeowuf> Never been a more accurate word for it *(SNAFU: Situation Normal: All F*cked Up) [16:55:12] <Ltnicolas> there is [16:55:17] <Ltnicolas> [16:55:06] You see a severe fracture at the right calf. The wound is worsening. *(Took a HUGE blow. Severe leg bruise, worsening. Adding all other small wounds the situation is really dire.) [16:55:24] <Ltnicolas> see? *(Low First Aid means repeated failures to bandage) [16:55:38] <Baeowuf> OOF [16:56:15] <Ltnicolas> what could possibly be worse? *(As soon as i was typing...) [16:56:18] <Ltnicolas> how about... [16:56:19] <Ltnicolas> [16:56:07] You try to treat the wound with a healing cover but fail. [16:56:25] <Ltnicolas> (my 20 power cover) *(my ONLY cover, and had run out of bandages) [16:56:38] <Ltnicolas> this is (almost) hilarious actually *(Sometimes, like with all things in life, big or small, when things go waaaay bad it starts to become hilarious. Or almost hilarious) [16:57:13] <Baeowuf> No Fo priests? [16:57:20] <Ltnicolas> yes there are [16:57:42] <Ltnicolas> but at 28% health i dont want to risk one-shot, as we're focusing champ *(OFC! I lost more than 50% HP in a single blow, no covers, no bandages. i don't want to risk getting one-shotted) [17:02:32] <Ltnicolas> and while i was typing [16:59:13] <Ltnicolas> need a priest, have a bad wound [17:02:52] <Ltnicolas> lit while i was typing someone casted light of fo or whatever. My arse is safe for now *(somehow I got healed. I was getting ready to die with honor already) [17:02:58] <Baeowuf> Hahaha [17:03:03] <Baeowuf> You have good armor, right? [17:03:25] <Ltnicolas> .............i think? ... Spoilers: I survived. I completed my first rift. I had a laugh. What could possibly go wrong? How about... Not bringing any tool at all? No pickaxe, no butchering knife, nothing. But hey! I scored 122pts and got a fantastic or whatever it was called (i forgot now) on my *first* rift ever. Got 233 pts that wouldn't let me redeem anything with it. But hey! I had a laugh... And a heart attack, in that order and then another laugh. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** The End (For now) ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** THANKS: Baeowuf that gave me permission to share PM and for all the laugh and moral support Tpicant for all the kind help, as usual from you Pukaria that was that Fo priest that saved my arse that time. All Harmony Rift participants (37+ at the end). Done in 1hr56min!! Not bad for NFI, I was told All situations and conversations here are real and I give my word of honor that it has not been altered. DISCLAIMER: Electro-Cardiogram results after the rift were fine. EEG and impact on cognitive skills unknown. No animals were harmed during the whole event. *(read post-edit *3) (I think?) *(I thought) Post-edit: 1*someone asked my fighting skills. 23. 2*No enchants. No LT, WA, whatever. No. Nada. None. Nichts. 3*[19:02:33] <Laval> was reading your rift experence post Nic, animals did get harmed, 2 hens and I think a pig died [19:03:37] <Laval> I made a grave for one of the hens (lol)
  5. Thanks a lot for this service! Can you add my new deed? "Barbarian's Forge", Harmony. #819,2261 Thanks for the time and effort of keeping it up to date!
  6. THIS! I was thinking of the exact same idea. I asked if there was anything i could help with and was asked to do some "pre-imp" to horseshoes, managed to take them to like 50QL which is a ton for my skills. Considering I'm pretty new and this is my first impalong I was real excited to lend a hand, got many tools to 70QL that woud otherwise have taken ages or silver which, again, being newbie is a ton fur my current pocket. Got awesome skillgains, although I did it out of gratitude, and given the amazing community here in Wurm I'm pretty sure many would hop in to lend a hand as well. This would have the benefit of leaving the *real* impers do the *real* job, while leaving open the possibility of others to help while at the same time level their skills to some medium spot (I went from 36 BS to 48)
  7. Newbie here; This is Awesome! Heard nice things about Impalongs. I'm sure next one I will have much (more) to offer. Currently on Har with no boat to cross AND I'm moving IRL so pretty sure I won't be able to cross the pond in time. Congrats Rogue and staff for organizing the event and have fun all! Nicolás
  8. Count me in!! (Wait, where are we going again?)
  9. Received my 70QL smelting pot in just a couple hours. Thank you!
  10. Thanks everyone for the input. Will try Draugr in a few days out of curiosity and will report back. If it don't work then i'll go to (my dear) Lubuntu. Will report back.
  11. Yes, it's very rare to see an accurate historical model and, to be honest, few people in Wurm would care for accuracy, but that's okay. Looks a bit on the small side to be a Zweihander for me. Has a ricasso (the blunt part of the blade, right after the grip), a beautiful fuller (the "gutter") and personally I love the model. Here's a pic of the Mettenheim Duelling Sword i mentioned (didnt know how to put images before)
  12. Newbie but on the rise. Low budget but high hopes.Call it however you want. I come to offer you high quantities of low-QL items. Just one thing... DIRT CHEAP. Dirt, Smithing, Stonecutting; even Carpentry and Leatherwork if needed. Need 1000 stone bricks? Anyone can get them Need 1000 *cheapo* stone bricks? NIC'S GOT 'EM. ...or will get 'em. I'll find the way, I promise. Be Smart, hire a Nic.
  13. Oh hi! Yeah, i remember you. Thanks, my bad for making an introduction and mixing it with an advertising. Intention was only to make an introduction. EDIT: I removed advertising later. If you can, move it to whereever you feel appropiate.
  14. Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! Nicolás.