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  1. Please for the god add the mod that auto selects tools to imp with f they are tool-belt equipped!!!!!
  2. I think i speak for everyone when I say that trade chat was the right direction to go a few years back to help expand the overall in-game market. On the other hand something that would work way better now that we have wagoners is to include a in-game market system. Auction house that you can open and buy from token/wagoner container/mailbox to shop and buy from. Also a bidding system introduction for auctions that when a timer is introduced the highest bid is auto-mailed the item. I suggest adding something similar to the traders/wagoners to make a auctioneer at spawns. I also would hope that we could get inter-server shipping lanes setup with buoys and wagoners by possibly adding coastal spawn zones with wagoners you can send them too. Think thats it but feel free to add on more things :).
  3. Maybe try adding "breaking" or "Gentling" aggressive animals.
  4. 50c on the rare SMS mail to roarkindrake if accepted
  5. So will this lead to the old uniques that have been around for years finally being respawned?
  6. Bought the rare one and was a nice shiney for the collection
  7. So last weekend i got around to reinstalling wurm because it just kept crashing no matter what on one of my characters when i was outside of a mine. But the entire week I haven't been able to reinstall wurm, it just stops midway through at some point and will not continue installing the graphics jar. Is there anything I can do?
  8. Was logged in and it froze then rebooted laptop because its been wonky. Now the server is wonky lol.
  9. PM me or post here please 1;1e ratio ty.