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  1. NVM , hit the wrong cluster section.
  2. Ah yeah if you get another one I wouldnt mind getting one of the pickaxe or butcher skins for my stuff.
  3. I got this the other day just riding my wagon from one side of my mine to the other. Thought this was weird seems we keep getting bugs for wagons, I still get thrown off a mountain occasionally when my hellies kick into over drive.
  4. Looking to buy the following items. 500k dirt Rare meditation rugs (3 with the ql/cast not mattering) And 1kg of drake hide to refinish my set. Will trade in items or silver just hit me up.
  5. Thank god for the account system its kinda atrocious at the moment. Though i do hope we get o have a better taming system and more in-depth animal system. Also could we get a update to the tree graphics? Fruit trees in particular are really to small for how populous they are. They could really stand to be tall enough that riding through them does not get you stuck inside their branches.