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  1. Start:30s Minimum Increments:1s Buyout: Offers Taken Snipe Protection:1hr
  2. I really think that if a kingdom is defunct for over 6 months to a 1 year that it would be worth adding their skins to the mark/rift shops. We have to keep the skins in the game packages for everyone anyway. But old kingdoms from epic and especially chaos that just for whatever reason didn't produce many items could get more use than less than 10 people who still are around holding em. For example could operate like the shoulder pads do at the moment where flags are 500 rift points/5k marks, banners 800/8k, tall banners 1000/10k, tents 1250/12.5k and Wagons 2000/20k. It shouldn't be to hard to be able to get it coded where we could apply them to freedom skinned items and change them over. Or even be required to have the skin in inventory and when item is created the skin is auto applied.
  3. Sounds like a good idea IMO, and if PvP is a issue just dont change it on pvp.
  4. Close please. Item sent to winner congratz wishbone!
  5. Start:35s Min Increase:1s Buyout:70s Snipe Protection:1hr
  6. Buyout accepted. Please close
  7. Start:10s Min Increase: 1s Buyout:25s Snipe Protection : 1hr
  8. Would it be possible when you start diving into more decoration items for us to be allowed to have color runes in addition to a functional rune on everything? They are kinda useless at the moment because they are hard to get a decent color and you cant really use them on anything that would benefit from a functional rune rather than deco.