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  1. Wurm Wont reinstall

    So last weekend i got around to reinstalling wurm because it just kept crashing no matter what on one of my characters when i was outside of a mine. But the entire week I haven't been able to reinstall wurm, it just stops midway through at some point and will not continue installing the graphics jar. Is there anything I can do?
  2. Cannot connect to server!

    Was logged in and it froze then rebooted laptop because its been wonky. Now the server is wonky lol.
  3. WTS 17s

  4. WTS 17s

  5. WTS 17s

    PM me or post here please 1;1e ratio ty.
  6. WTS Silver

  7. WTS Silver

  8. WTS Silver

  9. WTS Silver

    Want to get rid of my leftover silver so please just post here or pm me and we can get ya setup :). 1;1 ratio. Current amount left :17s
  10. I was curious if anyone knows what it takes to become King in the various kingdoms in WU/ I have tried a few different ones on my personal servers and havent had much luck so was curious if anyone knows :).
  11. As the title says would love to see one of these because it would make mountain deeds alot more fun ^^.
  12. Hitching Post

    Yep and love it this will be handy when we get it on our map so we can do temp fencing for animals while we build deeds. Plus easy to keep breeding pairs togehter
  13. Glimmersteel and Adamantine Veins amount glitch

    So thats why my addy disappered on me.
  14. Weight of lump from ore change.

    I dont know about most people but I think it would be great to be able to change the ore to lump ratio so things like gold arent as low in return value. Personally I'd perfer it if every thing got set to 1kg per 20kg or even higher like 10kg.
  15. Hitching Post

    4 animal post that holds a animal to it )