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  1. Bunn asked me to post this for them after the discussion in discord: Can we allow Animal taming to work like Husbandry in that the more skill you have the more animals you can care for; the more skill you have in taming the more animals you can tame. PVE only of course. this would allow players to be able to hitch multiple unicorns mounts to vehicles without the need to raise the required skills on secondary toons in order to tame them.
  2. Ostentatio — Today at 12:34 PM wurm has enough apes already
  3. [18:19:52] <Finn> you always had the addiction [18:20:15] <Finn> you get the shakes.. if you miss to drink a sip in 30min
  4. [07:52:56] <Tomatoes> NGL, today is a good day to be a Tomatoe [07:53:14] <Grifo> unless its at the heinz factory [07:53:31] <Tomatoes> Heinz went out of buisness - cancel culture. NGL, its funnier with the context this time.
  5. [14:11:41] <Dumbo> "It's all in the grind"
  6. Can you add "Hidden Athol" - location 248, 395. Thank you.
  7. To be honest it really is up to Wurm Devs. It would be an AWESEOME way to gain some funds to expand the development force if they wanted to do so. it is all a matter of balances in survival
  8. add "search skill" to the available options for the crafting window. the list of items has gotten quite long and sometimes finding something based on skill used would be very handy.
  9. There is and always will be something unique about chaos - its the only PvP island you can sail to, and that will never change. all the other "uniqueness" of chaos just limits PvE.
  10. +1. Much as i have an issue with navigation, i still love sailing, and transporting goods for someone else for a few copper would be a good way to see all of Wurm
  11. Not everyone has this skill, i HAVE to use GPS in real life too, otherwise i get lost all the time. Navigation isn't an "easy" thing. the disembark limitation i agree with on both sides. Trolls in game can catch a player on a highway, yet it definitely doesn't need misused. the "oh crap, RL has a hiccup, i have to leave the game" command? there have been MANY a time i would have used it cause of RL taking hold. im going to +1 this, but not only for me. i know of multiple other players that would cry happy tears for a thing like this. i would say Teams must be hitched, but probably goes without saying
  12. Just so you all know, i have pre-fetch inventory on, an i NEVER have to expand anything to search a container, so this is all news to me
  13. i bolded, italicized, and underlined anything because that is literal under Windows. when the client launches it keeps some of these files in memory, and when it crashes, the computer thinks its still being used. this includes configuration files. Being as im not a dev i cant comment as to if it would be acceptable to verify the entire wurm directory is readable/writable or not, however i think that both the configs folder(and all files within) and the player folder(same) should both be set to read/write before Launching the game. and before doing any testing of settings to attempt to track a bug your fighting down.