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  1. The Ultimate in Personal Protection Starting bid: 20s Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: ????(edit to explain this means why have one in the first place. ) Buyout: 50s - PM Tomatoes, in game, on discord, or on the forums Bidding Started! Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Never accepted
  2. ok, so this is actually should be a "you are too close to the bone altar" message, because i was able to create one at another location. this can be closed now ty.
  3. All Mine doors can be removed with a crowbar, while keeping the mine door. a rock mine door can be imped if removed it this manner.
  4. currently if you dismount from a sloped bridge on a vehicle you can not remount. you can unhitch bison/horses from the vehicle, however wagons can leave floating horses/bison if you dont move away from the wagon before unhitching the horses. you can also push said vehicle to the last landmass/building it was on to then remount the vehicle.
  5. i also have 12 tiles that need collapseing, so when you do come back i got work for you.
  6. Steps to reproduce: As HotS, go south of Shroud, attempt to make a guard tower one tile ouside the "[18:44:28] You can't construct the tower now; another tower is too near." message. my character gets no error message and the action cancels immediately. same result reguardless of distance from HotS guard towers. oustide HotS territory the same thing happens with no error message Edit to add location: east of the shroud is a guard tower named (i see deadpeople!) i went south from there until i was outside of the [21:07:22] You can't construct the tower now; another tower is too near. Message.
  7. Missing Horses

    Yes, they still show in my manage animals window as cared for, just no radio button to "give Direction" to. im willing to work off getting them if necessary as well.
  8. Missing Horses

    I'm missing a pair of horses, one by the name of Rainhunting(cared for by Porttomatoes), and the other is Warriorflea "Mount Tomatoes"(cared for by Tomatoes). Both have full gear, and were branded(and cared for) before my old deed fell back in April/May of this year. Both are still alive according to my manage animals window. I'm unsure of how the permission system will work in that situation(wondering if the only way they could have disappeared is if someone had perms), however im much more interested in my horseflesh than the gear, although i would like the gear as well. the old deed was in south central Pristine(Athol was its name) q17 on the community map. I am attempting to look for them on my own, however any help from the community would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. i have a dual boot laptop(Windows10 and ArchLinux) that i normally play wurm under windows. it has NO issues running with glsl set to core. however under linux i have to set GLSL to disabled just to be see the game(every object is dark, excluding trees and grass) and there is a faint green glow in some areas. is this a linux driver issue, or is there something else going on here?
  10. what about the extention setting for FBO, how is that different from disabled? and does that disable the modern renderer as well?
  11. first off my apologies, its FBO i have set to extention not vbo. and unfortunately if i dont set it to extention, my system lags serioiusly bad(20fps drop) and i perfer to have glsl enabled anyways. disabling fbo on the secondary client though, is that an ok thing?
  12. first a bit of an explaination: i run wurm on a laptop. Im wanting to optimize things the best i can. i already use the low mem client. lately ive been running two clients, and was wondering if it would be easier on my system to be running with the same/similar graphics settings. currently im useing med textures on my main client and low textures on the secondary. im already using some of the options in the compatibility tab (vbo set to extention on main, glsl and vbo disabled on secondary) but any other tips would be helpful.
  13. Add me for carpentry imping. i would also like a room there if you dont mind, please and ty virus