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  1. on the condition that you are not allowed to change it more often then say once every 6 months. LGBTQ+ do not need another way to be trolled by the community at large
  2. .....thank goodness RMT isnt a thing.
  3. you know, a swap for your denied action through the marks store, would be a good way around that. make it limited so you cant switch more then say once every three months.
  4. depending on exactly how this turns out, we could start seeing some VERY intereresting meta. custom built purpose animal. with the addition of combat traits, we could see hellies with a mix of draft/combat/speed for a long distance scout, not to mention thats only HORSES. this effects ALL animals that get traits: COWS, SHEEP, CHICKEN, and other livestock. wonder if trolls will be added to the mix(assuming they arnt already)
  5. My apologies, and im sure im not the only one seeing this, but its MORE convoluted then the fishing update. The one thing i keep hearing is 'oh woe is me, we have to learn a hole new system'. Unfortunately dudes and dudettes, that's PART of the GAME. if you all can treat it like the learning experience it is, it wont be so bad. and heck you might even enjoy it. and ya, i get it, not all of us have an easy time learning new things.....dont know about you all, but im going to try anyways.
  6. my only reasoning for not starting this tread myself was cause Mclavin suggested this, and i wotn take others ideas +1
  7. A 'premium token' would be an in-game object that has the following properties: -- bought through a deed token like you would buy premium time -- costs the same as either 15 days of premium(half token) or 30 days of premium(full token) -- tradeable to other players who then use it to receive the amount of premium time on the token 'token' can defiantly be a different word tbh. this would be useful for impalongs and other community events where things like 'deal or no deal' and other giveaways happen. the ability to give someone a month of premium like that would be very nice.
  8. Count the Tomatoe to show up. and im hearing whispers of the entire Sermon Farm showing as well. more priests for gains.
  9. more options would be nice. would have to have some serious math going on tho.
  10. Drwurm is already here and wanting to participate. will join if agreed upon time works with my schedule
  11. Ehizellbob, you win. pm me details on who to send it to.
  12. @Aldur OOOO ouch. well i run arch linux on my laptop and am willing to be a guinea pig if you need one
  13. Aldur, ive read as much of this thread as possible and am unable to find an answer to the question of why the Linux version of WA isnt available. did i miss a post? also, you may not know that WA throws up alignment errors with Lib followers/priests since they have a negative alignment.