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  1. 2023 Roadmap

    Well i wouldnt see the point My apologies, but removing travel in any way wasn't what i meant at all, however there are some in-game mechanics that already ease a merchants life, like a wagoneer and outright merchants, and they get used on server alot still. Going out to explore should be on your own terms, not when you need to make a business deal. no one likes mixing business and pleasure. however, cross server its still neceessary to travel, and ngl, when i have time i filp flop between servers. change of scenery for the treasure maps. NGL, would like more reason to travel cross server.
  2. 2023 Roadmap

    What about people who have Real Lives to deal with, you know, the ones that only can be on for a couple of hrs at at time due to reasons? How will they participate? Its not like traveling between servers is fast, only when the wind is good, and even then, it depends on where you are going. Half the reason i rarely leave deed these days is cause of the time sink necessary to travel. I know that my particular perspective on PvP may not be entirely welcome right now, however it has occurred to me recently that one of the all around issues with PvP in Wurm is that Staff can participate. it may be 'discouraged' in some respects, however they are not barred from the activitiy. While i understand that Staff are Gamers too, PvP has outright benifits beyond 'bragging rights' in game, at least in one respect - PMK Graphics and all the coin that comes from doing such a thing. i've made some quiet inquiries about the 'staff not barred from pvp' situation - it rings alarm bells in other communities, without even mentioning that there are outright benifits to PvP in the game beyond bragging rights. one common underlying tone ive come across is the concern that staff could abuse their own power in such a situation. THAT BEING SAID: PvP having any benifit (beyond bragging rights) that PvE doesnt have is also a bad idea as well - We cant put any one play style over another here - "There is no one true way" to play this game.
  3. much as there is an internet oligarchy and mafia, its not quite so bad. or maybe its worse then you think, depends on how you see it: - - i was actually surprised by the info here. anyways, the way it looks with Musk now, - - i dont think twitter is going to be around for very much longer.
  4. Lets face it - Twitter is probably going to go the way of the do-do, and its time to find alternatives: While webhooks could be a solution in the long term, are there any alternatives to Twitter that we could use in the short term? would publishing to Reddit work? ( i did see that Discord was mentioned, just wondering what else there might be) also, all the history in twitter would need to be saved at some point - its nearly 20 years of tweets for some servers, and that sort of info loss would be tragic
  5. Definitely seems to be some Wurm images in the training data for that AI. Hilarious
  6. while I'm not exactly surprised, i do have one odd question: "But how does it stack up against a metal staff?"
  7. you know this sounds good tbh, i just have a couple of qualms: my first qualm is: why was this a thing? is it possible that it was implemented due to PvP shenanigans? if so we would need to make sure such a thing couldn't be abused. while most of this is good, i think there should have a buffer of about +/-5 or 10 points to the quality level and damage, this way when the RNG damage from being off a deed hits it can be mitigated and it wont invalidate the writ immediately. That way delivering the vehicle wont be a headache, and one could literally drive the vehicle to a starter town, put 'for sale, contact "X" for details', and then go back to doing what ever else they want. also, are there any enchants that go on vehicles at all? i know there are some runes, sure, but i was under the impression that there are no enchants that can go on a vehicle.
  8. While I honestly don't think i belong in this thread, i suppose i qualify, barely - actual grey hairs in my facial fur, and im in my early-mid 40's. (NGL, if i had the resources id get all my facial fur removed) Started sometime in 2015, and for a while there i was back and forth between many games - "Oh, Shiny" would have been an understatement - before Wurm it was Wow, STO, SWTOR for my mmo's. i know i tried Runescape back in the early 00's, though i dont remember my username there, or toon name. My first 'experience' with a computer was in school, was in 6th grade when i played this music game at school one day....i was so engrossed that i never noticed that the end of the school day had come and gone. by the time i had regulated enough to notice the time, it was well after 5pm. Ya, my stepdad had a 286, but we(sibs and i) were never allowed to just play what ever. 6? years later i ended up with a 286 of my own. I'm sure most of the rest of you know that I 'discovered' myself a few years ago, and as a result ive started to focus on those things that help me function IRL - I will probably play Wurm till the day I die. Not a bad thing imho.
  9. Absolutely - Every person who has a physical body is accountable for the actions they do in that body, same thing should go for any characters you create in any game. It is also correct that Wurm is not a game where the GM's can just do 'w/e' and get away with it - they are beholden to rules too, and iirc there has been a similar thing happen to a Dev at one point, so even they have have to follow rules. while we may not know precisely what those rules are, one thing i have noticed is that those rules are quite a bit more strict then the ones us players play the game by. everything is situational, and everything has context - making any kind of judgement before you hear all view points present means you miss information you could use to improve things later.
  10. Not a valid entry for the contest, but i figured id add mine for posterity sake: Casts Rebirth on a troll Says to it "sick 'em" Sits back eating popcorn
  11. This sounds wonderful - i wonder if we could incorporate the audience in the mix as well - sorta like the sermon system, that way at higher levels groups of bards can get skill by playing a piece make 'Practice' and 'Perform' two separate tasks.
  12. I REALLY like this idea - add in a way to check for current bounties(like a bounty board, similar to the village message and recruitment boards) for your server as well, that way a person could check to see if there are any bounties available. Could be used on PvP as well, however there should be a time limit on a repeated bounty on a player so as to not cause it to be used for griefing
  13. you know that would be a really good thing - would be better able to keep track of which deeds need upkeep, and where all my in game coin is at. +1
  14. Guard Tower: HotS Alkhadias 250 (Terror) - 870, 5512