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  1. Feed Trough

    My thoughts on this is actually turning a house wall or fence into an actual stable with feed bin and watering trough. think of it like a combo of the animal cages and the chicken coop. by using current graphics it wont be as difficult as completely creating a food bin/watering trough from scratch.
  2. Pristine Community Map

    is it possible to add the island/mountain/lake names from the older maps?
  3. Devblog: Movement & Desync

    my appoligies for the language in advance, but HOLY ****!!!! talk about WOGIC!
  4. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    This guy is AWESOME! ive recently bought several skillers from him and a pair of imps. hes OUT OF THIS WORLD when it comes to service. TY virus
  5. Dragon Beard Markets One Stop Shop

    Bought a skiller hatchet, wonderful to do business with such an honest person.
  6. Valrei International. 078

    My apologies for asking, but when you say 'all players' is that per account? or will all avatars have a code?
  7. all good here. ty again yaga
  8. no issue with it running for approximately 6 Hours. Ty yaga i think you fixed it. im going to put the pc to sleep and see what happens when i get home later. ty agian
  9. running it now. ill let it go overnight. I will let you know when i get on the computer tomorrow.
  10. Here is my .net error log for wurmclock:
  11. here is the crash log for wurmstatus... ill post one for wurmclock in its thread
  12. with both clock and status i have .net exceptions if they are left running too long. ill copy logs and send them to you if needed.
  13. @Yagai dont suppose you are keeping this updated???