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  1. My apologies if this is a duplicate in anyway, my quick search of the bug report forums didnt show it: In order to understand how i encountered this bug you will need to know that i use my space bar as my keybind for climb mode(works ok as an 'oh, crap' button if i fall off a cliff) if a person happens to be typing in chat and they activate climb mode as they cross servers, something weird happens. its like climb is on, but not actually on, and the quick bar shows it off - you can even get out of your boat on land and walk around like normal, but stamina regen stops, trying to activate/deactivate climb mode does squat. when you relog you are greeted with your climb mode active, even though the client said it was off. this is a weird bug, and it seems like you have to be typing in chat and hit the climb keybind during a server crossing for it to happen. not sure that it can happen if you dont have a cursor in chat like you are about to type...
  2. maybe - maybe not - ive had instances where the game was running, i could move my toon around and everything, but i was not getting any messages from chat anymore, and any action i attempted did squat(couldn't quit either), while at the same time being unable to access anyplace on the internet. Now, when i forced wurm to close via taskmanager all of a sudden i was accessing other places on line again. at the time i chalked it up to windows being a butt...but now im wondering...
  3. IMHO, this is the sole reason they did the auctions in the first place. they are Human Beings, and like the rest of us players, they play the game as well. They participate all sorts of things, from 1v1 combat with whomever wants( Madnath vs Enki round 3(or are we up to 4 now) when? ) to building and working on their own deeds (points to Shrimpiie and Shydow) Granted, its definitely different that its the GM's as a group that are doing this, not individually. That being said, its it really all that different from any other merchant doing business in the land of Wurm?
  4. i could see this happening to be honest, and this would be a step in allowing us to sell cross server like that one day as well.
  5. i want to be able to do annotations or what not , but have it not linked to the ingame map on your toon. its stores its own locations, you can wipe it in an instant, and place icons for troops. AMAZING IDEA! EDIT: OOOOH have it have a slanted position so you can display, and a flat position so you can use it for troop movments
  6. this is odd, ive had no picture in the window happen on the 'hidden' mobs from the treasure hunt abushes, but i didnt know that this was a thing for cared for animals. learn something new every day i suppose.
  7. OMG! you could use this in conjunction with Wurm Assistant to locate ore precisely(while underground). that is so cool! did not even realize this existed, had i, id have been using it sooner.
  8. would have love to have been a fly on the wall for that conveo: Ajala - "Stan, we ran into a pair of dragons and could use some help penning them, do you have some time to help?" Stanlee - "Wait, repeat said pair, as in 2(two). are you serious????" A - "yes stan, two. a red and a black. care to come to central xanadu?" S - "be there in an hour or so"
  9. Tower Fogtoo 202 1144, 4081 Tower Orlin 562(Linton Hill) 1888, 4221
  10. It would really depend on how it was implemented. We could work out how to do so without making it pay to win, however it would quite a bit of discussion on the for instance staff and dev ideas could be considered that, so we could disallow them just on that principle, however that may cause a lot of back lash too. I am not sure what, if any other safeguards would need to be in place.
  11. Got these on the 20th, just now posting them. two guard towers near my deed: Aikainnet 74(F9) 324, 366 on map, e10 on grid and: Adysan 106 (Sanctum West), 354, 308 e10 on grid
  12. OOOOO im very partial to the air one...however i already hear Madnath: Where's Pilk?
  13. What if it was actually someone's reality? i know, its 'fake' - electrons that can be turned off at a moments notice - except those same electrons are what power human beings. i live life half in Wurm, half in real life. when the pain of my physical issues gets too much i come here and just make things, and i keep a balance as best as i can between physical reality and digital reality. Its not easy to be completely honest. as for the Question on Mental Health, first: Not that Wurm is currently claiming that it is good for mental health, however who says they dont play? oh hey, cool. another one *waves* I have been slowly healing on a mental health level for the past ~2-3 years. Building, mining, terraforming in Wurm has been a boon when dealing with my own mental demons and traumas, and as a result this has shocked my therapist and just about any other medical professional who actually knows anything about Autism Wurm has given me a place to be myself, a community to be a part of, and a way for me to show my efforts to other people. Now i understand that some may look at the things ive done and scoff, and thats fine if they want to do that, but hey, i cant deny the results, nor can my doctors or therapist. OF course Wurm can be good for Mental Health!
  14. My apologies Arch, but they thought about the impact of them just doing this - without the rest of the server's approval - before hand: had they gone a head and done so maybe it would have interfered with current plans, and or the community may have not liked it. This way at least the current maintainers can give their input along with being 'valid' in the eyes of the community. both are big pluses don't you think?