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  1. i have a dual boot laptop(Windows10 and ArchLinux) that i normally play wurm under windows. it has NO issues running with glsl set to core. however under linux i have to set GLSL to disabled just to be see the game(every object is dark, excluding trees and grass) and there is a faint green glow in some areas. is this a linux driver issue, or is there something else going on here?
  2. what about the extention setting for FBO, how is that different from disabled? and does that disable the modern renderer as well?
  3. first off my apologies, its FBO i have set to extention not vbo. and unfortunately if i dont set it to extention, my system lags serioiusly bad(20fps drop) and i perfer to have glsl enabled anyways. disabling fbo on the secondary client though, is that an ok thing?
  4. first a bit of an explaination: i run wurm on a laptop. Im wanting to optimize things the best i can. i already use the low mem client. lately ive been running two clients, and was wondering if it would be easier on my system to be running with the same/similar graphics settings. currently im useing med textures on my main client and low textures on the secondary. im already using some of the options in the compatibility tab (vbo set to extention on main, glsl and vbo disabled on secondary) but any other tips would be helpful.
  5. Add me for carpentry imping. i would also like a room there if you dont mind, please and ty virus
  6. i understand you retireing WA. however, if you decide to keep the timers function for what ever reason, it would be nice to be able to associate a timer with a particuar skill. like i have one for picking herbs that i would like to show my current gardening skill level like i can with the built in meditation timer. again this is more a suggestion if you decide to keep the timers section.
  7. this looks like total fun. wish i got in. ill be watching for more enki!
  8. on 4/23/19 at 0200 PDT i was grinding taming, and decided to tame every thing i had. this included bison. if i have a bison tamed and i tame that bison again, and it then gets aggravated and attacks, it stays green and doesn't actually attack. reproducible on any bison. whenever this happens: [02:01:30] Young bison becomes aggravated and attacks you!; the bison stays green and no combat happens.
  9. My thoughts on this is actually turning a house wall or fence into an actual stable with feed bin and watering trough. think of it like a combo of the animal cages and the chicken coop. by using current graphics it wont be as difficult as completely creating a food bin/watering trough from scratch.
  10. is it possible to add the island/mountain/lake names from the older maps?
  11. my appoligies for the language in advance, but HOLY ****!!!! talk about WOGIC!
  12. This guy is AWESOME! ive recently bought several skillers from him and a pair of imps. hes OUT OF THIS WORLD when it comes to service. TY virus
  13. Bought a skiller hatchet, wonderful to do business with such an honest person.