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  1. Can you load campfires or something and smith while sailing?
  2. 'Nother weekly bump. Item stock updated.
  3. Try logging into the wurmonline.com coin/prem shop / online interface thingy on the website and see what it says there? - Usually the error messages for accounts are a lot more specific via that interface.
  4. Former member of said depressive society. Am no longer, which I am eternally thankful for. I've actually suspected such to be your case from even my limited interactions with you, Johnston. Sorry to hear that you still battle with it - I'm sure there are those here who would offer their support if you ever needed it, myself included. I don't typically share my personal experiences via internet.. I find it to be in bad taste and generally unappealing to the vast majority of people whom are simply there to have fun. That said Wurm has one of the few communities where people generally associate with one another on a deeply personal level, one of the many things that sets Wurm's community apart from the others is the deep level of caring and kindness that can be found where it is least expected. (Or at least, that's how it used to be) I'll make it as brief as possible, though an experience such as this is quite difficult to summarize; I was diagnosed as a Cataplexic with Manic Depressive Disorder around age 13, roughly 3 or 4 years before I found Wurm - I've been put on many different regimens of pills to try to lessen or contain the symptoms of the mood disorder, not a one of which ever helped more than it hurt. Sleep is the most troublesome for me, as I deal with extremely vivid and sometimes graphic hallucinations of reality while in a half-sleep state of wakeness, while unable to move my extremities or call out for help. Just two years ago, I managed to cure myself of the depression, completely, entirely, and unexpectedly. I won't go too far into detail as to what it was that made this happen, as you'd need to delve into the science and research of psychoactive hallucinogenic substances, and what works for one person WILL NOT work for just anyone. For those reasons alone it's quite rare that I even get to talk about it, and I do so now with the understanding that this post will probably get deleted anyways. I'm not making a recommendation here whatsoever, as something like that could spell your end if you're particularly prone to being unstable. But depression is something that doctors can not, or will not, help you permanently cure - And mostly for reasons of monetary gain. The reward, in that sense, from this kind of experimentation can quite literally be your freedom if done correctly and under the right conditions. It helped me to explore my own mind and make peace with the failures and inadequacies I for so long lamented over. It allowed me to see past the curtain or veil of darkness that once shadowed even the most beautiful of sights. I will never forget the feeling of purpose and everlasting worth I was endowed with on that day. It was as if I had lived my whole life in a black and white movie, only to be suddenly thrust into this beautiful world of vibrant color, purpose, and majesty - All of which made it just so worth being here that I've never once looked back. Do not ever lose hope. Maybe today is bad, but tomorrow doesn't have to be. There are always steps you can take to make tomorrow better. Sometimes it's merely a matter of finding the steps, and amassing the sheer willpower to take them.
  5. Love how you basically try to single me out there for "derailing" your thread lol. When I've actually given example by thought-experimentation as to why your original proposal will not work - And then proceeded to agree with a proposed counterexample posted by another. A proposal, mind you, that more people seem to agree with than your OP. Maybe instead of trying to play forum gestapo (even you're not self-loathing enough to be staff around here) and being so uptight about your suggestion thread being yours and only yours, you could open your eyes a little bit and realize that, not only are you allowed to suggest things here, but so are others. Most of us agree with the premise on which your suggestion is based, but almost none of us agree with the actual method of implementation which you suggest. Therefore, someone else suggested another way of dealing with the problem, while agreeing that there is a problem. I guess an overall -1 to OP, for more than just attitude.
  6. A change like that I could get on board with. E.G. Change the goal to something like; Contribute [ridiculous number] points to your deity's overall favor pool. or something similar. LOL, it's not like there aren't already plenty of those out there. I wish you luck, but I've been trying to hold the Devs accountable for their own actions for years, and it's still a struggle to this day. Perhaps we just need more people doing so.
  7. I never took any sides or acclaimed anyone to be an aggressor or aggregator of any kind. I merely am pointing out that not all individuals are or aspire to be divine holy paragons of moral and just inclusivity. Fact is, that's how they see it. They aren't you, and you're not them. I'm agreeing with you that the system is flawed fundamentally by design, but I'm disagreeing that there is an easily coded fix for it that can be forcefully implemented. Things like this need to use an honor system of sorts. But honor systems tend to break down when you add dishonorable individuals into your populace mix. If you force the mechanic to be limited in the fashion that only players whom need to complete the goal can do the cast well - What happens in 3 or 4 months once every player that plans on sticking around has already done the goal? There would be no new aspiring priests to do the occasional cast, the mechanic would stagnate and suffocate itself. Sure, you could just prem a new alt and priest it - but eventually it will force most players to do so, and I think that's in really bad taste as far as mechanic design goes. Now couple that with everyone now feeling the "#### them, I'm gonna take as much as I can" type of mentality because of the dwindling ember that is this game's future. What are we left with? Crap, that's what.
  8. Don't piss off those pay2win mf'ers and you won't have this problem, maybe learn who and who not to step to. All I can say. If you know you're talking to the guy who can log in and prem enough alts to just do the damn cast themselves, I wouldn't really tell them "no" unless you have your finger hovering over the "cast" button. All things considered, Freedom is PvP nowadays. I mean there is no actual PvP, so it has to happen somewhere right? How many Freedomers do you think, percentage wise, actually like and welcome new neighbors unconditionally? Personally I've seen many people driven away from the game entirely by "neighbors" that immediately take hostile action because they don't want "their" land "encroached on" - Which is a nice way of saying that these greedy ####s don't want you touching their perimeter or the land around their deed that they don't even pay for. Just the other day my good friend and long standing neighbor had a blocker shed put in his perimeter because he expanded a SINGLE tile southward. He was immediately verbally attacked by this person the next day upon logging in. Crap like this is much more common than you think. So, where's the relevance? If you don't see how that's relevant you're a moron. Freedom's community is at odds with itself because of the dying nature of the game, and because many of the community-strengthening incentives have been removed or nullified by this point. If you give people the possibility of being a ######, they are going to be a ###### when it suits and or pleases them - That is a fact of life. People are starting to not care about being nice - We don't have the community that we used to, and this is plainly evident by the surge of "toxic" behavior from numerous groups and individuals. The point is, we don't all have as much willpower to be as kind as we possibly can, when none of us are even sure how much longer this game will be around. (and have players) And then, some people are just asshats.
  9. Well, I might, if there were perhaps a reason to do so. But at the moment there just isn't. Back in the day, I would think that a majority of players on freedom had the desire to skill up because they wanted to be competitive in some area of the market - Be that Smithing, Carpentry, Masonry, Butchering, whatever. Reaching that level of sufficiency allows one to "play to pay" for their deeds and premium, which I believe is Wurm's #1 attractive feature, if it's not #1 then it is a close second or third. On top of that it used to be generally accepted that moving over to Wild (Chaos) was some sort of inevitable pilgrimage that all players made once they were ready, though not all stayed. PvP in Wurm has always seemed like big-boy Wurm - To most of us it's just the way the game was meant to be played - And it 100% is, because the game was originally designed with PvP at the very core of the game's function itself. (this has been discussed elsewhere) But in the current day, where's the incentive? I can spend a month or two cheesing the skillgain algorithm on a new account until I have 4 or 5 80-90+ skills, and then what? There's hardly any kind of a market left anymore to be competitive IN, let alone the fact that 75% of the players left are vets anyways whose standard of adequacy is nothing short of 95QL with 90+ enchants on literally everything. PvP is virtually non-existant - Epic is a ####ing joke - Chaos has an average of 5 people online in the entirety of a massive 4k size server - so it's not like there's any possibility for people to look forward to getting into PvP any more. There's just no incentive to play, nothing to keep people going, especially for new players IMO, because all the unique rewards and possibilities for one person to get ahead, have all been squashed. And on top of that, the core PvP features of the game that have tied the game's community together so well for so long, are starting to unfold. So to answer your question, I would have when I fist started - But if I was a new player today? Hell no, I would bury this game in my browser history and let it continue crumbling into dust just as a majority of our new players already do.
  10. I could make you everything left on that list, bar the large anvil as those are a real pain to make, and the roasting dish since I don't have pottery skill. Ideally out of steel since they're the most useful anyways but I'm happy to use any other metals I have in stock. As for price they'd generally run you about 2 or 3 silver a pop. Feel free to PM me or post in my merchant thread if there's something I can make for you. Won't shill the link here, I'm sure you can find it.
  11. I have to second Army on loosening concrete restrictions, and maybe even making it easier to mass produce as currently it is a significant pain if you need a couple thousand or more. Would have to -1 for allowing trans liquid to do this, since concrete already serve that purpose and is relatively abuse-case-free as things stand now. Having trans liquids that work in this fashion could have highly undesirable consequences, especially when they inevitably make their way into the PvP scene. After I've built my 300 slope dirt walls, now let me just turn them into solid rock by dropping some trans liquid, and after that I'll mine through the inside and reinforce both sides of the tunnel to make an un-mine-able and un-lower-able, basically impenetrable wall around my deed. Yeah, no. Sounds pretty freaking broken if you ask me.
  12. Is this still broken? It's been a month, guess this needs a bump. Just lost another blade to this bug because memory. RIP You can currently create rare scissors with the rare blade active - does it need to be the only item which works this way?
  13. Aye the dump should still have the true value, but I'm not sure if niarja recognizes skills like that. Might have to doctor the text file a bit. As a preventative measure for future, you can also set your client to make a skilldump every time you log out in the game settings - then it's just a matter of finding the log from the last day you were prem.