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  1. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Could you please enlighten me as to how that is even remotely true? I have logs buddy. Logs he provided himself. They've been posted a number of times actually, so really you should know that you're wrong here. Here, check em out; https://pastebin.com/zm1SEuG1 The rest of EMR are their own people, and yes we as a kingdom have not taken part in PvP for some time. But when it comes to me personally again I don't think you know what you're talking about, again, as I've been on Chaos as recently as 2 or 3 days ago. There are a number of us that still keep tabs on things, and provide strategy and oversight, without playing a large part in the ever-lackluster field "battles" that occur. As for never setting foot on Chaos again... Dude, why do you think we all ###### so hard on the forums? Most of us have given up cause literally nothing is happening. Not even an inch of budge from these nerds. If we got some changes in you'd better bet your ass you'd see us again in some form or another. If we had no plans of returning none of us would care. I had to add this in here too cause it's pretty comical; While I believe that every opinion should be taken as such, as it is merely an opinion, your initial accusation is quite funny to me. >Kingdom of 100+ people >Cant work as a team Gave me a pretty good laugh. EMR's strongest asset when on the Chaos map was our numbers, and we largely dominated because of this. I genuinely don't want to devolve this into the type of banter that one would see coming from Mclovin, but you can't seriously think we have one of the strongest and most tightknit groups in the game but can't work together... It's an absurd accusation, without any real evidence to support it.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Nice post delete. Here we go again. @RetrogradeI can accept the last part of your answer, sure. I understand it's not easy to just roll back years of changes. But it would be nice to actually get some acknowledgement that there is a problem, or even a pledge to fix it however eventual it may be. Personally I think there are enough players concerned about this for it to warrant being pushed up significantly on your todo list - Even if that still doesnt mean it happens right away.
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Pretty much every change that has affected PvP since 2010-2013 needs to be on the table for removal. We need to start by removing EVERY change since then and slowly, carefully, and methodically adding the ones back that won't cause problems, whilst tweaking them to ensure balance. See the results of poll below, in which the PvP population almost unanimously agrees on this.
  4. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Because PvP is currently a ####show.
  5. Why was PvP abandoned?

    Or how about (here's a genius goddamn idea) we worry about fixing the mechanics and broken facets of the game that we already have instead of adding new things to break over time?
  6. Priest overhaul testing

    Wurm PvP is and always has been about stacking buffs at it's core. Priests get a ton of buffs and not really any debuffs to speak of other than no-crafting. It's sort of like a "well if you don't priest you're dumb" kinda thing because why not have the extra firepower? Combat priests can heal themselves much more efficiently than any regular player can, and if you're not priested you have no reliable means of interrupting a healing cast. (shieldbashing was nerfed ages ago and hasn't been useful for that in a long time.) With spells, you can keep your opponent at range and never enter melee combat range, whilst slowly whittling your enemy down. There's just no reason to ever engage in a fight if you can win one without risk by never actually engaging in combat.
  7. Why was PvP abandoned?

    @RetrogradeSo if the only way you will care enough to listen to us is if we post in an "official" thread in an "official" board, where and how can we discuss other necessary changes to the PvP mechanics so that we can receive dialogue from you and actually get things done? PvP has been long in a downward spiral. The priest and tower changes are but two small, recent things that contributed to a recent exodus of players, but the players have been leaving for years. All of these things need touching on, but we can't do that if you're ignoring us because you think we're not using the "proper channels" which I still think is absolute bollocks and totally archaic by the way.
  8. Priest overhaul testing

    Necroing this thread since apparently it's the only place where Dev's care about meaningful discussions that take place about mechanics. I have arrived. I am at your campus. I have a tent, a table, a sign that threatens the very foundation of your conscious existence, and a posse of over 100 angry self-righteous bigots I can call upon at any time to support me. My message? Priest changes were bad for PvP as a whole. Being a priest should not be a requirement for PvP, there are many who like to enjoy playing the game as a non-priest and PvP shouldn't be limited for those people. Favor regen could be a potential fix for this in my opinion, as previously favor requirements were one of the main reasons spells weren't spammed as they weren't cost-effective. I am open to discussing any ideas on how priests can be essentially de-incentivized in PvP, as well as open to having a reasonable discussion as to why you think differently.
  9. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I ... I don't think you get it... It's one thing if the last post in that thread was a Dev or GM saying they were looking for more feedback - That is not the case. The last Dev posted in that thread over four months ago. There is over a page and half of content after that point. None of it has even been cleaned, a lot of that content doesn't even need to be in that thread. It would also be acceptable for you to use this as a reply, if you had your moderation team clean the thread up a bit and post in there acknowledging that it was still open, and encouraging further on-topic discussion as would be EXPECTED if you were looking to continue seeking improvements on the topic in THAT specific thread. Instead, no moderators or developers of any kind whatsoever have acknowledged the presence of THAT freaking thread specifically since that time, and now all of a sudden you're telling me that even though some of these discussions have taken place in YOUR OWN NEWS POSTS, they don't matter.. Because none of it happened in the "official" feedback thread in an "official" board that not even the devs have acknowledged the presence of in months. All the meanwhile you admit that you have read up on the discussions that have taken place elsewhere, and are fully aware of the issues which are present. So instead of you wanting this discussion to take place (Which it already has) but in a "specific" ssection of the forums like someone with OCD, it sounds, actually, like you're just dragging your ass on fixing them.
  10. Why was PvP abandoned?

    How incredibly lame. So the numerous, easily 10 to 15 threads in which some, albeit little, actual discussion has taken place doesn't matter to you because it wasn't in some thread that died over two months ago? One not a single dev has posted in since February?
  11. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I haven't called anyone stupid or worthless, have I? I stated some pretty easy to acquire factual information - If instead of trying to troll my thread yourself, you would have simply clicked Retro's link, you would see that he linked to a thread that hasn't been posted in for two months - Likely, if I had to guess, because no dev or moderator of any kind posted there to even let us know they're still watching that thread in over a page and a half - Nor has it even been cleaned up properly - three out of the last six posts are useless banter - If you can stomach skimming further you'd find the whole last page is basically nonsense. Absolutely comical, you guys are a joke. The discussion that has taken place in other threads doesn't matter, because it wasn't in some thread that got killed more than two months ago???
  12. Why was PvP abandoned?

    So where are the changes? You've been told there is an imbalance, and now you're even admitting that you are aware of it publicly. I don't see anything being done to balance the overpowering of priests or to counter their overuse in PvP. There's been countless threads on it, most the ones that contain decent information locked or removed by your moderators long since.
  13. Why was PvP abandoned?

    I want to pose this as a general, but serious question to all people whom may take the time to read this thread. Doesn't matter if you're a Dev, GM, or just a pest-.. I mean, player. Wurm's vision, generally when I first joined, seemed to be almost entirely PvP. At least half of the game, likely much more at the time, was geared towards giving PvP a unique feel and experience. Nearly all of the lore of the game is PvP based. There are huge mechanics that are gold sinks like PMK's that took years upon years of development, and are ONLY available on PvP. There was a section of the game back then (Freedom/Independance) where you could go to for PvE-Only but it was heavily lacking in features and flesh, and there just really didn't feel like there was much of a purpose to playing there. Flash forward to 2019 and I really don't think much has changed with PvE as a whole. There's still no reason or purpose to play there. But PvP, has been wholly and entirely abandoned by the devs, with not even so much as a mentioning to give us hope that they will do something to fix its absolute piss-poor state. To the Devs: Why did you just abandon the side of the game that nearly 60% of your game and 100% of its lore, is based on? Was it too hard to fix? Is it the players? Do you simply not care? This is a serious question, I genuinely want to know why more than half of this game has been laid waste to. And for everyone else... Why did you abandon Wurm PvP? Which straw broke your horse's back? List anything and everything. I want to know why it was that people left, so that we can determine if it was a number of reasons or maybe only a handful.
  14. Wand of the Seas Severely Underperformed

    That's pretty ####ty to be quite honest. I hope someone fixes the island for you Max. I can't commit to it at the moment, but if there's no official replies in a few hours I'll try and add the code here plus expected generation range min/max.
  15. Devlog thread closed?

    I think you're missing out on a large point of life. If you tell the world that you want to wipe your ass, there's 5 people that will yell at you for not using recycled TP. Someone is always going to ######. It doesn't have to be your problem. What do you care if someone thousands of miles away gets angst-y on a forum? I literally live for those types of reactions.