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  1. SPRINTING: 5x stam drain for 2x movement speed

    I could +1 this if; -Sprinting stopped semi randomly around 15-10% stam like climb does -Rates were moved up a little to be 6x drain and 2x speed - Due to maths I feel like 5x drain and 2.5x speed would also be another common target but I think only doubling drain is not quite enough to balance IMO.
  2. Why is there no keybind for raise corner actions with concrete? Would be a good QoL improvement, especially for people on WU server where GM's can do rock terraforming.
  3. After inheriting an extra chromosome, I've learned that I, too, support enhanced graphical capabilities and compatibility for modern hardware accelerators.
  4. Karma spell True Strike

    This thread has reached levels of cringe that are unworthy of my time I just wanna touch on one thing; I don't know about you, but personally I would be pretty ####ing mad if I had played this game for 12 years straight on one account and wasn't strong enough to oneshot a freshly created alt account, because that's what a 20 body account is, it's an alt. No one who has played for any decent length of time is going to have such horribly low skills. That's the priviledge I should have as someone who has played this game far longer than your average joe. Now there's also no way that boils down to Karma spells. I wouldn't need a karma spell to kill an alt like you mentioned because, I'm significantly stronger. But, Karma spells are needed to take out accounts that are on a similar level, because they provide unique effects for high-end accounts to benefit from. Your proposed alt doesn't benefit much from a truestrike, because they're not even capable of inflicting much sustained damage to begin with.
  5. New Server Hunting Only

    Bring your all 50's skill across-the-board-cause-nothing-above-matters account to Chaos, pretty much anyone should be more than happy to show you why that doesn't work.
  6. New Server Hunting Only

    Hunting now, requires you to be constantly on the move. Sometimes you exhaust an area or even on most of a server, and you simply need to move on, potentially to a new server. It gives reason to travel, and the potential to meet new people. But as you mentioned, it is of very little risk. Currently there's no single mob out there that can actually give an end-game player a good fight. I agree that this needs to change, though IMO it should be on all servers and not simply localized to one environment that isn't even very interesting... It's a blank/fresh map and no one's ever lived there. Wouldn't thrill me per-se. If the skillgain or rewards did not scale and were no better than hunting on Exodus, why would anyone bother themselves with fighting something 5 times as strong? That was one of my points in my first post, that the rewards need to actually scale with the task at hand for it to be worthwhile. You use Rifts as an example. Rifts are fairly easy in my opinion, but the main thing about them is that the rewards are pretty crap, and the skillgain from killing rift creatures is complete garbage. This is why on Chaos, the Rift usually doesn't get completed for entire months at a time. If a majority of the creatures on the server were as tough as the rift creatures, perhaps I could see it being justifiable, but again the rewards need to scale with what I'm fighting. This is why I don't bother with scorps, trolls, & crocs when out hunting.. They are terribad for weapon skill, and extremely sub-par for FS. I'm worried that the balance between difficulty and reward won't be met correctly. Mainly there is the possibility that, because there is a higher mob count, and likely a faster spawn frequency, one could AFK in an area they've cleared without too much trouble. Even if they were all as tough as Rift Jackals, it's unlikely that more than one or two of them would run into you at once if you clear a large enough area, I could easily see someone being able to AFK there. The only trouble is that upping the difficulty much further past that point almost forces team-play, and rules out the possibility of trying to go alone.
  7. New Server Hunting Only

    So not wanting people to have a free, easy way to AFK to 100 weaponskill/fightskill makes me a bad PvPer somehow? Do tell, I seek enlightenment great one. I don't know about you, but I had to work for my skills, and I think it's only fair that others do too.
  8. New Server Hunting Only

    Because hunting, as it is, is a skill learnt by the actual person behind the keyboard rather than your avatar. If you aren't any good at hunting, then you're going to have a hard time finding mobs to kill, and therefor your weapon skills will lack behind that of someone who knows what they are doing. As you get more experience hunting, you learn where mobs tend to spawn, conglomerate, and where other hunters commonly roam. Now if you could just go to a server where there is an infinite amount of things to kill... the whole concept requires NO skill, no knowledge of the game, and zero effort. Which I'm pretty sure is why so many people are trying to defend it, you want to take the lazy route and not bother learning to actually be good at the game. Go afk and stand in one place for 5 days, 100 weaponskill done. I fail to see how this entices people to stay with the game, especially on the PvP side, when I can blitz every single weaponskill to 95+ in a matter of weeks without even hopping servers. Probably without even being at my PC. I think a LOT more people are going to be given interest in the game by being forced to explore other servers they don't normally reside on. Ever been out hunting and met someone really nice? Maybe not you, but I sure have. Made most of my in-game friends that way. A hunting server does not do this. You run into each other and steer well clear of each other since you probably don't want the other person close enough to steal your kills. Your point is invalid. A Forest Giant can already spawn near/outside your deed and demolish a good portion of it. I'm not sure what your point is. No one bothers to kill the tough mobs like trolls, serpents, and crocs for anything other than butcher or missions, because of multiple reasons; The first being that few people bother to skill fighting on PvE so few are even capable of it, and the second being that the drops for these monsters SUCK. A serpent takes one or two people maybe 10 minutes to kill. I can get twice as much fighting skill from killing a single bear, and they drop absolutely nothing whatsoever otherwise that would make my time worthwhile.
  9. This was changed when these creatures became ride-able to avoid conflicts and errors with the riding mechanics/animations, as I recall. You used to be able to ride Champion Horses when they were as tall as a 4-story building way back in the day; Instead of actually riding it you pretty much just floated inbetween its 4 legs and couldn't see anything. I had a screenshot of this somewhere at one point but I fear the age-monster may have consumed that particular hard-drive...
  10. New Server Hunting Only

    It's been suggested many times, but there are PvP implications to adding something like this. A free playing ground where anyone can go to indefinitely hone their weapon skills, means this suggestion only adds to the already extremely top-heavy nature of PvP. +1 to more challenging, more rewarding mobs to kill, for higher FS players or even small hunting parties of 2-5 people. (If the rewards, skill and possibly butcher, don't scale to boot then don't even bother, please) -1 to more servers, IMO we are already spread very thin Better Idea (In my opinion) - Get the devs to optimize their game more, on the server end not just client, and once mob-handling is done in a better way, have them increase the mob cap on Xanadon't by 5 to 10 orders of magnitude. Problem solved.
  11. Priest overhaul testing

    You're doing amazing work Sindusk, and the fact that you're even keeping this much communication while doing so is greatly appreciated by all. (I don't mean to speak for everyone... but would anyone actually refute that?) So touching on your answers to my questions; QL does indeed affect the damage/protection enchantments, more or less the same way it affects nolo? There was no mention of this, that I saw, in the OP. I will definitely be doing some testing with LT on Test prior to this going live, but I think myself along with many others, are confused as to why LT needs fixing at all. If something isn't broken, don't fix it, right? The only abuse cases I was ever aware of with LT was putting it on armor along with AOSP which was a bug and has already been patched for years. Can you / are you allowed to point out any clear scenarios that are considered to be "abuse"?
  12. .MAP file format?

    Thank you for taking the time to reply. That's plenty information for me to figure the rest out on my own. Needed to make sure I was on the right track! You know, here I was decompiling the API and other maptools others had made. Never once did I think to look at how WU actually loads these maps for itself... XD doh! Thanks again, Cheers. (Thread can probably be closed if we do that in this subforum...)
  13. Priest overhaul testing

    Can spell-related (de)buffs incurred from jewelry pleeeease please please be added to show in Spell Effects? Everything should show in spell effects. It irks me how many things, buffs, and statuses do not. Also upon contemplation, more info about the specifics of how the new jewelry enchants would be nice, as your description in the OP misses out on some specific points; I am left to assume from your wordage that only jewelry with the same enchants will incur penalties. I.E. Two rings, one with 100 Blaze and one with 100 Glacial means I still get 7.5% to both frost and fire damage? Is this also the same for protection spells? I.E. a ring with Blaze and a ring with Fire Protection? I am also left to assume that the actual enchant power of the protection and damage-buff spells is directly linear to the % of damage/protection bonus provided. So if I'm doing my math right, it seems that wearing multiple rings has a maximum net-protection value of around 11.25% assuming all three items were 100 power, and that item QL is not factored in. This only drops to about 10% with two similar items. Also, why did we have to nerf LT so hard? It already has plenty of ways to counter it, it's been quite useful for some time and now, I honestly highly doubt it will ever see much if any use in PvP after this change. Maybe in PvE only. Ways to counter LT: AOSP on armor. Lead weapons. Using FB or FA instead of BT or RT which groups wound damage. Using smaller, faster hitting weapons... If you use LT in PvP after this change you'll be dubbed a fool, and a dead one at that.
  14. Seems like a bad idea

    Seriously, why do we not have forest fires in this game?