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  1. What a misery :(

    I think most of us are really just confused as to where you're getting your information on this statement, from. As far as I've ever seen or known, Wurm IS RNG, RNG isn't some byproduct of the game. The game itself was BUILT on an RNG function and requires it to operate. Everything about this game has RNG tied into it, doesn't matter if you're talking about digging, mining, casting, building, or anything else.
  2. What a misery :(

    I'm gonna highlight the parts that really speak to me here... Sounds to me like you are highly reliant on some sense of instant-gratification to gain enjoyment from this game, which is undoubtedly why you chose Epic. Wurm is not for people who want instant feelings of gratification or accomplishment. At all. Period. If that is what you are looking for, then I advise looking elsewhere, because the time you will spend griping about it on the forums will get you nowhere. The entire game would need to be overhauled to suit your satisfaction, and then at that point it wouldn't be the same game. If you can't even bare imping to 80 on EPIC where it's worlds easier, you'd utterly lose your sanity trying to imp to 90 on Freedom. To me it really just sounds like you need more patience, and if you can't find them move on. This game doesn't sound like your cuppa tea. Freedom could maybe still be a better experience for you, as you'd no longer be forced to be entirely self-sufficient. You would have others to trade with, or even hire if you desired. Sounds like it might partially at least, resolve some of your frustrations. And obviously the skills you gained at 3 times the speed, all transfer over at like 90% rates so you shouldn't lose much... IMO people from Epic have very little room to complain at all as their entire cluster could be considered one of the biggest windows of opportunity there ever was. I have an account that is almost 10 years old, has been grinding almost every day of it's life since... the fact that there are Epic accounts that haven't even been around 1/3rd of that amount of time with comparable skills, is wrong. Makes me feel the way you describe in the OP. Alas, the devs and decisionmakers here make their decisions mostly without consulting us; and that's their right to reserve. It's an honor when we're included but it doesn't happen often. Moral of the story is that you control who your money goes to.
  3. Been thinking about this for a while now, but I think it would be neat if players could use their own regex filters pasted into a file somewhere to color event messages, or even filter them out altogether. I've always found that I was wishing certain event messages or parts of them, stood out a little more visually. This would give each player the ability to customize the effect to their own desire. Also that I could simply choose not to receive certain event messages at all. Path of Insanity anyone? I've got nearly 10 years of feeling "strange and out of time" recorded on my HDD, the total sum of those lines is probably close to a gigabyte worth of text alone. RegEx is not hard to set up a secure parsing module for, I'm not sure how well Java handles them specifically, but the implementation couldn't be much more difficult than the current in-client implementation. Interested to hear what the community would think of this one. EDIT: I would also like to see this work for the Combat tab as well. Friends/Skills tabs wouldn't really benefit much from having this functionality. Obviously this ability shouldn't be given to chat tabs because GM's have special colors they use, etc.
  4. Clearly that first part went way over your head pal. It's alright. Also why don't you play WU with 100 skills in everything as a Arch GM just for fun again? I was buying your argument, up until; Judas Priest, I knew this was going somewhere... Look bud if you wanna lament about your dead cluster and tell everyone why it was the greatest thing no-one cared about you're welcome to, but the only one you're fooling is yourself. If it was any good, people would be playing there. Fact of the matter is, even born-Epic players have abandoned Epic because of the absolutely abysmal and intolerable state of the screwed up game mechanics over there. And the Epic-playerbase is mostly to blame for that, along with poor dev decisions. You're seeing this right now with Chaos btw, where a number of long-term PvP players have recently sold up and quit altogether. And I'm not hearing anyone say "Hey we can't bash towers anymore, lets go try Chaos!"... Please. I can agree with your last point; if CCAB did a better job of treating their customers correctly or holy hell maybe a bit of ADVERTISING we might be sitting in a different spot right now.
  5. I'm not sure how I can make it much easier for you but I can try I guess. Use words like "Poof" or... "Autonomously Work" .. You play a videogame because you want something to do, right? So why then, would a videogame developer want you to spend a majority of your time doing something else? It just doesn't make sense to me at all. Games are supposed to be engrossing, it doesn't seem like a good idea for a game to be boring enough that once you start playing, you're immediately looking for something else to do.
  6. I believe the fact that older priest accounts tend to have high fishing, is because of the long-thought belief that Soul Depth/Strength did something for a priests casting ability, or made them better in some way. (Other than being one of the only things they could actually do...) Whilst this is true for Soul Strength only in the case of offensive spell-casting, the availability of the server code and players ability to assess it has quelled this rumor. I haven't personally tried the new fishing system yet. Just isn't my type of skill. (I don't deem it to be useful, in virtually any fashion... Don't think I've ever once thought to myself "Man, I wish I had high Fishing...") That said, I have been hard at work creating some nice rare fishing gear in the hopes that it might now be a skill I could tolerate The result of that experiment however is yet to be seen. Let me address a very specific part of your post; I'm sure it is! Rofl. If you could afk your way up to 100 everything in just a few days, why would you play the game at all? Would you ever actually play the game? The answer for the majority is a resounding "No". Generally speaking, the more involvement the better. The more required you are, to have your eyes glued to the screen, the better it is for the game itself. Maybe doesn't serve your interests, but it doesn't need to, that isn't what the mechanic is for. For those that want to put in no effort but still receive all the rewards; Why don't you go play Wurm Unlimited, where you can instantly set all your skills to 100 without putting in any actual effort to get there? Oh, right. Cause it's boring as hell and generally unenjoyable.
  7. [Close] High-End Priest Account

    Have since acquired what I was looking for. Thread can be CLOSED
  8. [Close] High-End Priest Account

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  9. [Close] High-End Priest Account

    Up we go
  10. [Close] High-End Priest Account

    Daily Bump
  11. [Close] High-End Priest Account

    Bump. Paying more than that other guy.
  12. [Close] High-End Priest Account

    Looking at the possibility of purchasing a high end priest account, my only criteria to meet being 90+ Channeling. Ability to pilot boats/ride horse is a plus. Having the /transfer left unused is a MAJOR plus. Feel free to PM or Reply here with a skilldump. Paying more than "The other guys"
  13. The tackle box will be iron, as it takes the material of what the initial item is completed out of. The only items to attach are wood/leather items anyways. Fun fact, all compartments of a rare tacklebox will also inherit that rarity. So this will look pretty nice when you open it. Free bump + screenie
  14. A way to make PvP raiding enjoyable for all

    I called you clueless because you were trying to present your own opinion as fact, as is clearly displayed in my first reply. An opinion that comes from a very limited, selective set of experiences mind you.
  15. A way to make PvP raiding enjoyable for all

    The only person being discriminatory would be yourself, bringing kingdoms into the discussion as if it has anything to do with what I know about the game or have experienced in it. From the moment you replied to my initial post you put words in my mouth, claiming I have personally said defences were too hard blah blah blah. I'd like you to find me one post of mine in which I claim that, because I'm fairly certain that I haven't. Ever. Raiding is piss easy, even more so nowadays. If you're gonna try to step up to king-#### make sure you know who you're talking about and who you think you're stepping to. You made a solid effort though, but you have zero idea what you're talking about.