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  2. Rare and Regular Mallets stack

    This does seem to be true, yes. My mallet was just the first thing that actually annoyed me with it.
  3. Rare and Regular Mallets stack

    Currently, Regular mallets will stack in the same pile as Rare/Supreme/Fantastic Mallets, unlike most other items currently in the game. plz no
  4. Close Please

    Close - It stays with me!
  5. PC Supreme Large Axe, Iron

    Thanks for the information folks. It sounds like there's enough interest that it would be worth making an auction for this thing, so I have done so; This thread can be closed, thank you.
  6. PC Supreme Large Axe, Iron

    Looking for current market prices on a Supreme Large Axe, Iron. Made one the other day, don't really need it. Willing to sell it if the price is right. Item is currently blank, no enchants.
  7. ESC to close windows

    Already entirely possible on your end, no interaction required from devs. All it requires is a little reworking of existing keybinds. You should also understand that the "CLOSE" keybind only closes containers for which your mouse is currently hovering over in the 3D world, so it really isn't incredibly useful to do this in Wurm.
  8. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    To anyone who has played this game for longer than about 5 years, it should be blatantly obvious that the Wurm market is currently in freefall, and has been for a long while now. Everything in the entire game; Building mats, Imping services, Favor creation, Tools, Weapons, Armor, even Drake, Scale, and MoonMetals - They're all worth nearly half (okay, realistically around 60 to 70% on average across the board) what they were worth 6 or 7 years ago. Everyone is selling, no one is buying. We already know why. What matters is what we do to fix it. Is it going to be this?
  9. Creating an ongoing market in WURM

    I have to -1 based purely off the notion that this is just a bandaid for the developers/GM's failure to create real incentive for crafters and to stimulate the economy of the game in other ways, and would give them little reason to ever consider it in future. I'll elaborate more, not on the idea, but on the other approaches that the creators of this game could take to effectively (and more healthily) achieve the same end-result. How about uhm... like... Actually advertising for the game? The reason this is a problem now, and never was in the past 11+ years this game's been around, is because of the saturation of the market with high-end accounts versus the incomparable and abysmal-at-best influx of newly subscribed players. At the moment, anyone who joins this game has the option to buy a crafting account with 70+, 90+ stats in just about every single thing they would ever need on freedom. (all smithing skills, carpentry skills, mining, digging, etc) Therefore, anyone who needs such a tool, can easily create it themselves, thereby making the economy and the ability to sell things to people even for horribly undercut prices completely implausible. The few that choose not to, they buy one set of tools that truly does last them an eternity, but at the cost of having to pay someone to imp it for them every now and then. (And there is nothing wrong with that, this is the main driving force behind 90% of your business as a blacksmith on Freedom, are reimps) The real problem here, simply seems to me, that there are not enough new players to stimulate such an economy. There is no one starting the game fresh on their own, non-purchased character that has no pre-built skills, that have a need to buy such tools because they are incapable of creating it themselves. 5 years ago, 90+QL tools with 90+ casts: 1) Were nowhere near as easy to manufacture en-masse; 2) Were not something that everyone and their grandmother could create; 3) Were not even something that 90% of players needed or required, being well out of the price range for a budding newcomer to the game. Most people except for the high-end players, which there used to be few of, could even utilize such a tool to its full potential. To get this to work properly, as it has for years now, you need newer players who are actively skilling themselves up in the game. Someone reaching say, 70 Blacksmithing, can only imp to 75 QL, but they might be in the market and think "Hey that's a nice hammer, that could help my smithing out a lot!" and so they buy it. Making something disposable is simply not a proper way to create incentive for a market or an economy in this fashion. If a Japanese car maker makes their cars so good that they never need to be replaced, do you think they would start making them out of paper? No. They attempt to increase their reach to a potential customer-base. TL;DR - Do something to fix the population of the game and bring new players in, and you will fix your economy. -1.
  10. Constantly ejected from boat on server crossing

    How close are you to the corners of the server you are on, before or after the crossing, out of curiosity? If this happens when you are in the middle of a server border, then it sounds a bit strange. But my hunch is that you're trying to cross too close to a corner as doing so has been known for years to throw you off and cause a whole host of problems.
  11. Title says all. Semi-consistent crash when entering or loading into local of certain specific deeds. Client.log;
  12. Question about mines and collapses

    That is exactly my point. We know the GM's aren't going to try to be of help in this scenario so why even report it? It shouldn't be like that though, IMO. In general that is quite unhealthy for the game, and it's by far not the only mechanic that serves us this way. I have seen a collapse occur inside a 3x3 (+ 1 entrance tile on the south end) with ALL reinforced floors, ALL reinforced walls on all 10 tiles. NO veins, NO open rock. It happens. And, if you're thinking collapses only happen next to other walls reinforced or not, my entire deed has a mine underneath which is reinforced at the perimeters. (There are actually two full layers of reinforcement surrounding it) I regularly get collapses in the center that seem to be free-standing; nothing near them at all whatsoever.
  13. Question about mines and collapses

    I think the main gripe most have about this (and I've been told this on another occasion by GM's and possibly higherups) is that Wurm deletes the items on those tiles when they collapse. Especially in the case of bulk-containers or vehicles. The GM's then have no way of retrieving them even if the situation is reported and deemed to be a situation where the GM would be "allowed" to help out, they have no way of doing so. Which personally I think is complete bullocks, especially when there are enough bugs concerning these kinds of mechanics in this game. So even if I did have a report for you Retrograde, I would still be out my items and possibly valuable things, with no chance of getting them back. Doesn't help me much. May as well eat my own shorts, right? Far as I am aware champ lives have never been refundable, even if you do end up losing one to a bug or something relatively dumb or out-of-the-ordinary.
  14. Question about mines and collapses

    Welcome to Wurm. This has happened to me and some other members of my kingdom on Chaos and every time I have basically been told to eat my own shorts. Usually when a container or a vehicle is destroyed in this fashion however, the items contained inside sometimes appear on the surface where that tile collapsed. So if you happen to get extremely lucky, you might get some of what you lost back by finding them this way. You are wrong here. As of about 3 months ago we were told by Enki himself that reinforcements do NOTHING to stop collapses and yes, only make the chance much much smaller. I was told that the only exception SHOULD be an underground house as, in the code at least, they are meant to prevent collapses. However, there are multiple stories that already exist of collapses happening inside houses, too. So to me it would seem that there is no way to truly prevent collapses in a mine at all, currently
  15. What has made you hate Wurm?

    @SinduskI amt definitely not knocking the great work you're doing Sindusk. I cannot explain how happy and thankful I am for the conversations we have had with you already, all the bugs you have already fixed. But the sad reality is that you've just only begun to scratch the surface of the love this one single facet of the game needs. And that's only one group of mechanics. There are so many others that need some love as well. Wurm is truly at its heart an outstanding game, with incredible depth and attention to detail. That's why even though I've learned to hate the game with a specific undying passion.. Here I am, on year 10. I do want to touch on one thing that Platinumteef mentioned as well, and that is the uncertainty. I cannot explain to you how many times I've seen Enki or other GM's go back on their word. I can mention some specific scenarios. Fountain pans which we were told were legacy items and wouldn't be removed, and then that was backtracked on, costing the players who invested in them hundreds of EUR in the process. This extends to PvP as well. Dual-enchantment weapons (which, granted they were created due to bugs or faulty mechanics) we were also told something similar, that they would remain in the game and were not against any rules to use. Then Enki knowingly RIPPED them out of players HANDS, leaving them on a PVP server with NO WEAPON equipped for when they logged in, something that could extremely easily be the potential instant-death of a player on PvP. GM rulings have said before that there would be no circumstances that would warrant specific no-pvp zones or even sever wide PvP bans unless mechanics across the board were severely broken or exploitable. Yet I have seen these things done and enacted. Not to mention that you still have one, specific GM working for your team that wasn't even fired or relieved from their position for the dastardly deeds they knowingly and willingly committed, and then bragged about via public channel... (Borderline rule breaker there, so I'll leave at that.. fingers crossed this post doesn't get removed for simply even mentioning it... 5 bucks says it will though.)