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  1. +1, might as well use the new brick types if we have them. Even pottery bricks could be used in more things. For example, the graphical textures for the newer furnaces very clearly use red clay bricks, so why not actually have clay bricks instead of stone used in their construction?
  2. Specialized storage for cooking gear is a great idea.
  3. I will not rest until I can make switchel and dark 'n' stormies
  4. What mining for 12 hours feels like:
  5. To me, the biggest gap in the new cooking system is the lack of complexity and variety in drinks. Most of them are relatively straightforward, and some of those can be flavored/distilled, but... that's about it. It just seems like beverages got the short end of the stick here, aside from the basic fermenting/distillation mechanics. There's so much more that can be done with this! Liquor cocktails Non-alcoholic mixed drinks (e.g. Arnold Palmer) Sangria Mulled wine Wassail Various forms of fruit punch Flavored lemonades Masala chai and other more complex tea varieties Horchata New drink components, such as nut milks I'll also take this opportunity to mention, as I did during the cooking update's development, that alcohol is still sort of broken. It still hydrates you (even though stronger liquors definitely should not), so you can't drink much before being too "bloated". This means that not only does the reed pen/measuring jug exploit still exist (taking smaller sips for the same alcohol content), it's basically required. It's hardly ideal when a system like this requires the use of counterintuitive, buggy behavior in order to function, but from a game design and player QoL perspective.
  6. My question is: How long is "a while"? It can take some time for the fat to accumulate.
  7. Nice! Just make them work like kingdom tabards, automatically displaying based on someone's religion. Not really sure how to handle ascended player deities, though. For godless Wurmians, their tabard can be a shrug emoji.
  8. I definitely agree with this! Wurm has issues with player retention. Players, including myself, go on long breaks and may or may not return. Enticing them with news of new features is a great idea, as is getting word out in general.
  9. Not a bug. Level and Flatten aren't commands you can use when surface-mining rock. EDIT: Sorry, misunderstood question.
  10. This was done a long time ago, and there was a lot of discussion about this at the time. There are Historical, Lore, Settlement, and Player namespaces for things like that.
  11. The problem with heirlooms is that they were an odd mish-mash of historical Wurm information, individual player stories, and outright fanfiction. It's hard to even determine where pages like that would end up. For example, the fact that there was a sword made out of water being passed around is historically relevant and objective information. On the other end of the spectrum, there were one or two heirloom articles written about items that explicitly didn't exist yet, listed with an item creation date of "Not created yet", the article itself being some sort of fan-fiction lore narrative. The fact that the Steel Longsword article still exists is something of an anomaly. It was probably missed when the other pages were removed.
  12. I've seen a similar pattern to @Eobersig's post above. I live at the northern end of Newspring Island on Xanadu, and there's a north-facing rock peninsula near me that has a veritable stampede of cows and bulls on it at all times. Also, in spite of the alleged changes to spawning behavior, I have not yet seen a rat spawn on the rocky shores near me, yet there are still plenty of seals.
  13. I'll bring this up with the Wurmpedia people and see if there's a proper namespace for fanfiction/player stories like this.
  14. EDIT: I'm confused
  15. I'm wondering if they use a different sort of distance calculation entirely, for instance one taking height difference into account and the other only using x,y distance. Not sure, but it would make sense, considering how inconsistent it appears to be.