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  1. It's not just copper. My gold chainmail is VERY orange right now, like it's made out of really flaky rust or something.
  2. You can butcher and use human meat if you're Horde of the Summoned
  3. Sorry, didn't realize this had already been posted in Server Bugs!
  4. Reported by multiple players, hell hounds do not appear to be making their usual sound effects when hurt in battle, and may be missing other combat sounds as well.
  5. I don't like using chicken coops because the food mechanics don't really make sense (it works completely differently from normal eating) and the egg quality is different. I'd rather just keep them on tiles. A chicken coop would still be useful since it allows you to fit a lot more chickens onto a single tile; even a 30QL coop lets you have 3 chickens on that tile, which would normally result in disease. They also produce eggs more reliably, albeit at lower quality.
  6. Right now, hitching posts work like vehicles, requiring a certain amount of Body Strength for an animal to be hitched. For a hitching post, this is roughly 15 Body Strength, based on the hitching post's weight. Unfortunately, this means many domestic/common animals cannot be tied to them, including: Pigs Hens / Roosters / Chicks Pheasants Foals Calves Lambs Human children (For the sake of brevity I've only listed domestic animals; there are other tameable creatures that also cannot be hitched.) I was really hoping I could use hitching posts for some of these, especially hens and pigs, since the trough would help out a lot, and the post itself helps position the animals to avoid overcrowding without having to use tons of fence posts. So, why not just disable the Body Strength check, either for domestic animals only or for all animals? The gameplay argument: There's no real detriment done to the game by allowing things like hens or pigs to be hitched to a post, or for Body Strength to be the limiting factor, and expanding the number of animals that can use it would make it more convenient to raise animals like pigs and chickens. Moreover, when a player attempts to hitch an animal to a post, it's not really clear why it would fail. The realism argument: You can tie off damn near any animal to a post if you really want to. People even walk hens on leashes and harnesses (or you could tie a rope around its leg if you were desperate). It doesn't really depend on how strong the animal is, although it's obviously a bit trickier for smaller animals. Either way, it's certainly more obviously realistic than some other things we can already do with animals, such as hitching a giant insect to the yoke of a cart. So basically... it's unintuitive on multiple levels why it works this way, and removing the Body Strength check would also improve gameplay applications without causing problems, so why not?
  7. At the site of my old deed, there's still the gravestone from when our first named horse died, a long time ago, when I was exploring unknown territory and wound up dying on a hillside. RIP Honeyhard
  8. According to the rules at the time, a highway was any road 2 tiles wider or more (or 1 tile wide with sand on either side) connecting multiple deeds. Modifying such a highway without permission was illegal. You did this as well as destroying a highway connection by altering part of it to be only 1 tile wide. You were banned for violating this rule and I wish you would stop being dishonest about that.
  9. Tiles were removed, resulting in a section of road no longer constituting a "highway" as per the rules of the time, without any proper replacement.
  10. You broke a valid highway connection by removing portions of the road without consulting GMs, and also failed to replace the tiles properly, invalidating the highway. There are screenshots of it, and all of this was against the rules at the time. I really wish you'd stop being dishonest about old GM actions taken against you. You were temporarily banned because you broke the rules. Please move on; slandering the GM team isn't a very nice thing to do.
  11. There have been countless significant changes to Wurm since 2004. Do you know what action timers were like in the Wurm beta?
  12. This is less "time-sink" and more "time-sinkhole".
  13. Options such as ambient occlusion can be disabled if they're too taxing on your system. It's rather silly to assume the developers will implement graphical changes to the point where the game simply won't run anymore. Why would they even do that? Graphics hardware gets better over time. Wurm doesn't have to stay the same forever. Using your GPU for its intended purpose is not "unhealthy" unless there's some serious problem with how your hardware is set up.