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  1. None of the servers mentioned in this thread (aside from Celebration) are currently hosted on AWS.
  2. If you switch to mouselook mode with the spacebar, you'll get a reticle in the center of the screen that you can use to position yourself, then press spacebar again to turn off mouselook mode. That might help with your second issue.
  3. Looking for a rare cake tin. Reply here with offers, or PM on forums or ingame (Circe or Ostentatio).
  4. For what it's worth, my connection (Verizon FiOS, in New England) is much better today, and I still believe it was their infrastructure causing the issue. The Verizon node my traffic was going through had around 110ms ping time and severe packet loss when I tried to ping it, for the past few days. This led to ping times of over 200ms to the Wurm servers (again, with severe packet loss). It was inconsistent, but often not playable. Today, my ping time to that Verizon node is more like 15-20ms, with no packets being dropped at all so far, and about 105ms ping time to the Wurm servers, which is more what I'm used to, and my connection seems very stable.
  5. The bug was regarding no-drop items like sleep powders. If you moved them into, say, a backpack in your inventory, you couldn't move them back out. That has been fixed.
  6. East coast US, on Verizon FIOS, having a very unstable connection for the past day or so. As far as I can tell, I've narrowed down the problem - at least in my case - to what appears to be Verizon-owned infrastructure within the US. If other people having issues feel comfortable sharing their general region and ISP here, or in a forum PM, please feel free to do so.
  7. The X in "within about X map squares" is approximate. The reference points are still laid out on a grid, so there are diagonal measurements involved. Basically, it breaks the map up into square chunks (more chunks for larger servers), and the reference point given is in the center of that chunk. The change only affects mission text. Other things, like using a dioptra on a celestial body, still give the same regions they did before.
  8. The issue with Celebration may be due to server hardware issues. In cases like this, the move to AWS would indeed be relevant.
  9. You won't. It's scaled by the actual amount of damage repaired.
  10. The bug did not affect iron items. Repairing iron items hasn't been changed at all. I cannot stress this enough.
  11. For most tools, you're going to have a 2s timer to repair. This means the repair skill check is done once, and like other skillchecks, can have highly variable results. It's entirely possible to see poor results on a repair, and better results other times. In other words, bad luck can easily cause you to lose much significantly more QL on one repair than another, even at the same damage and repair skill.
  12. It's influenced by a number of factors, like damage to repair and repair skill. Timer doesn't look like it should cause much of a difference in the end, unless it's under 2 seconds, which is where the bug hits. This bug was only possible when the material had a repair time modifier, like moonmetal, or with Vynora's new repair time bonus. In other words, this bug, and the recent bugfix, don't affect normal repair times at all, or QL lost. There were no other changes to repair mechanics. Repairing an iron item, or any other non-bugged item, will result in the same QL loss it did before these changes. For example, there would be no change to this situation at all. If these items were iron (or another material with no repair time bonus), repairing them will work exactly the same as it did prior to the bugfix and the Vynora bonus being added. This wasn't some sort of general repair nerf. Repairing an iron tool will work 100% the same as it did before Vynora got the bonus. If you're seeing a difference there, it's due to some normal random factors in the repair checks.
  13. A few quick clarifications: The repair bug was introduced with the metal properties update approximately two years ago. Moonmetal was never meant to have free infinite repairs with zero QL loss, and only did fairly recently as the result of this bug. The fix to the repair bug does not affect any repair actions, timers, or QL loss, except for when material (or now, Vynora worship) would have dropped it below 2 seconds. The way the repair code works, you still have the incentive to repair early and often, and to have high repair skill.
  14. Thanks, this will be fixed.