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  1. Can agree it's a good spot! Secluded but not too far away from civilization. A long time ago I felt like terraforming one of Newspring's crater-shaped mountain ranges would make for an interesting deed, and I'm glad someone went ahead and did it.
  2. Sound Categories

    Fits in with a suggestion of mine from a while back: But yeah, more categories would be nice. Might as well bring back idle animal sounds while they're at it, and put those under their own category.
  3. Then explore the area? I really don't think getting an instant, detailed map of literally any huge swath of land is the intended purpose of this feature.
  4. Premium suggestions

    Please do not encourage the developers to implement four-dimensional deed sizing. It's hell on the art/client devs to render that.
  5. Bring back uses for alcohol

    As far as I know, the achievements and titles have not been removed. It takes some more effort to get there since you can't cheese it using a reed pen or measuring jug, but bear in mind that different types of alcohol have different strength, and that it scales with QL. High quality moonshine will get you drunk far faster than low quality beer, for instance.
  6. Bumping with related bug. Logged on to see the above altar with a g-g-g-gh-GHOST FLAME underneath it. Basically, a duplicated candle flame, which seemed to be emitting light, was under the altar, and stayed in the same place even if I moved the altar or snuffed the actual candle. Screenshot under spoiler.
  7. I have a frying pan placed on top of a forge. When the forge is open as a window, the frying pan's context menu shows "Close" instead of "Open", even if it is not open. When the forge window is NOT open, the frying pan says "Open" as it should. So, in effect, I can only open the frying pan to view contents if I do not have the forge open already; opening the frying pan first, then the forge, leaves both containers open and functional.
  8. Bug 1: Lighting a light source, then placing it on an object, sometimes results in lighting that is significantly brighter than it should be. Example: This behavior seems inconsistent. I was able to reproduce it consistently with the two above surfaces, but not on some others, and logging in as a different character with the same graphical settings seemed to result in less severe lighting under the same conditions (although the in-game time of day was slightly different as well). Bug 2: Items which change texture/model when snuffed do not do so when placed on top of another object. For example, a snuffed lantern on top of a table will still have the "glowing glass" texture, even though it no longer is lit and no longer emits light. EDIT: Just to clarify, this is indeed on the Modern renderer.
  9. The metal type modifier for price only applies to jewelery smithing items, as far as I know.
  10. I've got some spare Goblin Leader blood, and need more Forest Giant blood (or woodcutting potions). Anyone want to make a trade?
  11. Dozens? It's 4: Pickaxe QL, pickaxe skill, mining skill, and type of vein. Use whatever tool you find most convenient, but come on now, 4 is not "dozens".
  12. Premium reward titles

    Nice, thanks. Added.
  13. Wurm skillcheck/skill gain simulator. Wow! Neato!

    Update! Added sandstone and rock salt to the mining tools, since it was easier than I thought.
  14. Ship Building Legend Title

    Ship Shape! ... yes, with the exclamation point
  15. You can also use the skill grinder for this: https://www.dreamsleeve.org/wurm/grinder/ There's a "mining (power for skillgain)" simulation for this, you just fill in a few numbers and see how good your skillgain will be. Optimal is around 53%.