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  1. WTB supreme wooden altar parts

    Still looking for these, if anyone has any!
  2. Note the grassy tile transitions around the cave entrance, including the top, which is not adjacent to any grass. If I pack the grass to the left or right of the tunnel, the grass transition on that side of the mine disappears, including on top.
  3. Deedplanner 2.9.2 - 3D House And Deed Planner

    I noticed that when I exported my village from Wurm Online, and loaded it in DeedPlanner, pottery brick pavement had changed to grass. Not sure if it's a problem with DeedPlanner or with village export, since DeedPlanner has pottery pavement. EDIT: I also noticed that a bridge I had built didn't show up in the imported deed plan. It was built between two buildings, on the 4th or 5th floor, and was made of sandstone.
  4. Higher climbing makes you climb faster

    Alternatively: Have it reduce the impact of weight. Carried weight seems EXTREMELY influential when climbing, and climbing skill negating a little bit of that penalty would be nice.
  5. Red Dragon

    Just wanted to say that I appreciate you making this public.
  6. Grapes and Maple Syrup

    You still looking for grapes? I have 2250 stockpiled and may be able to get more this evening.
  7. I was harvesting a lot of grapes yesterday, and noticed that doing so was bypassing my character's weight limit; even well over my maximum total weight, I was still able to continue harvesting for as long as I wanted. It does seem to check for inventory item count, just not weight. Not sure if the same applies to trellises.
  8. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Just verified that, at least in Wurm Unlimited, pruning a tree has a difficulty of (skill - 10). Let's say you're using a 90QL tool at 20 skill and 80 skill. A difficulty 10 action with a 90QL tool and 20 skill is definitely going to have better success rates than a difficulty 70 action with 80 skill and a 90QL tool.
  9. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Some actions, including pruning, have difficulty that actually scales up with your skill. This can result in lower success rate at higher skill, especially if your tools don't improve along with your skill.
  10. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Yes, because you might want to know more than just skill gain chance. You might also want to know the chance of a successful result in general, or results over 90%, or any number of things.
  11. The Gaussian Roll - Mathematical Analysis

    Honestly, the best way to do a skill gain/skill roll calculator is the way it's been done before: By essentially running the same algorithm that Wurm does, a significant number of times, and plotting the results.
  12. Lower table decay for food items

    This would result in some kind of silly behavior though. Instead of lunchboxes, we'd be carrying food on plates, on tables, in our inventories/wagons, to prevent decay. If you wrap the food, it'll definitely last longer than a day. Not sure how much, though. Being on-deed and in a building would help.
  13. small beside table no container anymore

    If you pick up or load the table and view it as a container in your inventory/vehicle, can you see the old contents? Some may have also dropped onto the floor.
  14. Suggestions to books and writing!

    It would also be nice to see an expansion of the inscription mechanic, including more characters per page in a book and more characters allowed. For instance, we can't use question marks.
  15. UCLG Marketplace

    What in god's name is a Black Shadow Demon Veil?