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  1. The new installer/launcher handles its own Java runtime. You don't need to install your own. Which installer did you use to install the game on the new laptop?
  2. What is your deed tile:animal ratio like?
  3. There's no need to manually install Java or update your Java installation. The standalone Wurm Online launcher handles its own Java runtime environment. Reinstalling Java isn't necessary and won't help. As for the crash itself, I'm not sure, but I can pass it along to the team.
  4. Were you able to find the planters anywhere, possibly on the floor, or on a different floor of the same building?
  5. Are they only going through gates? What about solid fences, doors, or walls?
  6. Out of curiosity, how long are your surface mining actions that are causing this much damage?
  7. There don't appear to be any tile type based limitations for hatching, just for laying.
  8. Weird traits

    Sorry, I somehow completely overlooked the fact that the first image had date stamps! I just wanted to make sure it was recent. We can take it from here and look into whether or not there's a bug.
  9. Weird traits

    @FinnnDo you remember when this horse was born, or better yet, when it was conceived?
  10. Minimum skill to build something, when there isn't a hard minimum, depends on, at the very least, the quality level of the tool you're using. So including "minimum skill" would require a table with skill levels at various tool QLs tested in-game, if not other factors on top of that. That's getting a bit bulky.
  11. Just to clarify: This does NOT mean that we aren't working on new content, only that this upcoming patch is itself going to be more about bugfixes and similar minor changes.
  12. In general, if wiki staff are removing something from the wiki, it would be a good idea to ask why it was removed before adding it again.
  13. Additionally, what settings do you have under the "Compatibility" tab?
  14. What did you actually bind "Improve" to? Was it a mouse button or a keyboard key?
  15. "Republic of China" is Taiwan's official name. In other words, it's what they call themselves. This is not to be construed as a statement on any nation's relative sovereignty.