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  1. Farming Animation/Action

    I like it, but animations need to be adjusted to compensate: Actions like chopping trees and mining that cause your head to lurch forward, which is honestly kind of weird in itself (pretty bad form to just throw your entire body forward like that). The occasional very harsh jerky movements you get when performing actions and moving at the same time. The idle animation, especially with the exaggerated breathing and the difficulty it imposes on placing objects. Also: One reason this kind of thing is an issue in a game like this and not in real life is that, in real life, your eyes track what you're looking at pretty much automatically even as your head moves. So if you're doing a task and moving around, your eyes compensate. In-game, this doesn't happen, so head motion is drastically more jarring.
  2. Computer Citizens

    Wouldn't a non-computer player just be a player? EDIT: More seriously though, Wurm Online is very player-driven by design, and I don't think introducing more NPCs would be to its benefit.
  3. Suggestions I'm hopeful for in the future

    For what it's worth, containers sealed with pegs/wax sealing kits work very well for this. You can even see the exact color of the dye inside. EDIT: Yes, this does make the alchemist's cupboard mildly useless, unfortunately.
  4. Large storage units and various racks mean that I've never had to resort to anything silly like ships for storage.
  5. Developer Diary : Bring it back.

    Rolf never left.
  6. Fun fact Sindusk doesn't mention: "Elemental damage" includes water damage, i.e. drowning. Therefore, Elemental Immunity gives you a half-hour of free, painfully-slow swimming without risk of drowning damage. This has been today's Probably Useless Tip.
  7. Woodchips/mulch would be interesting as an option on which to grow trees/bushes instead of grass.
  8. Steel Spear Recipe

    It no longer requires steel parts; they can be made out of any metal. "Staff" is ambiguous, though, because the wooden and metal varieties are distinct items but with the exact same name.
  9. Underground lamp light duplication

    That seems to be more a change to how multiple light sources are processed in general... in this case it's an issue of there being more light sources than there should be in the first place. We'll see what the devs have to say about it, though.
  10. Similar to other problems that have existed with some light sources, the electrum torch lamp appears to have too large a flame effect.
  11. Underground lamp light duplication

    I just spent most of my play session above-ground, then went into the underground part of my deed, and some lights were far brighter than they usually are. In this example, the gold hanging lamps on each side are of approximately equal QL, but one is far brighter than the other. The lamp on the right-hand side of the image looks more typical in terms of light output. Note that the lamp in the background is exhibiting a similar problem. Snuffing the left-hand lamp only reduces the brightness but does not eliminate it, so I suspect the client is duplicating the light effect somehow.
  12. Out of curiosity, did you enable "fix affinities" in your profile?
  13. Why gorilla is an animal of Magranon?

    Gorillas are powerful, and Magranon's sphere of influence is power. I guess. Relevant: More seriously though, bulls are a domestic animal and very common, whereas the god/kingdom specific animals are meant to be rare, unable to be tamed, and so forth.
  14. Traits do not affect characteristics such as Body Strength. Some traits affect their carry weight limits, but that's it. Otherwise, you could have a traited sheep pulling a wagon, and it probably would affect hitched speed. Here's what the traits do in terms of movement speed and carrying capacity: It has fleeter movement than normal: +10% speed It has a strong body: +10kg carry weight It has lightning movement: +20% speed It can carry more than average: +20kg carry weight It has very strong leg muscles: +10% speed, +10kg carry weight It looks very unmotivated: -30kg carry weight It has malformed hindlegs: -10% speed The legs are of different length: -30% speed (Ebony black color): +2.5% speed Hell horses have an ebony equivalent; I believe it's "molten" but I'm not 100% sure. Animals absolutely do not care about the weight of a hitched vehicle, so traits that only affect carry capacity (carry more, strong body) won't matter in that case. Speed-related traits kick in when the horse passes a Soul Strength skill check, and turn off if they fail it. The opposite is true for negative traits; it can pass a Soul Strength check to not be affected by something like "malformed hindlegs". Hell horses have much higher Soul Strength than normal horses, so they pass these checks much more consistently. Unicorns, bisons, and other animals that aren't horses, don't do these checks; the traits are always in effect for them.
  15. unable to cast rites on chaos

    Any prayer, it seems. Of course, if this has changed recently/with the priest update, I could be entirely wrong.