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  1. Nope, this one is on me for misremembering. Vynora gets clay as well, not Fo.
  2. Thanks for mentioning this, it was accidentally using your pronouns instead of your god's pronouns. This has been fixed for a future update. To make testing easier, the test servers can give you holy site maps for literally any holy site on the server, including the one you're praying at. Once it goes live, you'll only get them for sites nobody has activated yet (and far less often, of course). Holy sites have been set to only last around 8 hours on test servers to make it easier to test their entire lifespan, but that meant they just weren't showing up often enough. Their spawn rate on test servers has just been increased to help compensate for that. The "dormant" text sticking around, the client crash, sea creatures spawning on land, and flesh pods not being consumed have all been fixed. Vynora's Insight definitely should have a spell effect icon. If it doesn't, that will be taken care of. If anyone notices any other spell effects that are missing icons, let us know! EDIT: The Rampage duration from the holy site pulse event is supposed to be drastically longer than the ~5 minutes you were getting. This will be fixed shortly.
  3. It would help if anyone experiencing this issue could mention which GPU drivers they have installed, including the version number if possible.
  4. Could you give an example of a cake it does work on?
  5. Thanks for the reports! I can confirm that there is indeed a bug preventing planting of catseyes and waystones due to a recent change. A fix is in the works as we speak.
  6. For the special actions you perform on the holy site itself, you will always be able to perform that action just as often no matter how many other people are there and doing the same. Terraforming, deeding land, and building structures/fences will all be blocked in the vicinity of the site.
  7. The cooldown period between switching faiths has not changed. The ability to build a colossus should not have been affected by any recent changes.
  8. This would be something else entirely, unfortunately. The crashes relevant to this thread are those that are a simple crash to desktop with no message from the Wurm client at all.
  9. @WittleBunnBun,@Zerobyteand anyone else suffering a similar problem of the Wurm client crashing with no error message or warning: The next time it crashes for you, I recommend going into your Wurm install folder immediately following the crash and grabbing your console log, then pasting it into a spoiler here. It'll be called something like "console.<character name>.log". And if there's a recent file there with a name starting with "hs_err", the contents of that would be helpful as well. It would also be good to know the following information, if you can provide it: Computer specs (Operating system and version, graphics card model, amount of RAM, and anything else you wish to provide) When this problem started occurring Which client you're running (normal live client, low memory, etc. - if you don't know it's probably the normal live client) Server Account name Whether or not you've tried any particular workaround, such as in the game's settings, and whether or not that helped Please note that any hs_err logs are not generated directly by Wurm, so unlike the console logs, they will NOT redact your Windows (or Linux/MacOS) username. If you upload a log of that nature and don't want your username to be visible, feel free to search for it in the file and replace it with just "USERNAME" or something similar.
  10. And sold! Didn't expect to get an offer for the whole lot so soon.
  11. SLEEP POWDER CLEARANCE SALE!!! (artist's rendering) I have 50 sleep powders in my inventory and they need to go away! Free delivery to any Xanadu starter deed, flat 1s delivery fee to any other Southern Freedom Isles deed that is coastal or on a highway. Base price: 1s each If you buy 10 or more: 95c each If you buy 20 or more: 90c each If you buy the entire lot: 85c each with free delivery anywhere on Southern Freedom Isles! Will not deliver to Chaos. Sorry. This sale will be taking offers here until the timer ends in about 3 days after this post, so that orders for larger amounts will be prioritized over smaller orders. Ignore the part of the timer that says it's an auction. (EDIT: Already sold the whole lot!)
  12. For anyone still having this problem, please post which graphics card you're running Wurm on, if possible. Also let us know if disabling FBO support in the Compatibility settings tab helps; this will have undesired effects, but it has improved stability for some and it would help to know who that works for.
  13. This will be fixed, of course, but in the meantime, logging off and logging back on should show the goal as completed.
  14. Thanks for the report! I can confirm this journal goal is indeed bugged and that it will be fixed shortly.