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  1. You're sure you erupted the right tile? Erupting should change the underground tile (in this case sandstone) to lava, so there shouldn't be any chance for it to remain sandstone.
  2. Nighttime was never exceptionally dark in Wurm compared to some games, but after some semi-recent changes, I feel like it's significantly brighter. This has what I see as a few downsides: Lanterns and other sources of personal lighting are not really important anymore. I can recall the days when I bothered to carry and fill a lantern, but currently I feel like it just doesn't matter much at all. Having a glow-runed item is nice, but even on an alt with no light source at all, I can walk around the wilderness with nothing and it's absolutely fine. Large sources of light appear less distinct. I have a tower with five light sources on top (four 70QL copper braziers and one 90QL marble brazier pillar), but even at night it doesn't look as striking in the distance as it could with less ambient light at night. Fishing aside, time of day simply doesn't matter much anymore if you can see almost as well at midnight as you can at noon. A player doesn't really have to consider when they trek out into the wilderness, or whether they have a lantern on them, or anything like that, which makes for less interesting/immersive gameplay to me. I know part of this is up to the display the player is using, and my desktop monitor at home is pretty good at near-black visibility. That said, I'm also logged in as an alt with no light source right now, over a shoddy remote desktop connection, on a worse monitor, and I still find myself not really caring about the fact that it's night and I'm not carrying a lantern. Is this experience similar for other players? I'd love for night to feel more like... well, night. Perhaps the same could be said of caves?
  3. You're a Fo priest, right? Fo has double favor from food. I think this could use some work; currently, REALLY complex food gives you a lot of favor, but the way it scales is kind of funny because my lemon-herb battered chicken doesn't give much at all. I think it could be very useful if Fo's food sacrificing got more favor at low-complexity prepared dishes, but had diminishing returns at high complexity. I'd just find it fun for that to be a viable method, even if it's a bit more involved than chopping herbs like I'm doing right now.
  4. There has been notice; that's what the announcement was. The change has not gone live yet.
  5. I honestly don't understand why people want to be able to have a single priest that does everything, or a single character who can do anything. That was never the intended result; different kinds of priests exist for a reason. At the point where you expect to be 100% self-sufficient and never rely on alliance/village/kingdom members, or trade for things, you might as well be playing a single-player game.
  6. What Cuddles said. Health is always measured the same for each creature, but damage received is modified by things like armor, natural armor (for non-players), Body Strength, and some other factors.
  7. Are you sure they aren't new items added by a mod?
  8. I kind of like chopping herbs for favor as a Fo priest, since it feels rather in-character. So I hope that remains, or that the food affinity bonus is tweaked to be more viable. I mean, come on, if I could reasonably refill my favor by doing a pagan sacrifice of a lasagna or a cornish pasty, I'm all for it. Should probably scale with food complexity and nutritional value.
  9. Just realized I can't hitch pigs to a post either for easier breeding/management.
  10. Different items aren't more or less difficult to improve; it just depends on the item's current quality. Heavier items use more material, but that's it. A smelting pot and jar are equally easy to improve. You're right that enchants don't really matter for QL gain, at least per action, although WoA means you can improve faster by doing more actions per unit time. Enchanted clay actually is pretty viable, since you can combine the enchanted clay with non-enchanted clay and it will keep the enchantments.
  11. When mining, it's convenient to know if I'm about to mine a tile that is or isn't on-deed. However, barring certain tricks (firepillar, painstaking tile counting) you don't know if a cave wall is a deed/perimeter tile until you've already mined it out. This can be costly or at least irritating when trying not to open up your deed's mine to non-deeded territory. I have a simple suggestion: When examining any sort of cave wall tile, add deed/perimeter information to the examine message, like you would get when examining the cave floor. If this would have some kind of unfortunate PvP implication, it could be limited so it only displays when you're already on the deed or its perimeter, so people can't use this to determine an angle of attack when mining into a deed, if that's a thing people do in PvP.
  12. Does tundra spread to dirt? If not, allowing it to do so sounds like a better suggestion than further restricting rifts.
  13. I get this same problem a lot with empty shelves placed anywhere near a wall. I often need to try placing the item multiple times before it works, trying a slightly different position each time.
  14. Meditating works, which led to this Pretty Good screenshot: Basically, chairs work the same as vehicles, so an action that works in a vehicle will work in a chair and vice versa. I don't see a problem with allowing prayer in vehicles in general, though... although prayer has a large tolerance for movement, so maybe that would have to be adjusted.