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  1. Useless rare solution

    To be fair, this isn't much difference from spamming simple items in general to get rares, so it's hardly a new problem, if it is a problem. I like what you posted in general, though, especially the improvements to, er, improving. I still think a solution to "useless" rares would be good, like slate shingles and rounded stone. I have no idea what that would be, though.
  2. Priest overhaul testing

    Yep. So a high QL altar can help with keeping your casting bonus high, but otherwise won't matter, and statuette QL has never done anything. I believe altar QL and rarity does help improve the chances of getting an effect when praying, though, and rarity adds a tiny bit to Faith gained through sermons.
  3. Cobblestone Texture Change

    I don't really think the cobblestone road texture would work as a default texture for a bridge, on account of the fact that it's obviously stones on dirt, and bridges aren't made out of dirt.
  4. Useless rare solution

    Honestly, I feel like this would just promote churning out cheap rares for the explicit purpose of sacrificing for rare bones, and I'm not sure I"d like that. I'd rather see those useless rares become more useful somehow, personally. Would be nice to have a use for those rare slate bricks I've got.
  5. Empty raft - weight 106.1 kgs

    Was the extra-heavy raft made recently or have you had it for a long time? EDIT: Oddly enough, that weight (106.10kg) is extremely close to the total of all the parts used, totaling 106.40kg, but without the initial large nails used to create. Could just be a coincidence, but maybe it somehow "forgot" to set the weight properly when finished, leaving it as the total former weight instead.
  6. [Bug] Giant Walnut

    The problem is that "dwelve" isn't a word. I assume it's supposed to be "dwell"?
  7. Priest overhaul testing

    I recall hearing this in the past, which is why when discussing it, I've suggested that maybe Oakshell should only have this behavior with light armor such as cloth and leather.
  8. Dirt to Stone Wand or Orb

    This functionality partly exists with the Erupt and Freeze abilities. Lava can randomly spread to surrounding tiles, including things like dirt and sand, turning them into lava, which can then be frozen into rock. With a little luck and a lot of patience, you can use this to raise the rock layer very drastically.
  9. Priest overhaul testing

    To possibly clarify a problem people have with dispel: Dispelling an item removes the enchantment at the top of a fairly arbitrarily-ordered list. So, let's say you have a weapon with four spell enchantments and a rune on it, and you need to dispel the 3rd spell in the list to replace it with something else (e.g. replacing Bloodthirst with Venom); that means you have to dispel the first two in the list beforehand, which might consist of a 104 enchantment and an expensive room. This isn't a great situation! Compounding this problem is the fact that lower-power enchantments give a greater bonus to subsequent enchantments. For instance, casting over a theoretical 0 power enchantment gives a bonus of, I believe, +5 cast power, whereas casting over a 100 power enchantment gives you +0. So, to get the best enchantments, you're encouraged to cast a low-power enchantment followed by high-power, which requires dispelling in order to get rid of anything that falls in between. I would consider it ideal to be able to choose which enchantment you're dispelling, but I have no idea how feasible that would be.
  10. New metal type properties reference list

    That is incorrect. Items made from brass come out at +10% QL. Only adamantine and glimmersteel tools have a bonus to the QL of items created with them. EDIT: Also, it may not be a flat 10% bonus; it may be more accurately phrased as "-10% of the difference between created QL and 100".
  11. Increase lifespan of rooster/hens

    Cared-for hens shouldn't be dying, but they may starve more easily than other creatures, since I believe laying eggs makes them hungry, so they're bad at accumulating fat/staying full.
  12. Fix "Demi" gods being stronger than real gods?

    In the priest update, at least, player gods are referred to as "demigods". These are what the OP is talking about, I have to assume.
  13. Because of the way it rounds, this isn't always reliable. Would be nice to just have both numbers.
  14. I've had multiple projects where bridges without railings would have been nice. Not to mention docks.