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  1. No container decay in vehicles when on deed

    Right now, objects only count as "decorations" when actually on the ground... so a small barrel on the ground won't decay, but a small barrel on a table or in a rack might decay. I would also like to see this changed.
  2. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    They're also a bit error-prone in the sense that there's absolutely no way I would remember to reset all these timers and counts every time I meditate, pray, log onto the client, etc. Am I always going to remember how many times I meditated last session, or when my last alignment tick was? Probably not. This suggestion is just a convenience/QoL thing that would give players this info more reliably than is currently able. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    Timers are good, but they aren't automatic, and you can't really have enough of them to replicate all the functionality this suggestion is asking for. Like, I could easily have one for the 30m meditation timer, another for the longer meditation timer, another for prayer, another two or more for meditation-related ability cooldowns, plus the 10-minute timer I have for healing ticks and whichever other ones would be useful that I'm forgetting.
  4. Ingame Timers for Meditation Skills

    More feedback about this stuff in the interface is always appreciated. Also: Prayer counts/timers, meditation skill opportunity counts/timers, etc.
  5. Valrei International. 066

    Any idea if the jewelry enchantments will decay through use, or stay forever like weapon enchantments?
  6. The "dark ring" item has "rngs" instead of "rings" as a plural. ItemTemplateCreator.createItemTemplate(1079, "dark ring", "rgs", ItemTemplateCreator.createItemTemplate(1079, "dark ring", "rgs", Example:
  7. New Roof

    I'm all for more roofing options. New styles/shapes New textures Ability to paint the gosh darn things
  8. maple not harvesting(solved)

    It looks like you're using a mod that's telling you which trees/bushes are in season. This may simply be an issue with how that mod works; maybe it's giving the default harvest times instead of the current harvest times on your server?
  9. Leveling cave ceiling raised height of tile overhead

    Another player with the same experience:
  10. How to keep a cave ceiling flat?

    I reported a bug about this recently. "Level" probably isn't supposed to do that.
  11. If a smelter is placed on a tile and I attempt to use the "Place" command to move it somewhere else on the same tile, I get the following message, as if trying to move it to a tile with another smelter: [22:26:57] You cannot place that item here, since there is not enough space on that tile. Presumably this happens with all one-per-tile limit items, but a smelter is what I can verify right now.
  12. Many players might not know this, but when bulk storage (bins, crates, etc.) average the QL of items, they essentially "tax" you a certain amount of QL, gravitating toward the lower end of the average. For example, let's say you put two iron lumps in a crate, one at 10QL and one at 80QL. You would expect the crate to then contain two iron lumps at 45QL, but in practice it's closer to 40QL. Basically, it seems to treat the QL difference as 10% greater if putting in a lower QL item, or 10% lower if putting in a higher QL item. Either way, it intentionally results in a lower QL than the actual average. This results in situations where, if I have a pile of clay with an average QL of 75, and I throw it directly into a crate, the crate might then contain 72QL clay instead. I can bypass this by combining the clay into large chunks of approximately 75QL, but it's a bit of a pain. This "quality tax" appears to be some sort of holdover from when bulk storage was first introduced, but I find it hard to see what purpose it currently serves.
  13. Concerns about the Modern renderer

    I'm trying to find more info on SMAA, but it looks like the project hasn't been updated in years. Reading the original PDF, SMAA S2x, T2x, and 4x use forms of supersampling, but I have no idea what that means in this context, since I thought this was just post-processing. It does seem to work well, though. Not sure how it is for performance. SMAA 1x doesn't use any sort of supersampling, so it may or may not be better in quality or performance than the FXAA that the Modern renderer currently uses, but is fundamentally pretty similar and would have the same general drawbacks. http://www.iryoku.com/smaa/downloads/SMAA-Enhanced-Subpixel-Morphological-Antialiasing.pdf SMAA S2x, T2x, and 4x could be interesting options, if they provide better performance than, say, 4x MSAA does.
  14. Pipe Smoking

    Tobacco is not native to Europe. Of course, neither are some other things we have, like tomatoes and potatoes, but historical accuracy isn't quite on your side here.
  15. Concerns about the Modern renderer

    SMAA is also a post-processing filter like FXAA, so it can only do so much, but from the examples I've seen online it seems to do a better job of it than FXAA does, so it should be an improvement nonetheless.