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  1. I agree that sites like Gamethrill could be more open about where they're getting keys, and what relationships they have to publishers, but I consider it rather inappropriate to assume that the keys must not be legitimate, as you don't have that information yourself.
  2. I'd like to note that some popular sites, including G2A, do engage in sketchy acquisition and sale of keys, including purchasing them from individual players, which is against Steam policy. They've developed a bad reputation among indie game developers in particular, with good reason. But this doesn't extend to all similar-looking marketplaces, like Gamethrill.
  3. Years? His last post was in August.
  4. I just had an amphora vanish on me last week, in a building, on-deed
  5. I have a Fo priest in PvE, and honestly, it's fun as hell. It depends on your playstyle, but being able to easily heal myself, tame anything that can theoretically be tamed, refresh my stamina, Oakshell myself without having to carry heavy armor, and hang out with the non-hostile crocodiles and bearsharks are all *amazing* if you like to go traveling and exploring. Most stuff isn't hostile to me, my survivability is amazing, and I don't have to worry about stamina much at all while climbing.
  6. Our current customization options are a bit limited, especially in the skin tone department.
  7. AWS has nothing to do with the client or how the game looks/runs (aside from possibly affecting lag). It's a difference in how the servers are hosted, that's all.
  8. If the issue is that creatures don't like to spawn very close to deeds, that should probably be changed on Jackal, since Jackal isn't supposed to feel terribly safe anyway. If the issue is that creatures are just spawning in random locations and wind up concentrated in places where nobody is hunting/settled, then maybe creatures should prefer spawning in lower-animal-population areas? That said, I'm not sure what the issue is. All I know is that I'm on a big steppe that was well-populated with all kinds of critters when we showed up, but now spawns virtually nothing at all.
  9. Thanks, I probably wasn't used to it anymore since I haven't used a rowboat very much in a long, long time. There are so many different interaction distance limits with objects and containers. I've seen many of the following actions have different maximum distances: Dragging to a container Dragging from a container Taking from a container Dragging from one container to another Bulk transfer? Opening container via context menu All these things should have the same distance! If I can interact with two containers in any of the above ways, I should be able to interact with them in all of the above ways, including transferring things between them.
  10. Trying to drag an object from my boat's inventory to my inventory, or from one container in the boat to another, results in: I'm the owner of the boat. I've noticed this with other vehicles as well. Right click and "take" works.
  11. As long as animals with pelts continue to spawn, I don't see the problem.
  12. We have a few pelts in our village and it's only been what, a few days since Jackal opened? They're rare, but give it time and there will be more.
  13. How much would you pay for a rare bone?
  14. I'm getting this message when examining tiles on my deed, but only with certain tile types. For example, a dirt tile won't produce it, but after packing it, the packed dirt tile will. When is this message supposed to show up? This is on my deed, so there's no way I'm in corrupted territory.
  15. This is what I'm experiencing as well, and I don't recall this happening before a recent update. It makes the select bar significantly harder to use; one of the primary ways I used it was to interact with things I couldn't quite highlight with the mouse, by clicking on them and then moving to where I need to be, for example fishing from the top of a bridge.