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  1. If this has generated any console log errors that you still have, please post them here in case it's indicative of the same problem.
  2. Are you sure it's happening when the wound heals? From what we can see, it should only interrupt an action when getting worse. Let us know if it happens on a healing tick as well.
  3. To anyone experiencing this crash, it would help greatly to know exactly what you were attempting to build, and how, and whether you were running the new UI or the legacy client.
  4. Thanks for the report! This was unintended and will be fixed with a graphics pack update on Thursday the 23rd. No other items have been affected as far as we can tell.
  5. I agree that does look small in that screenshot. What resolution and UI scaling options are you using there?
  6. For clarification regarding pottery planters: Don't worry, planter racks still function the way they used to! They were not affected by this change. It's timed. There's a bit of a random factor in how much it withers with each ageing tick, but if the planter is old enough to be picked, it should take multiple days in the cart for it to completely die off. Even if it takes an ageing tick or two while in the cart, as long as the plant is still alive, it will grow back to a normal, harvestable state once it's somewhere it can grow. As of now, planters can grow: On the ground In planter racks When placed on top of another object, such as a table. If the planter is on your person (your inventory, a container in your inventory, a worn item like a backpack or satchel), it will neither wither nor age. Its age will be frozen. This is mostly to prevent them from withering while you're relocating them. This is the same as how they used to behave while in containers. When inside literally anything else (a cart, a chest on the ground, a forge, a backpack on the ground), they will wither and die over the span of a few days. Yes, dropping them into something like a chest or cart will cause them to wither away and die, letting you plant something else in them. However, it may take a few days for them to do so, so it may not be a convenient way to "unplant" them. And yes, when placed on a table or a cupboard they will now act the same as they do in a rack or on the ground.
  7. Like other items, the material determines what you use to improve it. Stone (included rounded & rendered) requires normal stone shards and chisel, marble requires marble shards and chisel, and so on. The pottery variants will require clay and a chisel. When creating them, it works more like metal items, with completely separate crafting recipes, rather than switching depending on what was added last.
  8. The new installer/launcher handles its own Java runtime. You don't need to install your own. Which installer did you use to install the game on the new laptop?
  9. What is your deed tile:animal ratio like?
  10. There's no need to manually install Java or update your Java installation. The standalone Wurm Online launcher handles its own Java runtime environment. Reinstalling Java isn't necessary and won't help. As for the crash itself, I'm not sure, but I can pass it along to the team.
  11. Were you able to find the planters anywhere, possibly on the floor, or on a different floor of the same building?
  12. Are they only going through gates? What about solid fences, doors, or walls?
  13. Out of curiosity, how long are your surface mining actions that are causing this much damage?
  14. There don't appear to be any tile type based limitations for hatching, just for laying.
  15. Weird traits

    Sorry, I somehow completely overlooked the fact that the first image had date stamps! I just wanted to make sure it was recent. We can take it from here and look into whether or not there's a bug.