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  1. Concerns about the Modern renderer

    I see this with animals too. Always amusing to see a bull floating in midair next to a cliff.
  2. Paint

    I've always liked the idea of doing this with a variable transparency/opacity variable in addition to R, G, and B.
  3. Current state of discord moderation.

    The one specific place you mention - Something Awful - has a lot of moderation transparency, but to say their rules are super clear and consistent is... not true. They exercise a lot of latitude in who they ban, and why. I remember "because Lowtax doesn't like you" being a bit of a meme at one point.
  4. Current state of discord moderation.

    I have no idea why you offered to give an account of the event in private if you're not willing to do so. Cases aren't "sealed". They can be reviewed and appealed at any time. In this case, it wouldn't matter, but that's because Joey's ban has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  5. Current state of discord moderation.

    What question are you referring to?
  6. Current state of discord moderation.

    I've been given an accounting of it by someone who was involved, but if you'd like to give me or Capi your version of events, feel free. That goes for anyone here who is concerned about Discord moderation.
  7. Current state of discord moderation.

    We would still know, and be able to look up, what was deleted. Even if someone came to us with "Yeah, you deleted something of mine I said about a month ago", we'd be able to look it up and very likely find out what it was. What we cannot do is read people's minds and reassess situations nobody is even telling us about. The Joey "rocket emoji" story is virtually the only specific example raised in this thread, and from what I can understand from speaking to others, the account of it given in this thread does not give an accurate picture. This is what happens when you rely on one person's account of events from two years ago.
  8. Current state of discord moderation.

    This thread is specifically about Discord, though. If you're not referring to Discord, it would probably help to specify what you are talking about, since the Discord moderation team is separate from the CM, GM, and FM teams. Confusing them all won't help matters. This was long enough ago that we didn't log it, and this probably isn't what would happen under our current procedures, although I can't say for sure without knowing exactly what happened. At this point, it's moot, since Joey was banned permanently after a long and significant history of harassment and rule-breaking that goes far beyond minor trolling. That's partly why I'm mentioning that our practices have become more standardized since the Discord server first went up. At first, there was no dedicated Discord moderation team, and enforcement policies had yet to be as structured as they are now. We did this because we do want accountability and standardized rules & practices, despite what many posts here would have you believe. If anyone is concerned about using the official Wurm Discord for fear of undue censorship, I fully encourage them to give it another shot. We aren't out to get people for no reason. And honestly? I wouldn't want to be out to get people just because I don't like them. I don't want to be filling out case paperwork and handling moderation at 12AM just because someone said something I don't like. It's not fun, and with the level of accountability we have now, that sort of petty nonsense wouldn't even be an option.
  9. Current state of discord moderation.

    I honestly don't know which language you're referring to. The moderation case log doesn't show anything about you, so it's possible this was before we revamped and standardized moderation practices, but swearing was never against the rules, and isn't now. Bypassing the word filter is against the rules, but 1) this requires active intent, not simply making a mistake, and 2) the word filter is significantly less strict than it was before anyway. If you want to PM me or Capi with the stuff you got warned over, we can give a clearer answer about why you may have been warned, and whether or not that reflects the current rules. His comments on Discord were related to his in-game behavior. The in-game behavior was a far more salient problem than what he said about it on Discord, and that's a GM team matter, not a Discord team matter. The Discord team absolutely does not keep records of this nature. We aren't out to get you. We have records of actual moderation cases; that's it. Again, people complaining about censorship, etc. can feel free to PM myself or Capi with any examples. If you can't give any examples, then frankly, I feel that speaks for itself.
  10. Current state of discord moderation.

    Here's the thing, though: We don't warn people for that. Swearing isn't banned. People who have been banned due to their history on Discord have been for much, much better reasons than that. I can't speak for users banned on Discord due to their behavior elsewhere, since those decisions would be made by, for example, the GM team. As far as Discord behavior is concerned, though, it generally takes many incidents of significant rule-breaking in order to get banned even temporarily. We follow standardized operational procedures, escalation, and logging practices, especially since the addition of a formal Discord Moderator staff role. The rules are clearly posted. As far as "toxic behavior" is concerned, there's just no way to clearly define every possible way in which a player can be toxic to the community. We can try, but there's just no way to be exhaustive about enumerating every single one. I can say with some confidence that it's not really a "minefield"; people who have had significant moderation actions taken against them broke the rules fairly clearly. It should be very telling that people complaining about Discord moderation are generally either unable or unwilling to provide specific examples; and if they do have specific examples, they can have their cases appealed.
  11. Patch Notes 06/JUN/19

    Rainbows fixed on LGBT pride month, seems appropriate
  12. Current state of discord moderation.

    Niki is not muted or banned from the Discord server, and as far as I can tell, she never has been.
  13. Current state of discord moderation.

    Joey had a significant moderation history prior to getting banned. It was nowhere close to a single incident, as bad as that incident was. Anyone who tells you that Joey was banned from Discord over a single event is mistaken.
  14. Current state of discord moderation.

    I was referring to Discord moderation specifically. The Discord moderation team is separate from the GM team, and has nothing to do with Propheteer's case or any other GM case.
  15. Current state of discord moderation.

    Anyone getting moderation actions against them in the Wurm Discord server are getting moderated because they are breaking server rules. Moderation is also logged, so there isn't a case of anything being "covered up" and all moderation can be reviewed if needed. If you have an issue with something a moderator has done, you can PM Capi about it directly so the situation can be resolved. You can also file a ticket using the support system we have set up. For what it's worth: Getting permanently banned from the official Wurm Online Discord server is difficult. It's the last step in a series of escalating punishments, and generally requires a series of flagrant rule violations. To reiterate: Discord moderation cases are always logged by staff and can be reviewed as necessary. If you have an issue with an action taken by the Discord moderation staff, it can be reviewed, provided you use the proper methods to inform us of this.