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  1. I can feed lasagna to my cat now, and that's the only thing that matters
  2. Break me off a claw, there's good meat in there!
  3. Yeah, there's a known issue with the effect appearing on login even if you have no wounds, and going away if you are later injured and healed. Just letting you know we're aware of the bug!
  4. Resolution Scale set over 100% can be quite slow, as can Ambient Occlusion set to High. Resolution might also be a factor there, especially if it's 4K or close to it. Aside from that, I'm not sure, but if I find anything in particular I'll let you know.
  5. What FPS is your game running at when this happens?
  6. Followers will also be far better off than they were before. The size of the skill ticks themselves will be significantly larger, and they'll get skill on far more actions than before, particularly after 30-35 skill, which is particularly rough right now. In general, the percentage of actions that give you skill won't drop dramatically with higher the skill the way they did before. Having very high Faith will be beneficial, but far from mandatory, sort of like the difference between having 0 affinities and having 1 or 2 affinities.
  7. The dye in question was made due to the mass exploiting of a very obvious bug in dye color calculations, so the bug was fixed and much of the existing bugged dye was removed. It had nothing to do with you, and if it were due to anything but a bug exploit, we wouldn't have removed any of the existing dye. Players cannot expect bugged items to stick around forever, especially players who know they've been abusing bugs in order to produce it. This has already been changed in yesterday's patch, allowing gathering runes to raise the maximum QL of materials you can get from a vein. It's now very possible to get 100QL ore if you have 100 or near-100 skill.
  8. Yes. You're still being limited by your skill. The rune can raise QL beyond the vein's QL cap, but not beyond your skill.
  9. n/a

    For what it's worth: I'm not sure when people were reaching 30 Faith on the new servers, but frequent restarts resetting prayer counts/timers did result in people getting Faith faster than usual.
  10. I would not count on the WO and WU codebases converging and becoming more similar over time; in fact, the opposite will continue to occur. Wurm Online will, by necessity, continue to diverge from Wurm Unlimited, as Wurm Online is always changing and Wurm Unlimited is no longer receiving feature updates. Wurm Unlimited was also never entirely 100% identical to the Wurm Online codebase in the first place. Additionally, even if a feature is implemented into Wurm Online after someone else modded something similar into Wurm Unlimited, that does not mean they would be implemented in the same way. @Platyna To answer your question, there is no strict rule about using information from Wurm Unlimited when helping out other players, in CA Help or other channels. As long as you're making a good faith attempt to help other players, I see no reason why you would get into any trouble. Of course, including such information in Wurmpedia is another matter, as there are additional policies there which preclude information based solely on Wurm Unlimited. As for using WU datamining to understand WO mechanics in general: Wurm Unlimited has been a very valuable tool for players to figure out the nuances of the game's systems, but it's important to take it all with a grain of salt, especially when it concerns things that may have changed since then. That doesn't make it useless, but it does mean you can't quite take it as gospel. When possible, it makes sense to test things in-game to confirm that they match what you're getting from that datamining, or indeed any other source of information.
  11. "Zweihander"? "Daikatana", for the ancient meme? ... or "Nothin Personnel"
  12. There is indeed a bug related to saving the creature's new location when it is hitched. In some ways, the game treats the creature as if it is still on tile it was on when hitched, not the new location. This contributes both to buggy disease and grazing habits, as Badgerbaps mentioned. It usually only causes short-term problems, as a server restart also fixes it for currently hitched creatures. A more thorough fix is in the works, but in the meantime, Badgerbaps' workaround should help: Hitch the animal, then immediately unhitch it, make sure it's standing on the tile it should be on when hitched, then hitch it again.
  13. Just a bug, and it shouldn't affect anything as followers don't have a use for favor anyway. Thanks for the report!
  14. You will not lose any skills moving from Chaos to other servers on the same cluster. For instance, if you train Shipbuilding to 20 on Chaos and then take a rowboat to Xanadu, you'll still have your skills, items, and the rowboat on Xanadu when you arrive.