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  1. Any game like Wurm with pvp?

    Camelot Unchained looks good - doesn't come out till next year or 2020 - beta next year I think.
  2. So far this is my skill progression

    then get Angel to imp the 80 ql tools you make to 90
  3. Plaque

    I love this idea - +1
  4. Magic tables

  5. Alliances

    Jake Rivers , Armyskin is another
  6. +1 and also to Bloodscythe's suggestion to have an easier way to check which tomes have been used
  7. Night sky when logging in

    its a known effect from the recent modern renderer update. Have no idea if it is planned to be fixed or an unfortunate effect of the update but yes it happens to me too and is annoying as hell
  8. Halloween Tricks & Treats!

    ooh I like the hat and the human skull nice job
  9. Wider gates

  10. Update Failed! ???

    try again - it resolved for me now
  11. Update Failed! ???

    ok it fixed itself now - try again everyone
  12. Update Failed! ???

    maybe - not sure how many of us , if not all, are Aussies?
  13. Update Failed! ???

    yup exactly - and its gm down time too so probably no help till tomorrow if that