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  1. COD set 2 to Rhianna pls
  2. tester meal trebuchets. - from 2019 when you first started making them Would like these meals pls Fine Carp Carp Leatherworking Ship Building Blacksmithing Mining Woodcutting Tailoring Cloth Tailoring Weapon Smithing Chain Armor Smithing Locksmithing and Stone Cutting
  3. With a 91ql map I would ahve thought a hota statue or scrap of drake or / and scale at least, Def not worth coming back to the game as it is in its current state.
  4. lol I got rare dirt from opening a dirty casket - guess thjats why its called a Dirty Casket Although the next gave me 2 rare maps so all good
  5. Brianna Lvl 3 Stormguard 4x sleeping powder
  6. umm Im untangled (Brianna)
  7. Im gonna move now and work out where I should be - Ill let you know the coordinates so you can check
  8. SO where does brianna need to go? Have no idea
  9. ahh the totems are on the only 2 islands I have a char on so don't think I'm untangled or can be.
  10. I would like these too - the alchemy mod and the armor stand mod sound great too Also do we even have 7 players that are active, this untangling may not be achievable