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  1. Fix Fatigue

    impossible I'd say
  2. Lotsa tomes

    WHy should he? Prices are changing constantly cos of the personal goals and who si getting what tomes. He obviously will want the best price he can get and getting people to offer gives him a better chance than jsut laying down one price and at auction there is no guarantee he will even meet his reserve.
  3. Valrei International. 068

    \ This helps but what if ytou dont have an altar nearby - so somehwere on your body or right click message would be great
  4. +1 and buuuuuuuump
  5. Sure but the freedom tabard as Nomad points out is ugly - feel there should be more choice - just not current pmk tabards
  6. I would -1 that suggestion Nomad. Someone who hasn't any loyalty or put any effort into a particular pmk or helped that pmk should not get to wear the tabards or emblems - the money from sales of tents, banners etc goes towards improving deeds, etc of that particular pmk. But I would like freedomers to have choice so new designs esp for freedom would be good. Edit: Oh hmm its 5 am here missed what you said - yes I want to be able to wear my tabard on freedom but I don't want people not in my pmk to be able to
  7. I'm with Snoo but if you mean Freedomers can wear any pmk tabardeven if not in that pmk then no. I would like to see several more versions of a tabard for freedom though so they have some choice. Edit: Ah you typed while I was typing
  8. Ill +1 for both glass and new harvestables
  9. I also agree would be nice to see better reasons for using honey , sugar, syrup or / and rice. I just find the wine one unbalanced more because if you don't collect yourself it costs more than a tome to finish this goal. I feel this game is getting more and more pay to win anyway so would be nice not to have one that is seasonal like the wine personal goal. I have 2 wine goals and the repair fences left to finish, I just cant afford to buy enough grapes or maple to finish them both.
  10. I definitely +1 this, I feel maple being seasonal makes the personal goal of 5k wine very unbalanced compared to other personal goals
  11. #1 2.5s #2 1.5s #3 2.5s
  12. Sold. Please close.

  13. Sold. Please close.

    Harley is offline - sold them already?