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  1. Thanks!

    All the best, look after yourself Samool, get your health back and may we all see you around wurm a lot more then.
  2. Defiantly? or definately Prob both amirite?
  3. Its not only when lots of people are around - I just had a very long instance of lag with endless refreshing so I had to relog with only 3 people in local.
  4. ql90, WoA90 2s60c (1 in stock) ql90, WoA93 2s72c (2 in stock) both please pls COD to Rhianna ty
  5. "Added Monastery of the Eternal Flame. Rhianna please check if it is placed correctly " Fraskesa that is correctly placed - thanks
  6. If Global freedom chat or the official discord is anything to go by - a lot weirder
  7. I like that idea - would make white wolf rugs not so common because of the short length of time winter is around
  8. If you could COD 1x20kg random affinity CCFP pizza and a tester meal to Rhianna pls
  9. Thank you Keenan, update much appreciated.