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  1. 96w95c 6.5s Rare Stone Chisel and 97w93c 6.5s Rare Trowel pls COD Rhianna thx
  2. Nekoras 85 euro okay? Pls COD to krivak if so thx
  3. -1
  4. yeah from Australia having the same issues as well believe ther is a major memory leak since the epic update or before
  5. have to be empty bsbs to go in the bin rack too
  6. none of the ordinary titles other than AS give bonuses, the kingdom titles give various bonuses though
  7. Actually Pashka that is untrue, I know the home servers have had raiders continuously even at its lowest point in the last few years. There has been so few people that these raids are , for the most part, unopposed. A few months ago Nathans JKH place was raided and I know of other raiders going to home servers. That doesn't sound like easy mode to me, what with multiple valrei creatures mobbing you whenever you step out the door and the potential for extreme terraforming form valrei events.
  8. The above are Roman bandits based on Elevation Wulvarik - although they have been known to roam the open seas and descend on poor hapless home server boiz and gals to rob them of their hard earned coins with no remorse or feeling. They aren't to be trifled with imho Arrrrr me hearties and a bottle of rum ( oh wait that's pirates hmmm messed up the theme:/ )
  9. yeah it was in my config file, sorry Tuga,
  10. oh hmm might ahve to edit a file, let me look elsewhere ok wurm launcher player files, configs default
  11. settings on launcher before you log on the char, its there somewhere