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  1. raspberrywood shaft, also one grapewood and one lingonberrywood peg to Chocolat pls
  2. would like to order skiller rake 70 plus coc pls ty - COD to Chocolat
  3. Chocolat will take the 74woa 78 Coc 15s Pick head ty, pls COD
  4. explaining why cutting down oaks, willows and overaged trees isnt a good idea first off unless you can plant another....little things like that that piss off the more veteran population would be useful, also cutting down trees in peoples perimeter and not deeding right next to someone on a large server without getting to know them first .....
  5. Horse shoe, Iron, 71woa - 2.5s Horse shoe, Iron, 72woa - 2.5s Horse shoe, Iron, 79woa - 2.5s plus one more horseshoe , can be creation ql as I can imp it myself, at 70 plus woa ty also the awl, needle and leather knife with 50 or so coc on them 50ql Saddle, 52woa - 1.5s 50ql Saddle, 54woa - 1.5s skiller pickaxe 71woa Please COD to Chocolat ty
  6. I love this idea - would certainly allow for more interesting marinas and boat areas +100
  7. even better would be fried meat - much easier to obtain than veges unless you have a big farm, fry the emat then put it in pottery bowls in an oven and get breakfasts - x2 skill gain for 1 meat per
  8. Mist lake...

    I'm good thanks, hope you are enjoying wurm the second time around - or is it the third or fourth lol,