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  1. -1 its bad enough if you have a hell horse with or without a cart and having to monitor if Spirit Templars are about to kill it, without them dying to archery as well :/ mobs are real easy and if you have a guard tower you can call for help anyway. There really is no need even for that setting that lets Templars attack aggressive creatures unless you have a lot of naked priest alts running around.
  2. vpn is how most people get around spy protection - plenty of free ones out there.. IMHO spy protection only slows down the use of spy alts or people playing in 2 kingdoms but doesnt prevent it entirely..
  3. M8 check your forum pms ;p
  4. Actually Darklords is a pvper, and has been on pvp servers since he started playing. He loves it, but this game is dying whether you want to believe it and he jsut wants to introduce the idea of options to entice people into pvp. WWhat he is suggesting doesnt really interest me but I would think it might attract some pve people to at least try it and you never know they may like it so much they come to epic or chaos after.
  5. +1 Also +1 for village / alliance shields. Also I don't know why either
  6. While agreeing to the suggestion to make horses stronger (not faster) I play LIF MMO and its horrible - lag, bad combat mechanics, and they are releasing it on steam next week lel. This is why I have come back to Wurm... BECAUSE it doesnt have LIF type combat
  7. +1 to a rollback of affinities and any other gains they get from multiple alt killings
  8. And the killing by Ebo alts continues..... over 24 kills so far and counting, this is cheating in my books too but I dont think the devs believe that :/. Buddha did say in the other thread this will be changed or stopped , jsut wish the affinities will be taken off the exploiters
  9. yeah much easier to fix it then , thought there might be a permissions option when right clicking if the owner but thats an unfortunate oversight then...._.
  10. +1
  11. A way around it temporarily might be when you buy a piece of furniture get the owner to transfer the ownership when selling it? Not ideal but temp measure until the devs fix it. Thats if the owner has permissions showing when you right click it.
  12. And if you create a set you only need the initial bit of drake to be in the colour you want as it creates it in that colour but can imp using any colour drake afaik. Actually edit you can combine drake pieces and change the color , think its the activated bit that determines the color?
  13. if that's the case then prem and +20 fs should be a requirement to drain a deed.
  14. +1 yup I totally agree that less than 20fs alts capping outposts seems like abuse.