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  1. Chaos Desync

    So not just Chaos then - On Chaos I have my backup horse 2-4 tiles to the left and either in front or way behind me also. Please find a fix for this
  2. +1 as a known hoarder pls I need this as much as Muse
  3. Wanted to say Hey!

    Merry Christmas to one and to all
  4. WTSOLD pvp account

    very nice account, gl with the sale Holar
  5. you can already unhitch a specific animal - from wagon and cart, jsut ahve to be embarked
  6. Petition to change...

    Udderly cheesy but +1
  7. The Cute New-Born Foals Thread

    Finally got around to taking a picture of my appaloosa, also got another new one today too Dancejohan is the appaloosa's name and both are 5 speed https://imgur.com/a/4VcKcwb
  8. Bulk storage for bait

    +1 to being able to store in fsbs or crates
  9. New pvp ban pls

    please restart the pvp ban till this is fixed, doubt there will be any pvp till it is fixed
  10. Keep failing to catch fish 99.5 fishing

    if you listen for the splashing noise it tells you a fish is about to approach or you get the nibbling message then click on the fish. - and yes I have worked it out -get the red target and mouse the float around over tiles till you get the float looking red and white like a target, left click till you get the green float with the line and fish Hope that helps others who may be wondering how.
  11. lobsters and crabs

    +1 great idea
  12. [Fixed] Climbing bug

    [23:23:10] The server is shutting down in 30 minutes. Reason: Hot Fix for Stamina II. Notes for this and yesterday's: http://bit.ly/PN18DEC18
  13. End of the Year Cleanup Sales!

    Pls COD all 7 frost salves and 5 acid salves to Rhianna ty