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  1. +1
  2. v nice being able to drag your horsegear off again, thanks Budda
  3. Got a lockpicking affinity - my first while lockpicking a boat on epic, pity its meaningless over there and doesnt transfer lol
  4. so spomeone can have multiple alts online at the same time and they dont crash eg for a sermon
  5. everyone went JK , dont think there are many if any BL, maybe 1 ;p
  6. no fences cos human nature being what it is we will see fenced off areas etc but +1 to the idea of a separate hunting server with horses only non aggressive animals allowed
  7. pls COD all 7 of the leatherworking potions to krivak ty
  8. pls COD rare maul to krivak ty - its 4s right?
  9. Please add at x29 y9/y10 Sandcastle thx
  10. I am with the people that are grateful that wood textures were added back but disappointed in the actual colors. Cedarwood looks ugly brown now instead of the warm reddish hue it had before. In fact undyed woods look too similar (and yes I have GSLD enabled) but they all look boring brown now. No deep colors anymore :/ My rare dyed red cart (cedarwood ) looks the same though. Thanks for doing this despite my negativity, Im hoping the cedarwood texture can be adjusted.
  11. 38,39,40 and 41) rare frypans 57) rare leggat 64) rare spindle 66) Rare scissors cod to krivak ty
  12. 14) rare loom 6s? 15) rare cart 12s?
  13. Rather than a different large chest I'd love to see the old coffins with the dark stone slab look back as bsbs fit perfectly under them,. Made a workroom so much better than anything we have now, could repurpose them as toolchests or something. All the new stuff doesn't compare with that.