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  1. With neighbours like him who needs enemies right Theshawv?
  2. tyvm thought it was just me for a bit lol, gl with the sale
  3. Apparently I need to sign up to photobucket to look at the pic of what you are selling so I am gonna pass on paying for that - pls move it off that or make a jpg
  4. +1 for a pantry . Sick of needing an extra house just for fsbs Also an empty fsb rack would be great too. They take up so much room.
  5. yup I did that - thanks Snoo
  6. well definately a bug - I was logged in on another toon and it said this one was on Elevation, Ok checked logs it did go to Ele before the new map - still wont let me log that toon in so a bug probably since it logged off on Ele before the new map
  7. I did - there are no error messages anywhere except that first one that said I needed to register a char under that name - although I just reset my password and wurm sent me a new reset one so it knows my email still. It is still hung on connecting to server. I am thinking I should do a /support in game on another char, might have bugged that toon out somehow. Oh but thanks for the reply
  8. Hi I tried to log in an old char I have had for years. Is not prem but has been prem before. At first it said I had to make a new char as it was not registered. I tried to log in again because I knew that was not true. SInce then it shows the welcome to server screen but sticks at connecting to server....
  9. While this is bette,r it isn't enough of a change to make me want to buy - I like the old WU design far better - any chance you would look at redesigning it and not using purple and white ? gl anyway just not my cup of tea
  10. think so - I couldnt get on earlier
  11. I like this as long as its not on pve for the horse breeders since on pvp servers it still slows them down a lot when trying to breed or collect horses.
  12. The elevation reset was just a little temporary reset. The big updates are due out in November - Frontier first , then a bigger reset of Elevation. Or that's what I thought, so they ARE busy working on pve stuff.............