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  1. Not as far as I know, I always have to install new updates.
  2. From what I understand this error is an OpenGL error. Can be fixed by updating your graphic card driver and making sure you are using an updated java. Hope this helps
  3. yeah maybe that as the case, now Ive woken up Ill try again - and I can rbeed again lol, must of been something I was leading and didnt notice - durrrr
  4. Just letting you know I can no longer breed my horses, no option comes up while right clicking. I wasn't using a male horse that had been intimate in the last hour before trying wither. Did you make any changes when you logged in briefly earlier?
  5. Can we please have at least one free guard - at least for first week. already m,y deed is overrun with mobs I have no chance to kill
  6. I have the same problem - took 6 months off wurm and got the itch to play back but cannot replace my sheep as there aren't any anywhere on Cadence, very few non hostile mobs anywhere to be honest. I also did not see many sheep even on deeds I passed either so where did they all go? Fix or drastically increase the spawns first please
  7. Hatchet 70ql - 80 BoTD - 2s and Shovel 78 BoTD - 1s 56c Please COD Chocolat ty
  8. wonderful fast service, highly recommend this seller
  9. ahh no but can I order a 85-88 botd hammer any ql if you can do that?, I specifically wanted the higher botd I'm fine with what I ordered though thanks
  10. Hi I'd like to order: Awl 70ql - 88 BoTD - 2s 18c and Trowel 70ql - 85 BoTD - 2s 11c was also wondering if I could order a leather knife 70 ql with 85 plus Botd on it and a whetstone (high ql) with 80 plus BOTD on it thanks - please COD to Chocolat thanks
  11. Hi I'd like to order the following please: Hammer QL 71 BOTD 85 - 2s 43c (iron) Needle QL 9 BOTD 79 - 1s 43c (iron) Pickaxe QL 2 BOTD 92 - 3s 22c (iron) Please COD to Chocolat thanks