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  1. Araninke - Added a “Volumetric Fog” option that produces a realistic light scattering effect The effect will only show when shadow settings are also set to high detail, in addition to the Volumetric Fog option
  2. +1 to an overhaul of rifts
  3. np and thanks for the fast service - would def buy from you again
  4. 93,24ql ropetool, oakenwood - 93woa // 1,40s pls COD to Rhianna ty oh and 26,20ql ropetool, oakenwood - 94coc // 80c
  5. Sarcasm Skatyna is the lowest form of wit and not what she needs to hear just now. Sounds like Amata wanted to give back to the community and there is nothing wrong wiht that. Your post wasn't helpful. As Muse said, sort out the areas you don't mind being accessed by everyone but keep your stuff behind locked gates,. Sounds like you ahven't lost too much but I would change perms soon.... gl as I live in that area too
  6. yeah its a long term bug that hasn't been fixed
  7. 4s for rare maul the HD N91 etc one - if okay pls mail to Rhianna or pagwani
  8. think they said Q2 so June, July, hopefully we get a more set date soon though
  9. Would like to order 2k slate bricks and 5k mortar, pls pm Rhianna or Riddic , I'm north east Deli and can pick up if required, would also like to order 200 support beams when you have some in stock, ty
  10. potion of acid, potion of mining , salve of frost, x2 oil of blacksmithing and ointment of stonecutting - pls COD to Rhianna
  11. Nomads Market

    x2 wrapped full house pizzas pls COD to Rhianna