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  1. off deed animals have a higher risk of miscarriage but other than that pulling wagons and carts wont increase the risk. Stay on deed and the horse should be fine
  2. 2.2silver on 10 20c on 32
  3. thx
  4. cod the 96 and 97 ql large rat pelts to krivak pls
  5. Whetstone QL_94 WoA_92 + CoC_88 2,0s pls COD to krivak thx
  6. 100QL large rat pelt 89coc 93woa-2s pls COD to krivak thx
  7. +1 fantastic idea
  8. Thanks from me for your service Lis. I'm a nurse and my first ever job was in a war vets nursing home. I saw the impact combat had on them even years after so thanks for reminding us , we should never forget the sacrifice defence forces go through to make the rest of us safe.
  9. leatherworking

    Rare saddle QL93.83, WoA91, 12 silver COD to krivak pls
  10. rare fruit press COD to krivak pls
  11. Rare cheese Drill 3s ? If ok pls COD to Krivak thx
  12. Also you didnt mention that you get a percentage of SOTG depending on your level now aso it goes up exponentially until lvl 11 at 30% so it IS worth going for because 6% SOTG could just save your life,