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  1. yes the devs know, its a network problem they are working to get it fixed
  2. It might be to o with this bug?
  3. yeah me too and Im on the normal client not steam. Ive downloaded the update twice so far but got my password wrong first time I tried to log in, so had to download the steam client, hoping for the best now. So when are we gonna get an official acknowledgement of whats gone wrong?
  4. no Samool said you wont be able to use that to play on steam servers
  5. sorry I mis typed - cant use those unfinished registrations to go to steam
  6. see the note in blue at the top of the forum - Samool jsut posted that - he posted n one who registered but didnt complete can not use that char to go to steam servers
  7. and can you point them out on the map Pandalet
  8. you can log in by the client once its downloaded and not through steam I thought - that will allow you to have as many alts as you want I would think
  9. no one knows and they dont seem to want to tell us - 2 deeds on harmony so prob 2 starter towns
  10. I'm no expert so maybe someone else can help.
  11. hmmm - Congratulations, you found a bug in the test client: Looks like you are trying to log in to the test client . Try the Installer for 64 bit windows : https://www.wurmonline.com/wurm-online-downloads/