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  1. Full Steam Ahead

    I believe she was talking about expansions for WU not WO SIla.......
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    we aren't starting from scratch though, you are welcome to stay on freedom. You will start a new char if you play the steam version though but that doesn't mean your deed on freedom is destroyed or anything. Can play both you know..... and because you are not being kicked off freedom there is no compensation. They are not closing down the non steam version when the steam one opens.....they may in the future but not till they see how the steam version goes... And what the guy in the video found frustrating was built up areas and no new untouched places to deed or settle - he wanted wilderness and this is what this game is about. Even I find it frustrating that land is so over developed on all servers....
  3. Full Steam Ahead

    new players want untouched land. Not this overly terraformed lands with old decaying buildings, fences etc. I for one would only start playing WO again if a new server comes up. I don't mind starting anew but I'm not a precious spoilt brat (Elkins words) that cannot see that we are at such a low pop that something big is needed, you put older vets in among st the newbs and the whole thing will fall flat on its face. I don't think they have a choice but to try something drastic...... Have a look at this guys filming of Wurm and what he found frustrating t, this is the sort of person we should be encouraging not worrying about older players who are so entrenched in their little houses they can't see the writing on the wall.....
  4. I have to agree, despite the low number of players, new servers are great fun, much more fun than picking through other players ruins....imo anyway
  5. Loved the tutorials, really brings to life the new player experience. The only other thing Id say is REPAIR REPAIR REPAIR, seeing that 73 dmg on his pick and still mining with it frustrated me
  6. Could be a great new use for lead veins .....
  7. I still think that is currently wrong - you are essentially useless unless a priest now - I left the pvp servers after Sindusks changes not only because it remains unbalanced mainly due to the power anyone with tomes has under it but also due to having to be a priest. Being 1 hit by 5 people with true-strike is also a turn off. Fights used to last and be fun, the pvp game hasn't been fun for quite a while now.
  8. that's a big problem now Davy, there just isn't the groups left on Epic to provide that as far as I am aware. SO newcomers basically have to start on their own now......
  9. it isn't entirely being abandoned, just opening 2 new servers on steam.
  10. From what I gather we all start anew, no use making a new server to entice new players if the vets bring everything they own to the party. Anything you own and skillset on WO stays the same, just the steam version will be starting from the beginning
  11. no thank YOU fast reply too
  12. Same as Xor please - 4 horseshoes, best Woa, and saddle, best Woa - send to pagwani ty
  13. With neighbours like him who needs enemies right Theshawv?