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  1. I'll give you 2s for the masterwork butcher knife skin, will have to see if you are online sometime while I'm ingame.
  2. I accepted an offer for it - pl0x close
  3. so why are we buffing priests by giving them the fire/ice/acid spells while the narrative 3 years ago was trying to walk away from priests being the pvp normal, I have a dang headache, my head hurts you guys remember support roles? imping for any one of these guys gives the sense of imping for a bloated lard, no offense if this literally applies. only thing that needs to be done is remove all tome mechanics, give players a 50% refund on market prices, and apologize for breaking the pvp mechanic. everyone is being asked to pony up 1000 euro. you go up against any one of these guys and 80% of your health is gone, pun not intended. you guys remember support roles? just plot the update on the activity chart and you've got all of your information right there.
  4. Up for auction is this supreme iron small axe: The rune is a brass glow rune. Starting bid: 30 silver Minimum Increment: 1 silver Buyout: 40 silver Auction ends in 1 week
  5. i like imping spindles, eating insects, and long horse rides on the xanadu
  6. WTB: Rare pegs, rare tenons, rare belaying pins, rare thick rope (need only 2), rare mooring rope {need only 1} Anything that will fit in your mailbox Not buying: Rare tar Offer is 40 copper Valid Nov. 5th 2020 to Nov. 12 2020, will hopefully be updated. Send them to XrumX. I've got 15 attached and am basically rolling on a 10% chance right now.
  7. Sold: Rare chain sleeve Crowbar I also have 3 seryll cookware sets, 93ql knife and 92ql spoons and forks. Asking 1.5s per knife, fork, and spoon set.
  8. You're supposed to suspend your disbelief for all of this media. There's a limit for how much someone can suspend their disbelief which is why wurm logic tries to follow IRL logic as much as possible, maybe less so these days. People don't throw lightning bolts on the same regular basis as arrows, because it is all about how much someone can suspend their disbelief.
  9. I imped my own mixer for 12 hours and an alt layout toon started imping said mixer within 15 minutes of the discussion, I don't know what gives!
  10. an impalong where you can't impa-a-long, and I went to pre-kindergarten.
  11. I thought about how much money I'd take for various off-weight things in my BoK's toolset. As far as things to spend silver on, the most bizarre off-weight toolset has been a decent call. I think a lot of the stuff made in the 10's and 20's are going to be kept. Bag of Keeping is in the name, but getting rid of everything in one go about 4g is the point where a person like myself would stop having much of a choice. At that rate acquisition would start to get seriously easy. Historically couple people have paid 35s for the 2.25 weight sword and I think the value of the supreme butcher is the supreme bone. I don't know if they have anything other then the hammer. The normal bok starts to cap out when you get the hammer, sword, 0.4 butcher, and regular tools and rings. I heard talk about a 0.98 weight shovel, but I have never seen one so I would not know. As far as things to spend silver on, the 0.98 shovel would be theoretically precious.
  12. google old english longbow, I think this would be the asset to go for i guess it doesn't animate in this artistically lousy way when you kind of think about it.