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  1. PC pvp toon

    the 300e or so price point sounds about right but the real euros is friendship
  2. ill take the w81 saddle for 55 copper cod it to xrumx if you want to sell it
  3. u took my grapes
  4. nice beverages dude. despite the troubles i don't think people are compromising much on their 60 body strength tome accounts. the weird passion skills are neat.
  5. run out of ramen noodles huh
  6. Seems like the Wurm starter char equivalent of buying the World of Warcraft disc which one ought to save you two years of grinding. People have been saying Wurm is a dying game ever since thousands of people filed in for the 2-story housing update. They might be right but it's taking hell of a long time, but then again it usually does. Investor panic is a vicious cycle. It's as if some members of the community want everyone lined up at the bank at once trying to get their money out and I seriously do not understand it. People in charge know the statistics. The only way I can process the desire to invoke a bank run is frustration, but I suppose it is understandable. Empty cape slots and such. anyway it doesnt really have much useful skills other then a few "good starts" but 45 body strength ought to keep your christmas gift from being eaten by a goblin
  7. sold: rare rake rare small anvil rare needle
  8. wooden rune of libila, bronze 11ql wooden rune of libila, bronze 12ql stone rune ov vynora, tin 22ql cod to xrumx, thanks
  9. sent just now, appreciate the purchase.
  10. I took the guy up on his BoK offer. It was an easy trade to make. All of my silver is spent but apparently the guy is wanting to liquidate oodles of unlisted good stuff.
  11. Asking 1 silver per 99.00ql glimmersteel 0.4kg unit. Asking 20 silver for 10kBT speedrune N91 C96 supreme willow longbow ty for the considerations
  12. Does this mean we are going to get capes?
  13. i think the swing timer cap is 3 seconds. not sure if you know this but you may appreciate the input.
  14. rng has ascended me to demigod status bow before its mighty green text[/img]