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  1. As an observation, waiting 5 minutes into the 30 minute cooldown would potentially throw 1/6th faith gains in the dumpster. Having some sort of regenerative thing for somebody to do, and them not doing it, is probably the most annoying thing in the whole entire game. There is nothing else that could possibly lead to a greater breakdown of social relationships than myself waiting for a cooldown that isn't taking place. It's like an entire faith skill. If somebody can't set a kitchen timer for an entire 1.00 faith skill tick then I pity them. This is irrelevant to me as a 1 account non priest, but maybe offering my perspective should help. 5 minutes would technically throw 0.1-0.2 faith gains in the dumpster. Yeah and 10 of your buddies getting 0.4kg hide has the monetary value of 3g.
  2. Probably the most peculiar item in the game that is not an outright absurdity when you really think about it.
  3. yeah 13 years of a stellar reputation ok bud
  4. Offer is 1.25g. I may go higher if it ends up actually being a tough sale, which it might. pl0zs submit counteroffers so that I may consider them
  5. There was basically no way they didn't have to.
  6. I was told that overlapping rune effects are null. Nalimar has 100s of multi runed items that he will sell for pretty cheap. I got scissors with -weight AND -size picking out random tools.
  7. With measured patience, I will find deliverance, imping my spindles.
  8. Placing tall banners on walls ---> becomes the same 3D model except with a transparent base so that it hangs like a stocking without using any disk space.
  9. Rare Axe, Silver July 2022 Raider Axe Skin (medium axe) nimb 70, LT 71, coc 91, ms 98 in that order 90.06ql Bidding starts at 8 silver Minimum increment is 1 silver Buyout is 26 silver 6 day auction 12 hour sniper protection I thought it would be a fun auction BEEEEEEGGINN
  10. Goodbye

    o_O Wasn't this like 5 years ago? You can just log in. It doesn't take very long to just log in. By your standards, I permanently quit wurm 6 or 7 times each decade.
  11. If you are enough in the know-how to be on the upper levels of the ponzi pyramid, then there is absolutely zero reason to buy silver, and that's a bad indicator. That's a really bad indicator. This is the type of thing that traders look for in order to know whether or not to devest. It just looks bad. It looks odd. "Who cares," unless ingame prices even out there is zero reason why anybody should buy silver, "who cares." The reason why I made this thread is because I am such an incredibly freakin' nice guy.