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  1. ground reflects sky at night irl bro its difficult
  2. please sent me a check with 50 cents on it written to my name that says art director for vehemently suggesting changing the skybox as the art update that was needed the most i will frame it and put it on my wall
  3. Send the rare lead large maul to xrumx for 3.5s if you want
  4. I've got a formula to these and am looking for a 0.98kg shovel that they say is out there:
  5. if the 1/100 accumulates then when you run the math on the rare knarr market value they're worth 1s really but i'll do 30c
  6. wtb rare tar and pegs, any ql, for 30c each send them to xrumx without asking offer valid until otherwise stated, or if it becomes a financial problem, but there's no problem with the odds.
  7. cool good for you don't forget to use em
  8. looks like a nice place for new players to trade favors, make sure they know for what in exchange they are being given the circle of cunning pickaxe, hatchet, and shovel. people don't seem to get trading favors as a method of getting a foothold in the game with no money down, sometimes. i think you trading the tools for a new player's determination to gain strength gathering your future resources is how it's supposed to work, and then it evolves into a friendship that is beholden of even greater riches. 9/10 times they decide not to play but you can get that down to 1/2th of the time if you really work at it, and if you do it right it isn't much work at all. "we'll give you your coc shovel and after you dig a silver worth of your own characteristics benefit, come back for the hatchet as well as the pickaxe."
  9. rare seryll small axe 12s adamantine med maul 6s all else has been sold the seryll small axe is a bit goofy to use seryll on a 3s swing timer weapon, but the 3s swing timer is represented by like 90 skill or something and any sort of movement adds onto that. the 5% swing timer effect is actually remarkably visible compared to iron when the game mechanics throw in some micro amounts on top of the 3s swing, no bs.
  10. rare huge axe sold rare glim maul sold, rightfully charged a bit more for that one rare addy small maul sold
  11. For sale, good for attacking players or maybe still good for doing rifts. Small maul has 00013 bloodthirst on it and is sold as-is. Taking reasonable offers, the adamantine medium maul could be said to be worth 10 silver going by x10 0.4kg adamantine lump if you smelted it, but I may very well take less.
  12. whats the bottle shaped drawing with the two rectangles represent? edit: nvm i figured it out
  13. @Yldrania has some but hasn't been able to play much lately, i think.