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  1. wtb octopus ink for writing my economics paper

    okay people look here is the deal with me getting high ql octopus ink for writing: as long as i do not have to horse two hours through the xanadu canyons to get to my knarr and find an octopus to butcher and maybe if i am lucky i will get high ql octopus ink, i am happy to pay for it. i seriously need to get the ball rolling on my long form essay on solutions to establishing a unit of account for the exchange of rare pepes. i believe that meme based currency is the future and want to get the nuts and bolts worked out in my writing and create a "new world order" of sorts based on the exchange of rare pepes. this is actually going to be my master thesis that, god willing, yale might credit me with a doctorate of science degree for the masterwork. so i will reiliterate: based on me not having to find an octopus what with me living in the middle of the xanadu boonies, i feel comfortable paying rather well. if you have the means of production of this task then this is the opportunity for you. for now silvers will be given but i can establish you as an investor in the johnston syndicate with me being at the ground floor in the proliferation of this new unit of exchange. my offer is that on top of the silvers that you will receive you will be given a share of the total rare pepe stock and i absolutely promise you that you will be screwed over like the guy who financed mark zuckerberg. bought
  2. Open Note to Wurmians

    well mister scythe i pondered our conversation this morning a little and came up with a solution since wurm has a active population of about ~300 people at any given time on all clusters/servers maybe we should probably quote unquote kill them with kindness like that stupidass selena gomez song that is always on the playlist of all the clothing outlets. i've taken it upon myself to reach out to someone who i've had some trouble with a few hours ago and basically try to bury the hatchet, end the feud, and have chaos be a more bearable place for me personally if i were ever to return. the feller who i reached out to was basically described to me in the third person as at one point "being inseparable and someone who i always did everything with" and so i sent them a little 6 euro-ish gift on that basis. i plan on reaching out to a couple other people and asking them if they'd chill out a little bit, but that is not to say I like them or have anything to do with them. low key trolling is probably not a good answer and comparing these folks to uncompromising fascists/communists (same thing really) is probably not a cool thing. it's a game of items with monetary value attached to them and very personal relationships, but it's still a game nonetheless.
  3. wtb octopus ink for writing my economics paper

    naw my economics dissertation is going to be quite lengthy and i will need the 100 character extension that the octopus dye provides. this is very critical to me as the economics paper that i will write with this octopus ink will be included in my application for yale. if anybody with good butchering plans on a sailing trip, i will hold off on buying it on your behalf just so you can fulfill the order. uh 100ql with the gathering imbue and whatnot would be highly regarded
  4. I would like a pizza with the "supreme" status attached to it so that I can half smile at my purchase whenever I check the mailbox. My "reward" to anybody who makes this special and not particularly useful supreme will be 3 silver. I am also interested in a singular example of rare diced beef for which my reward is 40 copper, but it has to be beef in particular though.
  5. so uh this happened

    ye but it is 0.4kg and fits in a bag of keeping do you not realize this this is basically rare/supreme bone-eligible extremely rare legacy item that i turned supreme, understand? i was about to post a wtb thread about a rare bone before i accidentally made this i feel like luck's ball exploded in terms of wurm items that you can turn supreme
  6. so uh this happened

    sometimes growing up is learning how to appreciate a meticulously crafted and well executed poop joke also:
  7. so uh this happened

    0.4kg legacy item [13:40:51] You have a moment of inspiration... [13:40:51] You improve the butchering knife a bit. [13:49:20] A heavy knife with a bent blade perfect for butchering. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is glowing from the heat. It could be improved with a lump.
  8. There's got to be some easy way that a dev can allow us to format paragraphs. It's kind of a lousy thing to not be able to do in writing my economics dissertation on how the federal reserve hurts consumers. Perhaps devs can allow a string of spaces that do not count as characters? I understand the technicals of what you are saying but there ought to be an easy workaround, do not not suppose?
  9. Thread title. Please fix so I can write my economics dissertation on monetary policy and send it to a few people. This is a very easy fix, I think. Thank you.
  10. I am not sure how much ink is harvested from each individual octopus but I think about 2kg will last me quite a bit. Needs to be 80+ ql but I imagine that 100ql with a gathering rune and good butchering skill would not be hard to get and would very much appreciate somebody who is qualified taking up this task. My offer is 1.5 silver for a sealed 2kg pottery jug.
  11. Wurm Hobbyist's Depression Thread

    I'm looking to get a script for Spravato/Esketamine which is a trial drug that got approved by the FDA in May of this year. Abilify, prozac, lexapro, zoloft, and all of that stuff will absolutely not help the sense of being undervalued in a mundane society, but I am very convinced that this newly available (and otherwise illicit) drug will be a godsend for what I am dealing with. I've been diagnosed with bipolar, schizoaffective, asbergers, anxiety, ocd, depression, and there is probably a couple that I don't remember. What best describes my situation upon personal reflection though, is persistent depressive disorder. I firmly believe that the inconsistency is a sign that these professionals have absolutely no idea what my situation is. The medicinal and absolutely utilitarian psychedelics (which are medicinally available and legal in some countries so mods please do not wag your finger at me) you mention are something I've dabbled with and they help IMMENSELY in the short and long term, but what I deal with isn't really something that can be dealt with in a sesh. I've talked to you a couple times ingame and wouldn't mind having someone in wurm to discuss this with. Snobby PHD and out of touch psychiatrists are the worst people I've ever dealt with. Therapists are not that great either. A social worker though has once pointed out to me that a good support network helps a lot, and if anyone wants to network over their problems in private I am a pretty good and empathetic listener. The support network of good people who you can work through your problems with is the best advice I've ever gotten and if anyone wants to network in private I am all ears.
  12. Wurm Hobbyist's Depression Thread

    Do any of my fellow Wurmians here have depression? I ask because having someone in the same situation to relate to tends to be the best talking therapy. Personally I have been diagnosed with what they used to call dysthymia and now call persistent depression disorder. I've been dealing with it for about 8 years and it particularly gets bad at night. If any of you folks who share the same hobby need someone to relate to I am a pretty good listener. I would not mind having somebody in the same situation to talk to. Comedy tends to be something that helps me cope.
  13. wearable barrels and pots

    [11:54:09] The frying pan will not fit in the head. [11:54:18] The small barrel will not fit in the legs. pls fix so i can walk around looking like an idiot
  14. vault holdings have been updated to include seryll