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  1. Yay. Love Impalongs. I will be coming with my two characters: Zachariah - Blacksmithing, Weaponsmithing, plate armor smithing, carpentry, and cloth tailoring all above 70 possible. Nagini - Vynnora priest. Currently doesnt have 70 channeling (maybe by the time the impaling happens) but can be used for a battery and sermon listener. I would also be willing to help out as a volunteer or member of staff. I have held and or been part of a few impalongs in my years. Just PM me.
  2. I just purchased Diaruka's old deed from Nachocheese. Nachocheese is Dairuka's priest alt and is currently owned by Williamweird. He is clearing out all his things and leaving the game.
  3. CoD the one exquisite shoulder pad to Zachariah
  4. At the risk of repeating everyone here maybe either create a new character on the main servers. Or you can also wait till the Steam release and make a new character there.
  5. Hi. Are you guys currently accepting new priests? I would love to come over with my Vyn priest and participate.
  6. PM me your offers. No particular color.
  7. Been happening to me today. I keep getting kicked off my wagon.
  8. Hi Yaga. Is it alright if I come over with my Vyn priest? He is a very new priest and I would love to participate.
  9. Yes I misstyped it.
  10. Bump still looking for 3 tomes.
  11. Just a quick update. My deed on the Albia Maps, Witchfold Croft has been changed to Phoenicaea Crofting District. And in the picture below the red square is my new deed Phoenicaea. Would love this to be updated on the next update.
  12. Hi all. I recently took over Phoenicaea 18y and 33x on the Independence Community Albia Maps. If any of you know the history of this island it is a man made island made by hand by Dairuka. The island was connected to many deeds in this area between and it was a large bustling metropolis that new players could come to and learn the game. My main goal is to keep the original history and intent of this deed and important piece of history. And I would love support in this from the Independence Community. Currently this is the deed planner for what the deed looks like and I would love the wonderful deed builders of Wurm to take a stab at designing something beautiful. Something that keeps the integrity of this wonderful island but also is a fully functioning deed that I can live on. Of course I am not asking people do this for free. I would be willing to compensate people on their time and wisdom. Forum mods, please feel free to move this if it is not in the correct position. Looking forward to hearing from the integral members of the Independence community.
  13. That's for the business. Delivery was within 5 hours of ordering. And only because I wasn't on till than. Highly recommend.
  14. Looking to purchase 5k bricks and 5k. I understand it's a large ask so please let me know what a time frame is. PM in game at Zachariah and we can discuss.