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  1. I cannot recommend Blacklotus more. They have truly provided me in all my affinity needs. I have ground LW up past 98 from 40 and have used an affinity moonshine purchased from Blacklotus and I still have 40kgs of the full barrel I purchased left. If you listen to Blacklotus and the rules of using the moonshine (not just drinking it all but savoring it) it will last you forever. Truly cannot recommend this seller more!!!
  2. As always I will be there. Not sure what work looks like around that time but I will make an effort to be there a bit. As usual I will be assisting my staff services as well if needed. Looking forward to this year!
  3. From this forum post: Heritage Sites A Heritage site is any location deemed by the Game Masters to be of significant value to the community. Heritage sites will be posted with GM Signs. Heritage Site Application Guidelines Heritage Site Rules A ) You may not alter any heritage site without Game Master consent. (Heritage sites will be posted with GM signs) Punishment: You may be warned or banned based on the situation.
  4. As always happy to staff and help out. I will also be stationed at the imping stations as usual. One of my favorite impalongs, very excited for this!
  5. As I feel I have said everything I need to and as I fear extreme moderation for speaking out (lack of freedom of speech and all that), I will end it with this. Anyone who is concerned or even interested, like @Nadroj said, reach out to Shydow. He has no problem telling his side of the story leaving out no details. Mind this is only his side of the story, but I trust him with my life.
  6. 100% agree with this post and what @Nadroj have said. The fact that this official post was locked makes it seem like there are things to be hidden. None of my posts have been removed but only because I am afraid to say what I truly think for I may be censored by a seemingly over controlling moderation team. We deserve SO MUCH better as paying customers then what we are getting for this situation. Even more important, Shydow, Shrimpiie. And Sugarfoxx deserved way more respect then they got in this situation. Truly disappointed in the conduct of the team and how this was handled. I personally have had many issues in the past with some minor volunteering for staff and their shoot first ask questions later mentality but thats not here nor there and was many years and and this isn't the place to air those grievances. But like Gnomegates said, we are paying customers and deserve way more respect then we are getting right now.
  7. I would say Harmony bay as its right next to the water. Water is very important starting out.
  8. North Freedom Isles is great (havent played just heard stories). However, I play on Release on the older southern islands and am part of the alliance for Harvestmoon Lagoon. We are a small server that is kind of quiet but we are very active in alliance. We love to help out new people and set you up for a great time. Wurm can be a very rough go but we do our best to help. If you want to hear more or join us you can PM me right now in game (ill be on for a few hours) or contact Ultradude in game.
  9. Same here. I feel confident with what I was told by one of the 3 and have no reason to doubt anything I was told about the situation.
  10. I have actually seen this issue also with herbs. It seems that some herbs don't lose their "fresh" tag as when I pull herbs out of the smaller group they are still fresh. May seem to be a similar issue.
  11. The story has yet to become public knowledge but we basically lost 3 staff members: Shydow, Shrimpiie, and Sugarfoxx.
  12. Shydow, Shrimpiie, and Sugarfoxx where all valued members of the staff and I as well would sure love an explanation why the decision was made to remove these three very valued people who have given YEARS of their own time for this team. If I'm being honest, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. You three I consider some of my closest friends and I always know I could always come to any of you if I ever had any questions. I do still look forward to seeing you guys in game still.
  13. Am I able to request certain items be made and casted? If so I need a skiller grindstone and mortar and pestle. Not sure if they necessarily need to be low ql unless you think they do for grinding Milling. Ill take 100+ on both. PM me if you have any questions otherwise CoD to Zachariah. Thanks!!