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  1. Yup looks good. And if I can be of any help. Gingeropolis just needs to be moved north a bit.
  2. I want to add both my deeds to the map. Ravenguard around J13 and Goldwyn Castle around O21 (see the pictures in the spoilers) Also Ginerpolis on the map is misspelled. It should be Gingeroplis, swap the o and the p
  3. I will be attending. I can imp all the following to 70+ql Blacksmithing Plate Armor Smithing Weapon Smithing Carpenty Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring If I could also reserve a room that would be great. I will also be bringing my Vyn priest to attend sermons. Im at 87 faith hoping to get close to 100.
  4. If you still have my testing affinity saved on my main toon Zachariah I would love to get the following affinity meals. Body Strength and Mining. CoD them to Zachariah when they are ready
  5. please COD the rope tool to Zachariah
  6. I would like to order 1 (one) Garlic Big Pack at 30k for 20s. Would be awesome if I could get that delivered to J13 on Release. I can be found in game most times but if not just hit me up on the forums and we can schedule a time to meet due to the high price I dont want to risk having it planted off deed and picking it up later.
  7. [01:10:29] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Thanks for playing!
  8. I am trying to keep track of my progress on this new deed. Below is my current stage in planning. It is soon to be built in game. If anyone wants to actually come and visit in game I am at O21 on Release at Goldwyn Castle.
  9. Friendly bump! little less than 2 days left.