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  1. I will show up as well. Sounds fun! I will come and imp Blacksmithing Platesmithing Weaponsmithing Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Masonry I will also see what I can do as far as materials go like iron and stone. I would also maybe be willing to lend a hand as a staffer as I have experience hosting a large impalong just shoot me a PM.
  2. CoD all your addy to Zachariah please. Thank you Nevermind
  3. Bump. Still have a large amount of dirt to sell. If you are interested please reach out!!
  4. Great fight guys!! Thank you for everyone coming over had around 230 people here. Thank you @Pandaletfor mixing bloods. And thank you @Stanleefor helping us organize. We came across a bit of mining issues but it all went well.
  5. So we are approximately about 2 hours away from the dragon slaying. We will now be publicizing the location of the slaying. Below is a screenshot of the community map. It is just a short 5 minute horse ride to the south. You can find route to Templars Knight to the west. Directions: Take the road going north west from the cathedral past Gineropolis. Take the left going south and follow that road through the desert. Once you have reached Templars Knight you will turn west on the sandstone road towards Kush. Follow that road all the way to the south and it will lead you directly to the dragon. The deed you will be looking for is called Runge Ranch. We have horse parking and a sermon spot set up at the dragon. Feel free to drop tents outside the deed. Loot rolls will take place near the tall freedom banner named "Loot Rolls" and blood mixing will take place in the opposite corner near the tall banner named Blood Mixing. There is meals inside the larder inside the small sermon house. If for what ever reason you get lost or are having trouble getting there, please PM either myself or Illiteratnerd and we can help you get there. There is also free horses in the pen to the south of the Cathedral thats named "Free horses".
  6. Hey guys!! We where talking and we where thinking of starting sermons for this asap. If you have a priest and want some good faith ticks we will begin sermons once people start showing up, so if you want to come on Saturday and start sermons that could be possible. A couple of us where also talking about having a small little impalong type thing. For people who arrive early we where thinking of lighting up a few forges and imping some things for people. So TL;DR..... if you have a priest and want some good faith ticks or you have some items that need imping or want to grind a bit of skills before we slay this thing. Or you would like to be awkwardly stared at by Jester, than come on Saturday to begin the fun
  7. Was a fun experience to get home from work and just see in our alliance discord "FOUND DRAGON" with no explanation. I have never dropped what I was doing faster and jumped on.
  8. Sounds great. We have altars for sermons both at the Cathedral meeting point and at the actual dragon.
  9. I think we all really needed this in our lives right now!!! I will be there.
  10. We have a small community area set up around J13 with some wide open spaces for you to deed in. You are more than welcome to come and take a look. We are a helpful community and love working on projects together. Alternatively, if you find a spot let me know. I have a caraval and a knarr as well as a few wagons I would be more than happy to help get you moved. Also have some slave labor monkeys within our community (oops I mean helpful players) that could help.
  11. Quick bump. Sale of 50k dirt fell through and we have added to our stocks. We not have a total of 75k to sell. If you have a whole that needs filling or you want a mountain raised from the ground up so you can live on top of the world. We also offer terminating services. If you are interested please feel free to contact either myself (Zachariah) or my business partner (Illiteratnerd) here or in game.
  12. Here are some Sunrise pictures from the same mountain top.
  13. Went exploring a it around Release. We got some good pictures of some amazing views. We also planned our Christmas card a bit early this year. Love the new lighting and sky update.