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  1. I may return. I don't know when. Until then I love you guys who I grew with as friends (you know who you are) and will never forget you. And until next time please enjoy yourselves and don't miss me to hard ?

    1. Shrimpiie


      So when are you back? 😛

  2. God damn it! Why are these so great. I can't stop staring at them.
  3. I work but grats Tuga on catching it
  4. Hey @Aniceset, Thanks for doing this. If you would like some help please let me know either with technical support or help editing. I know I don't live on Xanadu but I really like the community there. Good luck and have fun
  5. I am pretty sure I know were that is at. Its been forever since I have been there.
  6. Thanks Kelody. I will take a look and test it in a little bit. Currently busy IRL.
  7. Thanks Ayluin. It's nice to have you back I have been meaning to do some more work on some of the priest things. I just have not had time. Currently me and another editor are working on a secrete project that it taking up most of my time so I cant be as on top of daily updates that get posted. Nice to have more help. --Z
  8. This thread is form over teo years ago. But once i get home and am back on my computer I will take a look. The first link that Mamadarkness posted (the healing guide) is going to be outdated due to it being a olayer made guide. We can no longer edit player made guides. With such a small wiki team it is just to much work to keep up with that information.
  9. Thank you so much Stormblade. There is some good information here. As most of you know i am on vacation right now but I did bring my laptop with me and I will update the wiki accordingly as well as get in thouch with either Alectrys or a dev to see if these potential bugs are features or not. Thanks Z
  10. Thank you Alectrys, I just added a note saying "The below factors are only a base line. Nutrition and fat levels as well as deed healing bonus also plays a part in healing." I will be leaving for vacation in about 3-4 hours so I don't really have time to do some testing on the test server. But once I get to my destination I will see what I can do. If you have any questions please feel free to post them below. Thanks, --Zachariah
  11. TL;DR please. But I am friends with Osten/Circe and she/he is a fellow wurmpedia editor and I have worked with them multipul times on different wurmpedia edits. My main advice and what I have learned over the 4 years in this game is that I don't tend to judge people off what other people have told me. Only until they do something personally against me I give them the benefit of the doubt. Sorry that you got into an argument Qdlaty, but like most people have said, just use the ignore command. No need for a name and shame thread. In my opinion, when someone posts a name and shame thread that is petty it just ruins the OP's reputation in my book.
  12. 9/11

    Thanks Shrimpiie for posting this. This was truly a mark in history that will live in high school history text books for decades and years to come. I still remember what I was doing that day. I was 5 and I was watching the live news cast in my living room with my family.