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  1. I just did this! It can really be difficult and I am still unpacking. I just moved everything and dropped it on the harbor and then bit by bit organized it all into its places. Let me know if I can help you with an empty knarr, would be happy to make a few trips. Side note: the BCU's are a B^%*# because they cannot be loaded, you have to empty them into bsbs and carry them.
  2. I would say just delete the wurm files and launcher and redownload it. I sometimes have had issues like this and just starting fresh seems to make it work.
  3. Muse brings up good point. The rugs around the sermon area and even dotted around the main imping building sounds like an amazing idea.
  4. Not to mention timing is a difficult part of impalongs. There are a few reoccuring impalongs that seem to be established the same time of year every year. They have pretty much claimed those spots. However, where it comes in as being hard is trying to find a spot between those established impalongs that arent to close to other impalongs. These events, however fun, can become to saturated. If we just had an impalong you wouldnt then want to schedule another impalong 4 weeks later. People would show up but maybe not as much and not as many people would have things imped because they are still high quality from the last impalong.
  5. I have staffed and hosted a number of impalongs myself along with many other people on here. Immediate things I see is pretty much every type of metal. Not necessary to get any alloys apart from brass (for dioptras) or steel. This is a very basic list and hosting an impalong takes so much more in resource planning. If you need help in logistics and planning please message me and I can assist. I am also helping staff the upcoming Lunalong and I can kind of walk you through what the planning stages consist of leading up to the days of the impalong.
  6. This is all very well written. If there was no skill loss on PvP I might actually participate in PvP more. Clearly what the devs are doing with PvP right now isnt working. Lets experiment a bit?
  7. "Inclement weather? I can feel it in my bones." Scared the crap out of me.
  8. I know I just bumped this post, however, I just learned something about this years impalong I thought we should spread word about. I learned that @Blacklotuswill be having a merchant stand selling affinity beverages there. Now these affinity beverages are amazing. With 40 hour timers on one sip (full water bar and drinking from the barrel). These beverages also boast no special storage required. Annoyed by having a handful of large magical chests to hold all your different affinity meals and pizzas? Well these affinity beverages will never decay. They can be stored for years and the barrel will decay before the moonshine ever does. Which works great because these beverage affinities, in a full barrel, give 1+ years worth of affinity timer. If the moonshine is conserved in the method described below it could last you for many years. Blacklotus is who I personally use for all my affinity needs and I swear his beverage affinities feel like they give skill at a faster rate then regular affinity foods. At 5s for a full barrel (smaller sizes available at reduced prices) this is a great opportunity to order yourself a full set of affinity beverages for every skill. Blacklotus also guarantees all his beverages and will either replace the beverage for you if it yields the wrong affinity or provide a full refund when you send the barrel back to him. Below is a helpful guide to how to order one of these fine barrels. It'a a simple 3 step process of trying the test beverage he sends you, letting him know what affinity you want, and then waiting a few minutes for it to arrive. I cant recommend his affinity beverages more.
  9. Bumping this thread. Just less then a month until the Lunalong starts. Who's excited!!!
  10. 1 minion mask to Zachariah. Thanks Mad!!
  11. Great price for a beautiful set. Would be a great set for a formidable fighter.
  12. I would love this. Trash heap is to large and altar requires me stopping what im doing to sac. +1
  13. So did @Smilingcattake over Glasshollow Market? Last I heard the owner came on and disbanded the deed. left all the building and the hotas got snatched almost immediately.
  14. Also am currently having this issue on Release.