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  1. Jpopper 538,7160 Rotgrubii 538,7519 Manlover 866,5911 Fraeya 858,5990
  2. It is an inland path passable by everything (horse, cart, wagon, etc). no boat access.
  3. Slowmo 858,6713 Indreju 786,6890 (MR tower) Indreju 258,6927 Slowmo 282,7245 Noxebih 818,7086 there is also a tunnel all reinforced and lamps that goes from,7010 -->,7009
  4. The guard tower Fafa 194 is right here,6496
  5. So maybe make it after 50fs the timer is cut in half and after 70 it completely goes away. I get your point of lower fs players just logging out until the troll goes away or someone else deals with them. But then if a player who is 50fs or even 70fs or higher does that with the current timer system chances are they are just going to be able to afk the mob anyways. So I guess it doesnt have much of a use in PvE for higher skilled players is what the statement should be.
  6. When will you be doing this? I would love to be online and at my release deeds when you show up.
  7. Agreed this has no place on freedom. As long as you're on deed in which you are part of or at least have perms on? you should be able to go to sleep without any timer. or lower the timer or PvE so its not 4 minutes.
  8. Wow two people in the same day. Thats amazing!!! Im sure velvet will get them done real fast.
  9. Forgot on my original post. Please set a side a room for Zachariah. If you have rooms with two beds that would be great. If not thats fine. Zachariah and Nagini.
  10. jonathon seems to be next. feel free to send them to Ajala and she can coordinate the next person.
  11. Zachariah, I see that about a goblin to go alongside of it?

  12. Its simple business management. As times change needs of customers change. Business's must adapt to those needs or they suffer failure. For example, Blockbuster. The needs of the customer changed, buyers wanted more convince in streaming at home. This was the rise of Netflix. Blockbuster failed to adapt to the growing presence of streaming and eventually they had to close their doors. There is still a standing Blockbuster but thats beside the point. If we think of the map as a business, the "customer" needs more accurate topographical maps. If Albia maps as a "company" cant adapt and provide the option of accurate topographical information they run the risk of customers turning to other map providers. In this case it's the option of hosting their own Yaga map. Now I know this is a lot to ask, this isnt an exact science its just an analogy. But it helps express the idea of why this discussion is even taking place.
  13. My bad. But yes. I doubt there is much blame being passed around but in case im wrong I will stand behind Ajala. She did nothing.
  14. I doubt there is much blame being pasted around. they were in the barrels when Goldfinch sent them off and they where returned to him after the pickup timer ran out of time. After goldfinch picked them up they weren't in there. No one is to blame just the game made a mistake and the devs are trying to figure out what went wrong so they can fix it for the future.
  15. Having lived on Indy for years I used to Albia map all the time I knew my way around the server like the back of my hand so. However, I cant help but also think a bit more interactivity on my community map would be great. I love the idea of guard towers and when you mouse over the name appears. I love Hugh and Skyefox for everything they have done for the community map I think just with times changing our needs are changing.