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  1. Looking to buy a cool and interesting helmet. Specifically a Horned Helmet or Cavalier Helmet. If you have either and want to shoot me a pm so we can discuss the purchase please do. I am looking to pay in silver. Thanks!!
  2. Sorry LordLouis. I was told silver was ok. Looks like i'm out of this bidding then. Good luck everyone on winning an amazing helmet!!
  3. Cod the Rare Large anvil to Brattygirlsback please!
  4. I would like to help out at the impalong if you would have me. I can help out in the following areas Chemiq - 97 Leather Working, 95 Plate Smithing (Can help out in some other areas if needed) Brattygirlsback - 92 Masonry, 90 HFC, 88 Baking (I don't see baking or hfc on the list but figured I would post it. Incase some of the impers need meals or such to eat)
  5. The drivers here in New York are just about the worst thing imaginable they are just so impatient and inconsiderate. That's probably the worst thing about where I live.
  6. Looking to buy the following items - Supreme Mallet (Enchants don't matter) - Supreme Needle (Enchants don't matter) - Potion of Leatherworking (or Kyklops Blood) - Oil of the armour smith (or Black Dragon Hatchling Blood) Please pm me either on the forums or in game at Brattygirlsback