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  1. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

  2. WTS Rares

    Received the Hammer. Thanks!!!! Is 6s for the trowel ok or are you looking for more?
  3. WTS Rares

    5s for the 94ql Rare Hammer with W98C76. 6s for the 95ql Rare Trowel with W102C81 If so Cod to Brattygirlsback
  4. Tich's Hat - Fishing Hat

  5. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

    Thanks to JakeRivers I was able to cross two God's off the list. I still need Magranon, Smeagain, Tosiek, Nathan and Gary. I am willing to pay. Feel free to pm me here or in-game at Brattygirlsback
  6. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

    Awesome ty!!! @JakeRiverswhat is your ign?
  7. WTB Blessed Gold Altars

    I would like to have the follow priests come to my deed and bless an altar. - Fo -Magranon -Nahjo -Smeagain -Tosiek -Nathan -Gary I am located at i18 near the fortress on Xanadu. I am willing to pay travel fees and can offer chopped veggies for the favor needed to bless. Please let me know if anyone is available to do this. Thanks!!
  8. WTS rare green & rare blue foresters wool hat - 1s each

    @RealCoffeecan you post a photo of them?
  9. Green dragon hatchling slaying

    I will try to make it
  10. Xanadu Community Map

    Hi Please add "Thule Marina" at 4576, -2324. Thank You!!
  11. WTS Rare Tools, Moon Metals and Bloods

    @Holarunfortunatly the chisel sold. I am looking to get more then 1s for the hammer.
  12. WTS Rare Tools, Moon Metals and Bloods

    Bump still need these gone
  13. Uniques Overhaul

    Just a thought to make rifts a little better. To make it more accessible for players to have access to unique's as well as the loot they drop, why not make it so at the end of the rift a random unique has a chance of spawning. Of course this unique will have stats based off of how many players are attending. This will also have an effect on the drops. So more people = more hide / scale and less people = less hide / scale. This would allow for a public unique slaying that won't effect the current unique's on the servers. I believe this will also increase the attendance to the rifts.