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  1. Looking to sell some Bloods. Feel free to pm me here or in game at Brattygirlsback. Discounts offered if bought in bulk. Black Dragon - 12 (3s per) Black Hatchling - 3 (2s per) Blue Hatchling - 1 (2.5s) Green Dragon - 12 (3s per) Kyklops - 10 (3s per) Red Dragon - 11 (3s per) Red Hatchling - 9 (2.5s per) Troll King - 10 (2.5s per)
  2. Looking to sell some sleep powder. Been busy and don't have time to use all of it, so figured I would sell some of it. I am looking to sell 200. Asking 1s per. Willing to trade for Scale. If you are interested feel free to pm me in game or on the forums!
  3. Seeing as how the dragon is dead and the event is cancelled, I will close this. It is sad that the dragon broke out and was slain but no rules were broken. If you would like to discuss unique changes or ideas, please make a topic in the Suggestions thread. Thanks! ~Brattygirlsback (SFM)
  4. Will send you 2 green hatchling bloods I have. Other than that, the potion sold. Forgot to update this. The potion sold. Sorry
  5. I will buy all the Snowman Heads for 20c per. If accepted, please cod to Brattygirlsback
  6. Brattygirlsback please
  7. I'm so sad I missed your visit! I would have given you the full tour!! It's amazing seeing all these different deeds and areas on Release that I have yet to explore. Not to mention all the other servers. Thank you for doing this! Keep up the good work! If you happen to swing by the area again, I would love to show you around! there's a lot more to the deed that was missed
  8. +1, The whole point is to prevent shattering. Not be removed while trying to further an enchant. I would also love to be able to choose which spell we are dispelling. That way the order doesn't matter.
  9. Choir Dragon

    Who doesn't enjoy a good musical!!!!