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  1. Affinity Pizza & filler Pizza service

    Great Service! Will definitely be purchasing more food again in the near future. Big +1 from me.
  2. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Bump - Still a bunch of good items for some good prices. None of the above pricing is set in stone so feel free to make offers!!
  3. WTB Black Drake Set

    Please Close. Set was found
  4. WTB Black Drake Set

    Looking to buy a Black Drake Set. Pm me with what you got.
  5. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Sent!! Enjoy
  6. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Updated - Stuff is selling out fast!
  7. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Items had been sent to the above. Enjoy!!!!!
  8. WTS Rares, Supreme, MM Items

    Looking to sell the following items. Feel free to shoot me on offer on here or in game at Brattygirlsback. Pricing (These prices aren't Set in Stone. Open to Negotiating) Rare Large Shield (C90) - 3s Rare Two Handed Sword (N98 C90 M98 BT 10,000 AD) - 11s SOLD Rare Two Handed Sword (N97 C91 M93 Lt90 AD) - 7s SOLD Supreme Long Sword (W96 C96 Ms91 BT 10,000 MD) - 30s Rare Trowel (W91 C91) - 4s SOLD Rare Exquisite Meditation Rug (C94) - 3s SOLD Rare Saw - 2s SOLD Rare Fine Meditation Rug (C92) - 3s Rare Iron Horse Shoes - 3s Each (Buy 4 and get the 5th free) Basinet Helm Seryll (96 WA) - 4s Basinet Helm Seryll (100 WA) - 4s Basinet Helm Seryll (98 WA) - 4s SOLD Open Helm Adamantine (90 WA) - 4s Rare Open Helm - 2s SOLD Seryll Chain Boot - 1s SOLD
  9. Crow Kingdom Set

  10. WTS

    Rare Archaeology Journal - 2.5s If accepted please COD to Brattygirlsback
  11. wta

    30,000 Shiny Iron Coins
  12. wta

    20,000 Iron Coins
  13. wta

    10,000 Dull Iron Coins
  14. wta

    Oh wow, I don't know how I will be able to pass that one 6,100 Shiny Iron Coins
  15. wta

    Just trying to spread some love to a currency thats not used often. 6,000 Irons