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  1. Back in the day Drake and Scale sets used to go for a pretty penny. Back in the JK Home days when there wasn't many of them around.
  2. Looking to possibly sell my Blue Scale set. Feel free to pm me on here or in game at Brattygirlsback.
  3. Crow kingdom went rare!
  4. WTS the following PMK Wagons Rare Crow Kingdom (90ql) Black Legion Ebonaura Pandemonium - Sold The wagons are varying quality but I am currently imping them up. Feel free to pm me an offer.
  5. I will hold onto it. If you ever decide to come back it will be waiting for you.
  6. @grue Moss logged in today and I was able to return the anvil Also @Elwood2i mailed you those 2 anvils. apologies I got distracted and forgot to send them
  7. @Gawainthe two green gnomes have sold already. The only gnome I have left is the Rare Red Hat.
  8. Thank you for everything you have done for the Wurm community Retro! May your pastures be forever lush and green. A huge congrats to Demonanightshade!! I look forward to seeing what you can do for the Wurm community!
  9. Meadhalla!

    As long as I don't have to fight Bob, i'm in!