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  1. I logged into my alt on Melody. Left the spawn and headed north and found some horses after not even 5 minutes of looking. Not only that but found some other passive creatures as well. The last month I have spent time on Release, Exodus, Pristine, Independence and Xanadu on SFI and have found a ton of wild animals. Both passive and hostile creatures. Maybe you just aren't looking in the right places.
  2. Maybe some players enjoy having that many animals. Every player plays wurm for a different reason. What's to say that some of these people don't play to be a shepherd or a breeder to then sell some high tier animals to other players? Who are you to dictate how players play and what they can or can't do?
  3. Ok so I found the link. That is just the one deed. Do you have evidence of further deeds? The way you talk about it, it sounds like everyone and their mother had deeds loaded to the rim with horses. I mean maybe it is different on NFI then SFI.
  4. I am still waiting for a picture of some of these deeds hoarding 100's of horses..... You post all these claims but then don't post evidence. Yet when someone else makes a claim, you then tell them they need to post evidence.
  5. While random honey is great. I have seen big areas of locked beehives which can be quite a nuisance. so +1 to figuring out something to do with locked hives that are rotting away.
  6. Have you seen pvp videos from chaos? Not everyone is in scale sets smashing down on people in cloth. A lot of the videos I have seen, and the few encounters I have had while on Chaos. Most people do not wear scale. Since it is a very big loss if you die and loose it. Yeah there is a lot of drake. I know while I was with TC plain leather was the meta at the time. Something to do with the frost spell. So I was running around in a cheap 90ql set of leather armor. Not an expensive 3g+ set of scale. This is something that would just inconvenience the players on the PVE servers.
  7. This isn't balance though. This is just inconvenience. You are trying to make a game that already takes up time, take up that much more time. There are disadvantages to better armor. It may not be physical disadvantages. But for starters it is not something obtained in a day or two. It takes many slayings to get the resources needed to craft a drake and scale set. Not only that but it also takes a lot of skill to even consider crafting one, and if you fail to make a piece and loose some of that material, then it takes even more time to gather more mats. So now what you are saying is the set of armor that took months, maybe even years to get (since a lot of these slayings are done privately and sold at a very expensive rate), are now stuck with being hindered wearing the armor. Also horse speed is already affected by the character's weight. Which is something you would know if you "PLAYED THE GAME"
  8. Tell me which country had to fight off Trolls and Goblins??? And cast magic spells to help them do so?
  9. How would this get players to stay and play wurm? Action timers are already long enough as is. Especially as a starting player. Taking a few hours to gather and make all the resources to make your first 1tile house. Now you want to add even more time for someone to just throw on armor. Big -1.
  10. An even better idea! This would make it so in a combat scenario (like when a gm spawns a bunch of hostiles at a impalong), you can use this to quick save another players life. Would be a good reward for someone who has worked to grind First Aid. This would also be a lot more balanced for both PVE and PVP.
  11. I want a big red seryll altar!!! +1
  12. That can easily be done. Have it so if you right click your body in the character menu, then click heal. I do not think this would benefit the idea. No one would use it, if it took more materials then normal. What do you mean too OP? I was told that a priest can right click a player and cast the spell to heal directly on the player. Without actually having to see the wound. Would this not be the same concept, but with cotton instead of favor?