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  1. So far I have had no issues running wurm on Windows 11. Though it's only been a couple of days.
  2. +1 Amazing idea!!!! And it will be another masonry thing for me to imp
  3. +1, this would help me finish grinding taming AH!
  4. What about the players that can't afford premium? And want to work hard to make some coin to get it. Just to die and loose everything they worked hard for?
  5. That post explains the proper procedure for an auction. Sadly you can not know if it is a friend or not. If you have any further questions feel free to pm me or Bakhita. I don't want to continue to disrupt this auction.
  6. Sniper protection is to prevent last minute bidders. So if there is 5 seconds left then someone can't just come in and steal the bid. The bid then extends for 1 hour from that post (or more / less depending on the sniper protection).
  7. Every tree may be 100ql, but that doesn’t mean that every tree cut down will end up being 100ql. Even if you have 100WC. I’m at 93 using a supreme fully imbued hatchet, and i still end up with mostly <90ql logs.
  8. How does this benefit players? In your past suggestions you have complained about players deeding too much land and taking over all the resources in an area. Now you are suggesting that players make giant deeds to farm 100ql trees. This would drive the price of wood through the roof. And all the players that have supplies of 90ql+ logs would make a killing. Big -1 to this idea. I do not see this benefitting the community at all.