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  1. I dunno man.....this is what woad farming looks like irl All i want is to be able to put it in a little pottery planter.
  2. I'm sure most of us would settle for just about any variation on either idea so long as we got some kind of change to make all these impossible personal goal lists suddenly have some glimmer of hope.
  3. Yeah i've basically screamed myself hoarse at this point talking about how unfair the 1/10000 chance for fantastics is. Just utterly ridiculous scaling the chances from 1/5 > 1/25 > 1/10000
  4. The idea i've put forward before that i feel is a reasonable short term solution until a proper rework is done would be this: Give people the option to re-roll one thing from their personal goal list at a time with a cooldown of say...a month? This way noone in the game can say their goals are 100% impossible as they can just keep rerolling one at a time when they get undesirable ones. But the cooldown keeps it from being stupidly easy.
  5. Even if i could afford to do that or people actually made lots of reasonable fantastic materials for me to buy....i doubt it.
  6. I wish i could choose to complete "make a fantastic item" >.> Not wanting to pvp and go to pvp server is at least a choice you made.
  7. Reeeeeeeeeeeeee Funny enough i've never done the tutorial...Nadroj is a waaaaaaaaaaaaay older account than the tutorial o.o
  8. Spent some time today figuring out the actual plan, so here it is in all it's silly glory. So to sum up. Cutting the mountain down into a new platform above the mine. Rebuilding K Manor and shifting it onto the main platform. Building some new guest houses. Setting up some enchanted grass parking pens. Moving the clay/tar pits and adding a peat one. Easy stuffs Anyone wants to poke around with the deed plan of Magranon's Rest the pastebin is here - The actual current look is this - Sadly can't really include the mines but its still neat
  9. Hehe yeah i got the belaying pin one on an alt because i just got fed up with it being one of two i had left to go. Did the knife one in actual pvp but tbf it was 5v1 so i wasn't exactly being brave xD Least those are actually doable...sat here for freakin months now expected to somehow get a fantastic at 1/9700 chance.
  10. I've done a couple of these achievements including the belaying pin one, they do work you just have to get a "legit" PVP kill that triggers death tabs. So it has to be an enemy account on pvp server with 20+fs
  11. I've had one personal goal remaining to become a winner for months and months now....just one. Make a fantastic item. Totally easy >.< Pls halp.
  12. @JakeRiversand i have talked at length about more canals....All in due time
  13. It just got the idea bumped for the time being, cutting the mountain in half feels more awesome.