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  1. Reach out to shydow if you're interested friends. He said in keenans post himself that he is happy to discuss his side.
  2. yep mine got removed. All i said was i was ashamed i called keenan a friend and this whole thing disgusted me plus some nice things about Shydow. Can't imagine what rule i broke by saying i'm ashamed of my own trust in that person but hey ho they just don't want people asking questions and will silence anyone who doesn't follow the approved narrative i'm afraid. Shydow deserved better.
  3. Big shout out to JosuhaCalvert for featuring Magranon's Rest on his stream last night. He's uploaded the whole tour if people want to get a live view of how the place looks these days. We spent a good hour chatting and riding around the deed and I think it gives a better sense of scale than pictures can hope to do. You'll find his regular wurm adventures at
  4. Slowly slowly (oh good lord so slowly) i'm getting the materials for the full build together. Decided recently to get started on plotting stuff out at least. An avatar of Fo even stopped by to inspect the building site. Maybe this time it won't be several months before i make any progress again. What happens next will shock you!
  5. Ye I made a mountain hollow. For fun! If you wanna poke through the very veryyyy lengthy process i've chronicled making it the thread is here : Some underground highlights though for this thread: The Warehouse with wraparound bridge ramp. Underground Aggressive Animal Testing Grounds. Is a bit more full these days too xD One of many tunnels in/out of the deed proper Boat Mine Before: And After: Main Cavern Wider shot I've got a lot of space left unused in here, someday i hope to put together a cathedral in some of the open space, much like the one shown earlier in this thread actually hehe. lotta tunnels and ramps and whatnot too. So many tunnels and ramps....
  6. Ladies and gentlemen, i am proud to finally present to you all G R E A T T R A C T S O F L A N D It's finally over! It's done! The mountain is tamed! Cannot possibly express enough how much of the credit for this project goes to @JakeRiversWho toiled away during multiple periods of my playtime wavering due to RL and losing my mind over constant wurm client crashes. It'd be halfway complete right now without him. Next up is dirting it over, finishing my deedplanner design for the castle thats going up here and then.....boy oh boy i'm probably gonna need about 60/70,000 marble bricks and mortar.
  7. I know how you all love very slightly different looking images of the exact same giant area of surface rock so i've got you a treat. Progress pics! it's really starting to feel like we're getting close with this one, god i need to finish my castle plan....ANYWHO LOOKY: The tippy top in the SW corner. From the opposite direction Lil bit down bottom that's actually usable land now! GREAT TRACTS OF LAND! Also bonus prize. Many who have visited before will be aware that years ago i cooked up every affinity in the game in a stack of 138 casseroles and left them out for people to nibble at. Since then they've been heavily reduced and i've improved the recipe so i redid the lot! Yes it was painful. So if you swing by just wander up to this humble spot... and take a peek in the hota statue. Have a snack on me. Yes i realise i could have named them with the numbers first so everyone else has an easier time organising which ones they want to eat, i chose the selfish option sue me Hopefully next update will be when this area is aaaaaaaaaaaaall flat. Until next time o/
  8. Progress is slow and...difficult to provide fun screenshots of because it all just looks like the same rock. But it is happening! Local authorities came by to check everything was up to code. I work day and night to defeat the mountain I enslave my friends to help Jake made us a lovely ramp PROGRESS! This is pure pain....weeks upon weeks of chinking away at a mountain. What i wouldn't give for a levelling or flattening to work on rock surface.... Why did i do this to myself why!? Lil sneak peak at the WIP plan for the eventual castle that's going up there: (before planning out the internal walls we're already looking at about 50k marble bricks lol)
  9. Tbh this whole project is so bad for skillgain xD I stopped grinding skills pretty much right when i started working on this place. Occasionally i'll burn my sb on weapon skilling hunts and thats about it.
  10. I reached a point where i was completely happy with all the skills on my character and kinda done with grinding a few years ago now and focused entirely on just fun building projects etc. So if i ever find cause to post "it's finished" on this thread i can't imagine what else i'd have after....
  11. Progress continues. Half my own efforts and half Jakerivers going ham on the mountain while i've been off playing Elden Ring, so full credit to him it's coming along a lot faster than it would have otherwise. Facing West Facing East From Below The mountain must be tamed!
  12. I accidentally had another several months long hiatus but today it was BACK TO WORK TIME. DIE MOUNTAIN DIE. Also the warehouse did finally get finished off...only took a few years.... Might need to decorate and use the space a bit more though lol Anyways more updates to come if my sanity holds out while i surface mine all that rock about another 500 slope or so. Lets be honest my update schedule on this project hasn't been the most reliable for a while now but hey....i'm gonna try!
  13. I for one am shocked to suddenly learn today that sickles and acid potions are OP.
  14. What are you talking about 1/5, 1/25, 1/10,000. That's a perfectly reasonable way for those chances to ramp up. see how its a small one, then a bigger one and then a bigger one again. Top tier game development there.
  15. it wasn't in any specific rules, she posted it in a reply on the first page after someone asked and i took it as gospel, just seems i shouldn't have. Also unnecessary discontent? you don't get to tell me when i'm allowed to be discontented or not bud. Just felt like expressing disappointment that i didn't decide to go ahead and post a family album of my deed as well.