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  1. What are you talking about 1/5, 1/25, 1/10,000. That's a perfectly reasonable way for those chances to ramp up. see how its a small one, then a bigger one and then a bigger one again. Top tier game development there.
  2. it wasn't in any specific rules, she posted it in a reply on the first page after someone asked and i took it as gospel, just seems i shouldn't have. Also unnecessary discontent? you don't get to tell me when i'm allowed to be discontented or not bud. Just felt like expressing disappointment that i didn't decide to go ahead and post a family album of my deed as well.
  3. Yup that's what i noticed, people just ignored you and apparently i shoulda too
  4. Love that when queried about this we were told to submit only a couple images. So i figured yknow what my deed is way too big and has too much going on to sum up in a couple images. Perhaps this competition isn't for me i'll just leave it. Then people submitted entire family albums and won anyway >.< Wish i'd noticed that there was a change of heart about the number of images to submit o.o
  5. Buh. Well that sucks. I'm still gonna build it because i'm dumb, but thanks for the heads up.
  6. Wait....this bug didn't exist before o.O we had a multi level cave farm on chaos that worked just did this get broken!? Lol.
  7. Hi friends! It's been a long while since i had any update to give you. Didn't play wurm much for a while and then when i was i've just not worked on my deed. Which is obviously a tragedy so lets get back to it! I spent....a little while getting my AH up to 95 after the new update so the peak is a lil....sheepy: So with that grind done its back to work time! (in future i've got a pretty neat idea for a tower on that peak deed so the sheep pens will really have to go o.o) Today i finished this up, new genetics lab for my aggressive animal breeding, got halfway through building it before finding out theres a bug where animals won't eat in caves at the moment so i guess testing 95AH on mega pets will have to wait a lil as i have zeeeeeeeeero room for them outside heh. Next up is a couple other building projects, finishing the warehouse then a lovely open spot where i think its time i put up a giant cave farm building Yes the warehouse i built like 4 years ago and never did the top two floors of ....oops Finally after the building works are done i'll be back on the big one. The mountain surface mining, it's going to take months of work but i'll get there eventually!
  8. Glad to see this is already reported, i lost two champion pets last week to miscarriages because they didn't eat They don't even eat meat from a pile on the floor!
  9. I have changed my mind my answer is now that i play for the VR support.
  10. Yep sorry dude, tomes are horrendously overpriced, many don't do much and the ones that do are horribly balanced. Tis sad.
  11. As Dan said i'm fairly certain that's intended.
  12. Wow, nice to hear he's about if its the original guy, i'd really appreciate it if you could! At best estimate my thinking is that anvil may be from my home on MRH which means its gotta be 12/13 years old maybe.
  13. Holy crap i can't imagine how old that anvil must be.....i basically never smith on Nadroj so it must be from early years before i was a priest or had alts/villagers doing smithing for me. Moss was an old buddy in my village on MRH too so thats equally old as heck.
  14. If only there was some simple way for the devs to communicate an understanding of the issue and inform us of their intentions regarding doing anything