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  1. Definitely seems like fog is now working in modern renderer, but as Dan mentioned its also foggy in caves.
  2. Because the Altar of Three, the statuettes and the original designs for the God's were seemingly abandoned when the team made or purchased these avatar models. They changed the altar, made all the collossi match the avatar models and even brought in archaeology statues that say "this is a statue of x god" when in fact its a statue of the avatar. No idea why they did all that but the statuette models were never changed or updated. They're all that's left of the original designs for how the gods were originally intended to look. Everything else has been replaced with avatar models instead.
  3. Modern renderer has a lot of issues with not properly rendering things at all. Dyes, glows, particle effects. The most noticable i've found until you discovered this was definitely dyes. They're all far more muted and grey in the modern renderer. some examples here: People have also noticed and complained that animals no longer seem to properly get special colours for their conditions. Unicorns it is especially noticable on. Even the glow/colouration of adamantine and glimmersteel is barely visible now.
  4. Honestly it's been happening to me for months and i cannot figure out rhyme nor reason. On exodus it happened every single logout without fail for months. Now on chaos its 50/50 but i can't see anything i'm doing that's different. Circumstances vary wildly as do results.
  5. I still find this happening very regularly to me as well.
  6. The height limit is based on slope which is always 1dirt/1stone per and it will affect any corner of a tile, or more to the point a corner in the middle of a 2x2 of tiles between the floor and the ceiling. So the start of the cave could easily be 1000 slope away from where you eventually choose to have your "big cavern" because the game only cares about the height difference of each tile corner. Any normal start point for a cave you've just mined out flat is going to be 30, or 33 can't remember someone may correct me, "slope" height from floor to ceiling on all 4 corners. If you mine the ceiling you'll take that up by another 30 before you get the "you cannot reach the ceiling message". Then you basically can only get the height difference between floor and ceiling higher by mining the floor from then on. This is why it's best to really plan out where your entrances are as they'll likely need a big ramp down into the cavern unless you start from above then make a new entrance at the lowered floor level later. Eventually you'd hit a point where the game tells you that it would cause the cavern to become unstable if you mined the that corner of the floor any further, that'd be the 270~ cap.
  7. Liddle bump, let us use fo on our planters!
  8. Oh you.... Youre evil.
  9. Its too late dude. They've decided to nuke the feature so itll be nuked. We'll all get told to blame players who "abused the old system" and that doing this is whats best, no matter how many disagree . When does the community becoming outraged over terrible decisions ever result in it getting reversed
  10. We need a dislike button.
  11. It has come to my attention that there are actually many things in this game made easier by having lots of accounts. Can we please start nerfing group mining projects. I think we need it to be impossible for two people to mine on the same tile, also noone should be able to work together on levelling dirt. Lets implement social distancing rules, noone is allowed near each other.
  12. bro it adds 3 difficulty per link. Linking lots of priests doesn't really add enough to megaboost skillgain by adding difficulty.
  13. I will be genuinely shocked, amazed and happily eat my words if they fix that exploit and put the rest back the way it was.