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  1. We hooked it all up to Esert too
  2. Updated our prizes and the races. Emoo has provided glorious shinies for race prizes.
  3. i've only got a week left and hadn't considered this much (for the reasons i talked about above) but if i can whip up / find some decent prizes for it we could also have a 50fs and under tourney i suppose.
  4. As i said above, we'll take all feedback and see how people enjoy it like this for this event. Next time we put an impalong on we'll change things according to our experiences and feedback next week I personally hope to put on two fighting competitions so we do one of each type.
  5. Robus started a seperate thread to take subscriptions and discussion about the tournament event. Yes it'll be spars thats why we decided against 2h weapons because spars are super derpy with them and totally broken with huge axes.
  6. Finishing up final prep work on imping and saccing materials, we've got a lot ready for you guys and one week left to add to it! I'm going to update the race information shortly now I've outlined it all with @Emoo
  7. No plans for a map reset atm, the changes will go live at next update.
  8. Yes i've been breeding them for some time and killing off spares so i know the full purple ones always produce a corpse that says piebald.
  9. You have those the wrong way around. Left is Jetblack.
  10. Dammit Robus i said to post a date and time! (my suggestion was Saturday evening but i'll poke him) I also appreciate the thoughts about doing a "fair tourney" with equal gear and i've been considering doing that but as it's our first impalong and first event at my venue i didn't wanna overburden us with promising too many events etc. I'd like to be comfortable in knowing i've hosted a successful impalong at least once before going for making it longer and with more events involved. So... bear with us and lets just enjoy the tournament we're putting on this time for what it is this time I did consider only banning huge axes from the fight but again, lets see how this goes and we'll adjust for future events depending how it goes and how much people enjoy it It doesn't have to be a whole year before we do this again after all!
  11. Larder's and other locked containers this works fine, but the moment an additional container is involved you get steal options. First example is Hota Statue > SMC > Pottery Bowls > Food Second is just Hota Statue > SMC > Food Clicking eat gives - [10:59:15] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server.
  12. I've done some tests too and had zero luck hitting middle sections. As far as i can tell this should be confirmed as a bug. Another player @Ceccihad the same issue today causing me to do my tests.
  13. Added a priest list, a bit late but i think we all know there will be a lot of high end priests around. I can add priest names to the list if players wish. Also added an archery contest because.....why not have another event