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  1. Recieved a support ticket about this today, tested with my own alt and have confirmed that anyone choosing to portal for the first time from Epic to Gold Coast on Chaos will actually arrive at The Landing. The opposite is not true, choosing The Landing does work correctly.
  2. Haha well if i had hired anyone they'd be in the list on the OP i promise ya Been a lot going on in my life for the last month or so, not been on wurm much and when i have been i've just been levelling mines/making more tunnels so not much in the way of decent images to take i'm afraid. Gotta get back to work soon! I hope...
  3. The Great Archaeology Rage Thread

    I grinded it up to 80 on one account and 72 on another, never seen a mask fragment and get 90% utter junk. Haven't touched the skill since a few weeks after it came out when it become 100% clear that it's not worth it.
  4. [Bug] Tiles collapse even if walls are reinforced

    Yep plenty of lava used to remove veins in the tunnel, likely it's somehow the cause.
  5. After like a year and a half i have finally bothered to make a tunnel up to the peak, not much to show in screenshots as's just another dark tunnel. Nice view up top though Might plonk a little deed and touch up the area into a neat little peak fort
  6. [Bug] Tiles collapse even if walls are reinforced

    Had this happen to me 8 times over the course of a 2 week period in a new tunnel i made between Magranon's Rest and The Nomads on Exodus. Entirely reinforced, paved and cladded and yet it just kept on collapsing.
  7. Plan is to have the "grand" building plan be on the next platform up in the rock area but i see your point, lotta stuff left to do with the place. Part of me has been thinking i shoulda not done a path around the outer edge and had a giant building there....but it just felt too "chaos longhousey" In all honesty i'm pretty bad with the whole "design" aspect. Building huge mines and platforms is one thing but I might have to employ someone else to help me come up with a cool design for the layout on the upper platform...or even redesign the existing one as it's not got much on it yet.
  8. Dude i totally agree that sickles shouldn't be such effective weapons's hardly relevant to a discussion about fixing dual wielding o.o
  9. I am not giving a bear a whole house Arium. That's ridiculous....I'll give him and his wife a house.
  10. Finished up the platform housing today, why do i keep adding houses to a deed where noone lives? Who knows!?
  11. Bump, came up in conversation in CA help today and i went looking for an existing suggestion about it. It's just kinda sad that we have a feature like this that does exist but currently functions in a way where it's literally never a good idea to do it over using a 2h weapon or a shield instead. Should be a reasonable option and force people to make a decision of what they want to use out of those three setups. Could have weaponskill affect it heavily, with 100 skill bringing offhand up to something like 60-70% of main hand. Or just one of Xallo's original suggestions ofc.
  12. Remove Horse gear from Bury All

    +1 shouldn't destroy items the creature doesn't spawn with naturally.
  13. Not a bad idea, but tbf the barracls we have in the mine serves that purpose pretty well. just doesn't have seperate rooms for everyone.
  14. Been a while since i pvp'd but if this had come up for epic only while i was still pvping on chaos i'd have been pretty damn mad. Locate soul is up there with twitter alarms and teleporting for server wide stuff thats way too effective. Allowing any kingdom the power to police the entire server with one simple spell is a detriment to smaller groups trying to get into pvp. +1
  15. Having started working on adding houses to the platform i decided that it was maybe possibly about time i considered moving myself out of the token house. So today, exactly 500 days (16.5 months) after I planted Magranon's Rest i finally moved myself into an actual permanent home on the deed xD Redid the token house as a gateway, might need some decorations in there now. The first of the houses going up on the platform, claimed for myself. Being outside the mine may take getting used to o.o The fenced area in front is just the clay pit leading onto the wagon parking pens. I really think having all the houses arched hanging over the path will look good when i have them all done. Need to build the next house to finish the garden, but you get the idea My humble workshop Kitchen, needs some dining furnishings methinks And bedroom, also in need of some furnishings. I rarely decorate things and i really should, old pvp mindset combined with constantly having work to do on the deed i guess. Not a great home for vertigo sufferers Going to be putting up at least 5 more houses in the same style, maybe different brick types or alternating slate/marble. So more room for guests to take up residence or god forbid I actually ever have villagers o.O