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  1. Just gonna copy paste my tale as i just replied to this on the wurm fb page
  2. lol 54k marks for it, be hilarious. But fair is fair it should include them all.
  3. I was amazed to learn that it doesn't actually give you a chance at any of them. I get that technically only certain ones are "tomes" but....come on =/
  4. Sure is, you should see a map in my OP to it but on the ingame map its at the bottom of H21 / top of I21. Basically just head for the south end of the NE exo desert and you really, really, i cannot stress this enough, cannot miss the place. I find a lot less time for wurm nowadays so you might not catch me there but most places on deed are accessible to the public so feel free to wander about.
  5. I got a bit distracted from the mountain top highway by my deep need to put 90QL steel doors on every possible entrance now i'm allowed to. Looks neat though
  6. Boom, done! Top view: Connects up to Magranon's Peak and in turn, the tunnel back down to my main deed caverns Next up! First catseyes and then ramping back down the west side so the road clears the whole mountain ^__^
  7. Been a while, but work has resumed! This mountain must be defeated.
  8. The gladiator fights were pretty damn entertaining, it was meant to be a temporary building for the impalong but i couldn't bring myself to get rid of the arena xD. Though the last couple 1v1 fights got real silly, people taking 10+ minutes to lose basically no health. Enki and co spawning in huge waves of enemies in there was hilarious crazy fun though.
  9. I had a blast hosting the one at my deed on exo, was amazing fun seeing all the efforts of my alliance come together and go so well. Plus from a personal perspective i really enjoyed another excuse to show off my deed. I hadn't attended an impalong since the days of MRH and JKH until hosting one myself so it was a hell of a learning experience. I wanted to make it a yearly event but i've just not had the time to arrange another been so busy irl. Someday maybe...
  10. I like to think that i only started going crazy after i began this project....let me lie to myself please.
  11. I have no words.....thank you everyone for this momentous victory
  12. my God i haven't updated since February...i need to get re-addicted to wurm and defeat this insane mountain..... i originally planned to show screenshots when i finished cutting my way through it but muh pickaxe is a nub and it's still this. Basically the previous road and bridges i made out to the East are going straight up the mountain and over the peak