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  1. That setting cannot be turned off once you're in the situation this thread outlines.
  2. Same issue at my deed, in perimeter but nowhere near a corner, it's right in the middle actually.
  3. I suppose i have a group of names i should collect and add onto it after all the work people have put into these mine structures!
  4. I miss the old unstable lighting so much So dark now.
  5. Been away for three weeks, back now and bumping for precious woady goodness.
  6. You should! The deed is 51x51 and the token is 2 tiles in front of where the cave starts. Cave takes up all on deed area from there so it's something in the region of a 51x24 (a bit less because the slope of the east side cuts diagonally across the cave) Plus the tunnel and lower caves (and planned boatcave) below the main cavern
  7. I'm back everyone! While I've been moving house my Fire and Sand alliance pals have been setting up something special for later events at my deed check it out! The Armoury The building that the first picture is taken from - Public Barracks
  8. The soon-to-be-changed system involved the ones that were built at the proper locations under mission parameters being the only ones capable of spawning a ritual mission. Basically if you created one that did not announce to you that you have just completed a mission, then this doesn't apply to you. There are lots of decorative ones but each server can (at the moment but not for long) only have 3 of each type (3 corners of the server) actually be linked by missions to rituals. Once those 3 missions for each type are completed it becomes impossible on your server to make unfinished ones of that type anymore as they can only be started for missions. Players who know the locations of these often pen them up with walls and gatehouses after building them so as to always be the ones to benefit from the ritual, which gives sleep bonus to everyone in local when the ritual mission is completed. With the new change all decorative ones (including yours if off deed) will potentially be able to spawn a ritual mission. Which as we've been outlining above could have some issues.
  9. I can understand the desire to have a rule to prevent them being penned, as Jake says it will feel a bit harsh to people who went to the (honestly its insane) huge effort to make pylons having anyone on the server be able to benefit from their work. But....allowing players to keep other players from the rituals is something that just doesn't sit well overall. Hopefully @Jberg can find a nice balance between the older system and these new changes, for one thing i think it should be strongly considered to allow them to be built anytime if players want to. This is because with the recent changes we are effectively acknowledging that they are just decorative items on Freedom and not important mission items, this goes double imo if we're having "any epic build proc a ritual", though i prefer Noizheads idea because we won't have players making 20 around their deeds. Basically if anyone can make one anytime and you only need one of each type near your deed to benefit from participation i think would be fairest for all. Would need to be changed to participants getting the reward not just the people in local at time of completion though as Noizhead said.
  10. I agree, i was one of the people who brought this up as an issue and Retrograde seemed very concerned with the idea of players having "penned ritual builds they can control" and those people being the only ones affected by the changes and potential griefing by deeding them. As i pointed out at the time (so did you noiz) the big issue was that deeding them and cancelling them out does not have any method in the code for allowing a new mission to proc or to move the ritual spawn to a different pylon/obelisk/whatever. This feels more like an attempt to nerf people who have done this than a fix to potential griefing and comes with a host of its own messy issues. Like some servers being covered in tonnes of locked or unknown location ritual items (some in caves) while others have less, or some players (like those who liked to use epic builds to claim undeedable land for themselves) having lots of unfinished ones they can now spam around their own deeds for convenient extra rituals. In fact once missions have been completed the unfinished ones can no longer ever be created so this can't really be balanced out by player action, on Exodus all of the build items are impossible to create, i believe foundation pillars are all completed on all servers. Overall this change kinda works as a workaround to the issue we brought up but the new issues need to be dealt with. Anyways! Congrats go to Idony who i believe will be a great LCM And hey we finally completed Esert!? @Joelleyou didn't tell me you were finishing it off i'd have come over to help xD I brought it up with samool the other day but i hope to see more tweaks with the unstable lighting because this is how it changed for me
  11. I can only assume this to mean "thanks for always leaving food in your hota statue for the alliance to eat" Dw noone compares to @Baddboband his theft of my noms xD
  12. Welp i'm gonna be offline for another couple weeks, moving house big stuffs! So here's what i worked on this week at least....sadface that the unstable client lighting got changed and now it's all dark again Finally started giving myself a warehouse / place to live that isn't the token house. Was hard to get a nice pic of the ground floor warehouse because for the some reason the items have about a 5 tile draw distance so you can't see the signs, crates and bsb's. So i just took a pic of the billion rock shards xD
  13. Top edge of the entrance mine at the bottom to the token is 900 slope. Mine entrance is 90 slope so the majority of the wall is over 1000 steep.
  14. Sounds like a laugh, i'll go for a climb too xD