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  1. Favourite Impalong?

    The gladiator fights were pretty damn entertaining, it was meant to be a temporary building for the impalong but i couldn't bring myself to get rid of the arena xD. Though the last couple 1v1 fights got real silly, people taking 10+ minutes to lose basically no health. Enki and co spawning in huge waves of enemies in there was hilarious crazy fun though.
  2. Favourite Impalong?

    I had a blast hosting the one at my deed on exo, was amazing fun seeing all the efforts of my alliance come together and go so well. Plus from a personal perspective i really enjoyed another excuse to show off my deed. I hadn't attended an impalong since the days of MRH and JKH until hosting one myself so it was a hell of a learning experience. I wanted to make it a yearly event but i've just not had the time to arrange another been so busy irl. Someday maybe...
  3. I like to think that i only started going crazy after i began this project....let me lie to myself please.
  4. Woad Planters

    I have no words.....thank you everyone for this momentous victory
  5. my God i haven't updated since February...i need to get re-addicted to wurm and defeat this insane mountain..... i originally planned to show screenshots when i finished cutting my way through it but muh pickaxe is a nub and it's still this. Basically the previous road and bridges i made out to the East are going straight up the mountain and over the peak
  6. Woad Planters

  7. As if i'd ever knock down the slave quarters!
  8. Woad Planters

    I'd almost forgotten about bumping this thread constantly xD Can't believe this hasn't been added honestly.
  9. Finished up the new highway out to the east Onwards to the next project!
  10. Progress on the new paths is coming along nicely. Agreed on a mighty 3 tile wide bridge highway to hook up with my allies over at Moonlit Euphoria. The dirt track i think i'll keep taking round the mountain....maybe do a dirt ramp up to the peak if possible too.
  11. Slaying uniques personal goal, offer to help

    I actually have a friends account who needs to finish up a couple achievements as well as troll king/forest giant. Decent fighter too so i'd happily bring him along.
  12. Friends i am back! Tentatively started playing Wurm again a few weeks back and now getting back into working on my deed. It's been about 7-8 months of me only really logging in every couple weeks due to some....fairly cataclysmic RL issues. Anyways MORE TERRAFORMING! Removed the old manor on the east side so i can bring up the secondary platform same as it is on the west end. and from up top Decided to keep going a bit and make a path along the side of the mountain which i'll link up to local highways soon The tunnel to the top of the mountain is as good as finished but it's honestly not worth taking pictures of because it's just more dark reinforced ramps xD Here's an end of year deedplanner view
  13. Recieved a support ticket about this today, tested with my own alt and have confirmed that anyone choosing to portal for the first time from Epic to Gold Coast on Chaos will actually arrive at The Landing. The opposite is not true, choosing The Landing does work correctly.
  14. Haha well if i had hired anyone they'd be in the list on the OP i promise ya Been a lot going on in my life for the last month or so, not been on wurm much and when i have been i've just been levelling mines/making more tunnels so not much in the way of decent images to take i'm afraid. Gotta get back to work soon! I hope...