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  1. My kingdom for a discard keybind (everyone elses kingdoms too if you make it work while mounted and without needing to pick everything up o.o) Good stuff overall though be nice to see those wood type changes come back in and maybe have dyes be more interesting
  2. I'd settle for it but i dunno if the plant type would actually suit a trellis realistically o.o
  3. Yeah i did the same little google research when i first made this thread and found that woad is generally farmed en masse but i didn't dare hope for it to become a farming tile crop xD
  4. Only because i have a healthy fear of asking for more than one or two things at a time >.<
  5. The dream is still alive!
  6. The nw corner of the middle tiles. It always protects all paving in a 3x3 area around the tile the catseye is on the nw corner of.
  7. Atm they just give a horse an added 40kg before slowing down so that'd be the thing to change to make saddlebags decent i think. Make the code relating to the three traits that add carry weight work differently for saddlebags so the horse can carry a bit more. If they were double effectiveness for weights in saddlebags it'd work pretty well imo.
  8. Guard towers are just large items that can be rotated at any angle, doesn't really apply here.
  9. It's a lovely idea but as i was just saying to Delacroix in discord: don't know how that would function in reality tbh diagonal paved tiles work because its only visual, as far as the code is concerned the whole tile is paved with one particular type of paving entirely with a'd need to code in making collision detection work diagonally or block the whole tile. Edit: That said the example in the picture above would work fine as there's no collision involved with curbs so perhaps a short term solution would be allowing the passable border fences to be made diagonally.
  10. Same is happening on my end and it doesn't unfreeze i'm afraid, works for maybe 20 seconds before freezing up permanently.
  11. I really hope that's an oversight....can't imagine any good reason to prevent players from imping the completed statues.
  12. Could you pass the message along to my 92QL rare trowel? He wasn't informed.
  13. Been plugging away at my new cavern so here's some progress. Now with advanced techniques used to make the mine images actually visible (i actually bothered to edit them instead of being a lazy ass like usual). What used to be a wall running alongside the main ramp is now a worksite One section is fully flattened through to the 750 slope drop from the upper cavern and what's that at the end? Say hello to the Magranon's Rest instant botevator! Simply hop in passenger and enter the dimensional void between worlds. Then hop out to appear at the top As a side note because i'm proud of it. I simply couldn't handle having two green knarr's so I did this to the older one
  14. They come out at like 30QL dude!