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  1. exquisite meditation rug, cotton 4ql COC98 - 3s25 COD to bonefly. Thanks
  2. That is a really narrow minded -1..... U could have +1 the idea and then add your 2 cents to the fine tuning of the solution...
  3. I can't even see that they came up with a stupiud excuse like that to take it away from us. Devs ! Do NOT forget ! This supposed to be a SANDBOX MMORPG. Let us be as creative as possible. +1 Just pure curiosity : Where are all the matching parapets and bridge colors for the new house colors and materials ???!!!
  4. Hammer, iron QL_83 CoC_97 2,4s COD to bonefly plz
  5. +1 one for planting woad. That would just make sense. or an idiotic idea of making a shaft into the tool for botanizing. so u activate it and use it to move weeds and vegetation out of the way when looking for Bot items. Not to mention that finally u could put coc on that shaft. Either way it would make that high skill reachable a lot more than how it is now.
  6. WTS all these potions: Ointment of stonecutting QL24.26 - 0.7s (DMG-4.12 ) QL62.31 - 1.3s QL63.57 - 1.3s (DMG-3.17 ) QL78.77 - 1.3s QL92.28 - 2s Potion of carpentry QL79.67 - 1.5s (DMG-1.26 ) QL84.97 - 2.3s QL85.84 - 2.33s (DMG-1.16 ) QL99.43 - 3.9s Fletching potion QL54.84 - 1s QL84.50 - 1.5s QL98.05 - 2s (DMG-1.02 )
  7. Absolutely trustworthy guy. Have done business of large scale with him. It all went smooth. I vouch for him. Respect.
  8. Price Check

    dadd has 19,505,990 STP (1st Overall) even 4th if we look at points but STP matters most. Well done mate. I tip my hat