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Found 31 results

  1. Start Bid 1s Min Bid 1s No Reserve No Buy Out No Private 3 Day Auction Snipe protection 30m I don't think this can be mailed - so collection will be on Harmony M-18 Sunnyside or a delivery cost of 1s will be charged and i can get it shipped to you.
  2. I present to this auction the Supreme Oven - Pottery Starting Bid:20s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: 80s
  3. Hi Guys! I have a new item for Auction. A good buddy of myne Mr Oneeyefry, has just recently made a Supreme Oven and im giving him a hand with this auction! Heres what he has for you today, imped at 80ql and runed with the finest: [15:52:22] A iron rune of Fo has been attached, so it will reduce fuel usage rate (10%) START BID: 15s Increments: 1s Reserve: None Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 1hour Thankyou for taking the time for viewing and goodluck to all bidders!
  4. All the items are unfinished, so you can put your own signature; if you prefer, I can complete them for you. If you are interested in more than one item, send me a private message here or contact me in game. Rare oven 5s. Rare epic portal 5.5s. Rare marble planter 3s. Rare strange device 5s. Rare round marble tabl 4s. Rare explorer tent 5s. Rare floor loom 5s. Rare ivy trellis 4s.
  5. Contact me via PM or in game as Luttuosa Supreme unfinished oven Supreme unfinished kiln Rare unfinished well Rare unfinished spirit castle Rare unfinished spirit cottage Rare unfinished oven Rare unfinished floor loom Rare unfinished epic portal Rare unfinished stone altar
  6. Trying to liquidate some relatively valuable items and willing to cut deals to get them sold. Coming to deed to inspect items is always welcome, but current items of note include: 1x 70+ quality knarrs. Atleast one is runed. Looking for 6s per knarr. 6s 50c for the runed one. 2x Rare Forges. 40 and 80 quality and both are runed with the fuel reduction rune. Looking for 4s and 7s respectively. Several wagons of varying quality. Some up to 70. Others as low as 10. Looking for 50c for the nicer ones and 10c for each of the creation ql ones. Food Storage Bins completely full of assorted meats and vegetables. Looking for 1s each for those. Rare Cupboard 60 quality. Hoping for 4s. Rare 80ql Pickaxe with 90+ CoC and WoA. Hoping for 6s for that. 73 quality Blue DragonScale Sleeve. Asking 20s for that. Rare 88 quality iron hatchet. 82 WOA, 78COC. 6s. 2x Rare 90 quality pickaxes. One with 85WOA, 94COC, the other with 91WOA and 90COC, both have 10% quality increase rune. Both are 7s. 85 quality iron longsword, 83LT 82COC, 77MS. Selfhealer's Demise. Looking for 4s. Willow bow, 50 quality. 86COC, 85N Rare 50 quality ivy seedling. 5c. Rare 4 quality pinewood longbow. 2s. Rare leather piece. 28 quality, 30 damage. 20c. All prices are negotiable. Feel free to send me a message on the forum or PM me ingame @BDCKoolaidwith the item you want and what you're willing to pay for it. Trying to move and it would be much easier to move coin than items. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! I'm looking at selling a rare oven and a rare forge for pickup or delivery to costal regions prices for the two item are as follows; Rare Oven 5s, 4.6s if picked up Rare Forge 5s, 4.6s if picked up Rare oven+Rare forge 9.5s
  8. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has encountered this problem. You make a forge, chimney, or fireplace in the middle of you building and the chimney does not extend out the roof, making smoke come out inside or in the second floor. My suggestion is optional chimney extensions. They should stick out the roof in the middle of a building, and if you stack them you could extend them up several floors past the roof. This would be more realistic and make thing look better in general. What do the rest of you think?
  9. A friend in my alliance and I were talking about putting one on the lower floor and the other on top of the jutting chimney. So what if there was a modification for plain walls (not doors, windows, ect) Where you could build a chimney using bricks that allow for forges/ovens/smelters to be secured into them. Keeping the quality/rarities of the heating container but removing the unsightly chimney through the floor.
  10. wts sell rare oven. 5s. message me in-game mrzodiac
  11. WTA Rare oven 50QL I don't own a wagon so you are going to have to pick it up To the Winner, the pickup spot will be S14 on the in-game wurm map on Deliverance Starting Bid: 4 silver Increment: 50 copper Sniper Protection: 1 hour Delivery: Pickup at South Deliverance No Buyout
  12. Looking to sell my 73ql Supreme Oven. Pickup only on Xanadu. Starting Bid: 20s Minimum increments: 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper protection: 1 hour
  13. Just noticed today, trying for no reason... [07:14:16] You start to load the forge. [07:14:25] You finish loading the forge. [07:34:59] You start to unload the forge from the large cart. [07:35:08] You finish unloading the forge from the large cart. [07:37:44] You start to load the stone oven. [07:37:53] You finish loading the stone oven. [07:47:36] You start to unload the stone oven from the large cart. [07:47:45] You finish unloading the stone oven from the large cart. The Forge, Oven, and Large Cart pages need updated with this behavior, maybe more. Please try to make this edit as soon as possible, it's a very simple one. People don't know yet and still go through the annoying wagon making, when they could now just use a cart instead. For the record, I tried a couple other potential candidates, but no go: [07:48:08] There is not enough room in the large cart for the floor loom. [07:48:20] There is not enough room in the large cart for the small catapult. [07:11:53] There is not enough room in the large cart for the bulk storage bin. [07:14:00] There is not enough room in the large cart for the food storage bin.
  14. pm crimsonwolf in game or pm me here
  15. Thanks
  16. With the addition of the icebox. The new development team has added in a function that I am very happy to see. I would now like to ask that the dev's incorporate the "Icebox" concept to all the cookers and possibly the lamps and torches. Could you make a box in the bottom of cookers that would allow for the inclusion of kindling and other objects to burn. This box would be the fuel source for the cooker by consuming the objects inside. This could be used as a way to generate ash. However more importantly it adds a great amount of realism to the game for cookers of all kinds. If possible could the damage from the cooker be applied to all items "evenly" in the firebox? To prevent abuse, could there be a flag applied to objects as they are burned? Singed, blackened, burnt, charred. Each one would require more of the "burned material" to undo the state. Thus a charred wooden shield would require additional wood to bring it back to burnt, blackened, singed and normal. These flags could also limit or disable use of the item as it is to damaged to use. Or There could simply be a mechanic that allows you to use an axe to scrap the wood, thus making the item unusable but burnable. As an added change to accommodate this. I would suggest that a campfire building be changed to a rock shards and hand or activated rock shards on an empty tile thus preventing forest fires. This would also make for a quaint campfire appearance that is not determined solely by a fire that is burning.
  17. As of right now I could only think of 3 things that look terrible in many situations. Forges, Ovens and even Open fireplaces spike up into the 2nd story of buildings and its hideous. Have a "Chip off top" (you are probably better at naming actions than me). Even the open fireplace that seems like it doesn't hit the second story is nearly 1 pixel above it so its glitchy looking, Why must i get a rug or carpet to cover the ugly mess of a floor when it's the fault of those who do the graphics.. Before I mention bsb's though id just like to say i loved forges and ovens in 1 story buildings because they became chimneys which is awesome! its just ugly for 2 story houses. For bsb's that one little sack (becomes more if full enough) Is so unnecessary. Its Bulk Storage Bin. Not Bulk Storage Bin and Bag on the Side (bsbabots for short). No mercy here! get rid of that ugly sac that looks like it holds food (which bsb's don't) I know somebody who lags because of two objects colliding (awkward texture mixing) and its hard to have a nice organized warehouse when bags are stuffed between bins. As for the extra little bin that's on top I don't really care that its off center and tilted.. I assume straight and organized bins are too good for us anyway... Long story short: "Chip off top" option for forges and ovens, make the open fireplace maybe 5 pixels shorter, and get rid of the annoying sac on the bsbabots. I apologize if this is severely op and hurts pvp servers
  18. Pretty straight forward merchant. You want storage containers, and I want to make them for you. Delivery is free on orders of 1s or more, except to Xanadu where I'll deliver to coastal regions only for orders of 3s or more. I will not deliver to Chaos. If you order less than 1s worth of goods delivery will cost you 50 copper. Let me specify that Xanadu deliveries will only be made if you order at least 3s worth of goods. Container Price Bulk storage bin 15c Food storage bin 15c Large crate 10c Small crate 5c I'll also come build forges, ovens, and smelters and imp them to a minimum of 50 quality. Container Price Forge 1s Oven 1s Smelter 3s
  19. My characters who live on second floors are suffering from severe eye problems because of the pollution caused by smoke coming out of lower floor fireplaces, ovens and forges. This condition is becoming epidemic across the WURM world. The solution is quite simple it would seem but no one appears capable of helping them. Is there anyone else who has this serious eye condition? What have you done to remedy?
  20. SOLD - Please close Located at Babuskaa's Village, SW coast of Newspring Island, SW Xana, T8 - can deliver nearby for free, else 1s delivery fee - or you are welcome to arrange collection. [14:46:28] An oven made from stone bricks and clay intended for cooking and baking. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The oven has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 70.01584, Dam: 0.0. Starting Bid: 6s Buyout: 10s Sniper: 1 hour Happy bidding
  21. This auction is part of a series of auctions for charity. Please read the following thread for more details: Up for auction is a 90QL Rare Oven. [21:36:11] An oven made from stone bricks and clay intended for cooking and baking. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a rock shards. Ql: 90.0151, Dam: 0.0. Auction ends Saturday, August 1st, at 14:00 Central US. Starting Bid: 5s Minimum Increment: 1s Buyout: Public Offers Considered No Reserve, No Private Bidding 1hr Sniper Protection Pick up from Independence, R9.
  22. I've tested the second point under creation about the clay blob size. It is deffinitely no longer true, I've used large combined clay blobs to start five ovens rather recently without the whole blob being used up. There is also a small discrepancy/clarity issue between the fighting skill guide page and the Scythe page: Fighting skill guide page: "40 skill in parryable weapons/shields: Until you hit 40 skill in a parryable weapon/shield, you cannot parry while you move. This makes you vulnerable when moving and as such you can suffer greatly while retreating from a fight. The scythe is the only Non-parryable weapon." Scythe page: "Parry Rate: Rate uncertain, but capable of parrying." Or does non-parryable here mean it can't be parried?
  23. Ahoy, I still have a few remaining bits n bobs on Exodus I need to get shot of and one of which is a 35ql rare oven that is in need of a home. 4s to whoever wants it, providing you come pick it up from Opulence quickly. Leave a message or forum pm me to arrange.
  24. Given the recent events I was wondering if it would be possible to give a writ or mine door permission option for all forges and ovens? The reason is simple: A lot of people store items inside their forges, for example frying pans, armour they are imping, weapons, magical chests, and so forth. These items can be taken if anyone enters the house, say, by bashing a wall down. There is no way to secure these items in any other way except by physically moving them to a chest (which you cannot do if said items are too hot to fit into the container). If the forge has a writ/mine door permission, it would be peace of mind to log out knowing the stuff inside it is safe. Secondly, this will give us an option to use the forge or oven as a safe inside our houses. We can build forges and store valuables inside it locked away, not having to worry that it will be gone when we log in. Thirdly, inside mines, where we mine together in teams but sometimes with other people there too, it would be great to only allow people mining with you, to access your forges. The writ/permission should include the permission to load the forge as well, or alternatively, no forge should be able to be loaded while there is anything inside it. EDIT: Please look at cart and wagon permissions also. I would like to specify who I want to give access to my cart by name, not a blanket "all friends" or "all allies". I want to tick a specific name. This can be taken a step further then: Add a box for who you want to give permission to be able to drag or push or pull your cart/wagon. Then we can use locked carts and wagons inside our houses as storage for valuables, and as long as we did not give someone permission to drag/push/pull it , it will be safe inside the house, without the need of animals hitched to it (which is really not viable unless you drop grass for them all the time, or have a doughnut with enchanted grass).