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Found 200 results

  1. Welcome to my shop! Selling POTTERY - any kind - and other stuff! BULK Pottery Bricks - 2s70c/1k Pottery Shingles - 2s / 1K Logs low QL (<40) - 1s / 1k Stone bricks - 1s / 1k SINGLE ITEMS Pottery up to QL70! Bowls, Smelting Pots, Planters, Jars and others - 8-10c each - FOR BIGGER ORDERS WE CAN NEGOTIATE Currently available: 100 x Pottery planters QL 50 - 10c / each (if you want to buy more we can discuss the price ) 1k x Logs low QL (<40) - 1s / 1k Pick up at Xanadu o8 Lunar Academy or FREE delivery on the coastal area! [only all boats canals] Localization: Xanadu o8 Name in game: Julietta
  2. Aroma''s shop Wts

    Hi some items i like to sell, PM me offers plz,: 4k Iron ql61 50c/k 4k rockshards 35c/k Rope tool oak ql47 7c Clay shaper ql66 both68 25c Scythe ql34 4c Fruit press oak ql47 9c Long bow ql27 9c Large anvil ql48 9c Mallet ql79 woa59 25c Mallet ql56 woa66 15c recipe unfermented rum for free Explorer tent ql34 20c Right basic shoulder pad iron ql25 30c Shoulder pad boar 2dmg 20c Shoulder pad tripple leather 1dmg 20c Right Elaborate shoulder pad leather 35c Fletching potion ql57 35c ----------------------------------------------------------- rare Fruit press ceder ql45 1s rare Recipe goblin liver and onion 15c ------------------------------------------------------------------ Fork ql2 Coc85 15c Two handed sword iron ql74 25c Rake Iron ql80 Woa79 20c Rake Iron ql70 Woa82 20c Stone Chisel Iron ql59 Woa63 15c Saw Iron ql61 Woa62 20c Shovel Iron ql68 Woa77 20c Trowel Iron ql 56 Woa57 10c Hatchet Iron ql60 Woa65 15c 4x Horse Shoes iron ql70+ Woa70+ 1.40s Small metal shield iron ql44 14c ------------------------------------------------- Sprouts,Seedlings and Flowers 0.50i/each + Cod1c Oak or Willow 7c/each (4x) Dotted flowers 15c/each Grape/hops trellis 10c/each (can use wagoneer in Xanadu) ------------------------------------------------- I also can make any pottery items ql50. Small amphora 3c/e , Large amphora 7c/e .. ql10. i Have a Nahjo priest :100 faith 68 channeling , Bless(5c) Courier(1s 90+power) Strongwall(20c) Genesis(20c) Mend(10c) Woa Aosp and more. Travel cost Around 50c. I have 77 (ql70-78)Hot food cooking full CCFP : Check out my Looking for work post Greetings Aroma, hope to hear form you soon. Pm ingame or leave a prived MSG.
  3. Hello everyone! I want to sell materials. The list will be updated according to current stock. Delivery will be FREE to any coast (except PVP) . Or you can come pick up. My deed is on Release, S21 on the ingame map, Briarwood deed on the community map: Briarwood The crates the stuff will come in can also be bought for 10 copper each. Otherwise we will swap crates or i unload in bulk storage bins. Payment can be made in silvers or directly in paypal at the rate of 1 euro for 1 silver. In stock: Silver Coins: 0, Price 1 silver= 1 euro Sleep Powders: 12, Price 1s each Support beams: 900, Price 4s/100 Large crates: on demand, Price 10c each Merchant contract: on demand, Price: 7.5s (only if picked up) Small magical chest: on demand, Price: 20s Large magical chest: on demand, Price 40s Dirt : 6K, Price: 1s/k Mortar: 17k, Price 2s/k Concrete: 0, Price 1s/100 Stone bricks: 11k, Price 2s/k Colossus bricks: 3k, Price 2s/k Slate bricks: 0k, Price 2.5s/k Sandstone bricks : 7.5k, Price 2s/k Rounded Stones: 6k, Price 2s/k Pottery bricks: 8k, Price 3.5s/k Marble Bricks: 0k, Price 2.5s/k Large nails: 2k, Price 1.30s/k Small nails: 2k, Price 1.10s/k Planks: 5k, Price 1.5s/k Shafts: 3k, Price 1.5s/k Clay: 5k, Price 1s/k Iron lumps: 5k, Price 1s/k Zinc lumps: 2k, Price 1s/k Copper lumps: 3k, Price 1s/k Mixed Grass: 0k, Price 1s/k Fruit: Red Cherry : 100, Price 1s/100 Green Apples : 1300, Price 1s/100 Chestnut : 700, Price 1s/100 Walnut: 300, Price 1s/100 Pineut: 300, Price 1s/100 Hazelnut: 150, Price 1s/100 Blue Grapes: 700, Price 75c/100 Lemon: 100, Price 1s/100 Veggies: Onion: 12k, Price 1s/k, Ql. 99.94 Garlic: 4k, Price 1s/k, Ql.99.94 Wheat: 6k, Price 1s/k, Ql.98.71 Cotton: 2k, Price 1s/k, Ql.99.99 Wemp: 3.5k, Price 1s/k, Ql. 99.89 Wool: 0k, Price 1.5s/k Cheese : 1k, Price 80c/100 Feta Cheese: 300, Price 90c/100 Buffalo Cheese: 600, Price 1s/100 Milk: Cow : Price 30c/small barrel (45 kg) Sheep : Price 40c/small barrel (45 kg) Bison : Price 50c/small barrel (45kg) Blood: White Dragon Hatchling: 2, Price 1s each Kyklops: 2, Price 2s each Sprouts and seedlings, various types, 1 copper each. Gems: Star Emerald, ql.54.18: Price 2s Star Emerald, ql.29: Price 2s Normal gems (opal, diamond, ruby, etc.) ,Price 2c/ql for the ones under 20ql. 1c/ql for the ones over 20ql. (discount available for large amounts) Food: Full CCFP, 10+kg pizzas, Ql. around 50, random buff: Price 20c each. Full CCFP, 3+kg meals, random buff: Price 10c each. Also i can work on order, if you need anything, pm me ingame with what it is and the amount. My ingame name is Johndarkstorm.
  4. Remove some of the wrist-strain from brick making? Basically be able to add pile of shards to crafting window while it is in the BSB still, and your chisel from inventory. Ideally would also be possible for logs-planks, etc. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I think this would remove a really annoying aspect of material prepping and improve quality of life for wurm players (new and old). respectfully, DA
  5. Hi, I am looking for orders. I can make pottery brick, planks, etc. I can also make any kind of pottery - bowls in bulk or something else. Trying to earn for my premium so I hope you can give me a job! PM or in Game Julietta.
  6. A one-stop shop for arrows as well as a wide range of bulks and other items. All goods available for collection at Glarnfadryn (Xanadu, Q/R24 on in-game map). Delivery can also be arranged to non-Chaos locations for a small fee and will often be provided free of charge. Buyer pays COD on mailed items. Imping services available for – carpentry, fine carpentry, fletching, blacksmithing, masonry, stonecutting, jewellery smithing – up to 90 quality and in some cases higher. Orders taken – most raw materials* or crafted items (see skills above) can be made on demand if not listed here. Feel free to PM me and we can work something out. Contact Gwyn in game. *Excluding fish and foraging/botanizing items. Arrows Available in any quantity, whether several thousand or just a few. More can be made to order. War Quality Price (per 100) Current Stock (Maple / Cedar) 15+ 45c 3634 / 23 30+ 65c 87 / 1298 50+ 1s25c 218 / 20 70+ 3s 59 / 10 Hunting Quality Price (per 100) Current Stock (Maple / Cedar) 15+ 43c 0 / 0 30+ 60c 100 / 58 50+ 1s20c 0 / 0 70+ 2s95c 106 / 15 Bulks Bricks (50+ql unless listed otherwise) Marble – 2s/1k – 2k in stock Marble (75+ql) – 3s/1k – 4k in stock Sandstone – 2s/1k – 3k in stock Slate – 2s/1k – 0k in stock Slate (80+ql) – 3s/1k – 2.5k in stock Stone – 2s/1k – 5k in stock Catseyes (18ql) – 3.5s/1k – 3k in stock Concrete – 1s/100 – 300 in stock Dirt – 1s/1k – 3k in stock Lye (75ql – Small barrel, 45kg) – 1s each – 1 in stock Lye (82ql – Small barrel, 45kg) – 1s25c each – 1 in stock Metal Lumps (Low-ql) Brass – 2s/1k – 1k in stock Bronze – 2s/1k – 1k in stock Copper – 1s/1k – 2k in stock Gold – 1s/1k – 3k in stock Lead – 1s/1k – 4k in stock Silver – 1s/1k – 0k in stock Steel – 1s/1k – 3k in stock Mortar (50+ql) – 2.5s/1k – 10k in stock Nails Large – 1.3s/1k – 1k in stock Small – 1.2s/1k – 2k in stock Planks (50+ql) – 1.5s/1k – 2k in stock Planks (70+ql) – 2s/1k – 1.5k in stock Shingles Pottery – 2s/1k – 300 in stock Slate – 1.4s/1k – 2k in stock Slabs Marble – 1s/100 – 0 in stock Sandstone – 1s/100 – 150 in stock Slate – 1s/100 – 100 in stock Stone (plain) – 1s/100 – 100 in stock Support Beams – 4s/100 – 0 in stock Tar (68ql) – 1s/1k – 2k in stock Most resources (lumps, shards, clay, dirt, logs, etc.) available up to 100ql – ask for prices and quantities. Food, farm, forestry goods 100-ql goods Barley – 1s/1k – 1.5k in stock Cheese – 1c each Bison – 100 in stock Cow – 150 in stock Sheep – 100 in stock Flour (All varieties) – 20c/100 – ask for quantities Grapes (Blue) – 1c each – 600 in stock Milk (Small barrel, 45kg) – 20c each Bison – 6 in stock Cow – 6 in stock Sheep – 6 in stock Seedlings and sprouts – 1c each – many in stock, ask for details Trellises (30+ ql) Grape – 5c each – 100 in stock Hops – 5c each – 20 in stock Rose – 5c each – 0 in stock Furnishings, Fittings, Furnaces, Storage, Decoration, Etc. Beehives (70ql, empty, cedarwood) – 40c each – 4 in stock Beehives (70ql, active or noisy, cedarwood) – 80c each – 4 in stock Bell Tower (70ql) – 70c each – 2 in stock Bulk Container Unit (70ql) – 60c each – 1 in stock Catapult (70ql) – 50c each – 1 in stock Canopy Bed (70ql) – 1s each – 1 in stock Cupboard (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Fine High Chair (70ql) – 30c each – 6 in stock Furnaces Forge (90ql) – 1s60c each – 4 in stock Kiln (90ql) – 1s70c each – 1 in stock Oven (90ql) – 1s60c each – 4 in stock Smelter (90ql) – 2s each – 3 in stock Larder (70ql with 100 mixed ql snowballs) – 70c each – 4 in stock Lounge Chair (70ql) – 30c each – 4 in stock Marble Planter (70ql) – 30c each – 4 in stock Lighting Hanging Lamps Brass (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Bronze (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Copper (50ql) – 10c each – 5 in stock Gold (50ql) – 12c each – 5 in stock Silver (50ql) – 12c each – 5 in stock Lamps Brass (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Imperial (50ql) – 15c each – 5 in stock Iron – Plain (50ql) – 10c each – 20 in stock Torch (50ql) – 10c each – 6 in stock Marble Brazier Pillars 50ql – 90c each – 6 in stock 70ql – 1s15c each – 3 in stock 85ql – 1s50c each – 0 in stock Mine Door Gold (50ql) – 1s60c each – 2 in stock Rock 70ql – 30c each – 2 in stock 80ql – 60c each – 2 in stock 90ql – 1s20c each – 1 in stock Silver (50ql) – 1s50c each – 1 in stock Steel (50ql) – 90c each – 1 in stock Wood (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Rectangular Marble Table (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Round Marble Table (70ql) – 30c each – 2 in stock Royal Lounge Chaise (70ql) – 50c each – 0 in stock Royal Throne (70ql) – 50c each – 0 in stock Still (70ql, copper) – 70c each – 0 in stock Strange Device (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Wardrobe (70ql) – 40c each – 2 in stock Washing Bowls (70ql) – 50c each – 2 in stock Tools Stock to be updated. Ask for details. Rares, etc. Stock to be updated. Ask for details.
  7. Honestly Greedy Trade Port part of the Two Silvers deed Pickup or local delivery of items at L12 Xanadu. Send a message here or in game. The mailbox has been upgraded to 94 so it should be much faster. For items in full small barrels the cod should be around 10c I've only tested lye so far. LYE in Full Small Barrels - Can be mailed 40ql 20c each 5 in stock 50ql 30c each 8 in stock 53ql 30c each 2 in stock MILK Brown Cow's Milk 20c each 4 in stock Sheep's Milk 20c each 4 in stock STONE Stone Bricks 30ql or better 2k 2s/k Stone Slabs under 10ql 200 1s/100 CLAY Clay 48ql 1k 1s/k
  8. Gold bricks and slabs

    Could we get a mod that allows us to make bricks and slabs out of metals such as gold, silver, etc.?
  9. Please close

    changed the location to merchant ads please close. Stone Clay
  10. all prices are negotiable! make an offer if you feel like a price is a bit off Bulk goods: Rare items: Rare Materials: Enchanted tools: Enchanted weapons/shields: Other: Delivery: Buyer pays mail expenses. Mailed from a 99 courier runed mailbox. I will deliver non-mailable goods to any freedom PVE coast accessible for a knarr except the inner coasts of Xanadu for an additional 1s 50c fee. Free delivery to any purchases of 5s or more. I have no access to a wagoneer. Crates/BSBs 10c each unless we do an exchange. Located at D24 coast, Xanadu. You can reach me with a message in game (Acrisius), a forum PM or a reply in this thread I don't take custom orders. I only sell what I currently happen to have in stock.
  11. WTS 14k Stone Bricks 1s/k

    WTS 14k Stone Bricks 1s/k Wagoneer deliver available on Xanadu Pickup at T8/T9 Other delivery options available upon request Contact Qwizat in-game, or leave a post here thanks
  12. PC Pottery Bricks

    Curious if there is interest in people buying pottery bricks, not seen them for sale in game or on forums? Also if there are sellers / interest what's the going rate per 1k given they take a little more time and effort than chiselled bricks?
  13. Masonry Services

    it's pronounced "hoe-zeff"... As of 9/25 I am no longer offering these services for the forseeable future. Are you swamped in clay? Buried in shards? Need that new house built but can't find the time or willpower? I am a mason by trade looking to offer my time and services in exchange for money or items that may interest me (like chisels). If you have buildings to build, mortars to make, and bricks to brac, then I'm your man! I'm online most of the time and will readily travel to coastal areas, or inland if further transport is available. I can also reasonably defend myself if your deed is still under construction, but help is required against trolls or anything stronger. While I am online every day and will do my best to arrive and complete work quickly, I cannot guarantee any deadlines. Materials ITEM PRICE Slabs 1c/10 Mortar 120c/k Bricks 120c/k Other PM me Buildings STRUCTURE PRICE Walls 1c/tile Bridges 4c/tile Roads 1c/10 tiles Some caveats: Adjustments may be made on occasion. Minimum job amount is 1k materials, structures and pavement negotiable. Why hire me, you might ask? It saves you time and sanity from building and crafting! It's cheaper to pay me to process your raw materials into finished goods than to buy them directly! I offer a 10% discount if you can provide food, bed, and security while I am on site! For every rare item that I make, your estimated fee is reduced accordingly! Some skills: 78 Masonry 62 Stonecutting 48 Carpentry 23 Paving 13 Natural Substances I hope to do business with you soon!
  14. close plz

  15. Forges - New Types

    Sorry, didn't feel like search-fu'ing But would an update on forges/ovens with the new wall types be feasible? I.e. rounded stone, slate, pottery brick, etc.? I can see where marble might be weird but I'd fit someone's deisgn. Personally I'd like to see a rounded stone forge seem to be a part of the room wall, as if it were built into it (or, hey, new walls with built in forges/ovens)
  16. SOLD

    Looking to offload 11k bricks. If you can pickup, I can go as low as 1.2s/k with crates. Location Xanadu E24
  17. close please

    WTS: 2k stone bricks - 4s 2k mortar - 5s, Large crates swap/10c each Ingame: Silentsmith
  18. Looking for a beginning player to make bricks and possibly mine. This would be a great opportunity to work towards a premium account. All accommodations provided: food & shelter. Will pay based upon production. I intend to have thousands of shards that need to be completed. I will pay based upon completion NOT final sale. My only restriction: your movement off deed will be limited when i am off-line for safety / production purposes. Update June 14th, 2017: Looking for at least a weekly contract/agreement. renewable. Message me @ Mrzodiac
  19. I have 2k pottery bricks and 1k mortar in stock that I need to get rid of. Pottery bricks cost 3,5s/1k and mortar costs 2s/1k. A package deal (both the bricks and the mortar) give you a free coastal delivery anywhere in wurm! For more bulk and other services available on order go to: Variety Workshop! Please contact Erevorn via the forums PM or in-game.
  20. Order filled thank you
  21. Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only Ask about items that are not listed! Supreme Materials 35c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 25c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Lead Lumps/Ore Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Pegs 20c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Rare Materials 15c each Stone Bricks Clay Shafts Planks (Will pickup from coastal areas/meet you at coastal area for pickup)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Nails (Large and Small) Pottery Jars 12c each String of Cloth Square Piece of Cloth Iron Ribbons Cordage Ropes Mooring Ropes Ropes Sand Sprouts Colossus Bricks Leather Belts Leather Strips Metal Bowls Most Boat Parts Full Weight Logs (24 KG) (Will pickup if you have 3+ You can hold them till you have 3+ if you want)(Can be mailed with runed mailbox, available at most starter towns) Lead Lumps/Ore Pegs 10c each Dirt Wooden Beams Tar Mail all items to TheRedReaper Notice: I will pickup all items that are sent at the proper price and reserve the right to send them back if they are not. Items with 90+ Damage I pay 5c less than listed price Max Weight Items Only
  22. Arrrr!!!!Plate smithing & Bulk manufacture. Hi, I want to offer you my Plate armours and bulk materials. If you want to order a plate set or some bulk material's PM me! You can pick up orders at "Arrr" village (d19) on Deliverance, I can send or deliver my goods too. You can offer me high ql/rare/enchanted tools or other stuff for my work and I'm open for price negotiation Just look on my stuff and prices. If u need something that is not avaliable in my storage, just talk to me. Probably I can make it on demand. Plate Smithing: (50, 60, 70,80 QL) You can order any parts of plate or I can imp yours! PM me. All price's for full armour set (9 parts) QL: price 50 70c 60 1s 70 1,75s 80 2,5s My skills: Mining 62 Wood Cutting 56 Digging 47 Masonry 43 Stone cutting 27 Carpentry 50 Bulk prieces: Other things for sale: Potion of fletching 85ql-1,5S Potion of flething 94 ql-1,7S Blue dragon blood-1s Dark ring 75 ql dmg 1- 1,5s Steel Blacksmithing tools 50ql-15c Rift items: 2x left elaborate shoulder pad, leather, 75 ql-50c ea Right layered shoulder pad, 75 ql 1,5s neacklace of protection, seryll, 25 ql 50c soul stealer neacklace, seryl, 75 ql 2s ribonned shoulder pad 50 ql 1,5s curved shoulder pad 75 ql 1,5s Rift materials 10c/ea: 24x 21ql rift stone shrads 4x 29 ql rift wood Food: eggs-400-1s/100 Lumps: 85,9ql 0,33kg glimmersteel - 3,3s 84,9ql 0,30 rare glimmersteel -3s 89,69 ql 0,35 kg adamantie lump-3,5s Others: Active Bee hives -30 ql- 2,5s Bees wax- 100x- 40ql- send an offer You should also see our master chansmith page:
  23. Pottery bricks.

    currently pottery bricks require 8 digging actions and one "curing" action to make clay into pottery. thats a ton of work for 1 wall like 150 digging actions per wall just for the rough clay of bricks. so 9 times harder than a stone and mortar wall. and before you say "just get up pottery skill and it will be easier" im not bad at pottery its like 79 its just too time consuming for pottery brick make em like 5kg max (2 kg would be ideal )
  24. WTB Collosus Bricks

    Hello! I'd like to buy collosus bricks of QL minimum 80. 1000 bricks in total. PM me your offers please, and don't forget to write where are you located, how long would it take for you to make those and what is your price. Thank you very much.
  25. Bulk Supplies

    Raw Materials: Clay 1s/k Lumps1 1s/k Marble Shards 1s/k Slate Shards 1s/k Tar 1s/k 1 mined lumps (silver, gold, iron, copper, zinc, tin, lead) Building Materials: Bricks 2s/k Floor boards 4s/100 Mortar 2s/k Nails 1.5s/k Planks 1s/k Ribbons 1s/100 Shafts 1s/k Support beams 4s/100 If planks or shafts need to be made from a certain material please tell me so upon placing the order. Quality-wise anything comes at whatever it comes out at. If you need lumps or shards at a higher QL PM me. Need anything else? Feel free to PM me either on forums or ingame. Pickup at D22 Exodus or delivery on orders of 5s or above.