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  1. small anvil, iron: BOTD 82: 25c small anvil, iron: BOTD 83: 27c small anvil, iron: BOTD 84: 28c small anvil, iron: BOTD 85: 30c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 85: 30c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 86: 36c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 87: 42c stone chisel, iron: BOTD 88: 48c large anvil, iron: BOTD 95: 90c Pls cod to Simju
  2. #Lot 2 - 8s #Lot 5 - 6s
  3. ty for the offer, but cant do that
  4. reduced some prices, open to offers as well, feel free to pm me.
  5. rare fruit press, firwood QL50, CoC67 - 2s rare small barrel, birchwood QL25 - 1s 2x blood (Blue dragon hatchling) - 0.8s ea blood (White dragon) - 2s blood (White dragon hatchling) - 0.5s white dragon scales 0.02kg - 1.4s oil of the weaponsmith QL 84 - 2s blue dragon hide 0.17kg - 9s blue dragon hatchling skull QL100 - offer White Tome - pm offers pls 4k stone bricks - 1.9s/k Buy all 4k for 7. 2s (coastal delivery included)
  6. pls close

    [13:06:09] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. tyvm
  7. Selling black cloth set (see below) 1s
  8. pls cod woa 86 stone chisel and w71/c37 pickaxe to simju