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  1. sounds damn great. i need a golden huge axe, no matter if it needs to be sharpened ever dozen of hits
  2. since we can craft lanters without glass it would not even need a new ressource. just plain decos. i defeitly like the idea with fishes and the one with water plants too.
  3. "Beware: These levels are recommendations, not hard requirements." - wurmpedia, animal taming from my experience (low level taming only) those values work good, but ofc with the differences mentioned from Baloo
  4. left and right basic ones pls
  5. 1.2kg wood 30c to me pls
  6. as you might already know potato+sugar + water in WINE barel = fermented vodka. if you open the still you ll see a container at the top (forgot the name) and another one named condenser. you put the fermented in the first container (up to 16 liters afaik), light it up and the second contaienr will slowly fill up with (pure) vodka. now you can take out the vodka with simply drag and dropping in ANY liquid container (barrel, wine barrel or even pottery jugs). stilled liquids seem to take by far less decay than other liquids. i have unsealed whiskey in a barrel which took no decay in about 3 month, but to be sure, i recommand using small barrel and seal them with a peg. PS: unlike in reallife, 16liters fermented vodka will result in 16 liters vodka. the rate should be about 1 to 2 liters per 2.5 to 3 hours, so a very long time
  7. ye but same like wurmhole's timer, this one isnt working
  8. to add here; i made a timer too, linked in a pm group, didnt worked either (stopped). tested with random .gif file, worked, so its not the file type
  9. 8c
  10. Pls mail the 4x <5QL stone mag runes, zinc
  11. If you exaim the horse, it will tell you the deed it belongs to (if branded) or/and the owner (if cared for). If both isnt represented you can consider it as not needed. I know many people who just free their horses if they are below 3-4 speed and/or gray But ofc: feel free to wait
  12. Check this thread, the prices are damn good, just pm him to imp your pants and jacket. Had several imps from his partner, the plate smith, i guess both are reliable Edit: and its defenitly worth to imp pants and jacket about +5 to 10 ql above the rest (if you want to save money), they take the most damage