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  1. Added more bricks and tools
  2. Hey fellow wurmians. First of all, I'm not very familiar with this part of the forum, so I apologize in case somebody suggested this already. Grape Hedges because: wine not! I was busy with the last grape season when I came to the conclusion: why not make those awesome plants to hedges? I basically like the appearance/graphic design and i m pretty sure it wont be much extra work since it should be possible to use or alternate the trellis texture. So my main idea is to make grapes possible as a hedge looking like a part of the vineyard, maybe with a little alternated recipe (2 logs or shafts + a wire + 3-5 sprouts) and different look (with grapes) when in season. The possibility to harvest those hedges would be a nice extra but in my opinion not neccassary and it would lead to a few problems (would allow 3 hedges, a grape plant a a few trellis on one tile to harvest). Since we have trellis its possible to make a graphical hedge already, but i d prefer a more opaque one, like from maple sapling and the ability to block the way like a fence.
  3. As title says, feel free to cod without asking your rare/supreme clay and stone bricks to me (Simju). If you have other building mats, pls let me know. tyvm