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  1. Thanks for making this a public slaying. Will try to be there with Whippy
  2. *waves* Hi Everyone! First of all ... thank you Jaz and Tam for being wonderful hosts. From what I have seen you guys did a great job and things were running smoothly at the impalong. Hope you get your much deserved rest and will be able to catch up on sleep soon. Secondly much love and many thanks for everybody who donated wemp/veggies for enchanting. God knows that my ropetool was on fire the whole weekend! Last but not least thank you all who attended for the jokes and fun convos in the local, for being a warm body and lending an ear to listen us priests preach your ears off .. and even getting my lazy ass to 100 faith. Much appreciated! Hope to see you all at the next gathering wherever it maybe! Hugs and coffee all around for the allnighters, Whippy
  3. Sounds very promising, looking forward to it ... and ofc thanks for putting a lot of effort into organizing this
  4. Down?

    All the servers were down, but they are up and running again.
  5. Will be coming with Whippy, Z might pop up with his own toon as well (Zkovacs)
  6. Your prices are laughable ... You are oh so generously offering a business deal which is so ridiculous that no sane person would ever consider it.. You are offering 20 USD for 100s ... which is about 18 euro the official wurm shop you can buy it for 160 euro .. a normal average player sells it for a 100 euro. No matter how we look at it that is a huge rip off from your side .... wanting to stuff our pockets arent we? Then I suppose you would magically return to the game as well? Maybe even buy yourself a private server in WU? So who is trolling now? Most of the silver in game dont just magically appear ... people buy it, work for it, spend RL money on it ... Go home Yamu, and try to scheme up something that isnt so see through ... Strangely Rolf said the exact opposite not long ago:
  7. I feel like this REALLY is a good time to have an other Q/A with Rolf and the devs. The last time we had one they promised to do it regularly. Well it's time to cash in on that promise I say. You guys kinda dropped the equivalent of an atomic bomb on us, the news about WU shook up the community very badly. So how about one of the staff members between two grinding sessions makes a post, gathers the questions, and Rolf will answer them? I recall the last time it had a nice and calming effect on the community, our curiosity was satisfied and we had the answers we needed. People are worried, especially those who invested a lot into this game, and I don't just mean money, but time as well. Which I think is understandable ... so before the angry mob gets out the pitchforks, let's have a little chat between Code Club and us, hm?
  8. I don't think it's your or any other players job to decide what prize they give out. Let's do a bit of a reality check: I never heard of a contest where the contestants can decide what do they want to win and how much money they want to get for winning. I was never the one for pvp or having this challenge server opened, but complaning about the amount of money other ppl won here and "accusing" Code Club for being too generous is weird and sorry but plain rude in my opinion. If Rolf is fine to part with the money (that is not being pruchased ie he wont get any money out of this), then we should be too, and just appreciate the gesture, I don't think it's hurting the echonomy at all, the player who just won the money might just buy your tools, bricks or whatever else you are selling, which he without winning this money maybe wouldn't do because the lack of founds.
  9. Congrats to all the winners. And I think if somebody worked for it, then that person deserves the prize even if he is being awarded in more than one category. Just my 2 cents ...
  10. I think we were close in numbers at the last red dragon slaying, well I at least lagged just as much then as I did now Thanks for finding the unique and organizing the event, (despite the lag) I had fun
  11. Justice has been served, glad to hear the good news, way to go Wurm Staff.
  12. When changing deed settings, now there is a warning: "Please make sure you want that role to be allowed to destroy buildings since it enables theft." Not exactly a solution for the problem, but more than nothing.