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Found 8 results

  1. Been here before, but lets look at another application of "The Yellow Potion". How about an alchemy feature that it adds some bonus to other potions such as bloods, oils, and even enchant or enhance it with slow decay/ longevity/ no decay(a value the yellow potion can impart. So, how about the addition of a "Longevity Alchemy" in which the yellow concoction added to another mentioned item adds/gives its longevity or no decay value to the item it is used on or in. With the addition of the Alchemy feature of potions and oils it would be nice to put them up with no decay to worry about...and drive the value of the dreaded yellow potion up. Could be added to materials as well using the function of the new slower decay runes too or a third "add" window option to the creation/crafting window. Re-purpose them to good use or at least increase the desire to want and trade them.
  2. For sale; x17 Yellow Potions x17 Sleeping Powders Located at D14, possible delivery. PM me ingame, @HeWhoHordesManyPillowsor reply here. Thanks for looking.
  3. Welcome to the first Krow's garage sale - deed kickstarter edition Here is the thing, I found some items roaming through the map and I was willing to sell them so I can place my first deed. ~ Item List ~ Decorations: - 2x Gold candelabra (QL 10 & 7) - 1x RARE lindenwood high bookshelf (QL 45) [SOLD] - 1x Gold hanging lamp (QL 4) - 1x Gold hanging lamp head (QL 5) - 1x Yule goat (QL 99) [SOLD] Gems: (1c p/ ql) - 5x Opal - 5x Ruby - 2x Diamond - 4x Emerald - 2x Sapphire - 15x Source crystal (might be included for free) Misc.: - 12x Yellow potion (QL AVG 81) Note: If you are interested in something please leave a comment here or contact me in-game, I'm near Green Dog @Deliverance *QL AVG = quality average
  4. Just a sudden idea, On the yellow potions that allow shape change( I mean this respectively...though it would be nice to have the traits of the creature shape-changed into). Could we also offer bonuses from them? . Since its a bonus for paid accounts, could they be used as a chance to make a rarity chance pouring on an item to say add .05 chance or event bonus window to create rare or even a flat out 5% chance when poured over an item to create a "rare" item?(If this were the case they would undoubtedly sell for a silver each or less and the balance would be someone spending 10 silver for a chance to make a rare would limit what a person would want to spend). They are a gratuity for "paid accounts"(to/for which I say thank you) but why not even offer the following: add a quality or bonus to spell increase on item, have the effect of a supreme or fantastic sacrifice when quaffed(random effect to a skill gain), bonus to rarity window or similar effect as bonuses to settlements on deed tokens, or increase effectiveness/longevity of other potions or in creation of other potions made from/with the blood under the crafting window, (what about a chance(after "tasting") to be any one of the previous bonuses- yellow potion). Just a beginning idea for making the yellow potions more worthy of being sought after. What do you think? Would increase the desirability to purchase more account time too. Back to the game.
  5. Amaze your friends, endlessly transforming into freakish objects and creatures. Average QL is around 67. Plenty of them are 100QL. How much do they all weigh? 0.14kg. The satchels weigh more to hold them! Make me a reasonable offer for the entire batch
  6. This is a large multi-item auction, please use the format "Item number - bid - bidder name" for clarity and ease. Items number 1-30 Starting Bid: 50c Minimum Increments: 10c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 31 (These are a full lot all will be sold together) Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 25c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 32 Starting Bid: 50c Minimum Increments: 25c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Items number 33-49 Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Items number 50-54 Starting Bid: 1s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Item number 55 Starting Bid: 2s Minimum Increments: 50c Buyout: None Reserve: None Sniper protection: 1hr Please note I do not accept private bids, all bids must be posted here, feel free to PM me with buy out offers or questions. All items are CoDed to winner at their expense unless picked up on deliverance at Funndy Docks, the only exception to this is if someone is to win a large quantity of items with a final bid of over 5s and they make arrangements with me for delivery. Please no random chatter or discussion on this thread, keep it clean for bids only if you have questions comments or concerns PM me! 3/12/15 Edit notes: Added current bids to OP image, lowered start bid on item 31.
  7. 1. Potion of Acid ql. 78,58 >> 2s 2. Potion of Acid ql. 75,37 >> 2s 3. Potion of Mining ql. 64,4 >> 3s SOLD 4. Potion of Mining ql. 84,18 >> 4s SOLD 5. Potion of Mining ql. 94,58 >> 5s SOLD 6. Ointment of Stonecutting ql. 58,47 >> 2s 7. CR potion ql 70 >> 10c 8. 31 yellow potions (ql ranges from 16 to 100, avg. ql 66,9) >> 1,5s SOLD
  8. I have two Yellow Potions. One is 16 Ql and the other is 50 Ql