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Found 36 results

  1. Welcome! If you're looking for Circle of Cunning or Vynora enchants, please click HERE In this thread you will find a bit of everything. If its an item that can be cast, I probably have or can make it, just ask! I also offer custom casting on your already made items, although this is done at your risk. There is a much higher chance of your item shattering if it is low quality. My priest has over 70 channelling and I have already enchanted a number of rare items for very satisfied players. Flat Rate BOTD Pricing! This spell is the equivalent of wind of ages/circle of cunning in one spell. Please note the below pricing is only for items currently listed in this thread and not new orders. 40-49 Cast for just 80c 50 COPPER! 50-59 Cast for just 2.00s 1.50 SILVER! 60-69 Cast for just 3.20s 2.70 SILVER! 70-79 Cast for just 6.00s 5.00 SILVER! 80-89 Cast for just 8.00s 6.50 SILVER! 90-99 Cast for just 10.00s 9.00 SILVER! Please note that most items come as blades or heads. If you would like an item made and imped, feel free to post here or pm me ingame. Most items can be imped to 50 and a max of 70/75 for an extra cost. Ingame Name - Vorlox/Artvark Butchering Knives 47 BOTD 48 BOTD 61 COC Carving Knives 53 BOTD 69 BOTD 70 BOTD Chisels 48 BOTD 57 BOTD 62 BOTD 71 BOTD Files: 43 BOTD 77 BOTD 78 BOTD Fine Meditation Rugs: 39.84QL 64 BOTD 40.81QL 44 BOTD Grooming Brush(Oak) 45 BOTD 54 BOTD 65 BOTD 66 BOTD 67 BOTD Hammers: 45 BOTD 50 BOTD 61 BOTD 63 BOTD Hatchets: 44 BOTD 52 BOTD 59 BOTD 81 BOTD Iron Lump(Activate and combine with more iron to keep enchant) 47 BOTD 51 BOTD 65 BOTD 70 BOTD 93 BOTD Large Anvils: 48 BOTD 52 BOTD 62 BOTD Meditation Rug: 40.32QL 77 BOTD Pickaxes: 49 BOTD 50 BOTD 51 BOTD 52 BOTD 76 BOTD 81 BOTD Pelts: 83.65QL 75 BOTD 89.45QL 73 BOTD 96.90QL 71 BOTD 99.89QL 75 BOTD Rake: 48 BOTD 78 BOTD Saddles: 51 BOTD 60 BOTD 71 BOTD Saws: 45 BOTD 56 BOTD 62 BOTD 68 BOTD Sickle: 45 BOTD 54 BOTD Scissors: 42 BOTD 49 BOTD 58 BOTD Shovels: 67 BOTD 68 BOTD Steel Hatchet Head 46 BOTD 57 BOTD 62 BOTD 77 BOTD 85 BOTD Steel Shovel Blade 46 BOTD 51 BOTD 60 BOTD 71 BOTD 86 BOTD Steel Pickaxe Head 43 BOTD 55 BOTD 62 BOTD 69 BOTD 80 BOTD Small Anvils: 46 BOTD 54 BOTD 65 BOTD Trowels: 42 BOTD 50 BOTD 60 BOTD Whetstones: 91.38ql 51 BOTD 91.38QL 54 BOTD 87.19QL 71 BOTD 85.42QL 60 BOTD 85.31QL 59 BOTD
  2. Hello! Welcome to my humble shop located in Harmony! Choose itens from the menu or order a weaponsmithing item! SILVER WEAPONS ADD TO THE LIST! Ask now for your silver weapon, it gives you a 10% damage bonus on hunter mobs! Click this hyperlink to see the hunter mob list! Longswords, huge axes, carving and butchering knives, any weapons or tools and more! (long spear and halberd not mailable, pick up only) MENU Any weapon Iron 30QL: 40cp Any weapon Iron 40QL: 60cp Lead Large Maul 40QL: 1s (+20% dmg to structures and poison dmg, less 12,5% dmg) Any weapon Gold Any QL: 50cp (Fashion) Gold statuettes of gods: 1s Any weapon Silver 30QL: 90cp Any weapon Silver 40QL: 1,5s Carving or butchering knife Electrum 40QL: 1,5s(coming soon) (Electrum takes 10% less dmg and have 15% shatter resistance) (Silver weapons have +10% dmg against hunter mobs) ENCHANTED WEAPONS! Longsword 40QL 30 Flaming Aura Longsword 40QL 20 Flaming Aura Feel free to ask for other itens or services and PM me in game! Nick: Agoraf Miscellaneous Wemp 30QL: 3c Iron lump +48QL: 25c/10kg Gold lump +40QL(PM me) Lead lump +40QL(PM me) Copper lump +40QL(PM me) Special Recommendations If you are looking for cloth tailoring itens check out Donamarlene's shop on this link. Great quality and prices
  3. Hvergi's Workshop Item Creation And Improvement Services Information All prices are for Iron items, unless otherwise noted. Most metals in stock, PM me here or in-game for a price quote. Imps are priced based on your desired QL price minus your current QL price, Rounded at my discretion. Items will be imped to metal, unless otherwise requested. For non-mailable items Pick up is at Elska Heima (f9) on Indy High Demand Trade ins Doing deed work, would rather smith so offering more then the market rate in shop credit for these items. Round Stone Bricks 25c per 100 (0 of 5000 recived) Mortar 30c per 100 (0 of 8000 received) Trades Currently Offered Skills : Blacksmithing up to 99ql Weapon smithing upto 92ql Chain armour smithing up to 70ql Plate armour smithing up to 70ql Shield smithing up to 70ql Blacksmithing Weapon Smithing Shield Smithing Chain armour Smithing Plate armour Smithing
  4. WTS some potions (COD included): Fletching potions, 1s each: WS oils, 1s each:
  5. Hi Everyone! MISC items for sale - mooring ropes (will sell 30 for 50c OBO) - 96.6 ql Weaponsmithing potion 2.5s (Great deal!) Thanks!
  6. 5c each when buying bulk. Good for enchanters. Please check out my collection - click the link -----> Weapons & Knives
  7. Recently I figured out a way to raise Weaponsmithing without having a high level of mining. For awhile I was making arrow heads as this uses a very small amount of iron lumps to make a lot of them. Then I tried making the carving knives in mass amounts Create a lot of Long Spears. They are improbable using carpentry supplies, instead of having to have high QL iron. So create 20 of them improve them till you it begins to be difficult. Put them in a fire, and pull them out before they are destroyed and start improving them again after they are repaired.
  8. WTS a ql 96.6 Weaponsmithing potion - 3s OBO. If you want to buy or barter, shoot me a message!
  9. Selling various oils & Potions: (Prices are per unit) Selling for 5s: Potion of Mining: 95.74ql Potion of Mining: 95.23ql Potion of Mining: 92.20ql Selling for 4s: Potion of Mining: 88.67ql Potion of Mining: 84.03ql Selling for 3s: Potion of Leatherworking: 98.13ql Potion of Leatherworking: 97.55ql Potion of Leatherworking: 93.09ql Selling for 2.50s: Oil of the weapon smith: 94.98ql Oil of the weapon smith: 94.86ql Oil of the weapon smith: 94.51ql Oil of the weapon smith: 93.05ql Oil of the armour smith: 99.77ql Oil of the armour smith: 97.58ql Oil of the armour smith: 97.37ql Oil of the armour smith: 97.15ql Oil of the armour smith: 95.29ql Potion of Leatherworking: 87.30ql Potion of Leatherworking: 86.86ql Potion of Leatherworking: 85.21ql Potion of Leatherworking: 82.31ql Selling for 2s: Oil of the weapon smith: 88.38ql Oil of the armour smith: 83.72ql (2.40 dmg) Oil of the armour smith: 83.43ql Oil of the armour smith: 82.91ql Oil of the armour smith: 81.64ql Fletching potion: 95.55ql Selling for 1.75s: Oil of the weapon smith: 85.03ql Oil of the weapon smith: 84.73ql Oil of the weapon smith: 82.88ql Oil of the weapon smith: 82.87ql Oil of the weapon smith: 82.80ql Oil of the weapon smith: 82.04ql Oil of the weapon smith: 81.81ql Oil of the armour smith: 79.88ql Oil of the armour smith: 77.44ql (3.93 dmg) Oil of the armour smith: 76.12ql Oil of the armour smith: 71.56ql Oil of the armour smith: 70.13ql Fletching potion: 95.55ql Selling for 1.5s: Oil of the weapon smith: 69.06ql Oil of the weapon smith: 67.99ql Oil of the weapon smith: 62.82ql Oil of the weapon smith: 62.07ql Fletching potion: 90.34ql Fletching potion: 85.07ql Selling for 1.25s: Fletching potion: 83.95ql Fletching potion: 81.33 ql Fletching potion: 79.23ql Fletching potion: 75.06ql Fletching potion: 74.17ql Fletching potion: 73.95ql Fletching potion: 71.88ql
  10. Want to sell: Oil of weapon-smithing 96ql Oil of weapon-smithing 92 ql Improving weapon smithing products using imbued tool will be easier. Oil of armour-smithing 84 ql Oil of armour-smithing 69 ql Improving armour smithing products using imbued tool will be easier. PM me in game @ Mrzodiac
  11. Improving any weapon(and butchering knife) to 70+QL for only 25cp. Make your order now! Bulk orders avaiable Also we have tailoring jobs, order meditation rug, fine or beautiful 60QL for 25cp If you live close you can pick up at i21 on Exodus AVAIABLE NOW IN STOCK! Rare huge axe: 7s For orders or buys PM Abortivora ingame or post here!
  12. We offer blacksmithing, carpentry, fine carpentry and chainsmithing items Buyer pays C.O.D fees Pickup at H23 exodus Stock items will be sent as soon as im online and orders will be sent as soon as they are made Now also with a merchant on deed with lots of cheap tools and enchanted tools. Blacksmithing orders Taking orders on new tools or imping one of your tools. Prices 70ql 20c 75ql 25c 80ql 30c 85ql 50c 90ql 80c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Full chain sets ql70 2s ql80 2,5s Carp/Fine carp: Prices 40ql 10c 50ql 15c 60ql 20c 70ql 30c 75ql 35c Price for imping is the difference between current ql price and requested ql price Enchants: coc/woa cast to 70+ 1c/power Merchant: Hatchet (c95) sold Wagon 1 wagon ql55 1s Rares and other goodies: Supreme Long Sword ql89 Nimb 86, LT 81, coc 90 33s Rare Long Sword ql90 Nimb 86, LT 85, coc 78 12s Rare Ropetool, oakwood ql79 2,5s Rare Ropetool, willow ql74 2,5s Oil of the weapon smith ql76 2s Fletching potion ql86 1,5s Supreme File ql88 23s Bulk Dirt 1s/1k (4 in stock) concrete 1s/100 (0 in stock) mortar 3s/1k (0 in stock) Bricks 2s/1k (0 in stock) If its not in stock contact me for details on when its ready. Sleep powder 1s each (10 in stock) (pickup only) Any questions or orders can be mailed to me here on forum or ingame (same name as here) No price is set in stone, if you like something contact me and we can talk about the price.
  13. Hi, i want to sell some potions. I'm not sure about prizes, but you can pm here or just reply post with offers. Thanks for buying. MJ. POTIONS OF LEATHERWORKING 14,54 QL 38,55 QL 46,94 QL 57,07 QL 66,31 QL 94,37 QL 37.71 QL 50c 64.64 QL 1s 75.78 QL 2s OIL OF WEAPON SMITH 35.51 QL 50c 67.81 QL 1s OIL OF ARMOUR SMITH (sold) 49.97 QL 50c 57.94 QL 1s 62.88 QL 1s 70.30 QL 1s 70.74 QL 1s 75.25 QL 1s 80.83 QL 1.5s (1s - if you will buy all) 85.70 QL 1.5s (1s - if you will buy all) 88.25 QL 1.5s (1s - if you will buy all) POTIONS OF WOODCUTTING 69.92 QL 2.5s 76.16 QL 2.5s 85.61 QL 3.5s OINMENTS OF TAILORING 74.49 QL 2.5s 86.97 QL 3.5s 95.72 QL 4s
  14. Nippy General Store Bulk Goods Boobaby's Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing 50ql 15c 60ql 25c Shads Leatherworking Resources Cotton 80+ql 1s per 1k Wemp 80+ql 1s per 1k All other veggies 80+ql 1s per 1k Will offer a discount on Bulk amounts over 5k Free delivery on all orders *ALTERNATE PAYMENT* As we know not everyone has silver ready to pay with we take barter payments for items. Here are some exchange rates. Referral 6s Sleep powder 1.5s Gems 2c per QL Open to other offers Merchant at Freedom Market Located at Nippy Shores 24x 46y
  15. Now smithing weapons up to 60 QL 30ql: 10c 40ql: 15c 50ql: 25c 60ql: 35c Just put your name on the weapon and the QL you want it imped to and mail it to LucidMunky, or post here and ill get ahold of you in game. ​
  16. How our prices work: I have a 70ql hammer I want improved to 90ql. Going by the table for blacksmithing it’ll be 0s 30c + 0s 40c, or 70c in total. Simple, right? Hatchet, Hammer, Anvils, Shovels, Rakes etc. 50ql : +0s 10c : 0s 10c 70ql : +0s 20c : 0s 30c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 60c 85ql : +0s 20c : 0s 80c 90ql : +0s 40c : 1s 00c 92ql : +0s 50c : 1s 50c 93ql : +0s 50c : 2s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 3s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 96ql : +1s 50c : 5s 50c Mallets, Spindles, etc 70ql : +0s 30c : 0s 30c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 60c 90ql : +0s 40c : 1s 00c 92ql : +0s 50c : 1s 50c 93ql : +0s 50c : 2s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 3s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 96ql : +1s 50c : 5s 50c 97ql : +2s 50c : 8s 00c Fresh Made Mallets 70ql : +0s 00c : 0s 10c 80ql : +0s 00c : 0s 20c 90ql : +0s 00c : 0s 30c Short bow, Medium Bow & Long Bow 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 50c : 0s 90c 90ql : +0s 60c : 1s 50c Rope tools, Presses, Looms, etc. 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 40c : 0s 80c 90ql : +0s 50c : 1s 20c 92ql : +0s 70c : 1s 70c 93ql : +0s 70c : 2s 40c 94ql : +1s 10c : 3s 50c 95ql : +1s 50c : 5s 00s Loom / Trebuchet / Etc imps Travelling costs, or deliver to our location. Contact us to negotiate. Carving knives, Butchering knives, Swords and other pointy things 50ql : +0s 10c : 0s 10c 70ql : +0s 30c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 30c : 0s 70c 90ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c 91ql : +0s 30c : 1s 30c Masonry.. things? 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 50c : 0s 90c 90ql : +0s 60c : 1s 50c 92ql : +0s 70c : 2s 20c 93ql : +0s 80c : 3s 00c 94ql : +1s 00c : 4s 00c 95ql : +1s 00c : 5s 00c 96ql : +2s 00c : 7s 00c Forge / Oven / Tower improve. Travelling costs plus eventual material costs + price in above table. Contact us to negotiate. Forge / Oven Create Delivery costs + price in above table. Contact us to negotiate. Studded, drake, saddles, etc Studded Leather armor set: 70ql : +0s 50c : 0s 50c 80ql : +0s 50c : 1s 00c 90ql : +1s 00c : 2s 00c Toolbelt: 70ql : +0s 50c : 0s 50c 80ql : +0s 20c : 0s 70c 90ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c Saddle: 70ql : +0s 40c : 0s 40c 80ql : +0s 20c : 0s 60c 90ql +0s 40c : 1s 00c Barding: 70ql : +0s 70c : 0s 70c 80ql : +0s 30c : 1s 00c 90ql : +1s 00c : 2s 00c Bridle, backpack, quiver and waterskins:(18ql): 5c per item. We will never guarantee a cast over 70 power due to the extreme randomness of priests and religion. Aura of shared pain 0.8 copper per power Wind of Ages / Circle of Cunning 1.0 copper per power. Nimbleness. 1.5 copper per power For any other Vynchants just send us a PM and ask! Cordage Ropes - 2s per 1000 favor. Cloth Squares - 1.8s per 1000 favor (Counting Fo Sacrifice bonus, 500 favor for other priests.) Door Locks - 1.8s per 1000 favor (Counting Mag Sacrifice bonus, 500 favor for other priests) While we prefer payment in cold hard coin, we also accept the following. FIXED PRICES FOR SPECIALITY ITEMS Drake hide - 31c (PER FULL 0.01 KG) Scale piece - 41c (PER FULL 0.01 KG) Sleep powder - 1.2s Source salt/liquid - 1.1s/1000 karma. Spyglass - 8s Twig - 3.5s Saccables 10c Rare & unusable (shards, logs…) 20c Rare & usable (planks, shafts….) 30c Supreme & unusable 50c Supreme & usable Rare/supreme/fantastic tools: Talk to us. Maybe we can make a deal. HoTA Statues Talk to us. Maybe we can make a deal. We will NOT cash in speciality items at the rate we state here on the page. Contact us if you wish to negotiate a sale, we may be interested.We will always reserve the first right of refusal to an order, please do not be offended if we do - we may just simply not have the time.Prices can and will change at any point in time. An order made and accepted before a price change will always cost what was first agreed upon.Casts that are of higher power than ordered will not be charged extra for. You got lucky.Items going rare/supreme/fantastic while being improved by us will not be charged extra for. You got lucky. (This does not apply when we’re making a fresh item)Response times and order fulfillment times may vary due to Real Life. We’ll make it as quick as we can, but sometimes ###### happens. We apologize in advance.CoD is always paid by the buyer. Delivery prices are always negotiated. Travelling fees are always negotiated.Bulk orders will get a percentage cut from them. How much will always be determined by two factors; How much you’re buying and if you’re a regular.Orders where you provide part of the materials required for your order will in many cases be cheaper. Contact us to negotiate.We do not deal in speciality metals (Seryll, Adamantine and Glimmersteel) due to its limited availability.We accept Euros in the stead of Silvers at the ratio of 1:1 S to €. Contact us in advance if you wish to pay this way. Buyer pays any transaction fees.There is an extra 20c charge on ordering enchanted “skiller†tools due to the annoying habit of them to go BOOM during the enchanting process. This fee covers the multiple times we may have to make more items just to keep casting.
  17. ~Alternative Payment Options~ <10ql Gems 1c per ql Sleep powder 1s each Filling 1k pans 1.5s 1k Onions, Corn or Garlic 1s 1k Wemp 92ql+ 1s *Some suppliers within this group may not take all items listed above as payment *Trades will be delivered to a place specified on discussion ~Delivery~ Price discussed upon PM or C.O.D. *Delivery depends on availability of group member Blacksmithing ~Tools~ 54ql - 5c 64ql - 15c 74ql - 40c 80ql - 80c *Large Anvils are 2x the price listed ~Horseshoes~ 54ql - 10c 74ql - 20c Set of 74ql - 60c ~Dredge~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 45c 82ql - 85c ~Iron Lamps~ 50ql - 15c 60ql - 25c 70ql - 40c *Lanterns add 5c to price Shieldsmithing ~Wooden Shields~ 50ql - 15c *Made from oak unless requested otherwise ~Iron Shields~ 50ql - 20c Carpentry ~Carpentry Tools~ 54ql - 10c 64ql - 20c 74ql - 40c 82ql - 80c ~Fine Carp Tools~ 54ql - 15c 64ql - 25c *Looms are 2x price listed ~Freedom Wagon~ 50ql - 1s Ropemaking ~Favor~ 1k Favor of Cordage Rope- 2s ~Ropes~ 1 Cordage Rope -5c 5 Rope - 1c Thick Rope - 8c Mooring Rope - 5c Mooring Anchor - 20c Jenn Kellon Flags, Banners and Towers can be picked up at Opeklia Market E/F 25/26 from the Jenn Kellon Merchants Look for the Tall Jenn Kellon Banner *will rarely trade for wagons, shoot a pm to see if we can *trades are taken on a supply basis for Jenn Kellon merchandise Jenn Kellon Flags - 40c Jenn Kellon Banners - 60c Tall Jenn Kellon Banner - 1s (Has freedom Design currently but still says tall jenn kellon banner when highlighting over it) Started Jenn Kellon Towers - 50c Jenn Kellon Wagons - 5s
  18. This auction is for 50 Tools made using weapon smithing, All 80+ Quality, perfect for enchanters, merchants, re-sellers, or a new town. This kit includes: 15 Carving knife 15 Butchering knife 10 Sickle 10 Scythe The starting bid is 25s, this is the reserve. At this price the cost per tool is 50 copper. Starting bid: 25s Minimum increments: 1s Buyout: Make me an offer No reserve Delivery: pickup from SW of Deli or delivery disscussed by pm Happy bidding!
  19. Since I have quit Wurm I am selling this storage toon along with all of it's contents. Be sure to keep an eye on the forums for my Main and Vynora Priest account auctions! Have Fun Wurming Everybody! Starting Bid: 40s Minimum Increments: 2s Buyout: 1.5g Snipe Protection: 1 Hour The Account is currently Located at Fort huntsman Docks on the West Coast of Release @ X4 : Y16 - G8 on Ingame Map. Account: Toon Name: Soulseeker Affinity: Weapon-Smithing Skills: Skills dumped at 08/09/2014 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 6.1415873 Faith: 3.3321834 Favor: 3.3321834 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.0 Tracking: 1.8042758 Milling: 1.0 Coal-making: 4.476942 Prospecting: 20.816639 Thatching: 1.0 Polearms: 1.0 Halberd: 1.0 Long spear: 1.0 Staff: 1.0 Hammers: 1.0 Warhammer: 1.0 Religion: 2.2267437 Prayer: 3.319237 Channeling: 1.0 Preaching: 3.0 Exorcism: 1.0 Artifacts: 1.0 Clubs: 4.8171115 Huge club: 9.151989 Healing: 3.1955054 First aid: 6.9383836 Archery: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 Medium bow: 1.0 Short bow: 1.0 War machines: 1.0 Catapults: 1.0 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Stealing: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.0 Climbing: 6.2126265 Shields: 1.1365732 Large wooden shield: 1.0 Medium wooden shield: 1.2988883 Large metal shield: 1.0 Small metal shield: 1.0 Small wooden shield: 1.0 Medium metal shield: 1.0 Axes: 10.704493 Huge axe: 20.004332 Large axe: 1.0 Hatchet: 7.8152933 Small Axe: 1.0 Swords: 1.9056967 Two handed sword: 1.0 Shortsword: 2.75339 Longsword: 1.0 Knives: 4.4494705 Butchering knife: 7.3885612 Carving knife: 2.3619895 Woodcutting: 11.212415 Mauls: 1.0 Small maul: 1.0 Medium maul: 1.0 Large maul: 1.0 Carpentry: 11.5743685 Fine carpentry: 3.707936 Ship building: 4.067075 Fletching: 1.3498956 Bowyery: 1.8016968 Toy making: 1.4473706 Nature: 5.840292 Gardening: 3.1132038 Fishing: 1.0 Papyrusmaking: 1.0 Animal husbandry: 1.0 Meditating: 1.0 Milking: 1.0 Farming: 3.3017616 Forestry: 1.9566735 Botanizing: 8.97408 Animal taming: 2.8967514 Foraging: 8.44709 Cooking: 2.2075522 Dairy food making: 1.0 Hot food cooking: 1.0 Baking: 1.0 Beverages: 1.0 Butchering: 5.1933603 Fighting: 20.03375 Shield bashing: 1.2208047 Taunting: 1.0 Normal fighting: 2.6915243 Defensive fighting: 4.4456024 Aggressive fighting: 14.871312 Weaponless fighting: 1.3689688 Toys: 1.3278211 Puppeteering: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.6762394 Alchemy: 1.8461499 Natural substances: 4.6614704 Miscellaneous items: 16.69618 Stone chisel: 1.5268261 Hammer: 1.311259 Sickle: 1.6554613 Scythe: 1.0 Repairing: 4.3999114 Saw: 1.8059274 Pickaxe: 11.995827 Rake: 1.9369775 Shovel: 22.13274 Pottery: 1.1625332 Firemaking: 2.2826006 Digging: 32.30683 Mining: 11.868606 Smithing: 4.2255487 Metallurgy: 1.3206167 Jewelry smithing: 1.1649354 Locksmithing: 1.0 Blacksmithing: 6.8686037 Armour smithing: 1.0 Shield smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.0 Plate armour smithing: 1.0 *Weapon smithing: 3.334315* Blades smithing: 4.4420834 Weapon heads smithing: 4.3627567 Ropemaking: 1.1650323 Masonry: 3.569822 Stone cutting: 2.4009013 Tailoring: 1.3001927 Leatherworking: 1.0 Cloth tailoring: 1.6337417 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 4.928846 Soul strength: 20.017464 Soul depth: 19.983301 Mind: 8.459068 Mind speed: 19.918194 Mind logic: 20.472725 Body: 12.060364 Body stamina: 20.410997 Body strength: 20.432308 Body control: 20.002508 The account comes with everything in the screenshot Below: Thank you all in advance for your bids!
  20. Welcome to Glorious Greenlegs! Do the woes of the deep birchwood forests of Xanadu make your axe cry? Trouble in troll town? Or just a dirt pile too big to dig with a mediocre shovel? We offer tools and weapons for the new frontier as Xanadu quickly becomes the fastest growing and most populated lands. Map: The Glorious Greenlegs Smithy and Trading Port is one short stop, located on Xanadu at R15 in the southern bay of the New Dawn Alliance, and can serve all your needs as an adventurer and settler. We can also send items by mail, and would be willing to deliver within reach of the town! For orders contact Wilford or Balack in-game or PM me here on the forums. Weaponsmithing Weapons 50 ql - Iron - 15c 50 ql - Steel - 20c Knives/Misc Butchering Knife - 50 ql - 10c Carving Knife - 50 ql - 10c Sickle - 50 ql - 10c Scythe - 50 ql - 10c Blacksmithing Tools 55 ql - 10c 65 ql - 15c 70 ql - 20c Anvils Small Anvil - 55 ql - 10c Small Anvil - 65 ql - 15c Small Anvil - 70 ql - 20c Large Anvil - 50 ql - 10c Large Anvil - 60 ql - 15c Lighting Lantern - 50 ql - 10c Lantern - 60 ql - 15c Iron Lamp - 50 ql - 10c Iron Lamp - 60 ql - 15c Misc Frying Pan - 50 ql - 15c Frying Pan - 60 ql - 20c Sauce Pan - 50 ql - 15c Sauce Pan - 60 ql - 20c Chain Armorsmithing 50 ql (set) - 70c 50 ql (individual piece) - 8c each 60 ql (individual piece) - 15c each Shieldsmithing Small Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 6c Medium Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 8c Large Metal Shield 45 ql - Iron - 10c Shipbuilding Temporarily unavailable until I can get some more wemp. Sorry! We now offer shipbuilding services! Every boat is made to order, improved to 50QL and includes a lock and 40QL anchor. Rowboat - 90c Sailboat - 1.20s Corbita - 5s Cog - 8s Other Items and Services 1,000 Bricks - Temporarily Unavailable