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Found 36 results

  1. Hello Wurmians! Welcome to our shop for all your caffeinated and alcoholic beverages! We offer beer, wine, cider, vodka, whiskey, moonshine, mead, oil and juice. Founded in 1101 Manufactured in Delucia Harmony S18 Coffeine Drinks Kahvesi: 96 QL small Barrel 45L 1s / jug 10L 55c / jar 2L 30c Alcoholic Drinks in Stock Moonshine 3x small barrel's 92QL 1s each Vodka 8x small barrel's 88QL 1s each Whisky 5x small barrel´s 92QL 1s each Beer: 4x small barrel`s 89QL 60c each Met 5x small barrel's 64QL/75QL/76QL each 50c Redwine: Year 1101 1x small barrel's 2s Year 1102 1x small barrel's 1,5s Year 1103 8x small barrel's 1s each Year 1104 15x small barrel's 80c each Year 1107 13x 60c each Year 1111 2x 50c each Whitewine: Year 1102 2x small barrel's 1,5s each Year 1105 2x small barrel's 70c each Juice in Stock 2x cherry juice 91QL 2s each 1x lingonberry juice 85QL 2s each 2x lemon juice 94QL 2s each 2x apple juice 96QL 2s each 2x orange juice je 90QL 2s each 4x green grape juice 82ql 1s each 2x blue grape juoce 95ql 1s each 5x maple syrup 73QL 1s each oil in Stock Oliveoil over 90ql available 1x 96ql Olive oil 5s each Cookingoil 1X walnut oil 95ql 2s each Cider 1xCider 25QL 50c 1xCider Vinegar 89QL 1s 2x Honey Vinegar 84QL/77QL 1s each Honey 50ql+ 50c each barrel Caffein info · Caffeine will give you an increased skillgain while using sleep bonus, the higher the power of the drink the more sleep bonus you will use. · A 1g sip of caffeine drink everyday in the first 10min after first login per server day, you will get 10min extra sleep bonus. · When using caffeine and sleepbonus it will reduce your fatigue (chat command: /fatigue) · Caffeine helps you to sober up on alcohol Alcohol info · It increases item creation difficulty, benefits the skillgain · It refills stamina during heavy duty work like swimming, climbing, digging and mining · It increases cooking difficulty · It increases combat rating bonus · You can earn the title “Drunkard” at a certain point of alcohol intoxication As this is an alliance shop and operated by two players, we can offer you a full range of finished grade caffeine and alcoholic drinks. You can PM Robboeny or Felicitas in game or just reply to this topic. All drinks will be send by COD samllbarrel 10c / jar 2c. Targeted affinity alcoholic drinks If you want a targeted affinity beverage, pls send Radulfus a PM and he will send you a meal to taste and he will figure out which drink he can offer to get your affinity. Note 1: You'll need to have "Fix Cooking Affinities" turned on in your profile. This is very important. I can tell you how to do this if you don't already know. Note 2: Keep in mind that we just started this business so at this point we can’t offer all affinities yet, its work in progress at the moment! Note 3: It is also possible that we don’t have your requested affinity drink in stock and it can take up to a week to produce it depending on the type of drink. Something is not listed? Or do you have a special request? Don't be afraid to ask! Have a nice wurming Day your RobBoeny My recommendations: Kupferlisas Pottery Mandalors high QL Leather-, cloth-, shield- and Blacksmith Achillis wappen 92QL+ und tools 99QL+ South Harmony Market - Custom BoTD - 20+ Händler - rare jewelry and more! Archäologi - StatueFrags/Shafts/Tenons/Pegs/Masks
  2. Good time of Day to you all! I have turned my Horde of Blood into a Horde of Potions and Oils! Sales are first come first serve~ Pm Gillie either in Game or right here! Acid Potion Quality Cost potion of acid Q 39.94 2.9 Silver potion of acid Q 84.89 3.4 Silver Oli of Armoursmithing Quality Cost Oli of Armoursmithing Q 67.28 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Quality Cost Oli of Blacksmithing Q 52.16 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 91.17 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 40.35 2.8 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 84.08 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 64.33 2.9 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 91.12 3.1 Silver Oli of Blacksmithing Q 92.21 3.1 Silver Oli of Weaponsmith Quality Cost Oli of Weaponsmith Q 60.18 2.9 Silver Butchery Potion Quality Cost potion of butchery Q 71.10 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 79.54 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 68.69 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 86.13 3.6 Silver potion of butchery Q 77.96 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 73.45 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 98.35 3.7 Silver potion of butchery Q 93.88 3.6 Silver potion of butchery Q 63.07 3.4 Silver potion of butchery Q 74.19 3.5 Silver potion of butchery Q 92.28 3.6 Silver Carpentry Potion Quality Cost potion of carpentry Q 89.59 3.8 Silver potion of carpentry Q 57.63 3.2 Silver potion of carpentry Q 83.88 3.7 Silver potion of carpentry Q 81.54 3.6 Silver potion of carpentry Q 97.24 3.9 Silver Fletching potion Quality Cost fletching potion Q 94.11 3.4 Silver fletching potion Q 87.67 3.3 Silver Leatherworking Potion Quality Cost potion of leatherworking Q 83.22 3.2 Silver potion of leatherworking Q 83.87 3.3 Silver potion of leatherworking Q 47.53 2.7 Silver Ropemaking Potion Quality Cost Ropemaking Potion Q 96.59 4.5 Silver Ropemaking Potion Q 76.75 4.4 Silver Mining Potion Quality Cost Potion of Mining Q 96.75 4.4 Silver Potion of Mining Q 87.17 4.3 Silver Tailoring Potion Quality Cost ointment of tailoring Q 55.29 3.8 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 73.58 4.1 Silver ointment of tailoring Q 84.03 4.3 Silver
  3. Hello folks! I have a load of barrels of cooking oil and vinegar for sale. All barrels are full (45kg per barrel), sealed for freshness (no decay as long as you keep em sealed with a peg after use) and many are 70+ QL. They're all 30c per barrel. Current stock: Corn Oil -- 45kg of sweet, oily goodness. Perfect for stir fries, curries, fish n chips, popcorn, and many many more recipes. Each full barrel contains 500 crushed corn and takes an absolute age to produce. Every serious cook needs a barrel close to their oven. Cotton Seed Oil -- Hundreds of pieces of cloth armor had to be sacrificed in the making of these oil barrels. Walnut Oil -- Seasonal item. Requires 500 walnuts and hours of clicking to make. Currently out of stock. Hazelnut Oil -- Seasonal, plus hazelnut farming is a relatively new development in Wurm, which makes full barrels challenging to come by. Currently out of stock. Malt Vinegar -- This stuff takes ages to prepare and real-life days to ferment, so why wait? Get yourself a few full 45kg barrels, keep them next to your oven, and make yourself as much curry, pickled veg, ketchup, mayo and other recipes as you want with no delay. Rice Wine Vinegar -- These are tough to make, give almost no skill when made, and take just as long to ferment as other vinegars. Can be used in all the same recipes that call for vinegar. White Wine Vinegar -- In Wurm, wine-making is punishingly difficult and almost impossible to grind. Unfortunately, you need to make wine before you can make wine vinegar. Red Wine Vinegar -- I forgot to mention, if you want to make both types of wine, you need to have vineyards on both sides of the server's equator. Blue grapes grow in the south side. Green, in the north. Just like in real life! This quirk adds potentially hours travel time to the already laborious process of making vinegar. Honey Vinegar -- Farming honey can be a painful business. Those little yellow-black buggers are very, very, very slow workers. Why bother waiting? Cider Vinegar -- Seasonal item, requiring loads of mashed apples. In-game PM is the quickest way to buy if I'm online, but you can order here on the forums too. COD cost is 10c per barrel. I will deliver orders over 10s. Pickup from central Xanadu is also possible. Looking forward to doing business with you! Ajala
  4. For all goods the mailing price is included. Targeted affinity drinks available with a single sip (0.2kg) giving you over 24h of your preferred affinity. Small barrel (45kg) 5s - 225 sips that should be enough for almost a full year. Pottery jar (2kg )50c - 10 sips that should last you for more than a week. When ordering a targeted beverage for the first time expect a free sample first - drink it to test timer and let me know what affinity you got from it. Alcohol in small barrels. Get drunk and fight with the drunken rage giving you 50% reduced damage from attacks. To order leave post here or contact Turils ingame. 1s per barrel: whisky, vodka, brandy, white wine, red wine, moonshine, cider, mead 50c per barrel: beer, porter, stout, ale Oils and juices, also in small barrels (45kg) and Quality up to 90 corn oil 2s cotton seed oil 2s olive oil 5s (2kg jar 1s) maple sap Q79 60c (20 available) strawberry juice 60c blueberry juice 60c raspberry juice 60c orange juice 60c green grape juice 1s apple juice 2s red cherry juice 2s honey 1s
  5. WTS contents of pic for listed price OBO
  6. WTS Glimmersteel 2,5s each 84ql 0.34kg 84ql 0,34kg Oil of the weapon smith 60-78ql 1s each 80ql+ 1.5s each 60ql 68ql 71ql 78ql 12 sleep powders 1s/each Open for offers
  7. weapon smith 2.5s stevelee in game or reply to thread or send forum pm. thank you
  8. POTIONS AND OILS Potion of Leatherworking 65.34QL 1.5s Oil of the Armour Smith 91.53QL 1s Oil of the Armour Smith 89.05QL 1s Fletching Potion 68.43QL 1s Fletching Potion 73.54QL 1s Potion of Mining 66.94QL 1s Potion of Mining 43.22QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 94.57QL 1s Potion of Woodcutting 50.17QL 1s Salve of Frost 92.84QL 30c
  9. 90.2QL Rare Needle, iron Coc 42 LWImbue 8 3.5s 84QL Rare Awl, Iron Clean 4s 90.2QL Rare Leatherworking Knife CoC82 LWimbue 17 6s 90.2QL Rare Bow(Medium), Willow Nimble74,CoC68,Bowstring QL93 5s 89QL Rare Shortbow Nimble79,Coc72,Bt75,MS47 5s 75QL Spear Bracelet, Seryll 1.5s 25QL Triple Shoulder Pad, Leather 75c 48QL Pendulum, Iron 92LitD 1s 75QL Depleted Socketed Ring, Seryll 1s 48.9QL Oil of the Armorsmith(2dmg) 1s 48QL Supreme Yo-yo, cedarwood(0.39DMG) 1.5s
  10. WTS SOLD Oil of the weapon smith 74,52ql 1,8s Oil of the weapon smith 84,86ql 2s Oil of the armour smith 97,00ql 1,7s cod or pickup on indy
  11. Hello my dear customers! Salves of Frost - 50c each Potions of Acid - 50c each Oils of Weapon smith 88ql/88ql /2.5s Fletching Potion - 82ql/1.2s If you are interested in rift items, just pm me with your offer. I am taking ALL offers into consideration!
  12. Oil of Weapon smith = 4.5s Oil of Blacksmith = 2.5s
  13. 1s per blood or 6s for all the bloods 1.5s per oil, or 12s for all the oils you can save even more by buying all of it at a low low price of 15s!
  14. Allow us to use Corn on a Fruit Press to make oil. Its more difficult than pressing olive oil. Rename Olive oil => Oil. Why? Currently only olives provide oil, requiring olive trees and them being in season which is not that hard to miss. The oil is the only option to make a compass and to keep lamps off deed lit using a templar. Would be very practical to have another source of oil. Why corn? Its already in the game and a real life source for oil. But thats unfair for the people who made olive oil forest! Thats why its more difficult, which it also is in real life actually (olive oil is invented before 0 BC, corn oil 1890(?))
  15. Hello All you can see here is for sale. Just PM me on the forum and tell me what you want and how much would you like to pay or ask me about price. Enchants 60-79 Enchants 80-94 Ornate fountain (You can use it to paint ships/colossus and other big objects. Gifts Garden Gnome, valentines and yule goat Sold Artifacts, Rares, Potions, Gems, Others Seryll lumps, glimmer medalion and axes. rare arrow sold.
  16. #1 Make an offer #2 2s SOLD! #3 1s SOLD! #4 Make an offer SOLD! #5 5s SOLD! All items may be picked up from my deed (Karthwasten, G17) on Pristine or CoD. Everything of value has been sold. Please close the topic.
  17. Hello I'd like to imbue my LW set with oils of armour smith, but I am not sure if it works while imping scale armour. Anyone tested it and know answer?
  18. I have 1x Oil of Armour Smith, 1x Oil of Weapon Smith and 1x Oil of Leatherworking to sell. Oil of Armour Smith 3s Oil of Weapon Smith 2.5s SOLD Oil of Leatherworking 3s SOLD With provide free COD via mail. Message me here or ingame AussieMel.
  19. Hello gang! i'm looking for a steady supply of high QL olive oil, several KGs per month, but it needs to be high QL (80+, 90+ is preferred). i believe that when shipping oil you pay once for the container, and once for the shipping of every 1kg of oil, so would prefer xanadu shipping fees. Let me know either in-game, reply to this thread or PM me please. Thanks, ~Smokes
  20. Heylo.. high enough quality to auction.. here it is. A small flask containing a grey oily substance that glows in the dark. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 50c Buyout: Offer A free q79 Salve of Frost goes to the winner.
  21. I would like to see an oil/extract made from cedar that could be used on other wood types to instill the same longevity that you credit Cedar wood for. The reason is to fully use the other wood grains/types for looks without loosing the lasting durability of Cedar. A skill such as alchemy, Nature or some other related type (even cooking) could be used in the creation process. This also goes off the other idea I proposed by allowing different woods traits, such as alcholic beverages containers or reagents that have unique traits to the wood types that may be imbued in other items(mainly woods). Just an idea, what do you think?
  22. All items CoD from Xanadu: .28kg Red Dragon Scale - 20s Oil of Armour Smith 96ql - 2.5s Oil of Weapon Smith 98ql - 4s 94ql - 3.5s 94ql - 3.5s 94ql - 3.5s 93ql - 3.5s 93ql - 3.5s 92ql - 3.5s 87ql - 3s 87ql - 3s 84ql - 3s 79ql - 2.5s 72ql - 2.5s 71ql - 2.5s 61ql - 2s 60ql - 2s Ointment of Stonecutting 98ql - 3s 98ql - 3s 80ql - 2.5s 80ql - 2.5s 76ql - 2s 70ql - 2s 53ql - 1.5s
  23. wts 50.03ql oil of the armour smith, 2s buyer pays cod from xanadu.