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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, Dragon Valley's Market presents to your service. If you have any questions or if you'd like to request some items be restocked or added, just PM me on priest DARGOLL or on main DARGOL . /t Dargol /t Dargoll Custom casts (CoC, WoA, Nim, MS, FB, FP, G, LiTD, AoSP, Demise A/M/L, Mend) Current skill - 98,2+ channeling (Benediction Vynora Enchants) A price list for enchanting your tools, weapons, armor and items: Spell name 70+ 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Circle of Cunning ( CoC ) n/a 1,00 1,50 3,00 Increase skillgain (1 point = 1%) Wind of Ages ( WoA ) n/a 1,00 1,50 3,00 Increase action speed (1 point = 1%) Nimbleness ( Nim ) n/a 1,20 1,80 3,60 Slighlty Increases chances to hit (Any 1 point = 0.033 CR) Mind stealer ( MS ) n/a 2,00 3,00 6,00 Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Frostbrand ( FB ) n/a 0,90 1,35 2,70 Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Fire protection ( FP ) n/a n/a 0,45 0,90 Reduce any fire damage you take Glacial ( G ) n/a 0,80 1,21 2,41 Will increase the damage of all cold wounds caused by the player. Lurker in the deepg ( LiTD ) n/a 0,60 0,90 1,80 Locates rare fishing spot tiles Aura of shared pain (AoSP) One piece of armor n/a 0,60 0,90 1,80 Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Aura of shared pain (AoSP) Full armor set n/a 4,50 6,75 13,50 Small damage return up to 30% to creature that land hit to enchanted armour part Animal Demise ( AD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster Demise ( MD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary Demise ( LD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). Mend 0,20 Repair item (such as: Pelt, Whetstone and other) with ql cost rought by ratio 1ql per 10dmg Opulence n/a n/a 0,09 0,18 Will make the food item satisfy your character better P.S. All prices are in silver ! P.S. your items can be broke (~0,05%). Small chance, but it exists! Price list of already enchanted tools/weapons/materials (List of available below) : Spell name 70+ 80+ 90+ 100+ Description Circle of Cunning ( CoC ) n/a 0,50 1,00 2,00 Increase skillgain (1 point = 1%) Wind of Ages ( WoA ) n/a 0,50 1,00 2,00 Increase action speed (1 point = 1%) Nimbleness ( Nim ) n/a 0,60 1,20 2,40 Slighlty Increases chances to hit (Any 1 point = 0.033 CR) Mind stealer ( MS ) n/a 1,00 2,00 4,00 Chance to steal small amount of characteristics, that higher than yours, on kill non player creature. Frostbrand ( FB ) n/a 0,45 0,90 1,80 Add frost damage to a weapon, up to 33% on max enchant power. Fire protection ( FP ) n/a 0,15 0,30 0,60 Reduce any fire damage you take Glacial ( G ) n/a 0,40 0,80 1,61 Will increase the damage of all cold wounds caused by the player. Lurker in the deepg ( LiTD ) n/a 0,30 0,60 1,20 Locates rare fishing spot tiles Animal Demise ( AD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus non-legendary "animal" creatures (Wild cat, brown bear, hell horse, etc.). Monster Demise ( MD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus non-legendary "monster" creatures (Troll, goblin, hell scorpious, etc.). Legendary Demise ( LD ) * On weapon more than 70 ql 0,50 Add 3% damage versus legendary creatures (Black dragon, Kyklops, Troll king, etc.). P.S. All prices are in silver ! Circle of Cunning (coc) - Increases skillgain when using the tool to perform actions. Wind of Ages (woa) - Increases the speed of the tool when using it to perform actions. Nimble (nim) - Increases chances to hit. Mind Stealer (MS) - After killing, steals a random skill from a monster. FrostBrand (FB) - A weapon enchanted with Frostbrand causes additional frost wounds when it damages an opponent. Stone Strike (ss) - Improve the success chance of a surface mining action. Notes: If the tool is incomplete(in a head or blade form), any casts on it will carry over to the combined tool ! My auctions Special offers (Rare, Supreme and other) Free distribution of gifts. No more than 1 in one hand! Via a request on the forum. Awls Butchering knife Carving knifes Cheese drills Cheese drills Files Fishing net Grooming Brushes Hammers Hatchets Horse shoes Knifes Large Anvil Leather knifes Lumps and Other Materials Mallets Meditation rugs Metal brushs Mortar and pestle Needles Pelts Pickaxes Rakes Rope tools Saws Saddles Scissors Scythes Shields Shovels Sickles Small Anvils Small Bucket Spatula Spindle Spears Stone Chisels Trowels Water Whetstone Weapons Bows
  2. Welcome to Bifrost Canal Market! We are excited to announce the opening of a new market location, located in a quiet bay just beyond Bifrost Canal's entrance. We are located at map tile P15 on Harmony. Easily accessible by both water and land! Merchant available with leather items such as saddles and studded leather armor! Merchant with up to 90ql+ metal tools at low prices!! Merchant available with Plate Metal Armor!!! Limited horses available for self serve!! Shields available for order! 50c for 70ql (iron) We are pleased to announce we now have a self-serve area located on the west side of Bifrost Canal. We have horses, leather items and metal tools available. Come visit us and rest your weary head in our hostel! SELF SERVICE STABLES Available Horses, Mules and Hellhorses: (Don't forget to check out our free animal pen!) IMP SERVICES or New Orders Items needing imped can be mailed to the appropriate craftsman. Please label each item with your character name and desired quality!! For additional information or for new orders, please pm appropriate craftsman or message me on here. Thanks! Leatherwork Leatherwork (up to 90ql) provided by Darwenius. Please message him in game! Blacksmithing Blacksmithing services (90ql+) provided by Katharina. Please message her in game! Plate Armor Smithing Smithing services (80ql+) provided by Zegrim. Please message in game! Carpentry Carpentry services provided by Katharina. Please message in game! Shields Shield services provided by Darwenius . Please message in game! Bifrost Canal Market is located on Harmony at map tile p15. Easily accessible by both water and highway. Thank you! Horses viewed at over 65 Animal Husbandry. All traits are shown above. Merchants are located at Bifrost Canal Market as well. The token is conveniently located along the main road that runs through the property for anyone that needs to access their bank and there is a mailbox with a 85+ cast for use located next to the token.
  3. Welcome to Sunny coast! Harmony, i8 Send me a private message or send post here Horses 4 draft and 4 speed, Mules 4 draft: Fo priest service: Leatherworking up to 92ql: Carpentry / Fine Carpentry up to 85ql / 75ql:
  4. Frost's Leatherworks Hello everyone, thanks for being here! My goal here at Frost's Leatherworks is to. supply simply made products to my amazing friends in Wurm. This text is an informative pre script to get the word out that my Business is soon to come Currently I am level 32 and leather working and around the same in black smithing if that is needed I will be making a more detailed list of prices And availability when I I am able to do so do not worry it will not be long before I get the show on the road in the meantime if you need anything you need anything please reply here and I will try to make What do you need Thanks again
  5. Hi all, I currently have above 98 leatherworking and am offering imps to 94ql. All of my leather is made fresh from the horses and donkeys in my steppe, but don't worry, we use all the parts of the animals and all scraps are turned into glue! Prices Below Studded \ Leather Sets (Full Set) | Saddles | Toolbelts (For every 10ql they get an extra slot) | Drake Hide Imps (Full Set) | Single Leather Armour Item (Drake, Studded and Regular Leather) Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price | Quality Price 60 ql 75c | 60ql 30c | 60ql 30c | 60ql 67.50c | 60ql 13c 70 ql 1.00 | 70ql 50c | 70ql 50c | 70ql 90c | 70ql 25c 75ql 1.50s | 75ql 70c | 80ql 80c | 80ql 2.25s | 80ql 40c 80 ql 2.50s | 80ql 1.25s | 90ql 2.25s | 85ql 3.60s | 85ql 65c 85ql 4s | 85ql 2s | 90ql 4.5s | 90ql 95c 90ql 5s | 90ql 3s | 91ql 7.20s | 91ql 1.15s 91ql 8s | 91ql 4s | 92ql 9.00s | 92ql 1.55s 92ql 10s | 92ql 5s | 93ql 11.70s | 93ql 1.85s 93ql 13s | 93ql 6.5s | 94ql 13.50s | 94ql 2.10s 94ql 15s | 94ql 8.5s | 95ql 17.55s | 95ql 2.4s 95ql 19.5s | 95ql 11.50s Please PM for barding Any armour with my signature will be 50% off for future imps. Any Drake Hide armour with my signature will get a free imp from 5 ql below what it was initially brought to. So if you paid me for a 85ql imp, so long as it's above 80ql I'll imp it for free back to 85! Anything below 85 ql I can likely make or imp the same day it's sent in, for armour sets at 90+ please remember I have to imp 9 items to 90 . I usually give updates on how progress is, so that you know I'm hard at work! Reply to this forum for service or rename your items to the character name you want them mailed back to, and the quality you want the item brought to. If you are not comfortable with sending the items before talking to me please PM me or send me a woodscrap renamed to your name and I'll PM you when I'm online. Send all items to Bungii in-game Or do you want your armour in fancy colour? See Annuile's page for dyes of all colours! Also see my deedmate's store page below!
  6. Came to Wurm looking for an MMO, and what a MMO i've found! I am a RL Greatsword enthusiast, So I thought I could perhaps make some sort of a Blademaster/Barbarian trope! Focusing on Leatherwork (36) and WeaponSmithing (12) (yes, I know it's long) at the moment. I've been on for 3 weeks but an introduction is never bad. As I always say, happy grinding! Nicolás.
  7. Introduction Hello. I am Christos, that's my in-game name and real name to. I am looking to put my skills to some good use. Current Skills: Cloth Tailoring: 60+ QL Leatherworking: 40+ QL My Location Server CAD on need Stillwater Coves,1232 Services I provide All prices are NEGOTIABLE! I can Create, Improve and Repair items. Just send me a message at Christos. I can send items with mail with 8 minutes delivery time. Cloth Tailoring Items 30+ QL 40+ QL 50+ QL 60+ QL Beautiful Meditation Rug 20C 25C 32C 40C Bedroll1 80C 1S 1.2S 1.4S Big Square Sail 25C 30C 37C Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Colorful Cotton Cloths 40C 60C 85C 1.3S Colourful Carpet3 15C 20C 28C 35C Cotton Cloths (Set) 35C 55C 80C 1.25S Cotton Sheets 10C 25C 40C Dyeable Cloth Barding2 40C 60C 80C 1S Exquisite Meditation Rug 30C 35C 42C 50C Fine Meditation Rug 15C 20C 28C 35C Fishing Nets 2C 4C 9C 15C Large Colourful Carpet3 20C 25C 32C 40C Meditation Rug 10C 15C 23C 30C Satchel 2C Small Colourful Carpet3 10C 15C 23C 30C Small Square Sail 20C 25C 32C Triangular Sail 20C 25C 32C Wool Cloths (Piece) 1C 2C 4C 6C (1) Bedroll, when placed within 2 tiles of a tent owned by you, is a portable source of sleep bonus, functioning like a bed, but only providing 75% the amount of sleep bonus over time. If you do not have a tent, I can ask a friend to create a one for you. (2) Cloth Barding is Armour for your Horse. (3) Can not be send via COD. Leatherworking Items 20+ QL 30+ QL 40+ QL Almanac 20C 25C 35C Animal Rugs1 20C Archaeology Journal 20C 25C 35C Backpack 10C Bridle 10C Brown Bear Helm2 25C 30C 35C Leather Adventure Hat3 8C Leather Armour (Set) 20C 25C 30C Leather Barding4 1.5S 2S 2.5S Saddle 15C 30C 50C Saddle Bags 10C Studded Leather Armour (Set) 25C 30C 35C Toolbelt 10C 20C 30C Waterskin 3C (1) Animal Rugs are: Black Bear, Black Wolf, Brown Bear and Mountain Lion Rugs. (2) Brown Bear Helm's protection is equivalent to Studded Leather Cap protection. (3) Leather Adventure Hat is a decorative hat. Does not provide armor protection. (4) Leather Barding is Armour for your Horse. Farewell Thanks for visiting my humble store. Feel free to contact me in game at Christos or leave a message here. See you soon.
  8. Welcome to Ansa House of Wood&Leather! You might know me from such roles as spamming the Trade-tab with monotonic offers, but now you can find the same offers on this Forum too! Skills I currently have: Leatherworking up to QL 70 Carpentry 70 Fine Carpentry 44 Tailoring 28 Cloth tailoring 21 Feel free to make orders if you feel my skills are adequate for it. I try to offer affordable prices for everyone! Most of the time I have a stock of QL50 toolbelts for 50c, other items will be made for order. I am located on Cadence in case you wish to order non-mailable items. Contact Ansa in game or feel free to contact me through the forum too.
  9. Welcome to Tidus Village Farm! We are located on Cadence @ I17, just north of Sonata. We sell all crops and leatherworking services! Message FoxFries in game for more info! Below is a list of our services/prices/rough estimate of our inventory levels: Leatherworking (most items are per request) COD available: Item - Quality - Price ---------------------------- - Saddles - 40ql - 1.5s - Studded Sets - 40ql - 2s - Leather Sets - 40ql - 1.5s - Bridles 20c - Tool belts - 40ql - 70c ---------------------------- Crops - Delivery available for 1s (cadence) | 2s delivery fee for any other islands ** most bulk orders can be fulfilled within a week if we do not have the quantity desired in stock ** Item - Quality - Price - Inventory Level ---------------------------- - Pumpkins - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 1500 in stock - Cabbage - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 100 in stock - Potatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Tomatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Garlic - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Wheat - ~30ql- 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Rye - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Other small weight veggies - .5c ea | 50c per 100 | 2s per 1k - various quantities
  10. Edit: lowered start bid Rare awl, iron, 70,09ql Wind of ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [79] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [72] Start: 8s Increments: 1s Buyout: 15s Reserve: None Snipe: 1 hour Buyer pays cod fee
  11. I love the visual look of the bardings! But feel both the visual and possibly added benefits of having a harness for the animal-drawn vehicles would be an fine addition. Maybe it could add a slight speed bonus when pulling carts etc. I do not think it should be required to be able hitch animals to carts, as leather can be hard go get when you fairly new to the game. But would mean more uses for the leather working skill. Perhaps a new features could be to: Pull trees etc through the woods without the use of a wagon at all Plow fields Cut grass Harvest some types of fields Help tear some types of fence down More ideas anyone? I also posted this on uservoice, not sure if that's used much anymore? I apologize if I missed out on others posting this idea, but I did a fair share of searching before posting. -Bene
  12. *Sold for a good buyout offer, please close. Starting bid: 100e Increment: 10e Items to note: Premium time to 2014 along with 28s banked and rare high ql items plus an applewood knarr to haul it all away in. Also, good reputable character (to those who know me anyway!) Reason for leaving: Wife is going to school soon, no time to play since i gotta go out and make some money. As much as I hate to sell the char, every bit helps! [19:17:52] You have played 51 days, 2 hours and 0 minutes. [19:17:52] You have premium time until 10 Jan 2014 04:46:41 GMT Skills dumped at May 27, 2013 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 29.887274 Favor: 29.887274 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 12.321199 Tracking: 7.606992 Milling: 11.633979 Coal-making: 57.018356 Prospecting: 1.8186592 Religion: 3.02276 Prayer: 6.4904943 Preaching: 2.0 Healing: 5.606624 First aid: 13.616353 Archery: 30.114859 Short bow: 22.144447 War machines: 6.587708 Catapults: 10.38433 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 7.992718 Axes: 44.272755 Huge axe: 15.354163 Hatchet: 56.600765 Swords: 1.9671302 Shortsword: 2.640478 Knives: 20.294472 Butchering knife: 5.896194 Carving knife: 30.675209 Woodcutting: 71.11659 Carpentry: 83.69335 Fine carpentry: 38.636745 Ship building: 57.955986 Fletching: 36.435497 Bowyery: 20.785984 Nature: 34.070946 Gardening: 38.47675 Fishing: 8.713695 Papyrusmaking: 2.7142699 Animal husbandry: 37.33127 Farming: 19.799898 Forestry: 34.711617 Botanizing: 21.49586 Animal taming: 10.869726 Foraging: 13.087643 Cooking: 8.21158 Hot food cooking: 16.217505 Baking: 13.382584 Butchering: 7.791805 Fighting: 12.853314 Normal fighting: 9.723226 Defensive fighting: 1.0 Aggressive fighting: 16.430021 Weaponless fighting: 1.2751755 Toys: 1.1190143 Puppeteering: 2.83003 Alchemy: 22.51762 Natural substances: 43.74973 Miscellaneous items: 52.197796 Stone chisel: 8.4448805 Hammer: 54.692863 Sickle: 33.20137 Scythe: 1.7174515 Repairing: 41.202267 Saw: 30.998045 Pickaxe: 13.601834 Rake: 11.171139 Shovel: 60.642864 Pottery: 9.324469 Firemaking: 19.741173 Digging: 78.290955 Mining: 12.27196 Smithing: 14.404877 Jewelry smithing: 1.8173978 Locksmithing: 3.6444812 Blacksmithing: 26.608692 Weapon smithing: 5.0979896 Blades smithing: 8.539908 Weapon heads smithing: 6.005752 Ropemaking: 23.38862 Masonry: 25.491776 Stone cutting: 14.682988 Tailoring: 36.48432 Leatherworking: 86.361916 Cloth tailoring: 25.643621 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 20.274464 Soul strength: 21.182724 Soul depth: 22.70355 Mind: 29.647165 Mind speed: 20.049595 Mind logic: 35.852806 Body: 34.572247 Body stamina: 27.605726 Body strength: 30.317802 Body control: 29.720371
  13. Its my pleasure to announce that the upgrades to TDM are now officially coming to a close this weekend. The market is located at the center of the map on a man-made coastal island connected to the west side of Tap Dance by a land bridge. We've been striving away to fill empty spaces and expand our animal selling facilities and construction work is finally coming to a close. However if you are interested in a shop here and are not already on the list we will continue to slowly replace empty Market stalls with our new stone shops where possible. Id also like to thank those who have lent a hand with some of the work and really sped things up, you know who you are. TDM has a high power mailbox that delivers in under 10 minutes as well as an altar to each god, both are available to the public Tap Dance market currently contains a variety of merchants catering to a wide range of needs: Lump Tools Enchants - Sells a selection of high quality chain armor, Enchanted tools from low quality skilling tools to high WOA tools as well as high quality bulk lumps New Awesomesaucia Wares - Comprised of 3 merchants selling quality shields, Enchanted tools and anvils, meditation rugs and carpentry wares Tpikols Carpentry - Tpikol's merchant specializes in 70-90 quality carpentry wares from practice dummies, grooming brushes, signs, even altars and mailboxes Dragon Forge Weapons and Sfaleron's Wares - Dragon Forge weapons sells weapon smithing goods from quality 50-85 and on occasion enchanted tools as well, Sfaleron's Wares sells quality Blacksmithing goods, high quality carp goods and other general wares. Whisky Lamp and Moonshine Tannery - These two merchants sell traited Horses, quality studded leather armor sets, ropes, toolbelts and cloth goods. Germania's - A merchant selling traited horses and other general goods Necromancers Smithy - This merchant sells quality Weaponsmithing and Blacksmithing goods Sara - A high quality weaponsmithing, Armour and blacksmithing store Das Booth - A general goods store Violets Tools/Weapons - A high quality enchanted weapons and tools store comprising of two merchants Cheap weps/tools - This merchant sells Heavily enchanted weapons and tools of a high quality as well as un-enchanted quality products Hillbilly Hermit - A blacksmithing and enchanted tools store that also regulatory stocks anchors Woventhreadii - Sells cloth and rope wares of quality Mostly Chain - This merchant sells chain armor sets for affordable prices Trinity Trading co - A general goods store What you need - A general goods store Korner Industries - This merchant can be found selling studded leather armor and an assortment of other goods As well as an asortment of other merchants Coming soon new bulk crop and materials vendors (stalls are in progress and merchants have been found) If your interested in placing a merchant here please pop buy and just plant one in a free stand or contact Dyf/Split Ingame If you'd like your very own shop here there is a waiting list, however if your willing to provide materials or lend a hand making them we'll happily provide the spot. Place a merchant here is free and always will be this is a community Market and is not for profit.