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Found 11 results

  1. I seem to remember being on a server where Glimmersteel and Adamantine were combined by metallurgy to make Seryll. Where can I find this mod?
  2. Rift metal: rare Adamantine 85,21 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Adamantine 81,67 ql / 0.34 kg 2s SOLD Seryll 83.72 ql / 0.25 kg 1,5s SOLD Seryll 86.36 ql / 0.25 kg 1,5s SOLD Glimmersteel 80,40 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 83,78 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 84,27 ql / 0.33 kg 2s Glimmersteel 85,04 ql / 0.33 kg 2s Glimmersteel 87,15 ql / 0.34 kg 2s Glimmersteel 58,65 ql / 0.30 kg 1.5s Rift jewelry: Necklace of focus 75 ql / 0 dmg 60c Necklace of protection 50 ql / 0 dmg 60c Shoulder Pads: Crafted shoulder pad 50 ql / 0 dmg 20c Left layered 50 ql / 0 dmg 20c Boar shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Curved shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Small shoulder pad 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c Right elaborate 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c SOLD Ribboned/Left 75 ql / 0 dmg 35c SOLD Ointments & Potions Ointment of Stonecutting 66.19 ql 1s Ointment of Stonecutting 70.59 ql 1.1s Ointment of Stonecutting 74.53 ql 1.2s Ointment of Stonecutting 80.65 ql 1.25s Ointment of Stonecutting 91.38 ql 1.5s Potion of mining 54.56 ql 2s Potion of mining 96.18 ql 3.5s Potion of mining 85.85 ql 3s Oil of the Armour Smith 33.64 ql 60c Oil of the Armour Smith 61.74 ql 1s Oil of the Armour Smith 62.09 ql 1s
  3. Hello , stuff available to selling: -Glimmersteel lump 90,5ql, 0,35kg : 2 silvers coins. -Longsword 61ql with Wind of Ages [82] and Frostbrand [35]: 75 copper coins. SOLD -Ointment of stonecutting: 1 silver coin. SOLD Rift stuff: -Rift wood 23ql ,1 units: 4 copper coins . SOLD -Rift stone shards 33ql,4 units: 5 copper coins each. SOLD -Rift crystals 37ql,2 units: 5 copper coins each. SOLD GEMS: Batch of gems: 20 copper coins. SOLD -Star ruby 44ql= 3 silver coins. Services: Enchanting grass = 50 copper coins per tile if is in Deliverance , if is in another server then 35c more (PVE). Planning buildings (Masonry 93,Carpentry 92) 1 copper coin per tile + 25c for travel.
  4. 1. necklace of protection 1s x3 2. artisan necklace 1s x2 3. soul stealer necklace 1s x2 4. necklace of focus 1s x2 5. dark ring 1s 6. artisan ring 1.5s 7. ring of the eye 1s 8. spear bracelet 1.5s 9. huge sword bracelet 1.5s x2 10. bracelet of inspiration 1.5s x2 11. used short sword bracelet 1.5s x3 12. short sword bracelet 1.5s x2 13. Drake hide 0.038 1.52s x2 14. Drake hide 0.019 0.76s 15. dragon scale 0.036 1.8s 16. rare glimer 75ql 0.29 2s 17. supreame glimer 87ql 0.36 3s 18. rare adamantine 88 ql 0.35 3s skull mask gold,silver,oleander all 3 for 5s
  5. Everything has to be gone! I am not leaving wurm, just clearing out... Moon metals Bloods&Potions Rift gears Animal parts Mortar/bricks/grass Sprouts&Seedlings Rare trash(and not only!) Food Others: Drake hide Valentines Archaeology statue fragments JK unfinished guard tower If you are looking for favor or digging/mining/woodcutting products up to 100ql PM me on forum or ingame (Szczur) I accept silvers&euros Send me a PM with your offer or questions! Friendly ad:
  6. WTT Grren Cherry Charge for Darke Armour Set or Moon Metals with an Equivalent Value of 85s WTS Grren Cherry Charge for 85s
  7. Allow us to make metal altars from Electrum, Seryll, Glimmersteel, and Adamantine. Or maybe just Electrum and Seryll. Or just Electrum.
  8. Rares: Rope Tool, 91 CoC 77ql Champagne (6 uses left) Cedar knapsack 45ql unfinished Support beam 2x war arrows (cedar, 50ql) Supreme: unfinished support beam Misc: Green Hatchling blood JK Banner HoTS Banner Fireworks 61ql mallet 68 woa Gold ring 52 ql Silver necklace 70ql Gems Rift Loot Sold out Moon Metals Sold out I'll update this as stuff comes in, as i tend to make a lot of useless rares. Feel free to pm me in game or on forums any offers or questions
  9. Lump, Glimmersteel - 83.59ql 0.33 weight - 3s Left Layered Shoulderpad, Steel - 2s Left Elaborate Shoulderpad , Leather - 1s pm me or post your name in a reply and i will COD it to you. Edit: [09:47:45] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  10. I want to auctioning my RARE LARDER and sell some stuff, auction is only for RARE LARDER, starting bid 5s increament 50c for other stuffs just give me offer, i'll cod if i aggree * auction will go for 1 weeks * larder can be picked at Haven Bay, J11 Xanadu or delivered with some fee (no chaos, sorry) * no reserve happy bidding and thank you