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Found 157 results

  1. Hi, I've got some Scale bits, and I'm looking to exchange them for Drake Hide at a ratio of 2:3. I'll trade 0.02kg scale per 0.03kg drake hide (preferably blue). Some pieces may also be sold for 75c / 0.01 kg. Exact weights of scale items: 0.786 kg 0.379 kg 0.379 kg 0.261 kg 0.261 kg 0.109 kg 0.109 kg T: 2.284
  2. WTS blood, dragon hide, fragments... whisper in game to Epryss or Helmbow, or post reply here please Supreme shard slate : 10c Rare rock shards (5) : 10c each Supreme rock shard : 25c Rare marble shards (4) : 10c each Rare pottery shingle : 10c Rare lump Tin, Zinc : 10c each Rare Gold ore : 10c Supreme ash : 25c Rare catseye ! 10c Rare war Arrows' heads : 10c Rare blue grapes qt 85 : 10c Rare blue berries qt 87 : 10c Rare camellia flower : 10c Rare Lavender flower : 10c Rare Orange : 10c Blood white dragon hatchling : 3s each (salve of frost) Blood green dragon hatchling : 3s (potion of acid) Blood red dragon : 3s (ropemaking) Blood black dragon hatchling : 3s (armor smith) Blood red dragon hatchling : 3s (weapon smith) Blood king troll : 4s (ointment of stonecutting) Statue Fragments : 15c Available single fragments or combined in () : Swordsman, Axeman, Miner, Worg (89/93), Tich, Goblin (13/40), Goblin, Drake, Vynora, MountainLion (12/46), Eagle (2/93), Hell horse, Fo, Rift Beast Mask fragments : 15c Available single fragments or combined in () : Mask of the ravager, Mask of the Isles (3/10), Mask of the Isles, Pale mask, Mask of the shadow, Mask of the enlightenned If the prices don't suit you, make a serious offer.
  3. Interested in: Sleeves 2x Boots 2x Pants (part of payment could be drake hide pants) Jacket (part of payment could be drake hide jacket)
  4. Hello everyone, I have a total of 1.68 kg of scale for sale. Can buy them all or by the individual chunks above. Prices is at 2.25s per 0.01 Cheers, ~Ssmokes
  5. Scale Set: (SOLD) Scale Set 2 (very incomplete): (SOLD) Hide Set #1: (SOLD) Hide Set #2 (Incomplete) (SOLD) (duplicate cap still remains) Bits and Bobs: Entertaining offers on everything. Thanks all Items currently sold: Blue Drake Set 78ql seryl basinet helm ALL adamantine lumps ALL seryl lumps ALL seryl helmets incomplete red drake set (1 cap still available) white dragon scale scrap white dragon scale glove Red Drake Cap Supreme Steel Plate Vambrace White Dragon Scale Jacket
  6. Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my auctions! Today I'd like to auction off 1.636kg of dragon scale 6 different pieces: Black Dragon Scales 0.277KG *3 Red Dragon Scales 0.182 *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.127KG *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.496KG *1 Total of 1.636KG of scale. Starting bid: 2.5 Gold Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: NONE Buyout: 6.5g Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Once the auction ends, I will ship the scale via mailbox in a backpack, unless the buyer wants it combined. When bidding, please also note which character to ship the item to. Happy Bidding!
  7. Blue Dragon Slaying, get your bloods and scale Bone is going to the poor guy that found it, rip tome "if any" will be going to the penning team and everything else is going to be rolled; corpse, skull, etc more details soon UPDATES: shore is not in local, so bring your carts and animals Location: horse shoe island, F22 :,527 feel free to add your main toon to the list: make sure no alts are on the sheet
  8. WTB dragon scale set currently located in Laithlind SW of Greymead willing to buy outright with Silver or trade ingame services for.
  9. white, Blue, Green, and black set available Scale set Rare chest piece available pm for more info
  10. Mixture of signatures, myself , Legionnaire and Jotz Will include 2 red triple shoulder pads to match, asking 145 euro paypal.
  11. Getting rid of some stuff i don't use, so auctioning off this scale set (rare chest, pants and sleeves) Bonus (if price goes over 150e) - black drake cap, shadow mask & dragon shoulder pads as seen in image Buyout: offer No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 120e (euro only, paypal) Increment: 5e No Reserve
  12. Selling a set of 90ql blue scale with supreme chest and blue drake helm. All casts are web, all runes are currently rarity but can prob change to imp speed or dam reduction if interested. Price is 220e Willing to take any combination of silver and/or paypal as well as up to 60 sleep powder (1s/per) Interested in a black or red drake set w/ helm for trade value of 75s as well (ql and casts do not matter) Please don't leave messages here, pm me directly on forums or ingame. Thanks
  13. Make an offer via PM or in the comments! If you're unsure about pricing, I do have prices in mind so feel free to ask. I accept both Silver and Euros, Euros must be paid via verified PayPal and Friends&Family. ALL ITEMS ARE MAILABLE AND WILL BE MAILED TO YOUR CHARACTER. PLEASE PROVIDE A CHARACTER NAME YOU'D LIKE IT MAILED TO. TOMES Black Tome - Last Charge Green Tome - Last Charge Tome of Incineration - Last Charge White Tome - Last Charge TOOLS Rare Seryll Needle, 64QL Seryll Hammer, 72QL Seryll File, 72QL BotD (CoC and WoA) Hatchet, 77QL, 83 BotD CoC (Skiller) Fishing Rod, 76CoC Hatchet, Steel, 83CoC Grooming Brush, 70CoC Leather Knife, 85CoC Needle, 90QL, 81CoC Stone Chisel, 79CoC Wild Cat Pelt, 100QL, 86CoC GEAR Black Scale Set, Rare Pants, 90QL Black Drake Cap, 91QL Ruby Staff Rare Backpack Rare Mask of the Isles Rare Mask of the Enlightened Mask of Rebirth x9 Soft Cap x5 Witch's Hat x2 Pumpkin Shoulder Pad x14 Left Layered Shoulder Pad x3 Small Shoulder Pad x5 Double Shoulder Pad x2 Curved Shoulder Pad x2 Right Elaborate Shoulder Pad Right Basic Shoulder Pad x2 Left Shielding Shoulder Pad x2 Crafted Shoulder Pad x2 WEAPONS Maul, N67, CoC76, FA61 DECORATIONS Valentine's Pottery x24Picnic Basket x2 Yule Reindeers x7 Easter Egg (Gift) x6 Rare Champagne Valrei Items x64 Unique Skull (Looks Like Dragon Skull) x5 Rare Armwood Chair Rare Chair Rare Fine High Chair x2 Rare Large Sign x3 Rare Meditation Rug Rare Meditation Rug (Fine) x2 Rare Pointing Sign Rare Shop Sign Rare Small Sign Rare Runed Spinning Wheel x2 Rare Still x3 Rare Village Recruitment Board x3 Rare Waystone x4 Supreme Flowerpot SOLD
  14. wts blue Dragon Scale Glove QL 94 aosp 94 or wtt for one Dragon hide white Glove
  15. I am selling the items listed below. Please contact Alendhor or Liam in game, or post message here, for more Info. Sleep Powder, 15 available.....1s ea red dragon scale, leather, 80ql .04.....1.6s white dragon scale, leather, 83.23ql .06.....2.4s green drake hide, leather, 86.44ql .02.....60c Blood, Green Dragon 2ea.....1s ea
  16. SOLD

    black dragon scale 84ql .28kg 12s contact here or in game Rumble
  17. Ever wanted to make a set with your own signature? Well, now you have a chance to do it! 0.45s / 0.01kg
  18. Good afternoon/evening! I am offering my red scale set for sale. Between 80-92ql and has the chest/legs rare, 90+ AoSP on all pieces. Currently dyed black. Can throw in a rare great helm to complete. Looking for 220 euros. Will not take silver as payment. Can send a picture with more details, will reply to PM's only. Allenkey SOLD
  19. Selling the below scale pieces, at the fixed price of 50s/kg: green scale, 0.147 kgs, 7.35s green scale, 0.147 kgs, 7.35s green scale, 0.368 kgs, 18.4s green scale, 0.368 kgs, 18.4s black scale, 0.123 kgs, 6.15s black scale, 0.123 kgs, 6.15s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s black scale, 0.415 kgs, 20.75s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s white scale, 0.197 kgs, 9.85s COD costs included in the price. PM Jaz or Zaj ingame or here, or reply here please.
  20. I'd like to sell the below piece of dragon scale and drake hides: I'll COD them, mail costs included in the price. scale weight price (silvers) blue 0.454 22.7 blue 0.454 22.7 blue 0.454 22.7 blue 0.431 21.55 blue 0.431 21.55 blue 0.13 6.5 blue 0.13 6.5 green 0.309 15.45 green 0.309 15.45 green 0.309 15.45 green 0.108 5.4 green 0.108 5.4 green 0.108 5.4 black 0.272 13.6 black 0.05 2.5 red 0.389 19.45 red 0.389 19.45 hide weight price (silvers) blue 0.222 8.88 blue 0.222 8.88 blue 0.222 8.88 blue 0.222 8.88 blue 0.222 8.88 black 0.282 11.28 black 0.282 11.28 black 0.282 11.28 black 0.282 11.28 white 0.316 12.64 white 0.218 8.72 green 0.174 6.96 green 0.174 6.96 green 0.174 6.96
  21. Selling this green scale set I've had for a bit, have other sets i'd rather wear. The asking price for the set is 220Euro to be negotiated through Paypal, not accepting silver at the moment as i've no use for it. Set is currently dyed black and will come with an 80ql steel great helm, also dyed black. Feel free to contact me here on the forums as I do not own the DrSatan account in-game, and do not log in to the game often enough.
  22. 1. necklace of protection 1s x3 2. artisan necklace 1s x2 3. soul stealer necklace 1s x2 4. necklace of focus 1s x2 5. dark ring 1s 6. artisan ring 1.5s 7. ring of the eye 1s 8. spear bracelet 1.5s 9. huge sword bracelet 1.5s x2 10. bracelet of inspiration 1.5s x2 11. used short sword bracelet 1.5s x3 12. short sword bracelet 1.5s x2 13. Drake hide 0.038 1.52s x2 14. Drake hide 0.019 0.76s 15. dragon scale 0.036 1.8s 16. rare glimer 75ql 0.29 2s 17. supreame glimer 87ql 0.36 3s 18. rare adamantine 88 ql 0.35 3s skull mask gold,silver,oleander all 3 for 5s
  23. Hello! Buying 0.17kg of scale leather @ 0.40s/0.01kg = 6.8s If you only have a 0.20kg piece, I'll buy that. Thanks!