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  1. Are you able to make me a 90ql butcher knife and a 90ql Longsword both iron Mail to Msplassh
  2. Can someone post the map they are using? that one seems to have more detail then the community map I have.
  3. Can you CoD 50 Cedar sprouts to Miyyaa in game please and thank you
  4. Inspired question by the Fantastic Strange Bone for auction on SFI. If you had a Fantastic Strange Bone and following the rules that go with it (item has to be able to be held in hand when making) what would you make fantastic with it? Just curious to see what people would love to have
  5. Large amounts ql does not matter can message me on here to negotiate prices thank you!
  6. Can close orders filled thank you!
  7. 6 hours left to go! Remember there is a 1 hour sniper protection requiring the last bid must stand for 1 hour unchallenged. You have all been awesome!!
  8. WTB Bulk Glands taking everything you have at a rate of 60c per 100 CoD ingame to Msplassh(yes two ss's) Thank you!!! Also you can combine 64 to mail at 38 copper to make it easy