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  1. Hi Freddy,


    I also would like to get in contact with Violette and while I was looking for her I found you. Violette seems to be a popular and well hidden person. I moved in close to her deed and have some questions about that. Could you perhaps make any contact for me with Violette, plz?

  2. Yesterday i made a lava tile on my alts deed and today i cant freeze it. [09:18:04] Some psychological issue stops you from freezing the lava here. If you were an ally of the village maybe you would feel more comfortable. We are in the same alliance and i got all the permissions i can have on the deed. I tryed to leave the alliance and join again but it still dont work.
  3. WTB quite a bit of concrete, send me a pm here or to Freddyboy ingame
  4. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts. didnt work for me and i do not want to pay for vpn, how long will it take for you guys to fix it from your end?