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  1. If you still got the rare chain pants for 2s cod them to Freddykrueger
  2. #5 25c Cod to Freddykrueger
  3. 25c on #4
  4. Cod skull shoulder pad and glimmer lumps to Freddykrueger
  5. Cod 2 Rare chain gauntlet 2s each to Freddykrueger
  6. First day and i tryed to make a hammer and got a unfinished hammer and needed a hammer to finish it
  7. Can you cod The Green and White scale to me
  8. +1
  9. updated pricing

    Buying rare grapes and apples?
  10. bump
  11. bump lower price
  12. WTS Red dragon hatchling skull 5s 3 Green dragon hatchling blood 75c each or 2s/3 Oil of the weapon smith 88,71 1,5s 86,51 1,5s 82,08 1,5s 78,00 1s 68,17 1s 60,18 1s or 5s for 6 oil
  13. i will be there