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  1. Updated: 1. horses in stock 2. new (lower) prices for rare colors
  2. Lost dragon

    Thank you.
  3. Lost dragon

    I dont see timer.
  4. Sounds like steam/northern server auction. Is not steam server, right?
  5. You cannot compare this 2 stories. Does not this same stories. Is 1 point which makes big difference - knowledge old playesrs how to use system to exploit it. For example: I play on Har (toon made on wurm page not steam, never connect toon with steam!). I Saw tons of starter junks in water, many corspes. BUt i didnt die on Har to this day. Why? I had this same skills and stuff like others. No sleep bonus No bought stuff - all made myself. What made difference?
  6. I think you will get negatives from ppl who exploit this situattion. But im agreed with Tor that prices will go down. Anyway I agreed with you that what is going there destabilizes economy on old servers (like whas in march when devs removed RMT and trade in some points never get back). That is my feeling too.
  7. Has the patch already done yet? Items going invisible still and needs relog. Ah, ok, I see will be in 10 min. Sorry.
  8. For pick up by urself is opened new access by water via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map). PM first for discusse detailes.
  9. Stables updated. Also new water path via Crystal Raven Cannal ( N/O18 ingame map, 38x44y Albia map).