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  1. Will be a silver version? I dont want to change my gender. I wish to change only my hairstyle.
  2. Will I be able to exchange jackal points for skins after closing Jackal server?
  3. Yes, you may use bow and shield in this same time. That is a new skill learned on Jackal !!!
  4. My eyes thank you for this. Until this update i hated winter in Wurm only for this shining whites. Looks better on pictures.
  5. Dragon Farmer on the moon. He has an appetite for Wurm, apparently.
  6. List of lodestones for public use on Indy o17 ingame map / 34x45y Albia Roads - Ravendream - safespot for horses, road access from Great South Road and UDA's Bay 33x 27y - outside Neenee's deed on the coastal highway between Little Harbor Preserve and Violet Cove (no spot for horses or anything yet) Freedom Market H17 - between Freedom Market and Great South Mountain Road. Take the east exit from FM, take right after the HOTS guard tower and follow the road up N18/37x42y - Cornersville, east side of UDA bay. Is at water's edge of Crystal Lake (at UDA bay area) J-12 / 17x28y - Turtle Bay, SW corner of deed Happy Hippos - west of Crystal Canal
  7. Mags of Jackal attacked our hardwares in response to our invasion of their lands.
  8. No pines? Great news. When all servers will be open?
  9. Hello/ i have a busy week so will be there from thursday to the end. I would like to get the bed. Thank you. I may help with: Cloth Tailoring 92 Carpentry 87 Masonry 74
  10. more DF screenies With Julie nad rising Sol With Tich at Teeebomb's fountain. Drop ur tent, take sandwiches. U may meet hungry mobs on a slope.
  11. We have a july DF Party. They made a camp just at DF Mountain Hut, so if you planned to get the top of DF - its a good time. After that may join to party! U may meet many Wurm VIPs there. Just talk with Julia in the way at Freedom Market
  12. Rift 1 july

    Plizz, dont spam area by altars. I live here and wish to remember you guys as nice visitors, not spammers. TY.