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  1. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    Will we see tomorrow? I wish be added to tailor team (cloth tailoring). I may help with others if will needed.
  2. Patch Notes 01/NOV/18

    Thank You.
  3. That explains why age is frozen when i take horse to another server. Lists are not integrated in this case.
  4. As Teeebomb noticed, both horses were unbranded after when i loaded them and took to Chaos. Corpses founded on Indy were adolescent, founded on Chaos - mature and aged.
  5. Were cared for when i left them on Chaos, anyway they werent ven.
  6. last month I took 2 horses from Indy to Chaos. Yesterday my friend told me he found corpses of this horses on place on Indy, where i loaded them to cages. As you see corpses are exactly in this same positions where were before loading (they were hitched to wagon). I asked my another friend on Chaos about this horses, which i left on Chaos hitched to cart. Horses were cared for, on deed, branded. He send me scr of this 2. So, i dont know why they died, but report double corpses of this same animals on different servers.
  7. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Cloth Tailor, at your service.
  8. Rift for 26 Aug

    Try to dragg mobs when u speed is low, because some smart made camp on a slope. Well, is not matter, if u run like Kelody everywhere but not to camp.But it may be long way to camp and u may want to get there fast as u or ur horse can. Kelody, my suggestion wasnt adressed to you. You are warmaster of rift and not need advice. You better know basics. Like: if you are bleeding, dont run to camp, everywhere but not to camp. And: if you are afk, stay at rift, not in camp, because Xagru may to kill you by leading mobs if you will be in a camp. Gratz I said 'dont make camp on a slope. Is harder get there and could be dangerous for you'. It is all. If you are not Kelody ofc. Simple?
  9. The Screenshots Thread

    New magazine cover for mmorpg girls. Knight in pink plate, on white unicorrn, with friend behing.
  10. kyklops slaying

  11. Rift for 26 Aug

    I dont agreed. when I'm wounded, or bleeded, i will not run around to think to lost mobs. I want to fast get to camp, save space to get healing. That for is camp, right? Out of the rift space. When u will run around trying to lost mobs, and u will run on rift space, is a risk u will b attacked by another mobs. Or u will make herd of mobs leaded by u. Besides, most rift battles take close to camp. I can imagine, im wounded, im close to camp and im running to opposite direction, where r more mobs. Right. Run to different direction has only 1 sence for me - when my health is not to bed (like 70%) but I am under attack by to many mobs.
  12. Rift for 26 Aug

    Don't make a rift camp on a slope or higher place (like last rift on Indy). Is not good idea make a camp on a place when u run wounded and ur horse slowdown, and behind u rift mobs. better idea is make camp on flat or lower place.
  13. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Since now, Goblin's King, u have 1 ball less.
  14. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    When i worked with 1 of my wurm projects, named 'Nest', my first idea was this project, which u can see by using deedplaner. Is a project never made, because nest has other shape. Ur huge project, guys, reminded me this old idea, maybe for use. In my project u can control shape of maze by roatating all this staircases. If u put prize (or exit) on a top some tile.
  15. You are Invited to a Puzzle Labyrinth Adventure!

    Well, i didnt get King's crystall, but I went trrough the maze, what was a prize itself.