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  1. Full album - https://imgur.com/a/WfPwqot Started topic about arrangement of special tiles:
  2. After my small talk with friend about mediation tiles I started to think how to make them special, more special just only note in event chat "this is special tile" and sign "dont disturb plizz". How to arrange area to give the place specific character?. I decided to make 2 meditation spots - "Stone Circle Of Love" and "The Cave Of 111 Demons", close together (how far is love from insanity?). Full album - https://imgur.com/a/WfPwqot "Cave Of 111 Deamons" is not finished, could make slate altar (Libila?) and clad slate. Add your work, if you made some special tiles more special or have some idea to share.
  3. Sounds good - like options "shows WTS", hide "WTB" etc. I wouldnt use it, because Im interesting in both, but if somebody want to sell only, or wtb, sounds better instead seperated them.
  4. Then, I will have to keep opened 2 chats same time instead 1.
  5. I see white, not blank. And option to make them personalized. I noticed some change after update - my game freezes for a few seconds every once in a while. Is getting start to be a bit annoying.
  6. Thank you. Is a plan make dyeable meditation rugs too?
  7. Sold. Can be closed.
  8. closed

    Can be closed.
  9. closed

    _______________________________________ starting bid: 5s increment (minimum): 50c reserve: No sniper protection: 30min private bids: No _______________________________________
  10. FOnline2. In 2013 discovered Wurm, but my computer was to weak (FPS under 10, and typical newbie collision - where am I, where should I go, what to do, what for is that shovel etc), tried a bit (few hours?) and resigned for Fonline. Spent there some time until bought new comp and tried again Wurm in 2016. So yea, first MMO was Fonline2, second was Wurm.
  11. As in a topic, ratio 1:1. Contact PM on forum or ingame: Xagru.
  12. Updated - rare cap sold.
  13. Odd log

    OK, just wanted to report. I dont know what is it. In a case would be something bad.
  14. Agreed, but i mean mine door not so far from trap for watching, not as close of cave-trap.