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  1. New sale policy! If you see 2 horses in pen, you pay only for younger. Second older is free!
  2. OK, I see they look different (sent by Teeebomb, ty)
  3. What is the difference between craftable checkerboard and xmas gift?
  4. So, looks like is going pretty pointless keep this rune on my pickaxe. Is any other nerfs in plans?
  5. Test. mining skill; 87,60 utmost rock and utmost iron vein mined by: rare pickaxe 95ql with gathering rune gives 88,41ql shard regular pickaxe w/o rune gives 87,60ql Rare pickaxe with rune gives only 0,81 higher shards. Is bug really fixed?
  6. Both waterways (from Ravenlake to Crystal Lake and to UDA Bay) are passable for all kind of ships. Tested with caravel.
  7. I removed vein by using errupt and freeze. After that tried open the cave by tunneling, but system didn't let me do that as if vein was still there. But undeground this same tile showed regular rock.
  8. After remove vein by using errupt and freeze rock tile shows lawn. After reinforce and pave still shows lawn.
  9. Ur solution is passive aggressive imo, even system lets do this ofc. Kochinac, did you check tracks around?