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  1. WTS rares and supremes for materials and for sacrificing. Prices for 1 piece. Cod for mostly is 1c, for shards 4c. In stock: rares: ash 39pcs - 6c brick pottery 3pcs - 6c concrete 14pcs - 6c stone shards 31pcs - 3c50i dirt 15c supremes: stone shards 15c
  2. Hello/ Gypsy. I wish to order: 28,27ql file, iron - 93coc // 80c 48,07ql large rat pelt - 91coc // 80c 47,89ql mallet, oakenwood - 81coc // 45c (or if u have mallet 90+coc for 80c) And will have a order for casts for my new axe. Let me know when u will b ingame. TY
  3. TY. Here is Taji's ada sickle (skins keep type of metal?) before (right) and after (left): It Is one of my favorites skins (most is pickaxe) but unfortunately I don't have a sickle worth this skin. I think is this same held by rift jackals?
  4. TY. It was an honor for me to meet your glimmer killer. I never liked huge axe. Is to large and disturbe my first person view (I miss for hiding weapons - why we always walk with weapons in hands?), but after aplly skin I really like it. Looks like executioner axe. I think your enemies will like your axe too.
  5. Correct, is a huge axe. Xagru
  6. Ravendream Concrete Service: 80c per 100 concrete ordering over 500 - 75c/100 ordering over 1000 - 70c/100 ordering over1500 - 65c/100 ordering over 2000 - 60c/100 2500 in stock Delivery 50c to any coastal. Free delivery to any coastal over 500. 5c for 1 large crate and 3c for small crate via wagoner on Independence. To discuss order details send to me (Xagru) PM ingame. Im usually online 10AM-10PM UTC.
  7. WTS jackal skins 2,5s each All are original collected at historical first Jackal Moon Conquest - paid my blood and sweat, not from token shop! If you take care of the history of ur weapon ofc. Skins cannot be mailed so you have to come to Ravendream on Independence (O/P 17 ingame map, 34x45y Albia map) or meet at UDA bay of Crystal Lake ( N18 ingame map, 38x42y Albia map). However easiest option is to send me (Xagru) ur weapon by mail, I will apply skin and will send you back. Im usually online 10AM-10PM UTC.
  8. apparently Inde http://wurmonline.com/status-new/widget.php
  9. WTA 75k of dirt

    Sold to roarkindrake I sent you PM message on forum.
  10. WTA 75k of dirt

    Auctioning 75000 of dirt. 250 large crates and 9 racks included. Free delivery by the water. Starting bid: 40s Minimum increment: 1s Sniper protection: 1 hour Buyout: 75s
  11. 95) Scorpion R232G11B6 87) Man vs snake R136G64B224 78) Nogump R180G32B176