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  1. Until you'll meet super duper evil champ helldonkey on your way.
  2. Have you plans to introduce some others domestic: goats, ducks, gooses, rabbits?
  3. Any color and amount. Paying 50c per 0,01kg.
  4. close

  5. As in a topic, wts deed located on north coastal of Deli. Exact location: http://deliverance.yaga.host/#1188,167 Size: 49x35 Underground is not mined to much. Founded veins: zinc, copper, sandstone, marble. Also utmost iron near deed. Most mats used is a slate, as you can see on pictures. Tamplate guard tower! Clay and tar on deed. Connected to highway system. Pictures and map here - https://imgur.com/a/OwwYl Is my friend's deed, so all question (especialy about price) please send to him in game (Anacondah) or under topic. If u want to see deed, ask ingame: Anacondah, Kruk or Xagru. Everything what is on deed atm is included. Ships and vehicles are not included.
  6. One of the best service. I recommend. And ty again.
  7. Idea is: large planters for trees and bushes. Sugestions: 1. Trees in planters grow smaller. 2. You may plant them inside building as decorative. 3. They need light so cannot grow underground? 4 Mats: pottery, wood, stone? Example
  8. Sold. Close please.