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  1. Rift 30.11.2022

    Horses for spare at place or at Ravenlake, if you need.
  2. Rift 30.11.2022

    and dot is yours I suppose
  3. Map by Teeebomb. Small battle area.
  4. This view black book is releated with Libila as a goddess of death. But my thinking was about elements, alchemy etc. In this point most important is Libila has wings and this part makes a nice balance between 4 gods as manifestation of 4 elements. Same with gold dragon, we can make a nice mythology or just to think about new color of drake armor.
  5. Lingonberry, if not, cherrywood.
  6. Yes, in heraldry yellow is called golden, that why is a title. I didnt inspired chinese mytholodgy, more europen alchemy and wurm pantheon (which is not quite balanced imo - 3 white and 1 black).
  7. Well, if u ask, i could say Black and White Light Altars. Could be part of some kind of mythology, right, but is a topic for other place. Mostly what i was thinking that is practical side - golden hide/scale armour! About colors and their symbolism, chinese example - https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/article-chinese-dragons.htm
  8. Idea is add new color dragon (and armour ofc - scale and hide). We have 3 basic colors: green, blue, red (somebody loves RGB?), and 2 opposites :white and black. My thinking is not RGB, but: 4 gods, 4 elements, 4 colors, something like this: God Element Color Dragon/Armor Vyn Water Blue Mag Fire Red Lib Air/Wind Yellow Fo Eart Green Is could be possible to bring into existence a yellow fellow?
  9. WTS Red Tome of Magic. 1 charge. PM offer. Usage
  10. Should I spend 15s at the Royal Barber to fix this?