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  1. Im sad, really disappointed - no clothes in imping coffer. edit - 2 satchels, how nice...
  2. Will not be there this time, so from my house, last view for u...
  3. Maybe to late, but will be, Xagru: Cloth Tailoring 75, Carpentry 80.
  4. I'm at place showed by Stormblade. Slope is not to high. With good team is easy to make tunel or even fence ladder.
  5. If you want to get peak of Dragon Fang or get achievements ('Mountain Goat' and 'On the Way to the Moon'), or just for your own satisfaction and wunderfull view, you can use new western mountain trail. We give (me and my friend Teeebomb) you for public using mountain hut, where you can use fsb, larder, oven and bed, all for free (if you want to repay you, thank you in advance), leave safely your vehicle or horse. The first part of the trail leads through the forest. That part is paved by gravel. After that is first safe spot is a cave. After that u can climb using fence ladder to second cave safe spot. Dont use fence above second cave! From the second cave you will need sandwiches and/or wine. To get to the public mountain hut you need to use Green Ring Express tunnel. Hat is on a left from exit. To commemorate you can bet gravestone. There are already two. The mailbox is w/o spell, so if someone wants to activate it, it will be an additional convenience for others absentminded Dragonfangers. If you have any idea or questions, just share here or PM in Wurm. My Dragon Fang Alboom Good luck
  6. Help! When I came back to home, some guy lies unconscious and drunk on roof of my house. I have to low body strength to move him of my roof. Teeebomb's scr
  7. Valrei & Rift - fresh scr
  8. i have this same problem with my fireplace. On deed works correct. Off deed fire burn very short. Ql of my fireplace is 47, has no dmg. Fireplace has 21kg of woodscrap fuel.
  9. My Impalong 2016 Al-Boom
  10. Are any special tiles for Path of Knowledge on a island?
  11. Proud ecologist Teeebomb, blessed by Fo.