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  1. Yes that's what I thought when I first had the problem, but I'm pretty sure one of the bugs was "normal". I could be wrong All the ones I have atm are "scared". I can fit 15 of them into an empty large cart, I can carry 13 of them with all my regular inv and equipment, but can't fit a single one in a raft. They all weigh 19.28, not a lot and they're definitely not as big as the hell scorpius. Could just be a bug with "scared" bugs, but for me it's not something that can just be put down to Wogic.
  2. On Pristine. Empty raft, won't take a cave bug still. Tried it in a cart, in inventory and on the ground. Tried several rafts. [22:46:20] You drop a small raft. [22:46:33] A small, very rudimentary raft that can be dragged by one person in the water. It is made from pinewood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 34.4905, Dam: 0.0. [22:46:33] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Va.n.n'. [22:46:48] The corpse of aged scared cave bug will not fit in the small raft.
  3. Strange, I shall try it again. *Sharpens axe*
  4. Can only fit one cave bug corpse into a raft whereas 3 or 4 corpses of much larger (and heavier) creatures can fit into a raft.
  5. The settlement of Woulf's Den has just been disbanded. 3:38 PM · Jan 30, 2022·WO_Cadence Feed The settlement of Procrastination Station Delta has just been disbanded. 9:45 PM · Jan 18, 2022·WO_Cadence Feed
  6. Thanks again for the event!
  7. Please add Traie Gheinee at 3727, 1279. Also can you remove Woulf's Den and Procrastination Station Delta, no sign of either of those deeds any more.
  8. I have a couple knarrs completed on Melody and available now.


    A blueberrywood with a zinc rune of Magranon has been attached, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%), 71QL




    A grapewood with a bronze rune of Fo has been attached, so it will increase the effect on speed by wind (10%), 73QL


    Also about to finish another, so you can choose the color you want, but will take a day to finish it.


    Price can range from 16s for bare bones knarr up to 24s, depending on how much you want added like rune, crates, creature cages, and anchor.


    Homestead both on forums and in game.






    1. Vannin


      How much for the grapewood one?


    I'm on Melody, PM me what you have, anything considered, not looking for anything too flash **** Bought one! ****
  10. SOLD

    42 Sleep Powders on Melody. PM me.
  11. A N G E R Y

    Thanks for the event!