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  1. Two minute ride on Xanadu, desert with animals, lots of corpses (someone must have been through killing recently) found one live one and two dead ones. Six months ago I may have agreed with you.
  2. Breeding revamp should have nothing to do with animal numbers. I'm not even convinced by using it to introduce selection of traits and colours. The major reason and the simple reason that it NEEDS doing ASAP is that you getter better results with 50 skill in Animal Husbandary than you do with 90. That is ridiculous.
  3. Have you not played for 6 months? Animal spawns of all type went crazy when the highway changes went in. Certainly many many wild horses on Xanadu and I've seen them on Indie.
  4. Yes please!
  5. Yup, I have 90 AH and actively breed, but it's depressing.
  6. Bump! Still very very broken.
  7. I've got quite a lot of ainmals off deed, but they're surrounded by buildings with the entrances on deed to protect them. It's a lot more work than fences and additional maintenance, but it works.
  8. May affect other servers, but not really noticed it on my brief trips to Indie. Commanding a wagon and for much of the time the thing is pointing in a different direction from that that I'm heading in. Same for carts and boats and also riding horses. Swimming regularly results in scenarios like this: Swimming a short distance at a little over 8kmh. [11:42:39] You leave Nexus Landing. [11:43:13] Your position on the server is not updated. Please move slower. [11:44:22] You enter Cashtal Cabbyl Market. [11:44:28] Your position on the server is now updated. After 34 seconds moving at 8kmh I'm moving too fast for the server? Really? Then of course there's all the waiting for commands to execute or become active. Not forgetting all the doors and fences that swing open when they feel like it and not when you first get to them. From memory it got really bad after highways went live and the animal count went through the roof (got to get all those eyes from somewhere). I presume you guys are looking at this? Please tell me you are? I know it may not be something developers can look at, but even so it's got to be considered more important than some of the (admittedly great) stuff that's been released in recent updates and is planned for future ones?
  9. My mistake 6 foals from ebony parents, one I missed is actually ebony, but is 4 speed ...
  10. Yep, should be a benefit to high skills. What we have at the moment is like 50 skill weaponsmiths producing 90ql swords more efficiently than a 90 skill ws can.
  11. +1 to this. Just started a related post, didn't realise there was another one more than 10 months old!
  12. The main reason for breeding horses is for the 5 speeds you can produce. Yet at 90 Animal Husbandry the main reason for breeding them seems to be to butcher them as there seems to be less than 50% chance of a 5 speed breeding pair producing a 5 speed foal. There are so many 4 speeds produced and even 3 speeds, this then leads to negative traits. 90 AH should reduce the chance of negative traits not increase it! What is the point of AH skill if someone lower skilled can produce 5 speed horses purely by ensuring they only have those 5 traits and then breed them? And the colours! Just been attending to my Ebony black horses, 5 foals born all from Ebony parents, not a single Ebony foal was born. That may be bad RNG, but come on, there should be a fail safe in there. I've had 90 AH for about 3 years and breeding seems to be worse now than it's ever been. Can it get some love please?
  13. Thanks for all your work on the map and here's my latest to add please. Cashtal Cabbyl Market: 6282, -5892
  14. Sold subject to collection.