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  1. 3 Legged Troll

    The deed was started by a friend and sold on with his character 4+ years ago. Still have that character, Yetian, in my friends list on an old toon and was active 4 days ago. I am the 3 Legged Troll the deed was named after
  2. This has been a fantastic sermon circle, already been a few 100s, including my alt, Katary who came as a Mag follower with 30 faith. Thanks so much to Demona for setting this up.
  3. Rabbits Hole Canal

    That's a shame, I used this canal myself a few weeks ago whilst following a treasure map. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to help you this weekend. Good luck!
  4. I'm up for it. Got a Mag follower sat on 30 faith, so in for the long haul
  5. Guard Tower 6880,4398 Kreanox 378
  6. All done! TYVM, you've got my little highway from Ronague in nicely as well
  7. Found a tower on my travels,,4960 , Zethreal 90 (Fraggle Tower). and another:,4602 Trazz 618.
  8. I travelled early as the wind was good. Then got myself set up waiting and was wondering where everyone was. Then remembered it's on Sunday
  9. Memorial of Tich

    Was close by on my travels, so thought I'd take a look at the Memorial of Tich. What a lovely spot. Well done to everyone that worked on it.
  10. Hiya. It's one that I've added onto the map, not one to add on. I'm one of the map admins, it's actually the first update I've done. :)

  11. Tower Darkshadow 130 added in N10.
  12. Yes that's what I thought when I first had the problem, but I'm pretty sure one of the bugs was "normal". I could be wrong All the ones I have atm are "scared". I can fit 15 of them into an empty large cart, I can carry 13 of them with all my regular inv and equipment, but can't fit a single one in a raft. They all weigh 19.28, not a lot and they're definitely not as big as the hell scorpius. Could just be a bug with "scared" bugs, but for me it's not something that can just be put down to Wogic.