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  1. So I tried out some new fishing today. I guess I hooked something a little too heavy for my line, and my equipment (Hook, float) broke/disappeared, which is normal. For the bug however, the fishing action remained in action for a few more seconds, but since I no longer had the proper equipment to fish I got spammed with an error. This error repeated itself maybe 200+ times over a few seconds before the game stopped the fishing action.
  2. Late Springcleaning!

    Windowskey, please! Thank you
  3. Late Springcleaning!

    Does 4.5 silver sound good for both of your ada lumps?
  4. WTS Assorted loot

  5. WTS Assorted loot

  6. WTS Assorted loot

  7. WTS Assorted loot

    Looking to sell a lot of different little treasures. Need offers!
  8. Uploaded the new image with the new permissions!
  9. WTS items New

    Edit: Ignore this, had to cancel order

    Hello! I'd like to buy your 90 QL willow bow. COD to Windowskey please
  11. The House of Lords one stop shop-Inde M25

    Howdy! If it's still available I'd like to buy the 39QL bow willow 88coc-88c COD to Windowskey please!
  12. Incubator

    +1 this would be amazing!
  13. Come celebrate my birthday with a Blue Dragon Slaying!

    Hey there, happy birthday! c: Windowskey will be there! =D
  14. Massive sale

    Thank you so much! It's for someones birthday and it really means a lot <3 Oh, and my player name is Windowskey. Message me once you're available to sell!
  15. Massive sale

    I'd like to buy a rare oven, but I was wondering if you'd be willing to bring it to Magic City for maybe a little extra? Only asking since you sound like you live close, and I don't have BS 23 or a wagon yet If not I'll try and figure something out!