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  1. Im trying to get the year subscription but its giving me the normal price? Has the sale ended already? Its 3:24Pm still on the 28th for me?
  2. Some fun before the Dragon Fight!
  3. This was my first friend/imp-along I ever attended! I am super glad I went! Made many new friends. Enjoyed all the events! Helped out where I could! I have made so many memories here! It has been such a wonderful time. I will be sad once it ends but wouldn't change anything about it! From start to finish there was always something to do! There was even a Rift close by during the event that added to the fun! From jumping off a large tower for Wurmian Lawn Dart to Racing around the bay on horse back there was something for everyone to do! I can't wait for next year! I will defiantly be coming back for more fun! Ill make sure to Bring Greg the Octopus back as well! I want to thank everyone who worked hard to make it so easy and enjoyable for all! You are all the best!! See you next year!
  4. Welcome one and all to the great and powerful inky tail of Greg the Octopus The great and powerful. This is the story of how he rose to great power and fell to RISE AGAIN! to then fall.... TO THE RISE AGAIN! Our tail starts on the dawn of the first day. He was waiting in a food storage bin. Watching these two legged creatures run around. Seeing a few throw themselves off the towering building in the great distance. He lay in wait until he could rise up and SHINE!!! Then the evening came and the announcement he long waited for arrive. THE GREAT FISH SLAPPING! The battle would commence soon and he would be able to shine. A two legged creature got close and with the excitement in there eyes he knew he would be chosen. They did indeed choose him and held him in there hand. There excitement charged him and he was ready for his first battle to start! He was Ready! The two legged was ready. There enemy choose a swordfish. It was much bigger then Greg the octopus was. Even the other 2 legger asked if his two legger wanted to switch. Only for a moment did he feel sad before his two legger screeched in excitement NEVER! It brought a tear to his fishy eye that even though he was much smaller this two legger still wanted him! The battle commenced. It was a grand spectacle. They both flew and smack and slapped and hit! Back and forth until a Winner was called! Greg Won! In a splendid Victory! His two legger was excited for the win! He was Proud to have won! He was returned to rest until the next time His two legger would battle sure in his squish the he would once be chosen again. ----- Later that same day another round of Fish Slapping was announced He got excited to be in the hands of the same excited two legger! This time the two legger announced to all the he was named Greg! He took the name with all his fishy squishy pride! Not able to speak to say if he didn't like it or not didn't help the matters. Once the battle commence they fought and battled. Swings were made and ink was sprayed! The excitement of the battle was grand! By the end Greg lost but he wasn't sad. The two legger had fun and so did he. He was returned and awaited the next great battle! ----- The next and last battle of the day, he returned to the same two legger! The battle commenced and he was ready! The swings came and the battle was fierce! It was long and a winner was called! His two legger! It was excitement filled.... but then...... there was a hold. The combat log was re read and it shown that the other had one instead. Even if they had lost it was still a grand time to be had! Once more he returned to wait! xxxx The dawn of the second day. He waited and watched the festivities of the two leggers. He couldn't wait to be called upon again. He was waiting and ready for the next battle! When it was time his two legger came and screeched for him once again. He was renamed to shown to be Greg! The battle was fierce! He was against another octo! But it wasn't as powerful as him! He took it down in no time! Again he was champion and he felt unstoppable! Then he was handed off to another, He felt like he could go again and WIN! But alas he was Greedy He fell from power and lost. His over confidence and the screams of his original two legger made him over confident.... Then He was passed again! It was a moment he could redeem himself and make his original two legger proud! He played smart. Hit and smacked! The battle was long. So long a new spot had to be chosen. He then smack and smacked! Then at the end he obtained VICTORY! Winning against the two legger named Virusmd! He felt powerful once more! He was returned to await the next grand battle! ---- Later that day a new battle! A new battle started and a Different two legger held me in there hands! I was against a catfish this time. They think there better then all the other fish. They knock things over all the time! I was ready for this battle! A Smack, a Hit, a Slap! The crowd cheered! After a long battle I came out victorious once more! The next battle was starting and a new two legger wanted to test my strength in the field of slaps! I just hope to not let this one down! I pumped myself up trying to let my wins get to my head! Then it started! With a Hit another Slap and a smack I try my very best in this battle! I once again take victory!!! This battle short and sweet! I was handed to another! The battle commenced and I would fight with all I had! Once it started A smack, a hit, and a slap! I aimed the best I could! Once more I came out to be victories! My Popularity to seemed to have grown so quick! I was once more handed off! Everyone wanted to try there luck with me! The battle started, Ink was flying and slaps where had! Smacks, hits, Slaps! I once more came out the winner! The two legger threw me down in a victory spike. Another asked if I was alright, yes two legger I will live to Slap another day! Another battle was being set, I was passed to a new two legger once more. I took a breath and readied myself once more. The Slapping started. The two legger and I danced around are prey! Battling the best we could..... then..... they switched out for whale. It was me a lowly octopus against a whale! I had to truly belive in myself! It started again! The slaps commenced! The Whale was so much bigger then me! My time in the light and winning came to an end. I Lost this round. I was handed off once more, The last battle and the original two legger. I was filled once more with the strength to fight even if it was against the whale once more! I knew its move and was ready for this round. We hit and smacked and slapped! In the end we were victorious! The battles were fun and I was returned to rest up for the next battles ahead..... xxxxx A new day a new battle! The first and last of the Third day! I was presented to a new Two legger. My Accomplishments where known far and wide now. I hope to do as well today as I had on the previous day. In the hand of this two legger I pumped myself up! Then the battle started. SLAP, INK, SLAP and a WHACK! The battle was intense again the Shark I was up against! I was able to Win! I felt Pumped hoping I can keep this up as I was handed off to the next two legger! This time I was against a Salmon, they were smaller then the shark and hoped to hold my own once more. The battle started! Smack, Slap, Whack! We danced on the battle field both trying our best! Sadly we lost this round. I was hopeful to bring it back next time I could fight. Taking a breath as the Prize was passed out I gave myself a pep talk. I have Won and Lost many battle throughout the days. I was having fun and enjoying each battle. I was handed to another two legger. I readied myself the best I could against the Marlin. The battle started! A Slap, Whack, Slap, Hit, Whack! Again it was a defeat for me. I was wondering if I was losing my edge against these other sea creatures. I was handed off again. Even if I was losing the two leggers still believed in me! I needed to get my fishy head back into this battle! Then it Begin! More slaps, hits and whacks! The battle ended fast and I once again lost. Once more I was passed to another. I was once more against a shark! I felt battered at this point but was hoping since I've beaten a Shark once today I knew the spots I needed to hit. The battle started. Hits, Slap, Smack! The shark kept doing circles around us! The battle was long the two legger looked how I was feeling. A new spot was called. More Slaps, and hits were made! In the end when the log battle finished. I once again lost. My wins seemed to be behind me as each one I was found with another defeat. I was surprised at this point that people still wanted to fight with me. I was hopeful to make even the smallest of comebacks in the hands of this new two legger. There drive to battled filled me. I was against a Merlin. I hoped do fight my best fight yet! It started Quick! Slap, Smack, Wak! It was another long battle, the two leggers once again needed to back away to heal like before. A new spot would be called. Then when it started again the Slaps continued! The battle went on and then it happened the winner was called. My name was shouted and it brought me to tears. I had tried so hard and it had shown! Then I as given to the Original two legger once more! They hugged and kissed me like normal giving me strength! We were up against another Marlin. The battle started. We danced around them with a Slap, Whack, Hit! The battle went and the shouts were being made! In the end We came out Victorious! I felt like my old Squishy self! I went on to the next battle, handed to a two legger I had battled with before! With the new strength it was a quick win this time! Barley a slap in and I was named the Victor! Once more I was handed off! The excitement in my veins! The battle started, Smack, Slap, Hit! The battle was swift! I once more came out on top! I was able to show what type of Squish I was made out of! The Winning kind! I was handed off for the last time that night. I tried to keep my squish in check. Not wanting to let these wins get to it. In there hand I hope to bring in one last fight for the night! The battle started! Smack, Slap, Hit! I was trying to pull out all the moves and give it my best shot! In the end Once more I won! Bringing home the crown for the day! I returned to get a long deserved rest! To be continued.......
  5. Hmmm well the Donkeys have always bundled up on my bush tiles like it is in the picture before they go poof. They have started to eat my Raspberry bushes now. They are starting to go missing as well.
  6. Update: I have just concluded it is the Donkeys I have in the pen with these bushes. The Donkeys seem to be eating them because they are piling up on the tiles with the bushes over the farm land. Then once they have eaten everything up the turn in to grass tiles. So long story short don't have Donkeys with bushes sadly. A picture of the Donkeys enjoying themselves bushes and a few that have already went poof
  7. They are all different ages at the moment. Some were young that turned and others were mature. I currently don't have a deed so I can't test that out. I'm currently trying to find more sprouts via foraging to replant. I'm not upset over this at all was just more curious! If it keeps happening might just plant something else here. Thanks for the help!
  8. They are off deed and when I tracked it just showed Donkeys were there. It just seems silly if someone cut them down and plant blue flowers in there place. None of my other garden area or bushes or trees I've planted in this same area changed. Its just the blueberry bushes.
  9. Hello I have a question. I have planted some Blueberry bushes and there all slowly changing to Blue flowers? Is this a game mechanic I was unaware of or a bug? I am honestly just confused about why my bushes are flowers now. Any input on this would be super helpful!
  10. I have come across a bug with the Hitching Posts while playing on Chaos. My animals keep going missing. Note these Hitching Posts are in a cave. I have lost 2 Bison and 2 Cows due to this weird bug. When I unhitch all the animals they will show them all remove but the animal that is missing will not reappear anywhere. The Gm Belisama came and checked it out and wasn't sure how to help. These 2 Hitching Posts are the ones that my animals have gone missing on.