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  1. Guess it broke applying the changes to the priests and linking... thought it seemed a little slow on the regeneration.
  2. I'd like to know how many actual new players there are, seems to be 98% existing or returning players.
  3. On the whole this is looking pretty good, thanks@Darklords. Travel between PvE and PvP server IMO no skills should cross, keep the pop popping on the PvP server. As others have said it encourage porting only for PvP or other events once deeds are built, killing the pop. Question, do banks transfer between servers? Weapons/Armour Tweaks Praying for good balance so we see more weapon and armor types in PvP. There shouldn't be any one amour and weapon combination that can dominate all other options. Raid Windows Mixed thoughts but only time will tell. Guess the point is to set the raid window to suit the active play time of the village. ** Positive - Guaranteed PvP opportunity when raiding/defending. ** ** Negative - Limited raid options for time-zones. ** Question, when you say "The window duration is dictated by villager/alliance count", I'm assuming this is overall both online and off-line? Question, is it going to be possible to disband a deed within the raid window, again both zones? Other Suggestions ** If the population swells and there is a high population in all time zones, consider changing raid windows to be cyclical and traversing multiple time zones. ** ** Of-deed mine hops would be nice to have again, either limit the door ql placement to 30-40 or increase bash damage significantly, off-deed only. ** ** Same thing with off-deed housing, either limit ql to 30-40 or increase bash and siege weapon damage significantly, off-deed only. ** ** Possibly consider similar to above for "Safe Zones" both on and off deed, limit ql to 50-70 to make them appealing to raiders and encourage deeding in the danger zone. ** Something New Perhaps? ** Combat damage dealt is diminished as your stamina drops. **
  4. Living on a sparsely populated server has it draw backs for missions that require xx amount people to complete a task, usually these are ritual or giving items to the avatars. These missions only give sleep bonus an karma upon completion and are therefore ignored on severs with low populations. I have frequently seen all missions slots occupied with missions that will not be completed and will only expire because there are not enough active people to complete them. This either puts and end to your quest to complete missions, forces you wait several days for new missions or to travel to other severs seeking out missions. Whilst server hopping looking for missions, on several occasions I've found the same scenario playing out on those servers too. I have two suggestions that might improve these types of missions; 1. The same character can repeat their participation once every 24 hours. 2. The mission awards a portion of sleep bonus and karma to the character at the point of participation.
  5. Please Add Hollow Hills 1463,1858
  6. As the title says, could we get a discard option for archaeology fragments.
  7. Did I miss something, looked like it was only asking for additional information to be available at incremental skill levels?
  8. This is reflected in the status of the wound already Very light. 0-5% damage. These wounds will naturally heal at 10 health points (HP) each healing tick (5 points of damage for a basic character). Light. 5-15% damage. Light wounds naturally heal at 8 HP/tick (4 points of damage for basic character). Medium. 15-30% damage. Medium wounds will not heal without treatment. If the wound has an infection or the character is underfed, a medium wound may worsen to bad. Bad. 30-45% damage. Bad wounds naturally worsen at 8 HP/tick, so a character with such a wound must be treated or the wound will turn into a severe. Severe. 45% and up. Severe wounds worsen at 10 HP/tick. They must be treated or the wound will worsen until the character dies. But yeah for immersion, maybe something like "You see a severs wound that must be treated or you will die." Think these abilities would be the other way round in my mind, at 30 you know how to treat it and at 50 you know how a wound is gonna impact you. Though what can you do at 70 and 90 skill? Would maybe go with; 30 - You can tell this wound is stable/improving/worsening 50 - Tells you the exact potency you'd need for it to start healing 70 - You can tell this will heal/worsening by x amount next time it ticks 90 - Who knows?
  9. Had this discussion several times in the past with neighbors, alliance and kingdom members etc, would love to be able to move my token on Freedom for sure. Don't have much of deed tbh but as it progressed I've been like; "damn that token is in the wrong place now... sigh... if only I could move it over there without having to disband and redo all the perms etc and raise bonuses, that would look nice!" Thought along the lines of a cost to movement similar to deed expansions, the further you go from it's current position the more it costs. Also thought it should be limited to one movement per X months or something like that.
  10. I too would be interested in participating if this is still ongoing. Hit me up!
  11. Meditation is not a grind, its a waiting game, you can only meditate a limited amount per day. But I get what you mean
  12. I've been grinding for 12 long years, I'm no stranger to it, maybe I'm just getting too old for this
  13. Its a none argument against imo, ropemaking and locksmithing you can create an item at the ql of the materials you make it from at 0>100 skill. You only really need 25 locksmithing skill to have the full range of items to craft. Only reason to raise those skills is to increase the frequency of high ql end product for your actions.
  14. try shipbuilding, ropemaking, locksmithing etc. tons of skills Yeah and they are all 2-3x quicker than weapon smithing? Just to add to that with locksmithing you produce 90+ql lock at any skill level, you cannot do that with a weapon.
  15. try shipbuilding, ropemaking, locksmithing etc. tons of skills Yeah and they are all 2-3x quicker than weapon smithing?