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  1. Rite of Death is ready on Pristine, if anyone wants to do that at the same time? [11:12:08] You sense that Libila is brimming with power. Maybe you can channel it somehow?
  2. @Explorathere is a temple on top of the mountain ridge at F21 if you want to add it.
  3. IMO, should have been on the road map from the get-go and enabled on Defiance early days, would have loved to have seen many more groups enjoying the game and duking it out on the regular. I’m positively sure player retention would have been significantly higher given the long history of disdain between rival players and groups, expecting them to come together amicably was a folly. But I guess better late than never right, might even tempt some players back, you never know… At the very least make the remaining player experience less grating and more enjoyable. Good luck whatever you decide! Long live the King!
  4. Honestly if the dev team had just come out with something along the lines of "We are sorry for the lack of communication and development over recent months (some reasoning here), but we feel that several recent updates have fallen short of expectations such as the new AH and fighting system overhauls for example. Alongside the mountainous accumulation of unaddressed and unresolved bugs over the years, this will be our primary focus in the coming months before look to bring new and exciting content to the game." could have probably got behind that. VR just sounds like a buzz word to deflect the heat in the current climate. But in the event it is actually something they are developing I can't see how it would integrate well in the slightest, would just be another buggy disaster no doubt and cause untold disruption for everyone. Perhaps it is going to be released as a standalone product, a one-off purchase like Wurm Unlimited, who knows, we can only hope.
  5. I'm gonna go with a no #ForTheLoveOfGodFixTheAHUpdateItsBeenMonthsOfHellThankYou
  6. Pick your self up a bargain Hota Statue to spruce up your digs! Updated list below: 0x Bear vs Bull 0x Bear vs Man 5x Bison vs Wolf 0x Boar vs Dog 0x Scorpion 0x Son of a Nogump Hollow Hills can be found at T21 on the coastal South East of Pristine.
  7. Sleep bonus is not comparable to fatigue as it does not stop you playing the game if you none left. Please present reasoned argument against removing fatigue or stop trolling and go provide some community assistance elsewhere.
  8. Excellent community assistance, just troll the players. Can we get a slow clap over here.
  9. Yes they can, would have to remote manage them one at a time on every mayor for every deed, check and change the perms if needed, could be thousands of doors across a kingdom, so in the event that a player exits the kingdom and has placed a ton of the mine doors, built a bunch of buildings and decides to set them all to "Everyone", it could be race to do that before being ransacked by the kingdom they are defecting to, I mean it only takes for a little preplanning to co-ordinate such an event. Giving automatic ownership to the mayor would allow for better management of permissions on deeds full stop. You cannot as they mayor remove a players ability to set perms on building they have built or any mine door they have placed on the deed without removing the building or removing the mine door, buildings would have to be bashed and mine doors would have to removed and replaced. In addition if they never give the mayor manage perms the mayor cannot control that building at all. If only mayors have the authority to decide perms on gates, buildings and mine doors on deed, the soul responsibility of keeping perms in check falls on the mayor of the deed and cannot be compromised by another player, unless of course the mayor chooses to compromise the deed, but you cannot code that out, if they are defecting, they are defecting. Another scenario off the top of my head whereby automatic transfer of ownership to the mayor would be beneficial is around the resizing of deeds. For example, player x has left the kingdom but has Ownership of your longhouses on top of all of your dirt walls or maybe even all the building on the deed, you cannot resize the deed until you have removed those structures. Giving automatic ownership to the mayor would prevent these types of situation from ever arising.
  10. IMO this "fix" for mine doors is lacking and completely ignores the exact same scenario playing out with buildings that are still owned by players that have left the kingdom, you think your safe then poof it is gone and you are left scrambling for cover that may or may not be available to you. Seen and heard of it happening a bunch over the years with buildings. Would it not be better if the Ownership of mine doors, gates and buildings automatically transferred to the Mayor of the deed on placement and or completion, then the player placing and or completing is given manage rights only, which of course can be Revoked by the Mayor at any time. This way if a mayor fails to purge the permissions it is entirely their laziness that has exacted in the resulting compromised situation. If the Ownership is not automatically transferred to the Mayor, what is stop players that are leaving kingdoms just setting as many mine doors as they own to "Everyone", allowing both kingdom and non kingdom members to access the mine door, which in my case is 250+ in one deed alone. Again this has happened in the past and people have died as a result. Hope this give you some food for thought and maybe we will see a revision of the current "fix".