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  1. Would love to be able to butcher player skulls and it actually show as "Skull of Loink" for example when hovered over, possible also be able to mount that on a stake and still have it say "Skull of Loink" when mounted and planted for decoration/warning to would be raiders, pleeeeeease
  2. Initial impressions is that this client seems to be considerably better for me personally, memory use is much lower (1.1-1.3gb) and it doesn't seem to be leaking at present, though i haven't ventured far so not a thorough observation. Mine doors are still on their side until you are on the tile in front of them either inside or outside of the mine, then they flip the right way along with the reinforced cave wall on tiles contacting mine doors.
  3. Edited original post
  4. Intel i3 CPU 2.93Ghz 8GB RAM 64-bit Operating System Radeon X1800XT Graphics Card (https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/159/radeon-x1800-xt) I have the latest drivers for my graphics card and also my Java is up to date. Since the launch of client 4.0.x it has become increasing difficult to play. The memory usage is up, lag is frequent but brief and this is with low settings,with high to max settings it is unplayable and runs at 1-4 fps and memory leaks are always present regardless of settings. Prior to the launch I could run 4 clients without too much issue just a drop in fps per additional client but still playable on all windows, now I can run only two clients max and trying to launch a third would result in a crash. I am usually running other things such as a talk client and couple of browsers (usually Chrome).
  5. Can you please link or point to the the thread, when I search it I get nothing and want to make sure I'm posting in the right place.
  6. I want to like the progress but it getting worst for me personally. Low memory client 4.0.8 launches at 1.6gb (up from 1.4gb on 4.0.7) and slowly memory leaks up .2gb per 30 mins (4.0.7 didn't leak). Since the launch of 4.0.x I am unable to play high/max setting at all unless I want to play at 1-4fps and even on low/minimum settings the lag is consistently frequent but brief, so just about playable but a constant annoyance. Is there going to be a legacy client available at all in the future?
  7. Loaded the latest client 4.0.7(5c9da6f) just now and it was running at 2.5gb on launch and leaking heavily, within 10 minutes and having not moved at all it was upto 2.7gb and rising. Used this fix and now I running at a stable ~1.4gb give or take a little.
  8. I like the idea of changing the current local system, personally I'd like to see it as either purely line of sight, so completely removed or as a compromise and based on your comment, perhaps they are only added to local if moused over or they talk in local chat making them "seen". Another suggested change and perhaps one that would impact the frequency and fun of PvP more would be the removal of globally announced 'Death' tab on player kills, make the tab local only for copy/paste in skirmishes still. IMO the tab serves to discourage PvP and significantly limits the window of opportunity for the smaller groups on Chaos. At current and speaking from the point of view of a small group, you cannot just go to another small group and have some light hearted PvP without it most likely resulting in near death or death by one of the larger groups on the server. As soon as the first death tab pops you have 5-10 minutes max before a gank squad arrives so you have to hit and run and there is still a good chance they will intercept on route to 'safety'. Of course sometimes its not the death tab that brings the gank squad, occasionally people leak your presence to your/their enemy before any tabs, which is also a hugely discouraging factor for PvP in small groups but sadly does happen. Locate soul could use some re-balance, make the success more difficult, longer cast timer, longer cool down between casts or remove completely as this can be spammed by multiple priests and quickly give a picture of who is around, where they are are and what they might be up to. Related to locate soul, perhaps remove 'in office' listings as these tend to be populated by active PvP toons for the CR buff related titles and are often victims of spamming locate soul just because they are online, which makes it very hard for them to be involved in covert ops or planned events outside the kingdom influence without giving the enemy reason to investigate their actions, again discouraging these players if they are not moving within the large groups on the server.
  9. Somebody told me that the code is different between the test sever and Chaos and so they never really know how it's going to perform on Chaos until it's live anyway. No idea if there is any truth in this or if it's just the regular horse ###### speculation that gets banded around... I agree with Theodein it's a terrible idea, I don't see how this will help grow the population on Chaos, can only see a growth in exploiting broken mech to gain advantages and or loot that would require substantial investigations to prove one way or the other. Maybe make an event of testing, something like running specific scenarios for feedback and all participants get a desirable item for their help. Perhaps run it like rifts in terms of the shifting start times to cover multiple time zones but run the same scenario every xxx hours for a couple of hours over a month or indefinitely until a new mech needs testing then setup a new scenario, rinse, repeat?
  10. It may already be in here but I've scrolled through a bunch of pages and didn't find it. Would be great to be able to manage multiple buildings at once, select multiples and apply generic permissions.
  11. Reverted back to an older Java, worked fine to begin with, computer froze up and had uniform green pixel pattern across my screen, not sure if it is related due to a recent graphics card change but i'll post if it happens again with my old graphics card.
  12. I was running java 8 already, just installed the latest update and I also tried everything in Enki's thread.
  13. Should also add that the game launched prior to update, as in minutes before the update.
  14. Error is 'could not verify signing in resource' Launched from client on my desktop Tired deleting entries via javaws -viewer and downloading again. Uninstalled java and reinstalled. Windows 7 Ultimate
  15. As title says Unable to Launch Client after Java Update (Version 8 Update 141)