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  1. Reverted back to an older Java, worked fine to begin with, computer froze up and had uniform green pixel pattern across my screen, not sure if it is related due to a recent graphics card change but i'll post if it happens again with my old graphics card.
  2. I was running java 8 already, just installed the latest update and I also tried everything in Enki's thread.
  3. Should also add that the game launched prior to update, as in minutes before the update.
  4. Error is 'could not verify signing in resource' Launched from client on my desktop Tired deleting entries via javaws -viewer and downloading again. Uninstalled java and reinstalled. Windows 7 Ultimate
  5. As title says Unable to Launch Client after Java Update (Version 8 Update 141)
  6. As the title says, WTB a referral
  7. FYI have an offer for 1.2g

    1. Yldrania


      Well, you ought to take what you can get! :D If I were you I'd try to get the 150 if they're topping 100 though ;)  

  8. Created it
  9. It may be one of only two in the entire game, there was a post back in 2013 for one. Considering selling. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d503plb3rnobq4y/fantastic horse shoe.jpg?dl=0
  10. Bump
  11. looking for around 35s with no enchants
  12. What? One Like... Nobody wants festive jumpers? Perhaps this image (as modelled by Cornchips) will sway opinion.
  13. We all neeeed woolly jumpers for Christmas, come on Santa I've been a good boy this year
  14. [21:34:07] Aged son of nogump picks up and throws Adolescent fat Cliffdance! After this event I could mount the horse but could not move on the horse, I did however hitch it to a cart and the movement worked just fine.
  15. Nice, I made a couple but never got round to dropping them on a horse