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  1. Very simple idea, allow combat training similar to duels, training via duels really doesn't provide much insight to group PvP scenarios and as most all PvP is conducted in groups this would allow for kingdom training and drilling to gain experience and establish individual capability and roles for combat in the field and most importantly confidence in yourself and your fellow players going into combat against the enemy when the time comes. As part of the same kingdom you would be bale to form teams the same way we can form chat teams through a command line invite and a chat tab would open the same way showing your team. Teams are then able to challenge another team in combat training much like a duel, not sure if this would be as a command or a drop down option that appears in the menu of the person who started the team, the teamleader. Teams are then able to attack each other and when a team members health drops below a certain percentage HP the training ends for them and they are no longer targetable nor can they target the opposing team and they are kicked from the team. The combat training is won when the last player from a team is beaten. Thoughts?
  2. Could have voted it down out of saltiness that someone from the group that holds most all the artefacts and at least two mentioned here is asking for a buff but... giving artefacts desirable incentives to leave deed and even be dug out of the ground is a good thing for sure, artefacts are fun to use and bring an added excitement to PvP. +1
  3. Animal Taming - Event Messages

    Bumping this once again, this still irritates me every day and seems like a simple one to implement?
  4. One-click queue filling

    I’ve never had a issue keeping multiple characters doing stuff tbh. my main point was with an automated system I can go to bed or partake in some real life activity and continue to make gains, again it’s just not wurm imo
  5. Changes to Character Affinities

    Another suggestion would be to introduce a cap of say 5 affinities for example, people having 200+ affinities and up to 5 in any one given skill is ridiculous in itself, especially if they live on freedom and have no possibility to loose them other than when you cross to chaos to farm when the pop is 8 or something at the time... To ensure people with affinities above that number do not have a permanent advantage perhaps affinities could have a life span of say 3 months and then you lose them. When you have 0 affinities then one respawn as normal.
  6. [14:27:52] Woahiii slain by Oblivionnreaver [14:28:02] Woahiiiii slain by Oblivionnreaver [14:28:13] Woahii slain by Oblivionnreaver [14:28:42] Woahiiiiii slain by Oblivionnreaver [14:28:47] Woahiiii slain by Oblivionnreaver [14:28:58] Woahi slain by Oblivionnreaver I'm sure this will be deeply unpopular with plenty of folks but... every time I see this it irritates me to the point that I want to use a lot of profoundly offensive language that cannot possibly be posted in here without a stern warning or ban. I propose that affinities should only be obtainable from characters that have had premium for 1 year consecutively without even a days lapse or alternatively remove them all together, we have affinity food now, why do we need this too, especially when it is abused to such an absurd level and with the introduction of purchasing smaller amounts of premium time the cost of this activity just got even cheaper. Nothing personal against the player in the time stamps, just happened to be the soul crossing from freedom to chaos to farm at this particular moment in time.
  7. One-click queue filling

    -1 I just raised leather working from 0-90 in just over two weeks with affinity food, my white powder habit and my ability to perform mindless repetitive actions until the cow come home on one client whilst doing something equally repetitive and mindless on the other two clients. With automation I guess I could have done that in less than a week as I was AFK sleeping and doing real life things for more than half that time... its just not wurm. If you raise your mind logic you can queue more actions, this would give you time to move between screens and click the crafting window button once again or stack some improvement actions.
  8. I can see that happening with the number of deserted deeds having large quantities of reinforced cave walls but... I would rather the event say the support is rotten and cannot be salvaged or something to that effect.
  9. You could do that now Edit: not sure who wants to though just for the sake of cleaning?
  10. You get your daily troll in bud, I'm sure it makes you feel worthwhile. Let him have his moment, everyone needs to feel important some times. Rolf's statement is regarding performing an action and movement resulting in a bug that randomly insta kills you I wasn't moving as I was afk and I wasn't performing an action either as I was afk the tile I was on had no interaction whilst I was afk tbh I can't see why Rolf's post has directly influenced the decision of the GM
  11. Long story short, I died to a server bug , link below; Put in a ticket was told, oh well, Rolf made this post some time ago, sorry for your loses.. link below; If we can't fix the bug please remove the fight skill loss, drastically reduce it or scale it down the higher the fight skill, having to now go out and kill 2k - 2.5k mobs to get that back doesn't seem like a fair resolve to me, not to mention the active res stone that I now need to replace out of my own pocket.
  12. I was afk and hadn't performed an action for over 8 minutes Just died out of the blue while standing in the open on a rock tile on the surface above ground on deed with no mines below the area I was standing [10:08:38] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [10:08:38] You are dead. [10:08:38] Etheral strands of web attach to your items and keep them safe, close to your spirit! [10:08:38] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [10:08:38] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [10:08:38] The ancient symbol of the stone preserves your sanity and knowledge in the nether world. [10:20:23] You are cast back into the light. [10:20:24] You are teleporting and cannot perform actions right now. [10:22:06] Your request for assistance has been submitted to online chat moderators, game masters and developers. Please wait patiently! Still waiting, not quite as patiently, but still waiting, support ticket #34462 (15/Nov/2017 11.23) Lost the standard body stats, fight skill and 5 random skills as associated with a pve death plus the res stone that was activated at the time, would like this replaced and the the skill loses reversed please.