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  1. As the title says would be nice if you could exchange rift points for marks and vice versa? Specifically rift points and not karma as you can only obtain them through participation. Thoughts/Opinions?
  2. Crash Log from last night ^^
  3. Might be getting that confused with expiry time on collecting mail
  4. WTS Black Drake Set without cap 80s
  5. 1 week ago sold an item and sent it COD, the buyer is yet to claim that item from the mail system and as yet I have been unable to contact them. Assuming this buyer has no intention of collecting the mail, they change their mind, have gone inactive or quit, I will not receive the item back for up to 28 days. Fortunately in this case it is not of high value only around 5s, but if this was say a drake set @ 80-85s I would be very annoyed. Given that most mail boxes deliver within 10 minutes or less and even almost instantly is 28 days necessary? Should there be an option to manage your items once sent i.e withdraw the item at a cost say maybe equal to the cost to send the item? This may have already been discussed, so apologies for being lazy and not searching the forums before posting...
  6. Item traded, please close
  7. Please post here or pm me on the forum and I will mail the item to you asap. 89.99ql Oil of Weapon Smith 1.75s 99.32ql Potion of Ropemaker 3s 94.24ql Potion of Carpentry 2.5s 34.34ql Potion of Carpentry 2s 85.39ql Potion of Acid 20c 75.88ql Salve of Frost 20c 83.02ql Salve of Frost 20c 79.20ql Ointment of Stonecutting 1.75s 93.34ql Ointment of Tailoring 1.25s 70.71ql Oil of Blacksmith 2s