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  1. I can see that happening with the number of deserted deeds having large quantities of reinforced cave walls but... I would rather the event say the support is rotten and cannot be salvaged or something to that effect.
  2. You could do that now Edit: not sure who wants to though just for the sake of cleaning?
  3. You get your daily troll in bud, I'm sure it makes you feel worthwhile. Let him have his moment, everyone needs to feel important some times. Rolf's statement is regarding performing an action and movement resulting in a bug that randomly insta kills you I wasn't moving as I was afk and I wasn't performing an action either as I was afk the tile I was on had no interaction whilst I was afk tbh I can't see why Rolf's post has directly influenced the decision of the GM
  4. Long story short, I died to a server bug , link below; Put in a ticket was told, oh well, Rolf made this post some time ago, sorry for your loses.. link below; If we can't fix the bug please remove the fight skill loss, drastically reduce it or scale it down the higher the fight skill, having to now go out and kill 2k - 2.5k mobs to get that back doesn't seem like a fair resolve to me, not to mention the active res stone that I now need to replace out of my own pocket.
  5. I was afk and hadn't performed an action for over 8 minutes Just died out of the blue while standing in the open on a rock tile on the surface above ground on deed with no mines below the area I was standing [10:08:38] You manage to become stuck in the rock, and quickly suffocate. [10:08:38] You are dead. [10:08:38] Etheral strands of web attach to your items and keep them safe, close to your spirit! [10:08:38] You are halted on the way to the netherworld by a dark spirit, demanding knowledge. [10:08:38] The spirit touches you and you feel drained. [10:08:38] The ancient symbol of the stone preserves your sanity and knowledge in the nether world. [10:20:23] You are cast back into the light. [10:20:24] You are teleporting and cannot perform actions right now. [10:22:06] Your request for assistance has been submitted to online chat moderators, game masters and developers. Please wait patiently! Still waiting, not quite as patiently, but still waiting, support ticket #34462 (15/Nov/2017 11.23) Lost the standard body stats, fight skill and 5 random skills as associated with a pve death plus the res stone that was activated at the time, would like this replaced and the the skill loses reversed please.
  6. To expand on this scenario a little, you accidentally remove the cave wall and on the other side of the tile there is mine tunnel running along side that is at a different height, in this example lest say its higher, the cave floor pulls down to the level of the lowest tile when the cave wall breaks and therefore you end up having to collapse 4 tiles and mine out 3 to repair the damage. So that mistake turns into a 30-45 minute repair job. On side one, this scenario is becoming more common as the map is littered with old ruins that people want to re-purpose. On side two, people are naturally resistant to change sure, but I would point to all the current deed permissions that are working as expected, I'm sure the devs could deliver a new deed permission successfully. Another scenario is deed resizing, movement of deed borders, you may want to remove mine support prior to them being off deed to allow for mine work in that area beyond that point. For me its all about enhanced game experience, it is miserable work mining out hundreds of supports, collecting or discarding the shards and repairing mistakes, this change would make the experience a lot more palatable.
  7. Whats up buddy, missing the real pvp, trying to get some excitement through trolling on the forums... No no, I should put my big boy hat on. I see how you twisted that but I don't think you thought it through as you would have to remove the reinforcement, 1 action, then perform 51 actions to mine out the cave wall, collapse the tile using a shaker orb (instant) and then re-apply a reinforcement or cast strongwall (3 minute cast) t.. not exactly an instant door and how is that any different to mining out the reinforcement and cave wall that currently take 41-45 actions then collapsing and re-applying a mine reinforcement. If you wanted to remove any chance of abuse to evade the enemy then put in a check that does not allow the action to be performed in the presence of an enemy. The current safe mine works by collapsing the entry tile either using a shaker orb that costs 5s or if you have time casting strongwall that take 3 minutes then reinforcing the tile either with a mine support or strongwall again if you have the time and no support. So this change would not effect how that works. I'll put this back in.. If you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation stop posting Jake, this topic obviously isn’t for you
  8. Mine supports may be about preventing collapses on a pve server but they also serve to prevent the enemy from entering your cave system or boat mine with relative ease on a pvp server, I would have thought Jakes experience of pvp servers would give him some perspective on that. Edit: they are also used to create panic rooms or safe mines where you would have enough time to log out before the enemy can penetrate the space. The problem form the surface is you cannot tunnel a tile that has a mine support applied to the cave wall below.
  9. Cave wall reinforcement, cladding is already removable with a crowbar I believe. Here are the wiki links as you seem to be struggling with this https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Reinforced_cave_wall https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Support_beam
  10. This is annoying so massive +1 here. Also noticed they seem to be more aggressive depending on which server you are on, Choas is not quite as bad as Pristine, seems on Pristine you have to enter and back out of the pen 3-4 times and no target before you can even start leading them to breed them every time.
  11. What are you talking about, a cave wall is going to collapse on a on top of a cave wall that already exist? That is silly And what do natural collapses have to do with removing cave wall reinforcements? If you have nothing constructive to add to the conversation stop posting Jake, this topic obviously isn’t for you. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but please stay on point. To answer your question, you need to be able to remove reinforcements to allow for rework both above and below ground and as Iberis commented it is annoying every time you accidentally mine out a cave wall when you just wanted to remove the reinforcement adding an additional 3 minutes to the task each time it happens. Tell my why you think 50 actions makes sense to perform this task? You groom the horse, do we need to make it 50 actions to allow for each stroke of the brush? What benefit does that bring to the game experience?
  12. This is getting off point, Jake please stop posting horse sh*t in this thread. No one asked to salvage reinforcements or remove cave walls with a crowbar... Simply asking to be able to remove reinforcements with a crowbar on deed for ease of rework and also without depleting the number of mining actions that remain in the cave wall. Sorry if you can't find any benefit in it for you but a lot of people would be very happy with this improvement. Edit: and the point is not to remove the cave wall, only the reinforcement
  13. How is this different to the change for mine door, you no longer have to perform multiple actions to bash vastly reducing the time required to remove a door? Imagine you have extensive reinforcement under your deed and you want to reconfigure the entire tunnel network or boat cave for whatever reason, let’s say for example you have 500 reinforcement that need to come out for this to happen, now do the maths on time and actions, now tell me who wouldn’t want this change? I’m sure it would inspire many remodelling projects.
  14. +1 Would also like a discard pile option or at least the entire amount you can hold in your inventory, at the moment it’s less clicks to combine and then discard, pretty annoying really.