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  1. Should be there, unless something's up IRL . I can do: Blacksmithing(99) Weaponsmithing(92) Chainsmithing(90) Shieldsmithing(90) Platesmithing(94) Jewelsmithing(73) Carpentry(90) Fine Carpentry(73) Masonry(82) Leatherworking(70) Would also bring my Vyn priest, Biff, with 90 channeling. A pair of beds would be nice too, if still available.
  2. WTS Red tome charge

    Taking offers on last charge of a red tome.
  3. Blackmoor Christmas Impalong 2018

    Should be able to make it. I can do BS, WS, CAS, PAS, SS, Carp, FC, LW, JC, Masonry. Will also bring a priest, tho this time I'm not sure if it's still a Nahjo by the time the event starts.
  4. Release Community Map

    Could you please add Almenly Fields, lower left corner of x33 y15. Thanks!
  5. Slaying - Black Dragon Hatchling

    Should be able to make it.
  6. WTS Potions, shoulders and moonmetals

    Bump, added some more powders
  7. Goblin Leader

    should be able to be there
  8. WTS Potions, shoulders and moonmetals

    Bump, updated items.
  9. it's JS... tho I'm grinding FC for a bit, so might end up with 70 by the time this starts. not promising anything, just mentioning the possibility. can at least help out on lower ql items, if nothing else
  10. Troll king slaying

    not sure if I can get there in just 20 mins, but going to give it a try. thanks for hosting anyway
  11. I think I'll come. Sign me up for BS, WS, CAS, PAS, SS, Carp, JC, LW, Masonry. I also got 70 Metallurgy, in case more alloys are needed. I'll also bring my Nahjo priest alt, Biff, with 83 channeling. can also help with cooking if needed, 96 HFC. And regarding prizes... I got a cog and a corbita, which I could donate.
  12. White Dragon

    Will try to make it in time, thanks for hosting