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  1. Lunalong 2022

    Should be able to attend. Pretty sure I can do everything by the time this starts, just need to get toymaking to 70. Will also bring Biff as usual (Vyn, 96 chann, Benediction completed)
  2. I guess I should finally put Almenly Fields back on map. X33 Y15.
  3. Should be able to attend. Can do all except toymaking. Will also bring Biff, a vyn priest, as usual. I'd also like to reserve beds for both toons, if still available.
  4. So, I got this message [03:22:38] A small barrel crumbles to dust. said barrel was in chest next to my forges. Granted, it was VERY close, but haven't had that happen before. Message happened a minute or two after lighting up forges. Chest overlaps a bit with one forge, so I guess game considers that to be inside the forge?
  5. Unless something comes up irl, should be able to attend. I can do Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing Platesmithing Jewelrysmithing Shieldsmithing Chainsmithing Carpentry Fine Carpentry Fletching Ship Building (still need to grind, should be 70 by the time this start) Masonry Stonecutting Cloth Tailoring Leatherworking I will also bring Biff, as usual. Vyn priest with 95 channeling also, could use a bed for both toons
  6. [17:56:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  7. I'm afraid none left anymore. As for other posts, all sent!
  8. [22:59:50] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  9. Selling the following unique potions: 2s per: Potion of Woodcutting 50,18ql 6x Potion of Mining, ql range 52-72 3x Fletching potion, ql range 58-79 2x Oil of the Armoursmith, both 79ql 4x Oil of the weaponsmith, ql range 72-79 2x Oil of the Blacksmith, 71 and 78ql 50c per: 5x Potion of acid 13x Salve of Frost
  10. Lunalong 2020

    I think I'll attend, unless RL stuff ofc. I can do: Blacksmithing Weaponsmithing Jewelsmithing Shieldsmithing Chainsmithing Platesmithing Carpentry Fine Carpentry Fletching Stonecutting Masonry Leatherworking Cloth Tailoring Will also bring my Vyn priest, Biff, with 94 channeling and benediction completed.
  11. Yes, thank you for reminding me Here's the map for it, along with a small update to local highway network:
  12. The Eastern Wall canal is finished, just have been a bit lazy about applying for heritage status Guess I should finally get to it
  13. Unless something comes up irl, should be able to attend. I can do : Carpentry Fletching(still grinding, but should be 70+ soon) Fine Carpentry Cloth Tailoring Leatherworking Masonry Weaponsmithing Chainsmithing Shieldsmithing Platesmithing Blacksmithing Jewelsmithing I also have 76 metallurgy, if more alloys are needed. Will also bring my vyn priest alt Biff, with 93 channeling. can also help with hfc(96), should the need arise As for prizes... I've had a corbita I never use for quite some time, could donate that, if wanted/needed. Would be nice to have beds for both toons, if possible.
  14. Unless there's something IRL, should be able to make it. I can do Carpentry, BS, PAS, CAS, SS, WS, FC, LW, Masonry, JS. Will also bring a 91 Chann Vyn priest.
  15. Should be there, unless something's up IRL . I can do: Blacksmithing(99) Weaponsmithing(92) Chainsmithing(90) Shieldsmithing(90) Platesmithing(94) Jewelsmithing(73) Carpentry(90) Fine Carpentry(73) Masonry(82) Leatherworking(70) Would also bring my Vyn priest, Biff, with 90 channeling. A pair of beds would be nice too, if still available.