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  1. Will be there. Can do WS, BS, SS, PAS, Carp. and masonry. I think I can also get JS to 70 by the time this starts. Will also bring my Nahjo priest with 81 channeling and 96hfc. Also, I think I'll try to bring some alloys and possibly some other materials/favor with me, just in case. Better to have too much than not enough
  2. I think I'll show up, thanks for organising!
  3. Had the same happen with lye and milk, seems to happen after unsealing. Works properly if you drop the barrel and pick it up again.
  4. I'll try to be there
  5. I agree with Kyle. This is my third Impalong, and the previous ones were just as chaotic in the beginning. I can quarantee you, that we're imping stuff as fast as we can, just be patient =)
  6. Well, unless something else comes up to mess with my plans, I could come to do carp, WS, BS and PAS. I'll probably have SS at 70 by then too. I'll also bring a priest, either Nahjo or Vyn, depending on how my channeling grind goes.
  7. I'll try to get there
  8. Hey, sorry for late response, for some reason there wasn't a notification on a reply. The rake is still unsold, if you're interested.

  9. Bump
  10. Will be there.
  11. Bump
  12. Bump
  13. Bump, bone sold.
  14. Bump, lowered price for a bit.