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  1. Auctioning this rare, highly enchanted saddle, so that your horse may start to fly! A leather saddle complete with a girth and stirrups. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with some leather. Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it will be quicker to use. [100] Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: No. Buyout: 30 s No sniper protection, private bids not accepted.
  2. Dear Wurmians and Wurmettes, Carvers, Fletchers, Bowyers, Toymakers, Whittlers and Fine Carpenters! Today we bring you an absolute premium item, a highly enchanted rare carving knife! At a quality of 90, it comes with 90 WoA and 100 CoC! Starting bid: 8,5s min. Increment: 0,5s Buyout: 14s No reserve, no sniper protection, private buyout only. Now come forth and bid, for the finest carpentry tool available! Buyer pays CoD from Independence for any bid below 10s.
  3. Dear Wurmettes and Wurmians, today we bring you anextraordinary auction of a set of horse shoes at 92 OCD. 92 OCD, you may ask, what is that supposed to meran? Well, this set of four horshe shoes comes at a quality of 92 each, and an enchantment of WoA of 92 each. Which in turn makes the average quality 92, and also the average enchant 92 Therefore, it is not only at an awesome quality, but also very pleasing to anyone who likes a certain order and neatness to groups of things. To suitably deal with a set of items like this, bids will need to be multiples of 92c. Starting bid will be 7.36s (8 times 92c), then it goes on in increments of 92c. (8.28s, 9.2s, 10.12s, and so on) Buyout is 13.8s (15 times 92c) And of course the auction will run for 92 hours! No reserve, no sniper protection, no private bids, but private buyout allowed. Now go, get yout favourite horse a match of awesome shoes. Happy bidding!
  4. Hey, nice to see your bids. Would you like your diamond sent right now, or should we wait to see wether you get the other items as well?
  5. Congratulations! The gauntlet has been sent to Deathwind, pleasure doing business.
  6. Hello, fellow wurmians, and welcome to the auction house. This time the following items are up: 1. a rare bow, ql80, maplewood starting bid 1s, buyout 5s 2. a rare diamond, ql66 starting bid 3s, buyout 6s 3. a rare chain sleeve, iron, ql92, 81 AosP starting bid 3s, buyout 6s 4. a rare chain gauntlet, copper, ql92, 71 AosP starting bid 1s, buyout 3s Miimum increment for each is 50c, no reserve, no sniper protection. Happy Bidding!
  7. Started the registration proces, mail verification went fine. Then I saw the list of data required to get to a status where I'd actually be able to buy or sell. More personal info than I'm willing to give away to test any service online. End of the line for me, sorry.
  8. Buyout of 60s has been met by private buyer. The auction is off. Thanks to all who took part and showed interest, hope we meet again on the next auctions
  9. Hey Wurmians and Wurmettes, today for auction is an awesome Supreme butchering knife! It comes at an awesome Quality of 90 and is enchanted with a hefty 84 CoC. Starting price for this precious item is 50s, minimal bid increments set at 3s. CHANGE: Starting bid is set to 30s, but reserve stays at 50s due to agreement with the weaponsmith who crafted it. Convincing offers are appreciated, we might settle for less than 50s. Buyout 80s 60s, no reserve, no sniper protection. Buyout met, auction has ended. The winner will have the knife sent via speedy mail, free of charge Happy bidding!
  10. That's not random, that's my village! Are you spying on me from there?
  11. Status update: Last night we finished mining down the Inn area up on top, including a 5 slopes deep rock bed for dirt, so we can fully use the area when it is finished. Here's the last chance to look at it before we spread the dirt layer: Yes, that is the tip of the Dragon Fang looking over the edge. Now we can start building the Inn, and use it as a permanent work station for the project. Soo, if surface mining really isn't your thing, but you like to build a nice stone house wall or ten, feel free to join for that part alone
  12. This week we started the Mag's Scar funding foundation. We'll start by selling rock shards, dirt and sand directly from terraforming to raise some funds, which will then be used to buy wares or services needed, maybe pay some additional workers, too. Gathering and delivery of the bulk goods will be done by volunteers, so all the money earned will be used for the Scar. This opens up some more opportunities to participate: buy our goods volunteer for transports transform shards to bricks ... (ideas welcome) And last but not least feel free to donate some coins. Anyone interested in participating in this way (instead of coming up to the work site and doing some terraforming yourself), drop me a note here, via PM, or ingame.
  13. he, maybe I'll break out my lego blocks for construction