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  1. Be sure to place a sign on the other side of the dirt that says: "This way to the Egress". *Hat tip to P. T. Barnum.
  2. Kind of what I thought, but it's a little confusing since when you find a coin it says "You have a moment of inspiration. You also find a rare coin." So when I have a MOI foraging and it gives me a rare pumpkin or something, is that when I had a "true" MOI that also had a chance for a casket?
  3. Ok, from what I've gleaned there is basically a 1 in 3600 chance to get a rare window which may or may not result in a MOI. But when foraging there is a 1 in 100 chance to get a MOI with a rare coin. Does this mean there is a higher chance to get a treasure casket when foraging/botanizing as opposed to mining or digging? Also, is there any difference in the chances of finding a casket between never-been-premium, lapsed premium and premium characters?
  4. ...if you almost burned your real-life house down by putting backpacks in your oven.
  5. ...if you feel the urge to lead your bicycle before riding it.
  6. ....if when you play some other game it feels like you are stepping out on your significant other.
  7. ...if you start seeing the real world divided up into 4m x 4m tiles.
  8. ...if you feel that any real-life time spent away from Wurm when you forgot to put your toon to bed is wasted time.
  9. Ok. Now this is helpful info. I currently have 0 faith because I haven't converted yet. (Any Fo follwers on Exodus willing to convert me? Have statue, will travel.) So back to my original question... what is the best way for a 0 faith toon to tell blessed lamps and regular lamps apart? I'm guessing put lamps on a piece of pavement off-deed and see if they turn them selves on and off.
  10. Hmm. This is the messages from one of the two lamps I just mentioned:
  11. I have two that I'm sure are blessed. They are off-deed, on a paved highway, turn themselves on and off and haven't needed fuel or taken damage in months. Examining them doesn't give any sort of different message.
  12. When I was brand new to this game, some nice, thoughtful Wurmian blessed some lamps I had made and I've since made quite a few other lamps that are not blessed. What is the best/easiest/fastest way to determine which lamps are blessed and which are not?
  13. I could be remembering wrong, but I'm pretty sure I had to grind anything that was above 20 back to their previous levels, even days and multiple logins after i premed up. I was thinking at the time "ahh...ok....this is the real penalty for letting my account lapse back to free".
  14. Well, like I said, that was not my experience. I let my account lapse about 9 months ago and when I purchased more premium, all of my skills were still at 20 with the (3x) indicated until I ground them up to where they were before (which didn't really take that all that much with sleep bonus and 3x). My characteristics all stayed the same, prem or not, because none were above 30, though.
  15. Based on my experience, this isn't exactly true. Once you buy premium again any skills that were above 20 start at 20 and regain at 3 times normal until you get back up to where you were before you un-premed.