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  1. Thanks Locath. I guess I never encountered it before because my first toon on usually boots itself when I open the second. I had to lower my graphics settings to get both on at the same time to cross servers. PS: Sometimes it's hard to find info in Wurmpdia when you really don't know what you are actually looking for.
  2. This question is based in personal observation, so it could be way off base: Do different servers have different restrictions/permissions for dropped items? The reason I ask is this: When I am on Exodus and not on a deed I can pick up any items dropped by another player. I like to keep the areas around my deed clean and am always picking up/burying leftover butchered items and other things left around. I also just drop items to trade between my alts without having to use the trade window. I recently traveled to Xanadu and even though I was on a tile that said "You see a patch of grass. The grass is wild and seems to like it here." I wasn't able to pick up anything dropped by my alt. Is this a server specific thing or do I have some messed up permissions somewhere?
  3. Ok. It makes a little more sense, I guess. Just out of curiosity, how did they handle religion in Unlimited?
  4. Agreed. I wouldn't even ###### about having to pay as long as it's a reasonable amount. I guess my next step is to wander over to a more populated server, like Xanadu or something, and beg for a Fo priest to help me. *sigh* EDIT: The word for a dog's mother is censored??? Wow
  5. As for the "this is the place" on the map. I tried getting there. There is a PMK that has blocked the water inlets so you can't get anywhere close enough to even try to make a run for it. And as far as I can figure, the Altars are the "flags" for the ongoing capture the flag game that exists on Chaos and are always heavily fortified and surrounded. That's really no place for a Freedom Kingdom person to be, especially a wimpy new alt.
  6. According to the Wurmpedia Priest page, there are White & Black altars on Defiance. So I'm still not sure why NFI has the NPC's and SFI doesn't.
  7. Could we please have NPC's to convert and make priests somewhere PvE on SFI? I like to play alone and am not much for socializing in game (I do enough in real life and just want to relax in game without typing messages all of the time). Most days I never see anyone in local anyways, even when gallivanting all around Exodus. I have an alt who is ready to be a priest, but no one ever responds on global chat when I ask for a Fo priest to help me. I tried sending my alt to Chaos but there seems no way to approach the Altar of the Three without getting your butt kicked. (Special thanks to the two Pandemonium guys who let my wimpy alt live and let me keep my rowboat!). I guess I don't understand why NFI can have religious advisor npc's, but SFI has to jump though silly hoops to get converted.
  8. There once was a man from
  9. Just ran across this yesterday myself. A couple of days ago I realized that I had let my FTP alt lapse and the name was deleted. When I saw the announcement I decided to re-register it because I like the name and wanted to keep it. I now have the name doubled up as citizens of my deed in the all of the permission lists.
  10. I can confirm this is still an issue with steer towards camera mode for me. Randomly while moving and then looking right, instead of rotating the camera 5 degrees clockwise it rotates 355 degrees counter-clockwise. Seems to happen more frequently when moving backwards.
  11. That's for sure. This is one that might be a nice tip to put on the login screen. I never thought to look up Place on Wurmpedia because it seemed so intuitive when you use it.
  12. Cool. Thanks. Much better. Wish I knew that about using the mouse wheel a long time ago.
  13. Got my stocking, hung it on the mantle and............was a little disappointed. It doesn't hang correctly and I'm afraid that my presents will fall out and roll into the fire. *sigh*
  14. Mounted/vehicle turning is definitely better although I'm still getting a random glitch when using steer towards camera mode. Randomly when turning (especially when turning right) it chooses to turn the other way. Basically instead of rotating 2 degrees clockwise it chooses to rotate 358 degrees counter-clockwise. This seems to happen randomly as far as I can tell, but does seem to happen more often when moving backwards.
  15. To be honest, I am not really too worried about someone stealing my mount at the moment since I'm on Exodus and rarely see anyone online here much anyways. (Kind of makes me feel that I'm living in post-Black Plague Europe with all the abandoned deeds and such). But I am getting to the point where I will start exploring other servers soon so I'm thinking it is useful information to have.