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  1. Valrei International. 068

    how about instead of a blanket nerf to life transfer how about it penetrates easier on less armoured combatants.. making it still viable for new and under armoured combatants hunting... so tax the toons that don;t need it as much more.. so it is still useful we already pay the ""`cost of magic"" by trying to get a decent enchantment with it that taxing it is just a plain nerf and no other way to look at it.. and its not our fault lt weapons have become a dime a dozen....
  2. Valrei International. 068

    i call bs as a user of a new toon and not a purchaser of old accounts i call BS!! U cannot kill a troll in those conditions .. there is not a chance of doing it just because u have lt and a decent set of armour /weapon.. i dare u to go out and do it some time ill give u the armour and weapons.. trolls hit well above all lt healing on a new account... so BS!!!
  3. ill take the rare blue lantern 1.5 silver thanks.. cod to psisimian
  4. Valrei International. 068

    this is true.. i know there must be some parallels or connections between the gods and meditating but i don't think that governing the meditation powers is one of them.Keep these things distinct as I and I bet some others view these things as different in a lot of regards.. due to meditating being an exercise of the mind./body and religion being an article of faith generally
  5. WTS Eyerobot 700$ OBO

    101 woa he's a madman.. plus the original who played that toon is a famous freedom architect who did some amazing designs for building i always look back on his when i lose motivation or creativity... hope this account sells well cuz he'd be a god on freedom if there was a mechanic.. the best cathedrals done were done by him and his partner though i forget her name god forbid... but yeah you guys are looking at this from a pvp perspective.. this account is capable of filling deeds with one building no matter the size,. he is a freedom god...
  6. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    my philosophy on wurm is such.. if i never strive for any big goals then i just never really reach an end.. so instead i like to travel around and check out what other people have done.. there is so much more i could do and i like it that way, it keeps me coming back and paying prem.. nah if somebody told me i had to do this or that or earn such and such i'd be gone faster than a nickel in a begger's maybe one day ill decide what mark i would like to leave on the face of Wurm, and hopefully there are some people around to scratch there heads or maybe enjoy it....
  7. Troll King Needed

    i'd join in on this crazy venture though i am looking for a goblin king i i like travelling./ and is it pendulums that help you find uniques.,..??? not sure... u have my huge axe!!!!
  8. Valrei International. 067

    freedomers don't eat corpses and no such thing as mycelium in freedom isles.. except chaos..
  9. Buying source

    i have 17 crystals.. whomever answers first
  10. wtb 3000 karma

    i have 17 thats 500 ...
  11. WTB 7k grapes

    let me know if you end up buying smaller amounts i have 300 green with sap/syrop from last year even b4 picking/harvesting this year....
  12. ps mello people leave my presence throgh the hate that is bestowed on me.. i am a depressant but am not delusional and its your own problem if you don't see the truth.. keep on smoking them drugs girl at least it keeps you high above the rest of us oblivious to the reality of the situation.. i admit a dark cloud follows me whereever i go but it is not my making.. there are alot of evil people in this world we call home. they are a cancer and they are abundant but i will always fight the darkness by adheering to the light.. i may have some enemies but i can say this i also have beautiful friends that fill me with joy everytime i see them hear them or even think of the way they have changed my life... i hope you too find some sort of fulfillment.. its not your fault have been hurt dont let the dark feelings guide you ... dont succomb to the mediocrity the easy life of doing whats convenient,... it hurts me when people take up arms against me good people are frightened its gotten to the point that when it rains on my friends i feel responsible.. to get to the point i expected more from you... maybe thats my fault...
  13. obviously its a message to Mello.. the person who stated i am a drunken basterd and i can't be trusted.. the reason she said this is a long and convoluted story which i shall recap for anyone to read.... we all lived near Vrock Landing in Xanadu.. me who i guy named Steve found in a mine coweing to dogs.. and Tenania who hasn't played for a long time and i hope her beautiful heart is well, the central american or mexican kid i think central american sorry i can't remember his name, and Mello moved in some time after ,... the area was doing really well at the time there were loads more peoples around but the names i mentioned were all in local practically everyday,... now a bit of background, i have a fan club, what i mean is there is a chapter of people that follow me around for whatever reasons they have.. i know this and am not crazy by any means because they make themselves known to me.. i know who some of them are by face alone but none have direct contact with me besides through secondary measures.. my rights as a Canadian citizen and a global citizen including my human rights are violated all the time .. they started to make themselves known to me during a long distance friendly relationship with a 21 year old woman who i met while playing on the xbox network.. they have called me a pedophile (wrongly of course i would rather die than harm any child in anyway) and other vulgar terms which tell me they are desperate yet very patient, and this has been going on since my last domicile and i think i have lived here for 5 years.. and it started the last 3 years of my 8 year rental period.. so thats a little background. now one of my fans came into the wurm world and proceeeded to convince this traitor Mello who i thought was a good friend and take their side when the said fans made a deed which was up to our perimeter and blocked many of our neighborhood resources and i must say there was way better land all around.. during the arguement with these fans of mine i noticed this Mello joining their side of the disagreement much to my and my Wurm mentor Steve's dismay and Tenania's and the other kid's disgust,.. b4 i moved from their they the fans had bought Mello's place probably for a song and dance.. and had encircled my mentor's farm.. it was just a rude display./.. and obviously the only hostilities they could put into motion neeedless to say i moved away and ending selling my beloved toon and all his possesions to leave the relentless pursuit from these sold called Germans which i doubted for i had no German enemies.. So my friend thank goodness leaving the termoil behind him to raise his enfant son and i moved in with my friend after she deeded neat me and this was with a fresh toon that i started recently and only as of late announced the relationship between this forum account and him.. so tp thank Mello i did what any hurt man would do in my position and having deed permisions at Mellos i cut down every living thing there just to show her how hurt i was.. i valued our friendship all of them in that neighborhood.. i guess i am a pvper at heart or just plain sentimental... but b4 she left the mess she helped create all of us departed from Wurm except Miss Sunshine as she moved on to some fresh friends she hadn't soiled on... good riddens i say... i just wish she would stay out of my life,, and to this day everytime i plant a thorn bush and a few lemon trees my fav wurn plants they are mowed down by my village elder who looks at me funny through emotes everytime i talk to the deed owner hes got a thing for.. and yes i know its him two people on seperate occasions have witnessed him and besids only him and his married love interest have the permisions not to mention one of the first things i grinded which i never do was tracking so Dinant how much skill have you gotten from the 27 lemon trees and nine thorn bushes...hmmmm??? have a nice day guys sorry i was long winded but its only fair i tell the whole story..... happy Wurmin..................
  14. get a grip... get a bloody grip i trim the hedges on my deed now.. you reached out to me i didn't reach out to you.. I opened up to you; told who i was what i was about, i didn't hit on you or anything to that nature.. i thought i was entertaining a healthy friendship with someone of the opposite sex until you sold me and all your neighbors to a bunch of haters.. i had to sell my account because of that hence why i use a new toon, but point being you cause alot of harm with ur i dont care attitude.. i wish you all the happiness in the world mello you are an asset to Wurm,, but you are also a traitor and if i died not hearing from you i''d be thoroughly joyful, you ruined your chance for a friendship with me..that guy bought every inch around Steve's farm (what you failed to realize is i was a guest at steve's you did nothing but hurt steve) and forced steve to leave.. well hes happy and i am happy now and i have never really cared what my fans think but i know you do.. so please, pleas pretend i don't exist.. i did nothing to you to deserve your blatant treachery and only wish you well.. .. so lets just pretend we don't know each..