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  1. Rolf....blubb blubb ... blubbb... ROLF!!!! blubb.. blubb.. blubb....
  2. whats a fair price for the rare iron huge axe?? What are yuou expecting for it??
  3. close

    Theres a 97 channeling 100 faith mag priest on the for sale section check it out..... :>
  4. id like to buy the best chain set you have there if its still for sale.. let me know/./ psisimian in game
  5. first offer is an amazing 5 silvers.. idk what its worth either this day and age... send it to psisimian in game if you agree...thanks..
  6. blah!!!!!

  7. Hey VirusMD.... did i leave a sailboat there last year at this time at the last friend-a-long i haven't played much but i will donate it to you to give away to some newb since i won the cog last year i'll login during event.. later..
  8. I really like a happy ending... just warms the soul...... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....
  9. To whomever ended up with my namesake could they please contact me and maybe we can work out a deal.. i want my soul back.. thanks..
  10. Here , most above....
  11. I think everyone makes SOME sense.. but I definately do not think the game is too expensive... I hate to say it.. but since the game is so affordable, it seems reasonable that you'd have to buy some equipment to maintain safety outrun packs of hellhounds etc... but this game is not linear like most rpg's right off the hop you have to face trolls, hellhounds and such with lesser ql items and thats a bugger without highskill but it forces you (like I and all others with any success to learn the mechanics) to watch youtube shows, explore the wiki etc to enjoy the game, I like the game for it is.. do alot of exploring while playing and take in the works of the players, not at all trying to pay for it by playing it.. Its too bad not everyone can see the game as what it is and not for what it should be.. but at least the devs listen to the players and program in positive ideas which are possible within the current framework in a reasonable time, it is a player driven experience ... happy WUrm'in..
  12. Maybe thats how some cu1tures start out their snake charmers... but come on I second the WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. My moment of inspiration comes in three.. 1st) my best item is a supreme large metal shield with a high coc, it was made supreme from rare by sharkin at the last impalong on pristine , which i attended... 2nd)my the man who nursed form a newbie to a WUrm Player, BombaySteve.. sorry for all the bs that followed me Steve but i wish you would've kept your helmet i don''t knopw if you no't'iced but the one i sent you bore your sig. the first plate mail helmet you made and all that i could save forjm your first farm, and btw the second farm is sooooooo much better congrats and godspeed.. 3rd) My real moment of inspiration comes everytime i am farming and i get a drumroll, i guess i must have mowed over the little drummer boy because jnothing ever turns rare nor could there be anything to turn rare or above, its just a moment that happens all the time while i am raking and i wonder why i dont get a single coin.. io guess the drummer boy pocketed it and then i mowed him up..maybe next time.. and btw the only item besides a suprememe coin i ahve ever made was a rare reins.. take care all happy holidays and pleasant wurmin.. and this is no threat but i will be back someday.. heheheh...
  14. Tich... damn Tich why did you leave me hear to miss you as i do.... How many ex-Rockcliff deeds have i lived at.. Man i shall miss her.. I can just see her now, levelling the Highway to Heaven.. shovel out and smile across her face.. man oh man.. godspeed Tich and may your family and friends fill the void you have left in their hearts.... good night...
  15. lighten peeps its hilarious something like that would be done.. by our only ten year old male player in attendance....