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  1. WTS 85s for 80e

    ill take 20 contact me anytime./. thanks....
  2. Friendship Bay Summer Impalong (Friend-A-Long)!

    Hi there I, aka Psisimian will attend with no notable skills. but i did come across a bunch of source salt . its in crystal form now. in individual crystals how and in what way should i make it arrive at your door.. as i cannot promise my arrival will be prompt and firstly do you need any salt.. as id rather eat if not needed being karma challenged as I am!!! Heheheheh...... please let me know and I will get right on it promptly!! Yours truly Psisimian,.. The Psychic Ape!!
  3. I have tried every and all means to contact somebody to reset my pw so i can access store to prem and buy silver.. is this how you guys treat customers.. anybody else having trouble with simple support tickets or emails or posts to codeclub?? thank Rolf i dont need help very often but i have been trying to prem since yesterday... wow.. i hope i am a rare case.
  4. Sunburst one stop shop-Deli H8

    hello starshollow.. long time since i posted .. do u have 20 silver to sell i am trying to prem and deed and have no access to store for some reason... please and thanks if possible... i am using a 25 dollar canadian gift card amd change is urs if u want it sent in american.. should be over 20 american..
  5. Hey Retro whats the average response time on a simple support ticket? I cant get into store to buy prem cuz after a break i cant remember my p/w... can u help in anyway??

    thanks in game name : psisimian

  6. WTS Jukimo account

  7. Mysterious giant sarcophagus discovered in Egypt

    those are the most accurate >aaaaa-chew< hoax ridden >ahem< anti-news agencies in the world Frank... i wouldnt expect that much fact to come from their sources.. sad to say..
  8. Are your horses completely MESSED UP?

    hey hey hey wait a sec that ""horse"" is moonwalking wtf???
  9. anyhow anybody got a measly 20 silver for sale?? I have 25 Canadian whatever that is in Euros and Americanos.. over 20 american anyhow.... any takers??
  10. WTB gems, 20i per QL, 5s minimum.

    good deal...
  11. hello CD the gems are pending just trying to deliver them ,, if the sale falls through they are yours... thanks for interest...
  12. Hey ingame name is psisimian and i am having trouble getting into the wurm shop to add money to my account through xsolla!! If we can make an arrangement or something can be done to prove i own the account.. or can i login with the hash of the p.w. from my wurm folder on harddrive where its stored?? paste it as plain text or something?? please let me know dying to spend some money on my prem-less tune!!


  13. Hey is the house of rares yours?? I am asking because while i was hill stomping through your neighborhood i noticed alot of nice stuff thrown around with your sig on it.. are u still active?? I assumed b4 today u had left the game by the way u signed your quote on forums. just checking if you are going to let everything wrot??  maybe we can make a deal as i am moving into your neighborhood  and u seem like a decent guy on forums... take care...

  14. Skill Points

    still hogging all :::::"""O U R""::::: skill points eh ??? Oh btw a horde of greenish trolls with a champion has been found i am the guy that took you on the midnight hiatus to find them by your place at the desert above Vrock lake..confirmed sighting.. and not too long of a sail to the coast,.. give u a chance to walk amongst us lowly little people us mortals../.. msg me for details just saw them this morning in the rearview mirror of my slow arse cart...