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  1. The Most WTF Meditation Questions Of All Time

    Maybe thats how some cu1tures start out their snake charmers... but come on I second the WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You have a moment of inspiration...

    My moment of inspiration comes in three.. 1st) my best item is a supreme large metal shield with a high coc, it was made supreme from rare by sharkin at the last impalong on pristine , which i attended... 2nd)my the man who nursed form a newbie to a WUrm Player, BombaySteve.. sorry for all the bs that followed me Steve but i wish you would've kept your helmet i don''t knopw if you no't'iced but the one i sent you bore your sig. the first plate mail helmet you made and all that i could save forjm your first farm, and btw the second farm is sooooooo much better congrats and godspeed.. 3rd) My real moment of inspiration comes everytime i am farming and i get a drumroll, i guess i must have mowed over the little drummer boy because jnothing ever turns rare nor could there be anything to turn rare or above, its just a moment that happens all the time while i am raking and i wonder why i dont get a single coin.. io guess the drummer boy pocketed it and then i mowed him up..maybe next time.. and btw the only item besides a suprememe coin i ahve ever made was a rare reins.. take care all happy holidays and pleasant wurmin.. and this is no threat but i will be back someday.. heheheh...
  3. Gone Fishing, Catch You Later - Tich / Pifa / Epona

    Tich... damn Tich why did you leave me hear to miss you as i do.... How many ex-Rockcliff deeds have i lived at.. Man i shall miss her.. I can just see her now, levelling the Highway to Heaven.. shovel out and smile across her face.. man oh man.. godspeed Tich and may your family and friends fill the void you have left in their hearts.... good night...
  4. Calling all Xanadu peoples

    lighten peeps its hilarious something like that would be done.. by our only ten year old male player in attendance....
  5. Kappa's First Lunar Festival (lunalong)

    This event looks awesome i am so sad my computer is down right now... please remember me and how much fun i bring to impalongs.. heheh.. take care guys and god speed.. and pray for my computer.. i am repairing it... />salamon...
  6. i got your msg worries


  7. I wuld be thrilled if somebody could send an in game message to Lunadew and tell her Psisimian will be back in game soon and not to fret.. i will pay some rent someway when i can and that i will be returning to play when my computer gets fixed.. some rats in my building knocked over a cup of water and got my video card wet so i have to wait to replace it as i use a pretty expensive brand of cards. s please let her know i will be back within the month. thanks to whomever does this and i will make reparations in game when i can return with a couple enchanted tools or a couple silvers.. thanks in advance and please post here when you do so we don' spam her mail box ingame.. thanks guys .. happy wurmin wish i was there..
  8. Valrei International. 068

    how about instead of a blanket nerf to life transfer how about it penetrates easier on less armoured combatants.. making it still viable for new and under armoured combatants hunting... so tax the toons that don;t need it as much more.. so it is still useful we already pay the ""`cost of magic"" by trying to get a decent enchantment with it that taxing it is just a plain nerf and no other way to look at it.. and its not our fault lt weapons have become a dime a dozen....
  9. Valrei International. 068

    i call bs as a user of a new toon and not a purchaser of old accounts i call BS!! U cannot kill a troll in those conditions .. there is not a chance of doing it just because u have lt and a decent set of armour /weapon.. i dare u to go out and do it some time ill give u the armour and weapons.. trolls hit well above all lt healing on a new account... so BS!!!
  10. ill take the rare blue lantern 1.5 silver thanks.. cod to psisimian
  11. Valrei International. 068

    this is true.. i know there must be some parallels or connections between the gods and meditating but i don't think that governing the meditation powers is one of them.Keep these things distinct as I and I bet some others view these things as different in a lot of regards.. due to meditating being an exercise of the mind./body and religion being an article of faith generally
  12. WTS Eyerobot 700$ OBO

    101 woa he's a madman.. plus the original who played that toon is a famous freedom architect who did some amazing designs for building i always look back on his when i lose motivation or creativity... hope this account sells well cuz he'd be a god on freedom if there was a mechanic.. the best cathedrals done were done by him and his partner though i forget her name god forbid... but yeah you guys are looking at this from a pvp perspective.. this account is capable of filling deeds with one building no matter the size,. he is a freedom god...
  13. Personal Goal post-trauma (pgpt)

    my philosophy on wurm is such.. if i never strive for any big goals then i just never really reach an end.. so instead i like to travel around and check out what other people have done.. there is so much more i could do and i like it that way, it keeps me coming back and paying prem.. nah if somebody told me i had to do this or that or earn such and such i'd be gone faster than a nickel in a begger's maybe one day ill decide what mark i would like to leave on the face of Wurm, and hopefully there are some people around to scratch there heads or maybe enjoy it....
  14. Troll King Needed

    i'd join in on this crazy venture though i am looking for a goblin king i i like travelling./ and is it pendulums that help you find uniques.,..??? not sure... u have my huge axe!!!!