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  1. I think Nicedreams is probably lying tosave face but hell what do I know I haven't been playing as long as him as he should've known better kinda thing and anyhow deed it or lose it is a losers way of stealing off of people in the care bear universe not a pvp motto more of a land grab for PVE players that are suckering newer pllayers in hence why he has several yers -playing more than me... and to think we are in the same alliance in PVE world I guess I will have to double lock down anything.. If you are telling the treuth then sorry and I am definitely glad the statues are being returned./. because as lowly as I am I would never steal or discredit or deface a memorial.. these people are our peers and for better or worse we are a small one minded community in essence so thanks for returning them for whatever reason.. and if you did knowingly deface a memorial shame on you.. cuz that's just bad politics for us./.
  2. thanks for the info.thats definatley something to worry about knowing I love my horses as much as you do.. and of course others.. and heck limping home on one horse is no fun
  3. tat would be kinda neat but isn't the vr equipment still priced outta this world.. I haven't checked for awhile but I do remember the first time i looked it wasn't worth it with the titles out there//let me know if things have changed... thanks./.
  4. A sthe title says the picnic basket complete at 99ql for slae i would expect this to fetch 3silvers or 2.5 silvers at the lowest but anyhow make me offers publicly so all is fair unless you must hide your offer for some strange reason.. like a loan shark or something who knows.. and laso a mask of rebirth oakenwood 89.99 ql don't ask me how it lost a hundredth but somewhere it did.. so here it is anyhow with a tiny scratch on it. . I expect this to raise 2.5silvers or whatever make me a n offer pref publicklly so there no complaints thanks a lot and happy shopping!!! Let me know if theres something noty listed that you are interested in maybe I have it and just did not list it..
  5. hey man can you send psisimian the axe with 75 or 76 life transfer for 5 c's please thanks for the great deal.. oh and can send me the 80 ql trowel too no enchants I think.. oh and 90 ql butchering knife 78 coc I belive.. and sickle 83 ql I believe with 63 coc and 63 frost brand thereabouts.... thanks laot mAN
  6. ill take the rare chain parts in exchange for a picnic basket?? Worth 2.5 silver last time I checked and easy to sell... let me know >
  7. seems logical If a horse can carry us toons who weigh a more reasonable 150 pounds say 120 for girls then they should be able to carry 150 pounds of equipment before any penalty to speed like a pack animal that is then if you add more weight there is when the drop down in speed occurs or whatever weight you wanna do this at so as to ob5tain faster speeds than a horse and its rider if towing one.. how about that./. and yay again for saddle bags.. don't let us strain over excitement how odes the storage work and how does the weight system work let us enquiring minds feed off the information ehheheheh///
  8. Yay saddle bags and where do I sign up for one of them man-skirts from world o' wonders.. I can totally see my main in one of those.. then I guess we'd need purses too.... ;(
  9. Can somebody explain to me the ramifications of the new brandig changes.. as I understood it the branding disappears after leaving the deed of branding,or should I say the permsiions leave the horse??? bison??? Rooster etc?? I don' think I understand the full scope of the changed permisions system..
  10. doesn't it make sense that tiles are infinitely tall so they will always return to their origins..//I remember I had a drop shaft that wouldn't close and had to have ENki ahem.. cough cough ahem.. fix it.,.
  11. I think you are correct in your assumption as my travels through tunnel canals have shown that cave-ins happen near other walls..
  12. what about sacking to improve the window does it matter where that is done??
  13. what's weapon smithing ???
  14. Malena I never would have thought.... hehehehe...
  15. man you are getting good at making those now.. bump..