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  1. Here here... this is the game that I like too and I think I may not like it as much if it was full of ten thousand of the non-Wurmians we are trying to attract.. we have a niche market and as long as it keeps the servers paid for and everything flowing its hunky dory for most of us I think.. look at Epic those are die harders, they have stuck with it through thick and thin and that's Wurm's perseverance.. stick obstacles in our way and we'll go through it if we can't find a way around it.. until Rolf makes Wurm II I won't think of going full time on another game.. happy Wurmin!!!
  2. The real question for you is whats your time invested worth.. is it worth more than a hopefully functioning pvp server where people actually want to play at.. hell give them the power to transfer over to freedom using a viable conversion method and wipe the Epic side.. start a new map with all the players that would return and all the players from freedom that want to try and all the newbs that this sale is attracting a lets do PVP hell freedom was getting boring an d I am not the only one who feels this way.. so You guys still have the character you invested in only now its on freedom we get all the players a new start would attract and all is hunky dory.... we don't lose anybody and we actually make use of this rare publicity we are win win.. ,,, what you guys think am I crazy?!??! Hell I think it could work...that would ,mean victories and losses for both side and the devs wouyld have concrete solution that both side could agree the onloy sticking point is the potential loss of income for the freedom barons but even those guys come and go its the nature of Wurm .. you can quit Wurm but Wurm NEVER quits you..
  3. Wjhere is Desolution now ask the devs a lot of people were pissed that was cancelled when it was starting to get going good.. why and why balk at solutins you guys have not come up with a viable way to solve the problem other than transfer to our server.. the only reason there should be a transfer is to bolster a hurting server's numbers and if you insist on not playing fair from the start with the improved rulesets and and a shiny new map then at least allow us oyur accounts form freedumb to be transfered over.. we'll still be looking around like lost sheep those of us that try out EPIC because its such a different playstyle.. so lets please be realistic..
  4. You guys on the PVP side need to hear us PVEr's out and yes we do have a vested interest, socially, financially and even our familes come into context as experienced by some of your players during the meta games. so we do matter if we have let PVPers bring their accounts to the freedom side.. I thought we were trying to save EPIC not enable you another more lucrative market to profit off your built or bought accounts..the devs have setforth a plan for the freedomers to help you so lets get on the same page.. we aren't drowning, you are..
  5. so what's happening with this.. I am ready to start at off at vrock landing or anywhere connected.. I have lots of free time right now... and I assume this will be a slow moving transit type cavalcade .. so lets do it.. if no one else wants to ill start it off.. and see where go and who we can pickup.. ill bring enuf food and cotton for a long trip.. any takers...
  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... look at the cute Puppy looking at Angelklaine.... never turn your back on that dog....
  7. weird I was there not too long ago and all was fine must be pretty recently as far as I know that is strange.. was that enemies as in pvpers or animals??
  8. Actually superstition is the act of believing A will happen if B were to come to fruition..1) bad things WILL happen if I walk under this ladder.. 2) if I GIVE this beggar money on my way to gambling I will WIN BIG TIME at gambling.., so as you see superstitious is absolute faith just like Christianity its absolutely got nothing to do with a mathematic concept such as Randomness or RNG as in I think somebody mentioned a long time ago Wurm only uses a small slice of RNG to get results those results are based on qualities of tools, material s , your skills and the rng just accounts for the universe in of its self where maybe a bird ###### on you and you missed an archery shot or whatever but it is doing the same calculation every shot you make its just changing the amounts of your skill and the materials and the arrow quality maybe at the targets ql,,.. your distance form the target (is it ideal , or too long too short) you get what we are trying to say.. if there was a random role of dice just to determine your outcome you'd be aware of it.. Wurm is a challenge and you earn everything.. from that wood scrap you fought off a bear to grab to the great bridge you built.. all of it
  9. also row boats are said to help when wind is non-existant same with knarrs
  10. I could see the skill being Taxidermy with that new update.. Cartography could be another one travelling and using compass and known land marks we could triangulate and map new ones.. glass blowing is a possibility surprised its not in yet...I am blowing in the wind on what I think is going to be the new skill.. Horsemanship and horsewomanship would be a possibility too.. since not too many people gain full use of the speed horses can go.. so make some skill for tighter turning, more speed , more carry weight etc..
  11. yeah Halloween we could come up with goofy costumes for our toons.. if that possible... without potions..
  12. Heheheheheh.. that's lal I can say without laughing anymore.. those guys rae clowns .. and giving them this fame or infamy is down right wrong but hey I did laugh a lot.. supposedly those abbott and Costello are still at it in the Minecraft world now. but boy that was a great laugh...sorry for anybody that lost there stuff and hope you got it back.. ... classic "theres 11!!!! Iron coins in here!!!" wow they can retire now..
  13. Here look over here <------ that is moi.. sorry I look unhappy but if you looked like me you'd be unhappy too...!!!! but seriously will all the crazy fans as I have you'd be unhappy too.. but as they say negative publicity is publicity all the same.... but man oh man are these people persistent .. makes me if you see me coming just hightail the other direction and you'll avoid the dark clouds and showers that seem to orbit my planet.. take care all..
  14. Exodus eh Nadroj.. ill be there even have a couple semi nice enchanted weopons for possible prizes.. pretty light on supplies.. unless its 65ql iron got a k of those with no way to carry them.. unless I did some creative bagging in my sailbutt... I think m record is 725 lumps in a happy to bring it... and the weops are more of newbish type prizes just iron and semi high enchants but good enough for some level 30 troll bashing.. after some imping they would be grand...
  15. +1 but what would be the point unless it had an unpickable lock nah make them appear as walls unless permisions avail..