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Found 101 results

  1. Want to sell 36 NFI silvers for SFI ones in a one to one trade. While coinage is preferred, I am willing to barter for items of value that are on either cluster.
  2. I think it would be a prudent move for Wurm to start to log / record the name of a player and the time stamp when they rename a coin along with the new name of the coin. This would be output to log file. This is a sensitive topic, and I am not going to refer to any specifics, but running a market as I do, I am dismayed by some of the messages I am seeing especially on small value coins in loose change. It's a small minority of players doing this I believe, but I think something needs to be done to make players accountable for what is essentially spreading hateful comments about fellow players. Please don't post any examples here. The moderator is free to close this thread, as I think I have basically covered the subject.
  3. Greetings, I have coin on the new steam cluster NFI, in Harmony Bay, I wish to trade to you. In exchange I wish to receive coin on the old cluster SFI, i.e. Xanadu from you. Looking to trade your coin for mine 1:1 even trades. I am the single owner of this 10 year old account on SFI with a lengthy positive trade history. Thank You. -Huser
  4. WTS MY 54S IN NFI 1S EA TO 2S IN SFI !!
  5. Hi guys I want to sell 10s= 10e, we can make it for paypal.
  6. I believe if we (whats left of the new and old wurm community) band together via an all encompassing search which will be coordinated via the community maps or dumps, that could find this elusive prize which has been held in front of us for far too long. It is time; b4 we lose anymore of our valuable trusted experienced players or our new pee and vinegar filled newbies.. if you are interested please post here and with any ideas you may have.. i am only the drummer to call out some able bodies to manage this event.. we could aggressively or casually grid off our domain which is the freedom isles i am assuming but we will also need current chaos and epic players to search their respected islands.. then we could cross out the areas we search and pendulum search and then report to the handler of the maps.. think of it besides piloting a boat or horse no real skills are needed.. lets keep this cool Wurmians. stick to the positives.. thanks for reading..
  7. I have up to 1 gold coin at the time of this post. Hoping to sell it all to either one person or several. Does not matter. PM me here on the forum or in game if you'd like any amount. I sell for 1 euro per silver coin. No negotiation. If you have a problem with that or feel the need to tell me you think silver is only worth 1 usd per coin, do not message me. at all. Thank you.
  8. As topic says, buying up to 1 gold of in-game coin. Verified paypal. Would prefer all-in-one transaction, but I'm ok with splitting it up a bit if necessary. EDIT: All full up on coin
  9. temporarily unavailable thanks to all buyers
  10. Sale complete, please close. Thanks
  11. Looking to sell 108 silver coins. I'm selling at 1s:1e via paypal. Pm me or message here if interested.
  12. I have three lots of coins for sale if you want them all I might take a little off the price just send me a forum pm and we can talk about it. Lot #1: (SOLD) Lot #2: (SOLD) Lot #3: (SOLD) Note: I will only sell to established and trusted players.
  13. Looking to sell items below, please PM me with offers: *Note* All items must be picked up from Xanadu B18 or mailed. 10% discount offered for gem purchases in euros instead of coin. 3 Gold Coins Left White Dragon Skull Red Dragon Skull Supreme Hatchet 90ql 77CoC 93WoA 100Imbue - 60s or best offer Supreme Horseshoe 90ql 90WoA Rare Horseshoe 90ql 87WoA Rare Huge Axe 71ql 76MS 80CoC 93LT 80Nim Animal Demise Rare Needle 74CoC 73WoA Rare Hammer 90ql 91CoC Rare Stone Chisel 81ql 76CoC 81WoA Rare Awl 81ql 96CoC Rare Willow Longbow 80ql 80CoC 75Nim Rare Leather Knife 81ql 88CoC Rare Sickle 79ql 81MS 92CoC 85LT 79Nim Animal Demise Meditation Rug 1ql 103CoC Spyglass 15 LW Potions AVG 71ql 7 SC Potions AVG 79ql - 1s per or best offer 10 WS Potions AVG 92ql 15 WC Pitions AVG 84ql 5 WC Potions AVG 71ql - 2s per 10,000ql+ of Gems under 10ql - 1.5c per ql or 1.25c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) Hundreds of Gems over 10ql - 0.5c per ql or .3c per ql for all (Needs to be picked up from B18 Xanadu) *Note* All accounts are out of premium Accounts for sale: Bunnybaby Male Vynora Priest - 100Faith 57Prayer (Enchant Grass Ability, works while nonprem too) - 35e Vyncake Female Vynora Priest - 82Faith - 15e Magbagel Male Magranon Priest - 72Faith - 20e MexicanPotatoNahjo Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoCrunch Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e NahjoSauce Male Nahjo Priest - 64Faith - 15e Also accepting offers on the two accounts below: Female Vynora Priest - Enchant Grass Male - Lvl 12 Path of Knowledge (Best offer 330USD)
  14. through verified paypal, sent as gift
  15. Sold Out

    Sold Out. Thanks for buying. Also if you want to send gifts for no silver, that's cool too
  16. Sold

    Coins for sale through PayPal, I have a few gold available. Send PM. 1 silver for 1 euro buyer pay fee [15:56:41] <Bluerosee> [15:56:30] You now have 3 gold, 6 silver, 26 copper and 7 iron in the bank. Items send to Bluerosee, main char was sold.
  17. Hello Wanted to sell some of my silver coins Ratio is 1s=1e or 1,1usd I have 120 silvers to sell can be selled in smaller batches edited added: If u buy all in one go then 120silver= 108e or 120usd Paypal verified
  18. WTS 1G 1s:1$ Verified Paypal Only
  19. SOLD

    I have 60s for sale for $60 US dollars (paypal verified and buyer pays any fees involved) SOLD
  20. I have an extra gold coin i am wanting to sell for 100e or the USD equivalent (PayPal Verified) pm me SOLD
  21. I am looking to sell one gold coin for 100e or $110usd buyer pays any fees (PayPal verified) SOLD
  22. WTB Silver Coins. 1s:1$. Verified Paypal only.
  23. I have 50 silver coins for sale at 1s:1e rate (PayPal verified - buyer pays any fees involved)
  24. Well i know that everyone and their brother is selling gold it seems but as you have guessed it i have some for sale too. I have done deals with loads of you over the years so if any of you need some gold pm me.. Gold and Silver coins - 1s : 1e (PayPal verified, you must buy at least 20s) Revision: I will now sell smaller amounts then one gold to stay competitive but nothing lower then 20s at a time. (buyer pays any fees involved)