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Found 12 results

  1. We can ride Bears in Wurm, yet bears can not have armour on them to truly make them the fierce Ursidae they were meant to be, now of course horse shoes are out of the quest but as a trade off maybe more armour or maybe attachable metal claws could be made. this would make the bears slower than horses yet better in combat and we could have war bears that wurm deserves. Saddles also would be a welcome addition but costing more leather and materials as trade off as bear are usally larger animals having a larger girth to them, barding would make a good addition aswell although not necessary as the main focus should be on the armour and ferocity of the animal making it as intimidating as possible.
  2. Hi, Just a couple of ideas and what I would consider a fix which would be to move "Disband" in the settlement menu to the bottom rather than right next to "Info". Bear shoes. I would like to see some bear shoes, like horse shoes for bears. They should inherit all of horse shoe object proprieties and just given the appropriate images associated. Dropped object model should look like some sandals. Perhaps bears wearing shoes should have a attack-damage reduction on clawing type attacks leaving bite unaffected. Windmill. It should use sail mechanics to determine proper wind direction. Be a minimum milling level requires to release the break, and from that point the flour produced should be a function of the person's skill that released the break and the wind strength which should also affect production rate. When wind is lower than the minimal operational speed then the break should re-engage itself. Experience should be given on each item creation similar to that of a still. There should be a bar/lever jutting out which is pushed/pulled to rotate the mill Just some thoughts. Morl
  3. Want to auction the only existing Glimmersteel hota statue in the game Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1h Start Bid: 10s Increment: 50c No Reserve
  4. Hi, As the large saddle is no longer used for anything I think it should be usable on bears. It should be a simple matter to add the right flags for them to be attached to bears. The quality effecting speed should also work the same as horses. Perhaps we can have some bear shoes too, or even a bear hat; one of the leather type with a tassel that we can change the colour of with dyes. And as creatures hitched to a cart/wagon now unhitch as they change ages could it be changed so that when a bear becomes untamed it wont unhitch? as the new mechanic would solve people having them hitched all the time and bypassing the challenge of keeping aggro creatures for labour. Thanks Morlanius of Bearfoot Vinyard (xan)
  5. Greetings! My name is Tylenthus, and I have played this game for a short period of time. During my journeys I have come across some amazing sights, whimsical animals and some elaborate housing. During my short stay on the Freedom server, my girlfriend and I have set up a small home, purchased a Deed and have begun collecting some resources, etc. One of the items I have found was a Bear Hat.. Sort of like a bears head I wear like a beanie on my head. I love it. I want more. I would like a black bear helmet, but I have no idea on how to go about getting one.. but that's besides the point. In the next few hours I plan on a big bear hunt, so I can have a bear rug in my home.. I already have a "cave bug" as a trophy in my home, which I overpowered with m y massive battleaxe. It stood no chance with its ferocious pincher, thanks to my shining plate armour (Can I change the color of this? I would like another colour to my armor). I slowly lugged it back to our home, and it now resides on the floor, as a trophy of my power and strength. Whilst asking some questions in the CA HELP chat (Big shout out to Fireriders for all the help) I have discovered there are actually two kinds of bears in this game, despite the fact I've only ever sighted a brown bear!. I would not only like to see a black bear, but I would like to conquer one. Return home with its hide as my trophy. Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge in this game I fear I cannot do it alone. I have been informed that I might need a fight statistic of 25 to overwhelm this foe. I have also learned that we can retreat to water if it is indeed a black bear that we find, as they cannot swim (Where as their friend, the brown bear can indeed swim). I have only got a fight statistic of 1.23. Despite my mighty axe, I do not believe I can do this alone. I am asking for anyone who has the spare time, muscle and know-how to come to my house located on the map provided, to help me slaughter this mighty foe. I have a well at my home, so I can provide refreshments, however I'd suggest you bring a water skin as this will be a big expedition I am sure. Here is a map of the general area I am in. My home is called "Shady Hollow" if that helps any. This is a picture of the map someone showed me so I could point out my general area. The battle-plan here, is that we go into the forest near me. I have seen a brown bear there before, although it was a while ago.. If you have any better plans let me know! I am sure we can put our minds together and form a battle-plan that'll guarantee us a bear!! Once we have hunted the bear down, the body will be bought back to my home, and placed on the floor for all to marvel at. You are welcome to come inside and view it, alongside my cave bug! Please add me to your friends list (if you can do that? my game name is Tylenthus) and send me a message letting me know you're coming, what you can bring and what strengths you have against a bear! You can also comment here, so people can see the army we have ready to combat this fierce predator.
  6. I have observed that the food and water level in Wurm fall pretty quick and we know they directly affect the stamina regen rate. The problem is, while raiding in pvp, it takes 2-3 hours to raid a deed or while in active pvp, at such instances we really dont have time to make food. A lot of planning has to be done and the priority of food and water is low while in fights. Thus i request the rate at which they fall to be decreased to 1/3. As stamina is a important part of pvp and we all have been at places where we need stamina gain pretty quick. Even 1 second can cost us a lot of gear.
  7. This is suggestion list of creatures that would bring a new experience to the game. As you can see these creatures can lead to more crafting, farming, and provide even pvp fun. In addition I also suggested these creatures traits, spawning area's, and ect. for us to be able to indulge in our imaginations a little. Military Macaw or some type of a Macaw (Spawns in Forest)(Strength approx of large rat?) (Produces Small weight of meat and colored feathers) (Can be Tamed) (Non Aggressive) (Reasons + could lead to: a bird cage, pet retrieving small items, messenger birds, decorative feathers, first actual flying birds besides spirits) Emu or Ostrich (Spawns in Steppe or grass area's)(Approx strength of a wolf) (Can be tamed) (Can mate) (Aggressive Creature) (Produces eggs while living, butchering = large weight of meat, fat, leather, claws for alchemy) (Reasons: Egg for different meal type, Another type of farm animal, another avian type of animal) Polar bear (Spawns in tundra and grass lands?) (Slightly stronger then crocodile) (Produces large weight of fur and meat, also claws and teeth for alchemy) (Can be tamed but hard to tame) (Mountable) (Aggressive Creature) (Reasons: Allows for a different fur type, adds to variety of bears, useful as a pvp pet due to strength) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Cave Lion (Spawns in forest, steppe, marsh lands and mines)(Approx same strength as Hyena) (Produces meat, teeth of alchemy, fat, and fur) (Can not be tamed to aggressive) (Not Mountable) (Aggressive creature) (Reasons: More cats , dedicated to spawning in mines and marsh lands, produces different fur type) (Leads to: Different fur type which allows for different types of clothing, shoes, and cloth) Poison dart frog (Spawns in forest and marsh)(smaller in size but strength of a chicken) (Can not be tame) (Produces Poison, and frog legs for alchemy) (Can not mount) (Not aggressive) (Reasons: New type of creature, can come in variety of colors, good for pvp due to poison) (Could Lead to: blow dart weapon, poison tip spears, poison tip arrows, pet container for small animals) More Animal Barding types: Type: Leather and cloth Animal types: Bears, Bulls, and Bison (Reasons: Another item for crafting, provides protection of animals that could be used in pvp events) (Could also lead to: Different type of bridles and saddles for Bears, Bulls, and Bison) Please support if you like any of these creature ideas, I love to see one or two of them make the game! Kind Regards, Kernel Leonessar The Ubuntu Guy! P.S. Excuse my grammar and spelling please! XD
  8. So basically once upon a time most people kept their furs in a alt because there was no good way of preventing massive decay on them (kinda like how pelts still work). Rolf decided to be magnanimous and allow that furs (and pelts for a short time) be stored in bsbs to halt their decay. But since at the time there was only one item that used fur (beds) and the type of fur was irrelevant, when storing them into bsbs they all get mixed and become just "fur". So far there has been no real reason to change this since rugs, the item that changed this, are mostly cosmetic, and seriously, for me at least, i wouldn't see myself needing a bunch of these. But with the new bear hats (and who knows what else the future holds) having furs stored by type became relevant. So the suggestion is that the system be changed so that furs can be stored like logs, differentiating from Brown Bear, Wolf and Black Bear furs. The current generic "fur" can be kept as is, and as a bit of a relic of the past, or changed to their original status (if there's data for that) or randomly split between the 3 types. Discuss.
  9. 3 days Auction QL70 Rare Bear Rug [09:46:55] A thick brown bear rug. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. A mallet must be used on the brown bear rug in order to smooth out a quirk. Starting bid - 5 silver Minimum increment - 50c HIdden reserve Can be picked up from ANGELS WESTPORT, XANADU K8, or mailed, remember 20c for other servers other then Xanadu. Edit -Removed sniper, tbh I don't even know what it does
  10. What happened to me today...
  11. We are reducing our stock so we can take a break for a while. This sale is for a short time only and our animals are mostly aged/old. We live at Blackbird, in the south east of Deliverance 36y 34x 5-speed horses - 50c 4-speed horses - 20c cows - 5c female pigs - 20c ea 2 x female venerable champion deer - FREE 2x female venerable champion dogs - FREE 1x male old champion dog - FREE 1x male venerable champion dog - FREE 1x female venerable champion black bear - 80c 1x male venerable champion black bear - 70c 1x female venerable champion cave bug 80c Pick up only. To arrange a time, contact me or Lizabeth on the forums.