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  1. Sorted, changed browser from Microsoft Edge and tried to do it via Chrome instead, that worked. Thanks Shakys <3.
  2. Do I need to do this on my PC too to get Wurm running again?
  3. Couldn't log into wurm on my laptop either had to do this fix again.
  4. Same thing happening with just java 64 installed.
  5. I've had to switch to my back up PC after my graphics card died on the other. I've downloaded java both 32 and 64. When I press play on the Wurm website, I get the bottom bar with the open and save buttons, I press save, then open. When I press open it takes me to a new window, view downloads - internet explorer with the same options, open or save (save as and save open on drop down) When I press open a screen flashes up so quickly I cant read it and another download copy appears on the list, like some vicious circle... What am I missing? Is it getting blocked somehow?
  6. Says JAR resources in JNLP file are not signed by the same certificate
  7. 'Wurmageddon 2' says the little red hen. (me pessimist? never)
  8. Additional possible bug with this, old Fsb's that contain Bread and the 'Cooked Meat' from before the cooking update, these can be dragged into a crate and into another fsb.
  9. Created 2 flower pots with archaeology and when planted with flowers they lost their runes and enchantments. (Serenity server, older fragments may have been involved)
  10. I managed to reproduce the bug on Xanadu as well. Forage or Bot a fresh herb, put it into a large or small crate, drag it from the crate and into a fsb, then it produces a second stack. If you remove a herb from the second stack and put it into inventory its labled fresh again, if you put that herb into the fsb again it becomes part of the first stack.
  11. Ive noticed this bug while playing on the epic servers also. In addition has there been an update to fsb's in general? I ask because we can now store a lot more processed things than we could before, mashed veggies, minced meats, grilled fish, roasted meats, filleted roasted meats etc? or is this all a bug??
  12. This was before that that patch, I haven't had any rod parts break since. ?
  13. Not sure if this is playing as intended, but, Ive had rod equipment break completely (except the rod itself which did take damage) three times now. First time I was using the light rod equipment and a Catfish broke it all, event was spammed with a message about needing such n such to fish. For that one I thought well Catfish is a bigger fish, clearly the light rod is too delicate for them. So I made medium rod equipment all imped to approx. 40ql (my fine carpentry is only 47) and after a while a Catfish did the same thing to it again, everything gone (except the rod itself which did take damage) reel, bait, float etc. Started fishing again with replacement medium rod equipment and a while later a Perch broke it all (except the rod itself which did take damage) again for a third time. My thought this time...but Perch are tiny...usually...