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  1. Rift 21/10/21

    Just been told the rift is right next to my deed, that's The White Horse, just South of Whitefey, take the Oafish Maze turn off.
  2. Since this runs right beside my deed, it would've been nice to have been asked for permission before the canal was even started. It means I cannot even expand my deed that way now.
  3. So glad I didn't repair that bridge now, I saw the double lane road and did wonder if it was deliberately being left to decay.
  4. Xan Rift 03/10/21

    Location M21, not far from highway. Safe area set up and approx. half trees cleared.
  5. This is something that was suggested during beta, along with tropical islands with palms, pineapples, rum etc.
  6. Wolfdog I think most of that might be covered by the new breeding stuff we have. We can breed wolves and dogs separately for traits we want and we can already tame both as pets. However if they ever bring in dogs and wolves with breedable appearances (like donkeys, mules, horses, colours shapes sizes etc) then yeah breeding wolves with dogs might be workable.
  7. Beavers, nice and unusual idea for a new creature. I agree make the dam like a beehive, but simplify your idea to again fit with game mechanics. So you can loot from the dam itself, logs, branches, twigs, shafts...woodscraps etc of the quality of the dam, which is nicer for new players and gives them a chance to get higher ql wood etc without unbalancing the game too much. If they implement the creature itself, the butchered stuff would have to be what's already in game to fit with cooking/crafting already in place, so fur, game meat, and teeth.
  8. I do like the refinement of Goblins, but rather make a specialised goblin a rarer spawn. So you have Goblin miner, Goblin Fisher, Goblin cook, Goblin mason, goblin leatherworker, goblin priest ...brainstorm etc and when you kill them they drop related loot (or more rarely related tools), Goblin miner = random ore, stone, random metal pickaxe, Goblin mason = random bricks, stone, slabs, random metal stone chisel, Goblin cook, random meats/butchered/filleted/diced, seeds or herbs or veg, random cooking container/tool That way they fit into already existing game mechanics.
  9. I like the idea of any random tree getting struck by lightning (just as players can be) and producing, ash, tar and charcoal. However with the exception of tar, the decay is fast on those items, as in gone within a rl week, and that kind of negates the usefulness of the suggestion. What might be better to reflect the rarity of the event, is that it produces, ash, tar, charcoal and something rare/special that doesn't decay fast. Burnt wood or charred wood maybe for a special craft item, or a new wood type look, or a wood with a new or special attribute. The devs did say they wanted to get us exploring more and this idea from the op certainly fits with that,. A treasure hunt, could be similar to the mission mechanics. just brain storming here...
  10. No that was happening before the animal update. I doubt they will change it because 'meat' is needed for at least one of the cooking recipes.
  11. Yes, they did however used to show in the inspect window.
  12. Another. [12:18:31] His mother is an aged fat horse. His father is the venerable fat Cloudsad. https://imgur.com/KOJtnLM This time the mother isn't a renamed horse, but is wild, not sure if that one branded. *Note can also see the name clipping in the value column, that cant be expanded.
  13. Another. [11:45:48] His mother is an aged fat horse 'Maggie'. His father is the old fat Abbaswild. https://imgur.com/l5ZzFMi This time the mother doesn't show in the inspect window, again she's a branded renamed wild horse.