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  1. No that was happening before the animal update. I doubt they will change it because 'meat' is needed for at least one of the cooking recipes.
  2. Yes, they did however used to show in the inspect window.
  3. Another. [12:18:31] His mother is an aged fat horse. His father is the venerable fat Cloudsad. https://imgur.com/KOJtnLM This time the mother isn't a renamed horse, but is wild, not sure if that one branded. *Note can also see the name clipping in the value column, that cant be expanded.
  4. Another. [11:45:48] His mother is an aged fat horse 'Maggie'. His father is the old fat Abbaswild. https://imgur.com/l5ZzFMi This time the mother doesn't show in the inspect window, again she's a branded renamed wild horse.
  5. A new foal. [11:33:43] His mother is the old fat Eckeryazmeen. His father is a venerable fat horse 'SpottyB'. https://imgur.com/NiccroV Father is a branded renamed wild horse.
  6. [13:27:53] Aged fat unicorn is now submissive to your will. Possible at 20 taming, but harder.
  7. Animal Taming page needs a rework and more testing. Age imo is an important factor, it appears that the younger a creature is the easier it can be tamed at lower skill. My alt tamed an adolescent unicorn foal at 10 taming. I can tame young and mature unicorns at 20 skill. Will keep testing and adding data here.
  8. Update, apparently this was changed but missed off the patch notes**
  9. Before todays patch Hay Bundles were 3.20kg, now I cannot create one with 6kg of combined hay, says, [16:47:20] The hay contains too little material to create some hay bundle. Try to combine it with a similar object to get a larger amount.
  10. Fathers of horses are currently with the recent patch (Today) being listed as mother, in the inspect window. Names of some parents clipped in the inspect animal window and don't show fully even when expanded.
  11. Maybe a Barometer then?
  12. Branding our pets seems a bit harsh, can we have leather pet collars with buckles and name tags instead? My kitty would appreciate this ty.
  13. Rework the /Weather command to also show us if its raining, snowing, foggy etc. (Bring back pea soup fog as well !)
  14. Xan Rift 01/05/21

    Safe area is set up now, on the Southern side, next to a mine and guard tower. Northern side has an existing fountain by the highway and another guard tower. Trees are nearly cleared.
  15. Xan Rift 01/05/21

    Just go to Whitefey, can't miss it!