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  1. Xan Rift 01/05/21

    Safe area is set up now, on the Southern side, next to a mine and guard tower. Northern side has an existing fountain by the highway and another guard tower. Trees are nearly cleared.
  2. Xan Rift 01/05/21

    Just go to Whitefey, can't miss it!
  3. Wires - Wurmpedia Contains incorrect information, "Can't be stored in a bulk storage bin, but can be repaired." Wires can be stored in a bsb
  4. Bump Please note this ruins both alloy and moonmetal types. Identify your fragments before crossing servers.
  5. Interesting read, thanks to Ajala for directing me to it. My question is how many Moonmetal fragments have you had from the Caches?
  6. Update, Some one on Xan today mentioned that they couldn't find a rare maul of theirs. In addition I logged an alt of mine in today (Kelisea) and realised that her rare open fireplace was gone, /support ticket in.
  7. I have experienced item disappearing from my inventory, that usually happens if I've been online in game for a while, relogging usually works. I would check all possible containers', quivers for example will take other items, I've miss clicked many times and put in item in the wrong place.
  8. I've noticed recently an increasing number of old type archaeology fragments appearing upon cleaning, but wasn't sure why or how. However for the past few days I spent time on independence gathering fragments there, I was working on the some of unidentified fragments while sailing back to Xanadu. Once I had crossed servers into Xanadu waters, the unidentified fragments I revealed were the old type, the 'iron' tag on weapon and tool fragments and the armour fragments having no metal type and being blueish in colour rather than grey. Obviously I don't know how this affects the Runes/Enchantments. Archaeology skill 88 and 80 Restoration skill. I believe this could be happening, with all the servers if crossing with unidentified fragments, will add more information if I confirm this.
  9. No, its not that window, it doesnt get as far as that one.
  10. I've clicked the wurm icon on my computer, it progresses to the wurm splash screen, then a white window flashes up briefly then nothing. I've restarted my laptop and the same thing happens. I've uninstalled wurm and reinstalled it, same thing happens. It was working fine yesterday, before and after the maint.
  11. Sorted, changed browser from Microsoft Edge and tried to do it via Chrome instead, that worked. Thanks Shakys <3.
  12. Do I need to do this on my PC too to get Wurm running again?
  13. Couldn't log into wurm on my laptop either had to do this fix again.
  14. Same thing happening with just java 64 installed.