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  1. Public safe area built over by the hedges.
  2. Same on independent, clearing trees for rift, no stump.
  3. Being able to remember 50kg large anvils, iron scrap, rags and having to use a barrel to check the height of crops to see if they're ripe. Knowing what Wurmageddon was and yeah having the Ageless title. 💀
  4. Long way from me then, I guess we can have more than one scout camp at once?
  5. In an effort to get a cartography map of the final area and to compare that to the treasure map, I went back and did a final survey. (26ql treasure map, 25ql cartography map.) Make of that what you will, I think in some circumstances a cartography map could help decipher a treasure map...maaybe.
  6. Scissors

    No, from Muse's post, "Activate runed scissor blade of any metal type (with the runes you definitely want on it) and combine with iron blade if metal or steel blade if alloy." So if you subsitute in the moonmetal blade for the iron or steel your gonna get moonmetal scissors with runes as a result.
  7. Scissors

    and then I thought what if a player was to combine an archaeology blade with runes to a moonmetal blade, then they would get runed moonmetal scissors, what if they used Seryll, then they could add enchantments on top, with no shatter risk... Is that intentional?
  8. Scissors

    I was following this really useful guide, from Muse How to *always* make IRON (or steel) scissors from strange metal scissor blades - Game Guides - Wurm Online Forum when making up some scissors from archaeology blades. Then I realized you can combine iron and steel blades to make steel scissors...then I wondered if this is intentional... Then I wondered if moonmetal works like this too, made a glimmersteel blade and combined it with an iron blade resulting in glimmersteel scissors... Then I wondered if smelting scissors would result in a gain in moonmetal amount, but it doesn't, phew. Anyway are these combines intentional?
  9. I had a single rift beast over by my deed, couldn't find the camp, stones or any other mobs. Could be part of the same camp.
  10. See here In Theory...can solve a treasure map with a cartography map right? - Town Square - Wurm Online Forum and here Clue casket was found in a maple forest which should according to the legend/key have been the darkest green listed
  11. Solved thanks to Toeol 💗 Was actually here In the maple forest which means the key colours for the treasure map are wrong because maple is listed as the darkest green on the key.
  12. Ok so my alt has this really awful 26ql treasure map. I know where Maple Hollow is, it's here (Red Circle) The map key is clear as mud and the colours don't seem to match but I think I got the tundra right. After spending a day searching the tundra for likely spots and failing. I thought well we have cartography now maybe doing some surveys and maps might help with figuring out the treasure map, in theory... So spent 2 days doing 4 surveys of the area for 4 maps Some nice maps at 25ql but no, doesn't help with figuring out the treasure map.