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  1. Hi there, if you're still open i'd like to place an order for 40k wemp. Delivered to Pristine. Deed name is Malleus Maleficarum. located @ S-16 on the in-game map.
  2. have an old iron saw made by a dear friend, gave it to me so i could help him spam planks somewhere around 2011. It's the only saw I've used since then. made a bunch of rares and supremes, but I'll never replace this one.
  3. Ok, checked through firewall, nothing was blocking. I only started noticing this issue coming up when i switched from wifi to hardwired on my pc. I wouldn't think that would have an effect on it, but here we are. Thanks Samool.
  4. Recent issue that popped up a few days ago with a new twist just today. Playing along for about 45 minutes or so, game lags, boots me then reconnects. Not really a big issue, no crashing. But today i've crashed out where i'd normally reconnect and am given this Never seen this one before, did not get a crash log otherwise, only this message. Nothing has changed with my ISP, or my PC itself really. I was not able to log back in after getting this until restarting my PC. go about an hour and it crashes and gives me this again. What more information can i give to help diagnose the issue?
  5. a07-6s a60-6s if ok with that COD to Tuanta. If low let me know what you'd like to see from them.
  6. Always been a big horror movie fan. Usually a toss-up between The Exorcist (1973) or The Shining (1980). The voice while possessed of Reagan was always unnerving to me (in a good way) and influenced some of my own recording stuff I do in spare time. As for the Shining, well I mean it's Jack Nicholson....the man's just ridiculous in a very entertaining way.
  7. 5s for the hatchet? if that's cool please COD to Pityocamptes.
  8. Selling this green scale set I've had for a bit, have other sets i'd rather wear. The asking price for the set is 220Euro to be negotiated through Paypal, not accepting silver at the moment as i've no use for it. Set is currently dyed black and will come with an 80ql steel great helm, also dyed black. Feel free to contact me here on the forums as I do not own the DrSatan account in-game, and do not log in to the game often enough.
  9. New titles list

    Small Axe [17:03:26] You have just received the title 'Small Axeman'! [17:03:26] You have just received the title 'Hacker'! [17:03:26] You have just received the title 'Ripper'!
  10. I wonder if removing locate soul entirely from pvp servers would encourage roaming, rather than changing how it works. I don't say this to demean any dev efforts here. It just doesn't entirely compute for me. I would think allowing a mechanic so a player could find their own corpse but nothing more would help with the roaming issue. with locate soul in the game at all, it's not so much roaming as it is seek and destroy(attempt to destroy).
  11. Nothing to see. I ate it.
  12. Apologies Joelle. Missed the chest by maybe 2 minutes.