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Found 27 results

  1. Make an offer, on one/all/everything in between :) Can reach me here or PM DemonaNightshade in game.
  2. Want to auction the only existing Glimmersteel hota statue in the game Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 1h Start Bid: 10s Increment: 50c No Reserve
  3. Selling the following: - 422 Gems, over 10QL, total QL 11.757 (11.7k) Price: 40 silvers (smaller amounts possible) - 198 under 10ql gems, total QL 783 Price: 15s (smaller amounts possible) SOLD! - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 99ql) Adamantine Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) - Around 20kg of HQ (upto 98ql) Glimmersteel Lumps 5s/kg (smaller amounts possible) For all items: - Prices are fixed, if mailed; buyer pays mailcost, delivery on gems negotiable (might involve extra cost), Pickup from Jellyfish Outpost : 8/9G Xanadu Drop a message here or contact me ingame: Macoofer
  4. WTS Glimmersteel 83ql 0,33kg 90ql 0,37kg 92ql 0,37kg Adamantine 83ql 0,32kg 84ql 0,33kg 84ql 0,35kg 85ql 0,34kg 87ql 0,36kg 91ql 0,37kg target price 1s/0,1kg 0,7s/0,1kg or give me a offer
  5. Item for Auction: Starting Bid: 38s Min Increase: 1s Buyout: 50s Reserve: N/A Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Good Luck!
  6. Hmu with offers via forum pm if interested in anything thanks
  7. Looking to Sell my Rare Glimmer Huge Axe 50s (will consider offers)
  8. WTS Glimmersteel 2,5s each 84ql 0.34kg 84ql 0,34kg Oil of the weapon smith 60-78ql 1s each 80ql+ 1.5s each 60ql 68ql 71ql 78ql 12 sleep powders 1s/each Open for offers
  9. WTS - - 5s WTS - 8k chopped corn - 14s ingame: Ghostface
  10. PM with offerts can trade it for some drake hide
  11. WTS No enchants, asking 19.5s
  12. I'm selling the Moon metals listed below: As for pricing: Seryll: All seryll has been sold! 86-89ql 4.4s/kg 90-94ql 4.8s/kg 95-98ql 5s/kg Adamantine: 84-89ql 9s/kg 90-94ql 10s/kg 95-99ql 11s/kg Glimmersteel: All glimmer has been sold! 80-89ql 9s/kg 90-94ql 10s/kg 95-98ql 11s/kg So, just pick the lump in its price category, do the math on the weight and you will know its price
  13. Sold
  14. I want to sell my Rare Glimmersteel Longsword. Currently has 93coc. I am trying to get 30s, ill also accept sleeppowder
  15. Sorry, this topic is outdated. Some rift items that are left are here:
  16. Not going to price these, so just make me a decent offer and I'll either COD it or renegotiate if I feel it is too low. (no, I'm not quitting, just tired of hoarding)
  17. 81 QL [17:36:59] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [79] [17:36:59] Rotting Touch has been cast on it, so it will hurt more, but be more brittle. [86] [17:36:59] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [64] Starting Bid/Reserve: 40s Minimum Increments: 1s Buyout: 50s
  18. Everything pictured is for sale, prices are not firm. For regular items without a price, make an acceptable offer and I will send the item on its way. I can be PM'ed in-game as Epicphail Sale Including; 26x Sleep Powders - 1s/ea. 1x Rare Oven 1x Rare Sailboat - Offer. I will need this for some time longer, cannot sell immediately. ALSO WTS GOLD / SILVER COINS FOR EUR - 1.15s / 1EUR - PayPal Only PM for more info. Current stock: SOLD OUT
  19. First ever time auctioning, this will be CoD Starting bid is 50s, increments of 1s
  20. Introduction I was playing around in single player using the Ebony Wand. Specifically Specials->Create. I noticed within this list there are two objects entitled "boulder". Upon placing these objects I learned they are Adamantine and Glimmersteel boulders respectively to the list. What I'd like I have never seen these spawn naturally within any world, so I would like to see a mod that will spawn these in naturally around the world (assuming they don't already and I've just never been lucky enough to find them.) From what I can tell they drop a single, random QL (probably based on mine skill?) ore of 5 weight and then the boulder vanishes. Being able to have these randomly spawn around the world in the same way as Spawners and Source Wells would be an interesting addition to the exploration value of our worlds; if of course it's doable. Fair use I have no interest in paying for exclusivity of any mods. If you wish to develop on this idea I'd like to see it publicly for all to use should to choose to release it.
  21. WTS 1x glimmersteel lump, 0.4kg, 80.94ql 4s, pm if interested
  22. I think a lot of us can agree that the current situation with Unique's is causing a lot of drama and changes need to be made. Added to this I would like to see changes regarding Seryll, Addy and Glimmer because the way things are at the moment through no fault of their own the PVP crowd hold a monopoly over it all and the only way to get any of the lumps Is to pay ridiculous amounts of money or be forced to PVP which a lot of us are not interested In because let's be honest Chaos Is nothing more than a toxic playground. My Idea is a simple one, Keep the Dragons as is but remove Tome's from the loot cycle and Increase the scale/Hide drops by a set amount per person. Then turn the other unique's into lesser ones which can be taken down with a small group of players and allow them to spawn more frequently, To stop them from attacking deeds etc make them passive till attacked. These lesser Unique's would have a set % chance to drop small amounts of Seryll, Addy and Glimmer. While my Idea is not perfect and needs fleshing out, I think this would be a better way to handle things. Let the flaming begin.