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  1. Quite the post, I wish you guys all the best with getting this done in a hopefully good way. There is a lot of candy in this post that I sure like. :3 Looking forward to when these things materialize, thanks for the update - it was well needed.
  2. Lovely idea, I have always been a fan of Alchemy in any game I played that had it (and cooking... and fishing...), so expanding the system already swings well with me. The writeup is not bad, but one thing caught my eye: Feels a bit odd that the same material would grind the other, either this would cause a lot of damage to the grindstone itself or maybe introduce a new vein like Granite? Or give Diamonds a use? Not sure, just felt a bit odd to me. With all the effects you listed however, I see how this could turn into a lot of work for the devs to balance it properly. The combat related ones could tie into a general combat overhaul PvE wise I guess? Just like with the cooking system, this one has a lot of possibilities to branch into other aspects of the game that would need some touching up then as well so that it all remains in balance. Love the idea and would love to see the system being reworked cooking system style.
  3. Hello, I am trying to run the Wurm Online Steam client in windowed mode, but it wont start with windowed or windowed resizeable, both fullscreen options work but as I play more than one character this is kind of unplayble with all of them in fullscreen. It just sits there as a idle process eating 8% of my CPU doing nothing and I eventually have to kill it. Also I can not change the Hz down to 60Hz from the 100Hz it insists on having, when I set it to 60Hz, save it and reopen the settings it is back to 100Hz, every other setting it does save properly though. Console Log: Can also hit me up on discord (Minniemay - to align with my current Character on the Steam Server). Edit: Apparently doing a "Run as Administrator" on it lets it start up in windowed mode... the fullscreen configuration does not require that.
  4. I just wanted to highlight and simply +1 that line, everything else you said is spot on as well.
  5. Curse you for cutting in line while I was busy writing up my wall of text!
  6. Honestly, I feel somewhat sorry for those people but then again they have only themself to blame for "investing" into a game to begin with and then believing this would never change. The community has been moaning about a steady decline of pupulace since how long? Ahh... years I guess, we are far from the numbers we had when Wurm hit "release" status. That people invest into a obviously declining system and think that what they put into it will retain it's value is almost like gambling the stock market, just the stock market is sometimes less transparent or not as easy to understand as the situation we have here. How many times have longstanding things (Fountainpans to name one) be changed, "values" been destroyed, in the name of the greater good for the game. Sorry, to think they would not someday remove RMT is a bit naive. /hug They have to do something to keep things going and they are trying to do their best I think (hope). Without Steam and those changes Wurm may have been gone in a few years time more, maybe it will be gone either way... we don't know but such is life. I threw a lot of money at the game as well, easily around 2k EUR over the years, but every cent I put into the game was to support the game / be able to play and this was done with my "toy around" money, a monthly stash of money I hold (or piles up if there is nothing to throw it at) just for entertainment - I put it into whatever brings me joy and with that I have to accept once it is spent it is gone forever. If you want something that retains value, I guess buy gold bars? I don't know, I am not a financial advisor of sorts - but "investing" money you hold dear and eventually want "back" by whatever means... anything is better than a game for that.
  7. I don't get the p2w debate, the only thing that changes is you can not buy silver anymore from players. Otherwise it's the same game, you could buy silver before and now just the dealer changed for most of the sales and the new dealer even adjusted the price per silver to the old player value soo... nothing changed but that all silver sale revenue is going straight to the game devs which is good imho. So why all of a sudden the "wah wah pay to win" outrage? Imho it's just disgruntled people pi***** on the game for no real reason, could have made a own thread about it years ago if it upsets them so much.
  8. @Samool@Retrogradethanks for these positive changes! However, two question remains for me. 1. As we will be able to use the same client for both Wurm "Versions" - will we also be able to make a new Wurm Steam account via the usual Wurm Website way and just select Steam for it, or do we have to make multiple Steam accounts and will those be entered as login to the client then? I guess the later, just would like some clarification. 2. How will people on the Wurm Steam servers be priested? I recall in the past there was 2 ways... iirc one was to travel to some altars on some server, I recall doing that for my first Vyn - was a cool memory! Then I heard people were also sometimes initialy be priested by GMs until a certain threashold was reached and then people had to do it as we do it nowdays still - be priested by another priest. Any idea by now how it will be on Wurm Steam? Thanks in advance.
  9. So much positive feedback and just a few disgruntled people that you can probably count on a hand or two. I am surprised... I would have expected a far larger fecesstorm, yet there is still a night to go... something to read in the morning yey. Well done guys, truely spectacular news. I am curious what was going through Retros head when he posted this...
  10. I know that it was said. But it is up for everyone themself to make the decision to stick to WO or WO Steam or whatever WU Server they might play on and the group of people who is like "welp, they lied a bunch of times to us" still can decide if they want to play or give up on the game entirely as well. It's called freedom, people can do whatever they want; hence why I said that Retro also said they can't look that far into the future and promise things longterm. Considering things that looked like "long term promises" had been said may have been a misstake, you could also say that people blindly believed that was a misstake as well thinking about it all things considered or maybe just wishfull thinking on both sides. Right now it all comes down to wait and see how things turn out and what options will be on the table. When things happen you can consider it as a window of opportunity, Wurm had a lot of those. Right at that very point in time people will have the chance to play on new official servers, if they want to or not is up to them. And those who just hang around to complain, keep repeating how there are only lies and staff can't be trusted - why bother? (I mean, the trust issue has been brought up time and time again in multiple threads by now... it's the dead horse thing.) Personally if a game or whatever ###### on me I take my wallet and leave for good, not worth the stress. Nowdays there is little to no reason to keep preaching negativity (you only stress yourself out by arguing with white knights or be banned on forums and so on and forth), because eventually the misstake will be repeated over and over and the playerbase will shrink until the game disappears. (see what I did there ) It is not easy, but I still have some hope left and if it fails me ah well... what gives, at least there is a chance to have the fresh start experience once again - it will be around long enough to enjoy that - if the conditions that would make me play there end up true anyhow. For now I just read here and post a bit here and there but I stick to what happens right now and what is a fact right now and not what has been 4 years ago or could be 4 years from now. I get your point and the saying "who lied once is not to believed again" (at least we have that in germany anyhow - "Wer einmal lügt dem glaubt man nicht.") is there for a reason, damaged or lost trust is very very hard to gain back - you mess up once and you pay for it for the rest of the time you are around. However, imho this should not stop anyone from having a look at things or giving things a chance.
  11. Here Retro states that WO and WO Steam will both go down at the same time to get updates, so maintenance and such would be no reason to ditch one or the other. About not shutting down WO in favor of WO Steam - I haven't looked for that part tbh, but I recall it being a concern of people specially in the light of them cuting new content updates to WU. But it has been said, that they won't ditch current WO. Took me nearly half an hour to find the one post... if you really need to read it from a official source, use the forum search as I did, sorry I really need my time off work to relax these days. But also as has been said that they can't promise to much looking that deep into the future and their decisions will always be in the interest of the game, which is understandable - we lack a time machine. But that is pretty much why I sit back and wait, I made my mind up to wait for their calls with WO Steam and depending on how they will answer to open questions about it I will make my choice between the two "worlds" (or deployments, if I got Keenan right ).
  12. Same, always stuck to Vyn, Fo and Mag as my alt Priests.
  13. More or less, it was said that they will run both - WO and WO Steam and neither will be shut down for the one or other, as both are the same codebase and thats easy for them to maintain. They said if a patch happens for WO then it will also happen for WO Steam at the same time. And in case WO Steam fails they will somehow merge those into current WO, but as that has yet to be seen they probably not wasting time on brooding over a possibility that may not even become reality. Now as for if WO Steam is a success - what we only can hope for tbh - then WO will still go on from what I understood, it could even have a influx of players who want to give the RMT world a try. Also open for them to decide on is if we can even multibox on WO Steam in one way or another, that is also an incentive for some people who prefer that playstyle to remain on current WO Servers. There is way to many unknown variables right now to draw a conclusion, we can only wait and see what happens. I can't denie that with the news that hit last year I lost my drive to play, usually Wurm is my "Winter Game", but I hardly loged on or did anything noteworthy, simply because I am waiting for things to become more clear to make a final decision where my home will be in the end. But anything else is just panicing for no reason right now my friend, just join the lot who sits back, waits and observes - it's not easy I know.
  14. Also it is not so easy to merge them as the RMT issue stands in the room. If the current WO servers remain to allow RMT, then they can't merge them with the Steam ones. The entire Steam Server thing is just their means / hope / idea to get more people on board to play Wurm, if those people remain on the Steam Servers or eventually go to the current WO ones where RMT is allowed is also a thing to consider. But eventually they said they would only consider to merge them if the Steam "experiment" fails, I assume the conditions here being not enough players who play there and so on. (and THEN they still have to think over the RMT issue) It is an attempt to get more people to play the game, merging servers is like admitting that this attempt failed and Wurm will fall back to where it is stuck at now - just with more empty land than it already has now. This is not meant to be a new landrush for existing players - sure they can take part in it, but the prime goal here is to have the game on Steam and see how well it does there and how many people it can attract and eventually keep playing.
  15. As I said myself, in simpler terms "they don't have the time/resources" for this cause there is a lot of other critical stuff that needs to be done. I never played on WU so I wasn't sure how exactly this works but thanks for the information. Guess my point still stands, wait for some official news.