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  1. Logged in earlier just to tend to some things and the only chatter I caught (in the language bound help channel) was about how people quit left and right and deed populations shrink and the remaining people don't get together cause they do not want to give up the deeds they worked on, also how the one or other person quit due burnout of wurm as they ended up having to care for a deed on their own. tbh I was quite surprised to be that lucky to logon to such a moment, then again it shows how things go, they all seemed like new steam players that were surprised by this turn of events. Non the less, Player retention is still bad, unless the game manages to tickle someone the right way, people quit pretty fast again. And if they hang around, there is a huge risk of them running into burnout problems. With no real "goal" of what to grind or gear up for, it is rough to justify the huge time sink the game can be. Yey you grinded Weapon Smithing to 90+ in a matter of Months (or less if you fancy your burnout playstyle), now you got a nice weapon.... add another few mounths of mindless slaugther of roaming mobs.... and then for what? The odd unique hunts or rifts that have nothing special or exciting to them either? Wurm is just not a game for the masses as is, calling it a niché game would be a understatement as well. Personally I like the game, but after 2 Months I feel the burn, I always get excitied when I start playing again, sub for an entire year but go back to other games after 2-3 months. This time my break off point was the moment I got into a stable situation and every bit of "survival" the game has died down into skill grind. I honestly wish I was able to play it more, alone for the money I threw at it, but without a greater goal to chase after or more "survival" to struggle with than just my carpal tunnel hating the repetative movement to grind skills there is not much out there.
  2. I like all of them equally, sometimes even the evil misunderstood sister they have.
  3. Finn, your problem there is you are quoting Wurmpedia. The Fatigue System and the issues it entails need to be readily available to anyone who makes a purchase on the site or within the shop. People need to know what they buy into before they hit "purchase" and it should not be hidden in a fineprint or in some Wiki that you have newbies to teach how to use in the first place. The Webshop says: Note that one month of premium time is actually 30 days of premium time instead of one calendar month because the number of days in a calendar month varies. And thats all it say regarding those details, underlining you pay for 30 days premium. The Wiki also, to use your own link against you, nowhere states that actuall meaningful playtime is NOT 30 days or anything regarding Fatigue. Fatigue is a subtraction of meaningful playtime and should be visible to any customer. Right now it is a hidden thing and devs hoping no one will run into it. Any lawyer will tell you, that the way you put it is a trap "ohhh we told you what you pay for in the Wiki, that there is a hidden caveat to it and you did not know about it is your problem" wont fly in legal ways. Specially if you consider how every other MMO on the web handles it, you pay to play for a given amount of time, that is the norm (and in wurm case it is 10,5days per month of playtime IF you optimize your skilling, otherwise it may be less). Any MMO which derives from said norm should make it clearly visible, because under the grand umbrella of MMOs and how subscriptions work it is a general assumption anyone would make. You can only hold someone responsible for a wrong decision if they had a f air chance to get said information before hitting the purchase button. Your only argument is "mimimi I am being outgrinded by people with more time to play than I have", but that issue is in your head, you enjoy the game as is, you are not hindered or blocked from playing the game while other people are, other people can not play the game because of the fatigue system being a roadblock and those people paid just as much as you did for their premium time. And don't come at me with "but I paid X years worth by now while they are new.", every other MMO would laugh at you. "No, people who freshly join $random_MMO should only be able to advance 10 levels per month, so I can keep ahead of them cause I play longer." is a very outdated mindset. We have had new players run into this issue, one even made a thread on the forums here 2 or so years ago and he eventually quit because people argued like you do and he could not freely play. Wurm encourages grinding, it is the soul of the game we all love to play and each of us worries about its health in their own way. I would love to see the game open up more in some regard, removing fatigue will not stop anyone from playing as they do right now but it will enable old and new players to play without having to minmax around this artifical roadblock. I have 4 weeks of vacation coming up, I know already now it wont be fun because of fatigue and it wont be fixed in time either. I will be forced to play other games when fatigue hits me, regardless if I want to use my vacation time on Wurm or not. I have yet to see one meaningful reason to keep fatigue in the game as is.
  4. As I said before, I ran into it 3 times in 8 years - but if you read properly - what bugs ME is that I pay for 30 days of playtime, but only get about a third of what I paid for. What makes it even worse is, that for anyone unfamiliar with the fatigue mechanic and said situation - it is not explained anywhere before you purchase a sub, people will only figure it out once they ran into it and bother to think further. Are you ok with paying for something you are not fully delivered? I knew what I got myself into when I hit the sub button by now yes, new players not. You can argue now that a new player will not hit it anyhow, but you may see that this is not the point of the issue either. But to answer your question, this mainly happens when I have vacation from work and focus on playing. I login at about 8am and play until midnight or longer, the times I ran into the issue was when I had actions going constantly - which was always surfacemining or mining in general (I have a seperate mag priest just for mining so yes, that char is doing nothing else, standing there and mining - two to three days into doing this fatigue is usually hit) and what even surprised myself, when I rolled my new char on Cadence 2 months after the Steam Servers launched, I took 1 week vacation from work, 3-4 days into those 9 days (including the weekends here) I ran into fatigue issues and noticed I had to micromanage my fatigue timer, terraforming took big bites out of it so I was forced to hunt for a few hours a day so I would have some fatgiue I could spend on carpentry or blacksmithing. If this is healthy or not is of no ones concern but my own, I am old enough, thanks though. (And usually I have a 30m workout in my daily routine, during vacation this drops or is moved or extended or shrunk accordingly to my needs.) Also, no other MMO babysits it's players and also... that is not the point of this discussion.
  5. well... while it is a bit off topic but the topic came up and I hope devs will have a look at it, I have been disliking the fatigue system since ages. I ran into it three times, mainly when surfacemining while on vacation so I could keep timers going perfectly, while it does not seem much there is something else to it. Say you prem for a month and you play it perfectly and a lot, timers going left n' right - you have a timer time of around 10,5 days but you paid for 30 days (feel free to correct me if I messed it up, but either way we have less proper playtime than we paid for) - having my paid time cut down this much in regard to doing anything meaningful (and please, don't come with fighting at me, I don't even enjoy it, I just do it for ressources when I have to, you can not butcher or bury either when fatigue is used up and first aid idk, it is a timed action but there is other timed actions who do not use fatigue so idk about first aid). The fact of having my playtime I paid for neutered by this much is what bugs me the most.
  6. +1 While there was a forum post for it, the time left to use up any SB was pretty much non existent, at least for EU people. It was announced last night where most EU timezone people were asleep already then you have work and when people get home from work they were slapped with the rite. People asking for a delay were pretty much ignored. Usually people who plan a rite give at least 2 days of headroom but this time it was not the case. Now people either can not do their daily prayers and have to stress using up their sleep bonus within the given timeframe as well. What maybe seems easy for the one is quite the hassle and stress for others (specially for those of us with a job and it is the start of the work week on top of it this time around). Alternatively extend the limit to gain the SB after a done cast and seperate it from the daily prayers, use a new toggle on the Altar menu to get the rite bonus within 48 hours maybe.
  7. Odd Update to this... This morning I booted my PC as usual, tried to start Wurm.... nothing, same issue as above but this time with admin privileges, the situation somehow reversed. Now I could start Wurm only without admin... but ingame when moving my mouse cursor my FPS would drop to 3 (from a stable 60) otherwise, was unplayable. Also the steamoverlay.exe would frequently hang and not stop itself properly when stopping a steam client. I went ahead and updated nvidia driver, java and iCue (Corsair software) and then it reversed again, I am basically back to where I was the other day, can only run Wurm as admin.
  8. Not when there has been a public post about it and if so then there was a shitstorm afterwards to the one who sniped it. There used to be one guy that was famous for sniping casts with his private priest army but oh well.... common sense is lost here. By now everyone understands that you wave the flag of selfishness over anything else, I am done here.
  9. Again, where was the post for that? All you say is, he never planed to include anyone else, neither did he reply to OPs forum post to say he had it planned before or talk of merging it.... so many ways to handle the situation better, he choose the selfish and such worst way.
  10. Why did he not ask if he could join? That one goes both ways. He clearly said he wanted only the SB as well, you do not have to be with the casting group to get that.
  11. Maybe, but that is no excuse for his behavior either way, he clearly understood enough to decide for a better choice but he only picked selfish ones. The people that had plans, the community and no one else but him mattered to him. Selfishness does not go very far in a MMO. As I said, instead of saying sorry, he rubbed it in, stired people up even more against him in public Freedom chat and poured salt out in this very forum thread as I mentioned before. He does not display proper behavior and thats what irks people and eventually ruined his reputation and will cause him less deals as well.
  12. Again, it is a mild warning and not a threat, what happens right now is what he was warned about, this is common knowledge here.
  13. I see no RoS post on the forums by him, also it was said he was still looking for someone to assist with the cast to get the favor required just before he did it.
  14. The thing is, doing a public forum post and announcing a time, date and place has been the proper way for years, OP followed known rules. That is also why the situation escalated as it did and no one can claim the other side did not know, they run a market post there, the Cadence Forum on the main page is right above it and there is not so much activity in there so the RoS cast was fairly often on the front page. Stick to known rules and everything will be fine. I admit those "rules" or "procedures" are not known to new players, but when confronted Dragol should have reacted differently, instead of making fun of it wherever he could. He poured gasoline into the fire with his non apologetic behavior, making fun of people and basically just doing what he did, that is what made people who play by the unwritten rules angry and reulted in what you have been witness to today. Back when SB was only granted to people online during the cast, this was a far worse offense of course. What makes it different this time is the recent changes to rite casts, we have zero idea how long it will take for the next one to become available even, people wanted their journal tick... Dragol had it and walzed over everyone else, would there have been any harm to wait 2 days for his 5h of SB for the greater good of the lot of people who planed to gather, planed to burn their SB in time for it... now he ruined peoples plans, this trashes peoples real life time they carefully planed around the event. Trying to be considerate of your next person goes a long way, specially in tight knit community games like Wurm.
  15. It does not take a lot of processing power to find that threat and many people posted the name of the person, the name of the "market" and one person but not the OP posted a link... mood point. And if the traders behavior is as nasty as shown then yea... I mean it is hard to cover up when he himself comes around in this post and is like "yea its been casted, have a nice weekend :P" .... if you consider that nice or proper behavior then I feel sorry for you.