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  1. Kinda torn on this, but I have to admit that being a Xanadu resident has turned me off from doing higher QL maps for above stated reason. If I was on a smaller Server, I most likely would be doing them, but on Xanadu one higher QL map can easily turn into a full RL day of an adventure and that for the same reward people on a smaller (and thus easier to do) Server get. I don't think its worth it for me on Xanadu, specially if on a smaller Server people have a so much easier time doing them, it's kinda putting me off having to put so much more effort into it for the same reward. The System is great, I liked doing the smaller ones and I wish I would have the time to do a big one, but as is I just can't justify it. I lack the time to travel for 2-4 hours just to find one clue and then make it back home and log for the day. On the other side, yea exploration is great, I have seen more of my surroundings than ever, but maps need to be put into perspective - make the distance not scale to server size so it becomes a fair and equal game for everyone, regardless where you settle. Maps actually for the first time make me regret being on Xanadu.
  2. "Spare a drink? My mouth is bone dry!" I saw something longer about an arrow to the eye as well, still trying to catch it properly hehe
  3. I have a small Boyband of Sigvards, their latest Song "Rattle the Casket" aint to shabby, but sometimes when just cleaning up fragments I would prefer them to shut up yea. Love the "kick" idea as an toggle option, feels a bit mean but funny.
  4. Ordered a bunch of horses, very good and fast service. Easy to pickup with the pickup pens as well and good communication on top, I also learned something on the way. You certainly get a lot of quality here for a more than fair price.
  5. Not sure whats worse, that covid finally managed to get to me or how people miss the obvious point of the post and pick the narrative they think is the easiest to attack and jump at it. Sure, you can complain and moan about issues and bugs, but... 1. keep it friendly, don't be an ass when you complain about something - after all there is a human on the other side receiving your hate. (put yourself in their shoes and then some are even unpaid and yea) 2. realize that Wurm is a really niché game with a small population with a small dev team that is bound by the same rules we all are. It is what it is, complaining about it wont have the headhonchos jump to your tune, tbf I would be surprised if anyone of them frequents the forums to begin with. Sure, the game is run by a company, sure there is a subscription, does that change any of the phyiscal limits there are? no and if that makes you unhappy, vote with your wallet as they say. It's not like capable devs are growing on trees these days and never wanted anything more than to work on Wurm. At the end of the day it helps no one to be an ass, it only spreads bad vibes and if I was a dev here, oh hell it would certainly not motivate me to fix the issue you just rubbed in my face like a rotten meat pie. Maybe I am just writing here what the one or other dev would have loved to say but refrained from for obvious reasons. And just as a disclaimer, I am super hermit style, I am not friends with anyone on the current dev team. (sorry devs, but you missed nothing) I just jumped on the post to support Polars thought about this issue and no I never spoke to him either. I am just thankful for the work they do, maybe more people would be if they tried to understand the other side instead of just seeing their own. (and yes, I get both sides, sure it can get annoying if you "feel" ignored, but thats more of a communication issue and I think Keenan has upped the game on that part a fair bit since he took over, but communication also takes time and thats the most valuable resource the team has.)
  6. Now, not in a direct reply to you/this but it kinda triggered it because I have seen comments like this in a way uglier fashion plenty of times, so I will just take it as a reason to throw my 2 cents in. The Dev Team changed over many times in whch some things and priorities may have gotten lost or changed around, iirc we had like 4 or 5 POs by now? They are a very small team for the scope this game has, half or more of the team are volunteers sacrificing their free time to fix issues or make new content that they also could spend playing or doing whatever else really. People need to temper their expectations, it's a thing since years and will be a thing until someone wins the lottery, pours millions into the game so more fulltime devs can be hired. (not seeing that happen, but one can dream) You have people who wish (or scream) for very different things, one camp says "meh we need more content or the game will die, only 2 major new things a year if at all is no good" then you have the "omg all these bugs are still in!" crowd and lets not forget the "the new player experience needs a total overhaul, the game can't keep people playing for more than an hour before they quit" folks. I am sure there is more groups of people that want this or that changed, added or fixed but we all have to accept phyiscal limits, the team is not capable of witchcraft. But that aside, Polar is just asking for people to be friendly to the devs and not write a-hole comments or talking down to them because coding is ohh so easy. I am sure anyone who thinks they can do better can learn Java if they are not capable of it already and can apply to become a volunteer dev, give it a whirl and see how easy it is for real. But don't expect tripple-A support from a small team as we have here, imho they do the best they can and I really appreciate that they keep the game going and not just that, keep making content - for niché games like Wurm this is just so rare. The best we can do is check the bug forum, do you find the bug that bugs you posted there, give it a friendly bump, hopefully it gets the devs attention and is put back on the list that maybe has been started many times over with all the team member changes over the years. (I recently did that as I was made aware of the scale pants bug and heck does it annoy me now - but it is by no means a gamekiller so most likely just super low on the priority list, I "think" it could be a small fix, but do I know for sure? nope, so all I can do is ask nicely.) And then... honestly... I do not think that it is our business how the dev teams does what they do, they try their best to cater to the community wishes and it is really hard to please everyone, sometimes you will just have a few angry people. But all that said, I wish people would keep it civil and not resort to angry, snarky or mean comments towards the devs, if you like the game - be nice to them, if you don't like the game and are not capable of civil communication, maybe play something else?
  7. We never spoke much and normally I would not post in a thread like this to begin with... but I appreciated you getting horses at rifts for people who are summoned in and you always came across as a generally helpful guy and community member. (coming from a hermit who is more observing than acting) As others said, sleep over it, don't jump the gun, you have been here for so long. You know the addiction will get the better of you again in the future and then you will be like "ah damn... all those weeks wasted because of a dumb thing that I could have been doing something meaningful in wurm" - specially now with the holidays approaching which are always fun with events and new toys you don't want to miss. (oof now I sound like a marketing person ) Don't punish yourself over something like this, it's not worth it. Don't look back, look forward to the fun you can still have here, I am sure that outweighs one bad event by far.
  8. On the upside, this one has suddenly became a real rarity, can't reproduce it anymore unless the change will be reverted in some way or another. Then again it was already pretty crazy without that change. Congrats Mad.
  9. Before you guys go balistic on the change, Keenan mentioned ingame that the change was due to there being no boundary set for the skill and it had the potential to crash a server. So I guess it was just a long unnoticed potential hazard.
  10. For the love of Wurm and everything grindy, please fix the pants. Can't be such a hard fix to copy, mirror and paste from the other leg, no? Thanks.
  11. I am on Xanadu, got another map earlier. ^^; So that makes 9 in 5 days just to surfacemining so far, but as other people have stated it's just a case of RNG. We would need a lot more data than the few tidbits we gathered here to actually paint a picture.
  12. Last 4 days I did a lot of surfacemining 9am to 10pm-ish on my Mag Priest, got 7-8 Maps. (7-8 because one was gotten on my main while I assisted the surfacemining effort with it) Had also MOIs where it was just a rare stone shard or nothing ofc. To me it seems fine... Did a bunch over the weekend, but I basically get more than I have time to do.
  13. Tower: Minnasaulus 330 (Welcome!),960
  14. Towers: Welfred 162 (Darkbough),713 Neville 898 (D24),783 Kraten 578 (Kraten Serena 4/2/17),637 Thank you.