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Found 39 results

  1. Morkesh Leatherworking If you're interested in one of these items, PM me here on the forum, in-game under the name Timoka or leave a comment. My skill in leatherworking is 99+ and custom orders with higher or lower quality's can be arranged. Armour: Complete leather armour set QL71 - 95C (3 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL81 - 1s20C (2 in stock) Complete leather armour set QL91 - 2s50C (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL71 - 1s (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL81 - 1s30c (1 in stock) Complete studded leather armour set QL91 - 2s70c (1 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL81 - 20c (3 in stock) Brown bear helm (same protection value as studded leather) QL91 - 30c (3 in stock) Toolbelts: Toolbelt QL60 (6slots) - 30c (2 in stock) Toolbelt QL70 (7slots) - 40c (3 in stock) Toolbelt QL80 (8slots) - 50c (1 in stock) Toolbelt QL90 (9slots) - 1s (1 in stock) Rare Toolbelt QL90 (10slots) - 5s (0 in stock) Saddles: Saddle QL71 - 40c (4 in stock) Saddle QL81 - 60c (6 in stock) Saddle QL91 - 1s40c (4 in stock) Saddles With WoA (Increases speed while mounted) Saddle QL81 WOA81 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA83 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA85 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA88 - 1s50c (1 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA92 - 1s80c (0 in stock) Saddle QL81 WOA100 - 2s10c (0 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA80 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA81 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA86 - 2s30c (1 in stock) Saddle QL91 WOA96 - 2s60c (0 in stock) Bardings: Leather barding QL81 - 70c (1 in stock) Other horse equipment: Bridle QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Saddle Bags QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Archaeology journals: Archaeology journal (empty) QL70 - 40c (2 in stock) Archaeology journal (empty) QL90 - 1s (2 in stock) Atlas: Atlas (empty) QL70 - 40c (3 in stock) Atlas (empty) QL90 - 1s (3 in stock) Quivers, Almanacs and Animal Rugs: Leather adventurer hat (Cosmetic only) QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Quiver QL+50 - 10c (unlimited stock) Almanac (empty) QL+50 - 20c (unlimited stock) Black bear rug QL+50 - 15c (7 in stock) Brown bear rug QL+50 - 15c (15 in stock) Black wolf rug QL+50 - 15c (17 in stock) Mountain lion rug QL+50 - 15c (6 in stock) Rares: Rare leather boot QL93 - 3s Rare leather pants QL93 - 3s50c Rare leather cap QL93 - 3s50c Supreme leather sleeve QL93 - 7S Imping rates:
  2. I understand why Bury All was added to the game, for getting rid of butchered parts like meat, hides, glands, etc; but please remove the ability to bury horse gear with the corpse. It's unlikely that anyone would intentionally bury their good gear and it's irretrievable when they do so accidentally.
  3. Kyle's Unlimited Chainworks -----Full Chain Armour (iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 51ql - 0.5s 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 6.0s -----Full Chain Armour(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 51ql - 1.0s 71ql - 2.0s 81ql - 2.5s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 8.0s -----Barding(iron, copper, tin, lead, zinc)----- 71ql - 0.75s 81ql - 1.0s 91ql - 1.5s 95ql - 3.5s -----Barding(gold, silver, brass, bronze,steel)----- 71ql - 1.0s 81ql - 2.0s 91ql - 4.0s 95ql - 5.0s RARE STOCK -EMPTY- -----Improvements and Questions----- PM KyleBooze here on the forums PM KyleBooze on Official Wurm Discord or /t KyleBooze ingame ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Special Materials Available Gold/Silver: Up to 85ql/90ql Brass: Up to 90ql Bronze: Up to ~85ql Steel: Up to ~83ql Electrum: Available upon request, no definite ql atm MOON METALS: Must be provided for improves or creation
  4. Not really sure if this has been brought up on the suggestion thread, from what I've seen there are scraps and bits of this idea posted all around but my idea is simple and quite good for the overall game experience. Ready? Add clothes that grant a %bonus to crafting and skills. Sounds weird? Think about it for a second. A blacksmith's apron that grants you a max of 5% bonus to all smithing branches at 90ql, starting with a 1% bonus at 50ql. These numbers are just a sketch in my mind right now to give you a baseline for such an approach. Or a woodcutter's chequered shirt (stereotypical much? ) that grants you a bonus to your woodcutting skill. A wizard's robes for priests that give you a bonus against physical attacks and to your channeling skills. The sky is the limit on this one. Think about the fact that clothes right now are quite useless in the game, except for the aesthetic purpose. If this were to be implemented , cloth tailoring will become a major skill in the game and people will work on making lots of clothing sets specific to each task. Some farmer's workclothes for farming, or an archer's tunic that gives him a small boost to damage/accuracy/defence against ranged weps, you name it. It will also help out those people who hit 70-80 in some skills and want to get to 90. This game is all about small bonuses that stack with each other, so I really do hope this idea won't get barreled down in the mosh pit of forgotten threads. Also, to promote fairness, those clothing sets should experience a minor rate of decay as you use them. Using a miner's clothing set for example, should slightly decay the more you mine due to wear and tear, dust, humidity and so on. There are a lot of games out there with various pieces of clothing granting small bonuses to skills/traits/stats/etc. Why not in Wurm ? I believe this will be an excellent addition to the game and hope to see it in the near future. Small list of examples . Chef's and bakers uniform Miner's kit (made by using leatherworking) Blacksmiths apron (leatherworking) Carpenter's set with a toolbelts strapped around the waist Fisherman's overalls Hunter's jerkin (made with furs and leather, and maybe a hood) Digger's duds (sleeveless shirt and baggy pants) Alchemical accoutrements (some mystical/grunge/stained robes for those hermits that dabble in the occult arts of making paint) Gardener's garb Tailor's threads ............and whatever strikes your fancy So what do you guys think? Would you like to get these little suckers into the game and have some nice crafting bonuses?
  5. Up for auction is a 91.50ql Rare Iron Chain Barding It is enchanted with 99 Web Cast Starting bid is 5s No reserve 50c bid increments 1 hour sniper
  6. Rare Chain Barding (iron) 60ql Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 10c Sniper protection: 1h Rare armour pieces give 3-9% damage reduction bonus.1 1.
  7. Per the Wiki for Chain Barding: Steel, silver, seryll, glimmersteel, and adamantine barding do not show visually on a horse, but still offers protection and reduces speed. At least in the case of steel, this is no longer true. Model is in-game and visible. Can't vouch for the other types. See image below. Normal iron chain barding (left), Steel chain barding (right). A bluish color. If a better picture (against a stone wall perhaps like the others on the page) is needed for Wiki, PM me and I'll do one. Thx. --Mirax
  8. Rares: #1 rare carving knife 20QL #2 rare chain barding 70 QL #3 rare breast plate 55 QL #4 rare pickaxe 85 QL (11 dmg) 88 WoA, 94 CoC #5 rare sickle 80 QL (14 dmg) N 87, LT 75, CoC 90, MS 75 #6 iron bow 59 QL #7 rare copper sleeve 76 QL (6 dmg) #8 rare short bow 10 QL (brichwood) #9 rare short bow 30 QL (pinewood) Non rare: #10 10 small amphoras #11 10 large amphoras Starting bids: #1 - 5s #2 - 5s #3 - 4s #4 - 10s #5 - 12s #6 - 1.5s #7 - 1s #8 - 1.2s (couse of " Bows are best made out of willow, but birch bows are good too. " ) #9 - 1s ====== #10 - 80c #11 - 1.5s ====== Min Incr: #1 — #3 0.5s #4, #5 is 1s #6 — #11 20c
  9. Selling a few saddles and a barding, buyer pays cod Item QL Enchant Price in Silver Chain Barding, Iron 90.70 AosP94 2.9 saddle, leather 82.39 woa80 1.85 saddle, leather 74.08 woa73 1 saddle, leather 73.87 woa77 1 saddle, leather 90.14 woa87 2.04 saddle, leather 90.63 woa91 3 saddle, leather 90.18 woa81 2 saddle, leather 74.39 woa71 1 Saddle, leather 90.41 woa89 2.05
  10. - Starting bid is 2 silver - 50 copper minimum increase - No private bids - No buyout - No hidden reserve - 1 hour snipe rule in effect - winner pays CoD
  11. Those poor horses. They take the brunt of so much pain and suffering, especially from archers. All they get is chain barding at best. Dragon armor barding! Think of the horses! ...Think of the bling! Also maybe a way to convert several sets of dragon armor into barding
  12. Bashkin's Chain Works Bringing You Chain armor Under a Warranty Plan Are u sick of buying armor and then having to pay for it be repaired back up to QL? All it takes is buying a warranty plan that fits for needs! ONLY 50c!!! Chain Armor Pricing Chart Warranty Rock Plan Tin Plan Zinc plan Iron plan Chain iron copper gold iron copper gold iron Copper gold iron Copper gold QL 50ql 60cql 70ql 80ql Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Boot 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Coif 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Gauntlet 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Jacket 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Pants 15c 19c 49c 19c 30c 60c 30c 34c 90c 45c 49c 1.2s Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c Sleeve 10c 16c 36c 16c 20c 40c 20c 26c 60c 30c 36c 80c FULL SET 1s 1.5s 3.5s 1.5s 2s 4s 2s 2.5s 6s 3s 3.5s 8s +Warrant NA NA 3.7s Free Free 4,3s 2.5s 3s 7.5s 3.5s 4s Ask Barding 1.5s 2s 5s 2s 2.5s Ask 2.5s 3s Ask 3.5 4s Ask Chain Armor Improve cost Iron,copper Marker To 50 50 To 60 50 To 70 50 To 80 Icbash Free Free 1s 2s Others 60C 1s 2s 3s Warranty NA Tin Plan Free Zinc Plan Free Iron Plan Free Example Others 1 to 70 = 2.60s 50 to 70 = 2s Warranty Info Plans can be Upgraded All Warranty Armor Must have maker's mark icbash. All Warranty contracts will be posted here after Payment of your order. All plans 30cdays after order before it can be claimed. Buyer is responsible for Shipping or transport. Warranty VOID! If Caught Cheating the warranty system
  13. Rare Gold Chain Barding A powerful chain barding to protect your noble steed. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It could be improved with a lump. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Icbash'. . Starting Bid: 4s Bid Increment: 1s Reserve: None Sniper Protection: 1 hours
  14. Welcome to Fringe's Workshop .: Welcome to my shop :. We are located at LunatiC Fringe on Celebration Map (x17, y16) / ingame map( H 13 ) Our status: Free & Take orders Some items can be mailed (courier 90)rare mailbox. Fee for each item: +10c for Celebration +20c for other servers For orders, you can pm: - Tclunatic (ingame or forum) updated: 1 november 2014 Chain Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Chain sets(iron) 55c 80c 1s10c 1s50c 2s Chain(single piece) 8c 10c 15c 20c 30c *Jackets & pants = +10c Chain Barding(iron) 50c 60c 70c 80c 1s Shield Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Small metal shield 8c 15c 20c 30c 40c Medium metal shield 10c 20c 30c 40c 50c Large metal shield 15c 30c 40c 50c 60c Plate Armour Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Plate set 1s 1s70c 2s50 3s75c 4s50c Low stock on ql80 steel Plate gauntlet 5c 10c 15c 18c 25c Plate legging 25c 40c 60c 80c 1s15c Plate breastplate 30c 50c 75c 1s 1s45c Plate sabaton 10c 15c 25c 30c 40c Plate vambrace 15c 25c 35c 40c 50c Plate Helm/basinet/great 10c 15c 20c 30c 40c Weapon Smithing: ql50 ql60 ql70 ql75 ql80 Information Iron weapons 25c 35c 50c
  15. Wilca's Tailoring Service -- Leather and Cloth Goods -- Located at the Lotus Landing Market (stock updated 9/8/2014) Leather Backpacks 5c Barding 90c (80ql) Toolbelt 90c (80 ql) 70ql studded set 1s 35c (70 ql) 80ql studded set 2s 25c (80 ql) 90 ql saddle 1s 25c (90 ql) Cloth Banners 25c Barding 70c Meditation Rugs 40c FIne Meditation Rugs 60c Exquisite Meditation Rugs 75c Kingdom Tabards 5c Satchels 1c Sheets 3c Small Square Sails 15c Square Sails 20c Triangular Sails 10c Cloth Armour 8c (each piece) *All rugs and cloth sets are 70 ql **Lower ql goods for cheaper prices available by ordering Imping services are now available. Contact me for prices. If you need bulk orders or something not on the merchant, message me on the forum or in-game.
  16. How better to protect that prized horse than 90 ql rare chain barding? Starting bid: 5s Increment: 50c Reserve : 7s Buyout : wow me in PM 1h sniper Winner can pick up on Exodus server or will mail CoD(buyer pays mailing costs). SOLD Xsamuraizx for 8s, I'll contact you in-game sir.
  17. I know that there have already been several threads about this, and yet it is still not fixed. Therefore I feel no guilt what-so-ever writing yet another one and praying it will not go ignored... again. Although the title should say it all.... Please Please get the graphics for the silver, gold, and bronze chain horse bardings working. It has been far too long for it not to be fixed. You all add tons of things to the game and while they are all fkn awesome!, please take a few minutes and fix this one little tid bit. It don't even require a new release, just a little coding fix and a graphics, which you might already have. Thanks!
  18. Located in the western hills of Celebration, my forge burns brightly all night long to bring all of your chain needs. Bulk Materials and Tools coming soon. Delivery Rates (Coastal delivery only) Celebration: Free Exodus: Free on orders of 1s+, otherwise add 15c. Deli: Free on orders of 1.5s+, otherwise add 25c. Inde: Free on orders of 2s+, otherwise add 40c. Southwestern Xanadu: Free on orders of 2s+, otherwise add 40c Northwest/southeast Xanadu: Free on orders of 3s+, otherwise add 75c Northeast Xanadu: Free on orders of 3s+, otherwise add 1s. No delivery to Chaos, Pristine, or Release. No delivery on Single Pieces of armour.
  19. Hello, Today i was making a nice golden chain barding for my horse. When it was ready i put it on my horse, but it is not visible. Kinda disappointing, i hope it will be fixed soon. Kind regards
  20. This is a ( Barding, Iron (74Asop) 80Ql ) Ql Dmg > 00.00 Starting at -- 50c please only bid 50c + Buyout 6s ! Pick up from Exo North desert, Centrum universi Only - sorry cannot deliver but CAN mail if mailable Please keep the messages down to bidding only please, Have fun bidding and good luck to you all Winner will get a pm on the day of auction end.
  21. Want to sell : 1k dirt ~ 1s cloth barding 50ql ~ 50c leather barding 50ql ~ 60c sleep powder ~ 1.5s I also have some white-dotted flowers if anyone is interested. Pick up from 35x 31y on Independence. PM Jaindoe or send me a message here.
  22. Message Of The Day: What Should I write Here? Order Status: None Where??? The Preatorian Guard, Independence (x64 y62) When??? *Best time to catch me is weekends, as I'm only on occasionally during the week* *I am on the forums everyday however* Delivery??? <COD is to the buyer> * Mailbox Enchant: 88 Improvements??? Leather Working: 91 Cloth Tailoring: 71 - Imping up to 30ql for all Leather items is FREE! - Imping up to 20ql for all Cloth items is FREE!
  23. Hello everybody. Auction is over, the highest bidders are: #1 Zarkadi, 2.75silver #2 Realcoffee, 70copper #1: Enchanted ql75 chain armour set Starting Bid: 2.5 silver Minimum Bid Increase: 0.25 silver Buyout: 5 silver 30min snipe protection. #2: ql80 Chain Barding Starting Bid: 70 copper Minimum Bid Increase: 0.10 copper Buyout: 1.5 silver 30min snipe protection. Pickup up on Celebration: #1 Lunatic Fringe: X17, Y16 #2 Tap Dance Market: X32, Y25 Mailing fee is for each item/armor piece: +10c for Celebration, +20c for other servers.