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  1. I appreciate your opinion and because of that I owe an clarification even though I feel guilty posting this as this is not really the place for this conversation. I have concerns that people's fear on conceptual system's balancing just creates static between good feedback and the devs. Voicing concern about balance is great, coming up with imagined solutions to imagined problems seems kind of silly. Yes players are the beta testers, that is why the test server exists. More voices, create more dissonance.
  2. My main concern is people calling for nerfs on unreleased content. Stop being so scared to lose the status quo, let the system release and then pass judgement.
  3. This is unexpected and amazing, I love nearly everything about this
  4. I know right? When younare close to the treasure, tracking would make sense to help zero in But oh well
  5. Manachans Candle

    The feedback was just to try to help optimize not to nitpick, I love the format and look of this tool. Maybe a suggestion would be to add per server like wurm node
  6. As long as the same thing would be added for crates
  7. Looking for farming relevant runes, like gold fo, gold libila, iron jackal, etc Blank or enchanted, any ql
  8. Wagons are in the game, pretending they are not is foolish. A good game design principle is balances and counter balances, if you have two similar but opposing systems changes should be equal. If we can move crates of mining,woodcutting, farming, digging, etc, resources that are usually transported by ship than we should be able to move crates of AH resources usually transported by ships. Every playstyle should be valid.
  9. I am surprised this was not a feature when the system was rolled out, this is a common sense +1
  10. +1 Ovens already have the graphic for wood storage, this is exactly the QoL fixes you were talking about adding next
  11. I am so happy to read this, keep up the fantastic work!
  12. That is wonderful! And I stand corrected, when I went to give the steam client a try they were not yet fixed and I felt sort of embarrassed when my friends all gave me guff about the rough edges and outdated graphics and I said ignore that, the charm is in the attention to detail and then they brought up those little details like the wrapping and having to read a dictionary worth of skill explanation in the tutorial (I love the steam client btw, I can't use it on my old toons but it is still slick!) My issue with the ingame wiki is threefold: 1. It doesn't work several times a day, it wont load until I spam H, sitting and letting it load wont work as when it loads it does not detect text wurm just takes it as input and I get assaulted with window even after clicking into the input sections. 2. The delay on opening sometimes can be as much as 15-20 seconds 3. It does not save the page you are on, or rather it saves it for a few moments and then refreshes to homepage. This is the one that drives me crazy, I would rather it either save the page you were browsing or reset the session on close instead of on open. That is completely my fault, I did not even know the town hall had texts that were not linked in the launcher, I thought it was just an archive. Doh! I appreciate your patience while everyone tries to teach this old dog new tricks. And this is the best news I have heard in a long time, I have never in all my starts stayed so long and had so much fun with wurm. It finally feels like a whole game for the first time, and all I want to do is share it with all my sandbox loving friends! This was the nail in the coffin that convinced my friends to quit before they got to feel the achievement wurm offers, so it is a personal victory to see it defeated so completely and with such finesse! This is what I am going to send people to when they complain about their current games devs ruining their games and not listening to player feedback so they can see what a healthy and in touch dev team looks like. Thank you all for everything you do and being kind with me and my outdated information
  13. I was dismayed to see not a single update to the new player experience and no unveiled plans to do so before adding to the new and very niche system (Which I am still excited about). There are still rough spots in the tutorial that there is NO excuse for, like text wrapping issues, dialog box spam, unfinished systems, and no first day gratification. Having the first 5 levels on an epic like curve alone, so a new player can BEGIN building a 1x1 within their first day (Few hours) would bring otherwise lost players coming back. We have been saying we will fix it since my first attempt at playing wurm, in 2013, and while better now it is not good enough. Wurm is wonderful and only gotten better over the years, but I can't get my MORTAL ONLINE friends past the tutorial, anyone who has played that game hardcore knows that game is an even worse buggy mess (And just as endearing). I know this post sounds fatalistic, it isn't. But come on guys, slip in some polish. I stand humbly corrected And one more thing to close this post that is NOT about NPE. The crafting system updates, the polish, and just about every single update to the game itself outside getting new blood has been phenomenal, amazing, and addictive and has me completely hooked. Keep up the wonderful work and I am so proud to be a member of the community especially after seeing all the old systems that have been cleaned up and repurposed! Thank you dev team past and present for all the hard work over the years, I know it is thankless sometimes and people can be cruel but you are all valued and appreciated PS: my god please fix the in game wiki some day before I switch to the path of insanity in rl