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  1. First of all, Wurm Online plays AMAZINGLY on the steam deck. Most times it feels more natural than mouse and keyboard due to the odd contextual way wurm works. Off topic setup guide in spoiler: WARNING: The steam deck hardware controls are entirely set up via macros and while macros as bindings are legal in wurm we all know there is a fine line. On the deck using the triggers are pressure sensitive and these binds if not limited will send repeated clicking, so you have to limit the triggers to full press only. The trackpad custom contextual menus will also repeatedly click/press with no way I could find to limit them so I would avoid using those. Just be careful when setting your controls and be familiar with the rules, I found the process stressful and alarming. I hope in the future Wurm embraces the shift in hardware and releases an official configuration to help avoid trouble with new steam blood looking for the very few mmos that play nicely on the deck. (or at least be lenient with warning when it is obvious people are not abusing mechanics) Because to be honest, we really could use any influx of new blood we can get and the deck is a great excuse if it was smoothed out just a bit and compatibility was advertised.
  2. Battery complaints are from people who think you should be able to play 5 hours of triple A games on ultra. My battery life is better on the steam deck than it is on either of my gaming laptops. The performance on my msi is equal to my steam deck and obviously the alienware performs much better but also has inherently more battery drain. With my $40 battery pack I get about 3-4 hours of gaming most games. For pixel games or just using the PC function I get far more and if I am playing Elden Ring or Planetside2 in a large (100+) battle I get less.
  3. Campfire Designs

    How else are you going to brew your caffeine my friend?
  4. I've been in contact with some notable wurm personalities for decorating but nobody has found a good design for campfires to train beverages on Anyone find any good campfire designs for the budding kitchen/brewery?
  5. Bump - Help me build my collection, tell your friends
  6. Lol dude you're getting something COMPLETELY free, how do you have such a sense of entitlement? Is earning silver in game or god forbid paying for a service, that you obviously use, just one time too much to ask? If nobody pays, there is no game for you to play.
  7. Spoiler as some people can be rather sensitive about recipes. If you click the spoiler and don't want to know, it's your own fault.
  8. Ah of course, archery is good as it is! That is why everyone uses it! Auto queue might not be the solution but you can't seriously think Archery is in a good place or has been in the last 6 years. It has either been wildly over powered (PvP headshots) or complete utility for kiting mobs or grabbing aggro. The amount of people who actually main archery can be counted on your fingers. We need to put our personal goals aside and think of the health of the game, new players who want archery will not be satisfied with the current system nor does it have value added to the game. It needs to be on par with Fighting or combat spells.
  9. To anyone who doesn't know programming, it is HARD. Not lift this heavy rock hard but more like, someone hid a sewing needle SOMEWHERE in your house and until you find it your drier wont work. And you may have lost it earlier or it could have been someone else but for some reason when you find it your fridge stops working
  10. I was nodding my head and agreeing until you said this silly elitism. An OO programming language is an OO programming language. They all have their own trials and tribulations, just because Python's syntax is clear and understandable does not change the fundamentals. Sorry you triggered my " You think C is hard try assembly, you think C++ is hard try C" ptsd.
  11. I like the seasons when I get lucky enough to plan my orchards correctly (rare to never) My big disappointment with wurm is how fleeting the weather is, it is the most immersion breaking part of the game. Usually weather is part of a front or system which even with wurms advanced time would give you more than 3 mins of rain at a time. I love a spring shower or a winter snow
  12. I always try to stock them with food and cotton when perms allow People forget how hard it can be for new players to come by medium-high quality harvestables and food
  13. Agree on all counts Not fixing archery will turn away a ton of new players. Many people enjoy a ranged style and will not appreciate their style of mmo play being left out as the system currently is
  14. Looking for 4 stills preferably 70+ql delivered to Coastal pristine very close to border
  15. This patch reminds me of games like mortal online or planetside 2 which have no competitive scene and yet are nerf balanced to solve imaginary scenarios that nobody is doing while huge portions of the game go unused I think we have many good solutions but the devs never confirmed the reasoning. I will be VERY interested to see the dev response on the community outcry here. I am choosing to overcome my cynicism and be optimistic, I have faith in the devs as they have earned that recently. Let's add more functionality not remove what functionality we players already have please.