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  1. grooming brush, 16 ql, 60 coc, 25 c cheese drill, oakenwood, 30 ql, 73 coc, 30 c cod these to mrscak please, not mrcak
  2. small bucket (oak), BOTD86: 66c hatchet, BOTD83: 48c to mrcak please
  3. Please send the following to mrcak if available 67 ql rake 45 xox spatula 65 ql shovel 50 Coc saw and the anvil
  4. Could you please CoD: - pelt, QL100 BOTD72: 18c -fruit press (oak), BOTD90: 90c To mrcak
  5. Would you please send the following items to Dredsol -Hatchet 83ql w 83 -Butcher Knife 82 ql coc 32
  6. all thia being said on the forums and such, but around my deed on Xan is more popular than ever as well as much more infrastructure. I think longevity is the real issue, in the end I think the deva are much more interested in wurm surviving as their livelihood depends on it. You only see the tip of the iceberg not the feasibility nor risk of implementation...not to say they are doing everything right just saying all these doom and gloom posts could instead be about player activities in game.
  7. I don't participate in pvp often because there is not really a way to supply factions who are self sufficient and no way to resell loot for the same reasons. I would be far more interested if it were a potentially profitable for small groups looking to make money through ambushes and for hire attacks. Of course for all of this to work even with a system in still need population.
  8. Does anyone have any personal merchants? Are the local markets perforning as badly as our global market?
  9. Hello everyone, I love Wurm and I love the economic perspective however as a people we are very self sufficient which can make it difficult to persue that venture. In the communities experience (In hiring/being hired or selling/buying) what do you think the most in demand skill or activity is in wurm? Just to clarify I know most of the money making activities I was moe interested in the communities consensus on the matter. Thank you so much