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  1. Hi! ^^ Me and some of my friends are returning and so we need to buy some gold (somewhere around 3 gold) to start up our deeds and stuff. Paying 1e/1s using Paypal or bitcoin (at current market rate) Forum pm is best way to reach me, thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm currently in the process of buying a deed off someone but I'm a bit short on silver, so I decided to sell my old friend Lisa the rake and hopefully find her a new home somewhere loving . It will be sitting at somewhere around 71ql and it has no enchants so thank you for bidding starting bid : 10s minimum increment : 1s buyout : pm me
  3. Auction ended, will contact winners for cod information, thanks everyone!
  4. I'm afraid it's a minimum silver increase :/
  5. im going to be doing a resale of some tools i got a while back, and since i'm not so sure how much they go for i'm leaving it up to the market ^^ no reserves no buyouts!! :3 1 - Rare rake : Starting bid : 1s Min increment : 1s 2 - Rare file : Starting bid : 1s Min increment : 1s 3 - Rare hatchet : Starting bid : 1s Min increment : 1s 4 - Rare butchering knife : Starting bid : 1s Min increment : 1s 5 - Rare carving knife : Starting bid : 1s Min increment : 1s Winners : #1 : Harth 6s #2 : Harth 6s #3 : Herrfritz 7s #4 : PhatThaiJones 4s #5 : Wulfgarr 5s Check out my other auction
  6. Alrighty then will send in a few moments, and enjoy! Auction closed.
  7. Auction ended, winner is Baid. Congratulations and thank you to everyone for participating