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Found 17 results

  1. Selling Almanac, Archaeology journal, books and low ql papyrus sheets. Also selling 2ql meditation rug. PM me Porterbg in Cadence
  2. Message me what you have Rakes, scythes, sickles, buckets, shears, brush etc
  3. Starting bid: 30 s Increment: 5 s Buyout: -- Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  4. Looking for farming relevant runes, like gold fo, gold libila, iron jackal, etc Blank or enchanted, any ql
  5. I provide all mats; send by wagoner ALL LARGE CRATES ARE YOURS TO KEEP! 50ql wooden materials; pegs, belaying pins, tenons, deck boards, hull planks, planks, shafts, small medium and tall masts 70ql imped wooden materials; keel sections, bench, small and large tackle, oars, yoke 70ql misc; tar, ribbons, small nails 50ql ropes; cordage mooring thick ropes, wemp plants and fiber 50ql cotton materials; too many to list atm, we do it! arch wood addition 50c upon availability build it for you? introductory 15% off market price!
  6. Welcome - I am Myfanwy, purveyor of quality items that Heddwyn finds in her travels around Wurm. My stall of Needful Things is situated just next to the highway at Glasfryn (Cad G17), next to the Harbour buildings. What may you find at my stall I hear you ask, well, that is a good question and even I do not know what my stock will hold from one day to the next... It could be gems, or recipes, or source crystals, treasures from Archology, good quality tools, or simply interesting, possibly rare or hard to find items. My most common items have their prices listed below for ease, but this is by no means all I have, just my most regular items, for individual items in stock, please check my stock at the bottom of the post. Common Item pricing:- These prices do not include any rares or above. Current Stock: On trader: Recipes: Rare Goblin liver and onion recipe x 3 - 45c each Source crystals/gems: Source crystals x 15 - 20c each Sapphire 10ql x 3 - 20c each Sapphire 1ql x 1 - 2c Emerald 10ql x 3 - 20c each Ruby 10ql x 5 - 20c each Diamond 10ql x 3 - 20c each Seasonal Items: Witch's hat (leather) x 2 - 2s each Snowman head (iron) x 3 - 2s each Frags: Yule goat figurine frag (1/5) x 1 - 35c Arch wood items: Pegs: Grapewood x 4 - 5c each Rosewood x 1 - 10c Shafts: Grapewood x 2 - 5c each Misc Tools: Crude Shovel: Thorn x1 - 10c Blueberrywood x 1 - 10c Lavenderwood (FA1) x 1 - 15c Other bits: White dotted flowers x 2 - 1s each Not on trader - contact me here or in game to purchase: Arch wood items: Shafts: Grapewood x 2 - 30c each Pegs: Grapewood x 2 - 5c each Arrow shafts: Rosewood x 2 - 5c each Camelliawood x 2 - 5c each Lavenderwood x 2 - 5c each Thorn x 4 - 5c each Raspberrywood x 2 - 5c each Grapewood x 3 - 5c each Oleanderwood x 1 5c Other bits: White dotted flowers x 2 - 1s each Lingonberrywood hunting arrow 1ql - 10c NON-MAILABLE ITEMS: These items are non-mailable so would require you to either mail me the item you want a skin applied to so I can mail it back with the skin applied, or arrange to meet me for an in-person trade. only 1 in stock - 10s Sleep powder x 10 - 1s each If you would like to buy any of the items listed here, I would be delighted to see you at my humble stall, or if you would prefer, contact Heddwyn (either here or in game) to arrange for the imps to send the item to you at all possible haste. Thank you for stopping by to look at my wares, and I truly hope to see you again soon.
  7. Hello everyone and welcome to sSmokes' Steelworks! I can currently imp armor up to 80+QL (85QL Coming soon!) All armor that is sold and improved are done so past their QL to the next time a resource is needed to imp. (i'll imp past the desired QL until it needs another lump to imp). This results in armor that has a range of QL, often several points over the desired QL. All helm types are available. When ordering a set please advise which Helm type you would like: Full Helm, Basinet Helm, or Open Helm I only deal with STEEL in regards to armor. If you require other metals or chain, please visit Xerxzies Shop. Number of items I've turned rare by imping: 1 Rare Glove, 1 Supreme Legs! ***NEW***Archeology/Restoration! ***NEW***Meditation, Rune attaching, and Priestly things: Armor imps using your metals (including moonmetals) METALURGY SERVICES OFFERED! Currently in Stock: 80+QL Steel Platemail Set x3 90QL Steel Platemail set x1 70+QL Steel Platemail set (x1) Currently in progress:80+QL Steel Platemail sets PRICES!!! Bulk Steel sales: New Carpentry and Fine carpentry items! All prices above do not include shipping. All armor sets are sold and shipped inside of a backpack. You can either post in this thread, PM me on the forums, or in game: (NFI: Ssmokes) Thank you for your business! ~sSmokes
  8. Raevald’s Trading Company Greetings, my good fellow! I am offering You my wares in competitive prices, ones you possibly won’t find at another trader. At the moment, my wares can be delivered by a fast mail service (below 10 minutes), but soon I will also offer delivery of bulk and big items across the server borders- safe transport service of any cargo aboard one of my trade fleet ships. More on that service will be released soon. For now, I offer You: ARCHEOLOGY (In cooperation with Bermz- If I am not online PM Bermz or post your request here) < Fragments of statues > Price per fragment: 15c Statue of Goblin Statue of Kyklops Statue of Rift Beast Statue of Mountain Lion Statue of Worg Statue of Eagle Statue of Guard Statue of Lava Fiend Alloy Statue of Lava Fiend Statue of Unicorn Statue of Hell Horse Price per fragment: 20c Statue of Vynora Statue of Libila Slate Statue of Fo Marble Statue Of Magranon Statue of Drake metal Statue of Drake alloy Price per fragment: 3c Statue of Tich metal Price per fragment: 3c Statue of Tich marble Price per fragment: 7c Statuette of Digger Statuette of Miner Statuette of Swordsman Statuette of Axemen < Completed statues for sale > < Masks- Fragments and Complete > Price per fragment: 30c Price per fragment: 1s Finished masks: < Tenons, shafts and pegs > Shafts price per item: 30c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Shafts price per item: 60c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry Tenon price per item 3c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Tenon price per item 6c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry Peg price per item 3c Oleander Grape Lavender Camellia Peg price per item 7c Hazelnut Raspberry Thorn Rosewood Blueberry Lingonberry CLOTH TAILORING (My personal crafting, PM Raevald) < Meditation rugs > Fine, 60QL - 1s Beautiful, 60QL- 1,3s Exquisite, 60QL - 1,6s < Decor- carpets, flags and so on > Small items (banners and flags)- 0,2s creation QL Big items (tall kingdom banner and similar)- 0,4s creation QL Tapestries- 0,3s creation QL < Clothing sets > Any type, QL up to 60- price depends on QL and materials. Examples: Cotton clothing set, 50QL (complete)- 1,3s - 9 pieces. Cotton clothing set, 60QL (complete)- 1,8s - 9 pieces. Single item, cotton, 50QL- 0, 15s Single item, wool, 50QL - 0,2s In case of request for clothing, PM please. For bulk sales, price cuts are possible. PAPERMAKING (My personal crafting, PM Raevald) Quality 50- price TBC
  9. Shortly those reports what have location, change text color to yellow, and those what have all possible information change text color to green.
  10. Ever want a unique item that just stands out . The pot with size difference 10c
  11. Wellcome to Kurois's artifacts - the best archeology stuff in the best price I accept paypal as payment Fragments can be combined on a request Masks fragments: Statues and Statuette fragments: Crystal Runes: Fo: Jackal: Libila: Magranon: Vynora:
  12. I recently traveled the areas and thought, other RPG games have those many lots of NPC around in the area, and many servers such as Indy do not have lots, let's say, few spawn of whatever creature. There could be Grave Robbers or Ruin plunderers that spawn whereever there were old villages - they indicate where to investigate to find old ruins / old deeds ! They could be killed ofc, get XP from them, same as any other mob.
  13. This handsome Rare Marble Fo statue can be yours! Join the bidding Weight: 50kg, Free delivery to winner. [18:38:01] A statue of the forest god Fo. You can barely make out the signature of its maker, '.ua...u.'. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Ql: 28.818151, Dam: 0.0. Can be improved Handsome Rare Marble Fo Start Bid: 20s Bid Increments: 1s ***DON'T SHOOT THE AUCTIONEER*** -Do not post in this auction unless you are bidding.
  14. Let us find imposible to make wood types in form of shaft or plank using archeology skill. Thorn Rosse Camelia and other bushes. The Wood of ancients !!!
  15. I have been trying to put a drake statue together since my archeology skill was high enough to find statue fragments, Last night, I finally had all 133 fragments needed to put one together, a combined stack of 127 fragments and another one of 6 fragments. My main character is called Slowmo and he was out on Independence doing archeology for the last few fragments, Shyruban is my alt and was on my deed on Xanadu and was holding the large 127 fragments stack of drake statue, he does not have much skill at all in restoration. Once Slowmo, on Independence has the 6 fragments needed to complete, he combines them and mails them to Shyruban, who once received selects the combined stack of 127 fragments and tries to combine it to the combines stack of 6 fragments. I'm expecting a nice drake statue to result, instead the 6 combined fragments disapear and the stack of 127 fragments now reads -124\133 ( yes negative 124) instead of the 127\133 it was at previously , so I logged off Shyruban and waited a few minutes, logged back in, in case it was just some passing fluke. But the stack of fragments still shows as being -124\133. I then mail the whole thing to Slowmo on Independence to have him try to add 1 fragment to the stack. After trying this, the stack read -123\133 instead of -124\133, so basically now it would take 256 drake fragments to put a statue together. All this was quite an anti climax you can imagine, hopefully this can be fixed, I want my drake statue, it was a whole lot of work to get there. Thanx
  16. Rare Mallets - 3.75 each Crude shovels - 1s each ribbon shoulder pad - 40c rare water skins - 1.5s each mask of the isles - 4s each crated shoulder pad - 40c master of the returner - 4s mask of the ravager -4s pale mask - 4s Rare small axe, blank -4s rare small axe, enchanted -9s rare clay planter -80c left layered should pad -40c rare lump, addy -2.50s rare small bell - 3s [08:20:46] It is enchanted with Human's demise, and has an aggressive aura towards humanoids. [08:20:46] Nimbleness has been cast on it, so it increase the chance to hit. [99] [08:20:46] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [100] [08:20:46] A single zinc rune of Libila has been attached to it, so it will reduce weight (10%) [08:20:46] Bloodthirst has been cast on it, so it will do more damage the more you hit players. [10000] [08:20:46] Mind stealer has been cast on it, so it will steal knowledge from non-players. [80] 25s or best offer! Fragments for sale - 20c each . Libila Fragments - 30c each. Can be combined and shipped in one peice for lower mail cost.
  17. Hey, I love the new archaeology, but I have a small nagging issue with how the wording is set up.... can we please move the numerical portion of the text for all items to the end of the name, please? This: Should look like this: ore fragment [1/26], copper ore fragment, copper [1/26] ore fragment [1/26], lead ore fragment, copper [3/26] ore fragment [3/26], copper ore fragment, copper [25/26] ore fragment [3/26], iron ore fragment, iron [3/26] ore fragment [12/26], lead ore fragment, lead [1/26] ore fragment [25/26], copper ore fragment, lead [12/26] This would assist many of us that like piecing together all the fragments you all provide us, not just the unique ones. Thanks for your consideration.