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  1. Pls PM here on the forum or ingame at either Fatherkoolaid or Bdckoolaid with your asking price. Thank you
  2. Before trying the software mentioned above by @wipeout, I figured I would give @Brash_Endeavorssuggestion a try and it worked just fine. Slightly annoying but very simple to get rid of all my unwanted player files and folders. Thank you guys for helping me figure this one out.
  3. When attempting to delete the player file folders of characters I no longer have access to/no longer play, I am prompted to perform the action as an administrator, which I agree to, then am told "Access Denied" and that I need permission from an administrator on my desktop. My PC only has one user that is myself and I have never before had issues modifying any file or folder on my desktop or being told access denied. And I have checked, whether the game is currently running or not seems to have no effect on whether I am allowed to delete the folders in question. Edit: I have also tried editing the properties of the folders to claim ownership of them via advanced security settings. This has not worked either.
  4. "for example, in the near future we'll revisit fishing, as while it's a good system, it does have a fair share of annoyances and drawbacks, and its complexity is a bit much for what it offers in return." 3 cheers for more love given to the fishing system! I am really in love with the current fishing system and the way it lends itself to a very peaceful and relaxing skill grind, and I find myself very quickly getting excited about the size of the catfish I see on my line or seeing a special tile fish swim it's way up to my float, and hurriedly typing to my village every time I catch a new personal best heaviest catfish (Currently 22kg) but I've found myself at a point recently where I've hit a wall. I think to myself, "Ok cool, how will these huge catfish benefit me going forward? I bet I can make a huge meal with them that will last me a while at the least." Well as well all know, you can't do a whole lot with a big fish. You can fillet it into little baby chunks that are the same size regardless of how big your fish was, or you can throw it in a pizza, but *only* if it's a certain size and maybe I'm just not well informed, but with my limited experiments, it seems that the size an FSB will split catfish into is not a size that will fit into a pizza? I'm just rambling now, but I would love to see the devs develop more meaningful things to do with that prized catch you worked so hard to get and felt so much joy when you finally did.
  5. Seems very obvious that his terraforming was intentionally disruptive and ultimately the worst that came from it was that he was ordered to cease and desist in his specific circumstance of terraforming. And that was after ignoring others directly affected by it who tried to work with him. Seems like a very forgiving process for anyone interested in off deed terraforming.
  6. Feel free to message me in game @bdckoolaid or respond to this thread with a PC or offer to buy.
  7. You don't have to neuter wurm down to "easy mode" to retain players. Some people, like myself, only stuck with the game because it actually challenged them.
  8. Glad to see the staff going above and beyond over the holidays.
  9. Especially the climbing, in my opinion. When it first broke with all the hotfixing and the downtime, I was so irritated and was 100% positive I wasn't going to be happy with the fix whatever it was. I have to say, climbing now, even in just the brief time I've gotten to use it, seems so much more closely tied to my climbing level and gives more skill appropriately for using it. Climbing feels so much more like a real skill now instead of something like "chisel" skill.
  10. Loving the new fishing system more and more the longer I use it.
  11. @Beanbag The miss is the result of a skill check. If you were not reacting quick enough, it would say something to the effect of "The nibbling at the end of your line stops" after a second or two.