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  1. Pretty sure someone, maybe Retro? designed a tool you can use to completely create your own map with custom topography and stuff. Should be pretty easy to find if you search the forum Edit: It was Budda:
  2. I have 70 woodcutting on the dot and my max with a fully imbued hatchet is over 95ql.
  3. Allow me to insert myself.... From a 30k foot view, since I dont ever hit fatigue and never will, I think in general, the correct answer is always the choice that allows for the most individual freedom. Don't hit fatigue? You've got nothing to worry about. Your experience is unhampered by the system. Someone else does hit fatigue? The system is hampering their personal play style. It starts getting disgusting when someone has the audacity to think they have any right to decide how someone else can play the game. Don't like account sharing? Don't do it. Don't like being able to play beyond what fatigue allows? Don't do it. Mind your own and get out of the way of everyone else doing the same. For the sake of a better world for everyone, let go of the idiotic notion that you have any authority to override someone else's free will.
  4. I agree with @Scooter. It should be fine. Can always postpone it later if it runs late.
  5. lol great replies all. As for the bone helms, I vote you must imp them with rare bones only.
  6. Just wanted to get an idea of what the community at large thinks.
  7. Congratulations to @brattygirlon placing the winning bid! Please pm me on the forums or in game to claim your helm.
  8. [16:45:22] This special helmet is handed out to a limited number of cavaliers in order for them to inspire and lead their peers. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Starting Bid: 30s Increment: 1s Buyout: 1g 1 hour sniper protection
  9. But alas, I hardly knew him. I heard he threw great parties.
  10. @JazI think you may be on to something there. Don't give it time to get so postmodern that no one can enjoy it anymore.
  11. Reading the comments pretty much confirmed my suspicion that people who make these "Name and Shame" threads are all the same. You feel burned by someone who didn't actually break any rules, so you try to take the rules into your own hands to somehow "punish" them by what basically amounts to slander. The only thing I'm taking away from this thread is to never do business with players by the name of Ainelan
  12. Fishing is a hard one for me too. I love fishing in game, and I do like that it's more complex than the old system was, which I didn't do at all because it was so shallow, but I have to agree with @Chiqathat it has a bit too much depth now. It takes an act of congress to go from having no materials to actually being able to cast your line in the water. And I love the concept of the tackle boxes, but having so many categories in them and having to scroll for days while dragging an item down the list to get to my fishing rod is really tedious and off putting. Every time I stop fishing for a couple weeks, I feel like I have to "get back into it" as far as gathering baits and floats and making hooks again. And semi-unrelated but also not is that I HATE the bug that is still unfixed to this day where if you leave a kitted out rod in a rod rack, after a day or two, it spits out it's hook, float, and bait onto the ground into a pile of items. That is so infuriating. So TL;DR: Going with Cool on this one, but bordering on uncool mainly just because it is now somewhat too complex and has a really annoying bug.