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  1. @rangerklypfprobably wins the award for best comment. Very well thought out and explored. Really loved seeing everyone's responses though. It seems the most common opinion was that it was based exclusively on time spent playing/being around, but there were some interesting and unique takes. Thank you everyone for offering your thoughts.
  2. So if I had a sermon alt with 10k hours, he would be a veteran too?
  3. A friend and I were joking around about me finally being able to apply to the "wurm elite" / "veterans" club since I've finally gotten my first 90 skill in leatherworking, but the discussion got me thinking and I thought it might be fun to hear back from the community, so this is my question to anyone wanting to offer their two cents: What are the must-have qualities a player should have before you would consider them a "veteran"? It's all a subjective opinion, but I thought it might be fun to try to quantify it.
  4. Sold. Can close.
  5. Looking for any ql or enchantment of rare studded leather armour pieces. I have already found the following and no longer need these: 2x boots 1x sleeve
  6. Looking to buy green tea leaves in bulk. Feel free to PM in game to Bdckoolaid or here on the forums with how many you have and what price you want for them.
  7. Offerings and items revamped! Come visit or order remote
  8. Please update Waterdeep at 5019, 948 to it's new name "New Waterdeep" Thank you!
  9. Great post. Definitely the part about making a name for yourself. Love it all the same. Hope more join.
  10. I don't have anything other than my offbrand korean mouse and Corsair gaming keyboard. I did change USB ports on my mouse and keyboard to see if that has any effect.
  11. So after logging off and back on this time around, the keybind has changed from what I've shown there in the OP to this:
  12. I'm going to do my best to explain this bug and the approaches I've tried so far to remedy it. This bug started about a month ago when I noticed I was dropping every item in my inventory that I moused over. I quickly realized that somehow I had a key bound to the "drop" action and it was spamming drop repeatedly. However, when I went to see what key was bound to it, I saw something similar to this more recent example: Now for some additional context: 1) With quick keybinds turned on, any time I open the right click menu and mouse over an action, this keybind will automatically start attempting to bind. (Seemingly even with my mouse and keyboard both unplugged) (Hard to test still with them both unplugged lol) 2) Even without quick keybinds on, when I first log into the game, either immediately or shortly thereafter, the game will automatically bind this strange keybind to a seemingly random action and once again begin spamming it. For example, on most recent login, when trying to lead a horse (this is with quick keybinds off), it bound itself to the "stop leading" action, and began spamming stop leading continuously. I've had similar run ins with it binding itself to "track" "open" "repair" and other actions, all with quick keybinds turned off and no console input from me. It also spams these actions continuously. 3) Every relog seems to refresh it and it will bind to another action. A specific action getting spammed does not persist through more than one login session 4) I am not having this problem in any of the other games I play whatsoever, and I play several. 5) While this keybinding/spamming is going on, I can type in chat perfectly well with no issues or interruptions, so I am ruling out a stuck key on keyboard or mouse. Any suggestions would be fantastic, as this is really hindering my ability to play the game enjoyably. Cheers! ❤️ p.s. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum section.