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  1. Glad to see the staff going above and beyond over the holidays.
  2. Especially the climbing, in my opinion. When it first broke with all the hotfixing and the downtime, I was so irritated and was 100% positive I wasn't going to be happy with the fix whatever it was. I have to say, climbing now, even in just the brief time I've gotten to use it, seems so much more closely tied to my climbing level and gives more skill appropriately for using it. Climbing feels so much more like a real skill now instead of something like "chisel" skill.
  3. Loving the new fishing system more and more the longer I use it.
  4. @Beanbag The miss is the result of a skill check. If you were not reacting quick enough, it would say something to the effect of "The nibbling at the end of your line stops" after a second or two.
  5. Can agree with Jaz that there is no end game goal to drive one to max their fishing skill. I would argue, however, that fishing is the kind of skill that is not meant to have something like that. I would argue that fishing should be done purely for the enjoyment of it and the achievement of new, interesting, and FAT fish that can be fried, or maybe if we're lucky in the future, wall mounted.
  6. This thread is so disappointing. I see post after post of people who just plain refuse to even 'attempt' to learn what is essentially a COMPLETELY new skill and then whine about how this brand new skill isn't exactly the same as the old one it replaced. Jesus. Atleast make an effort to educate yourself before leaving your steaming negative opinion all over the place. As for me, I had my concerns prior to the update, was not all that unhappy with the previous fishing, and when I saw the new interactive mode of fishing, I was less than enthusiastic about the added "tedious" aspect of the new system. However, unlike most of the comments I see here, I sat down with the new system for a few hours one morning and gave it a fair chance. I can honestly say that what the devs have done with fishing, in my opinion, is fantastic work. They have managed to take something that used to be 30 minutes of netflix and turn it into an hour of genuine, attention keeping, immersive, genuine fishing. Throw in the tackle box to hold spare gear, the MULTITUDE of different baits, rod configurations, and new fish types, and you have a skill that has gone from "why is this even it's own skill" to a skill that I personally do not think any other skill in game can compete with in terms of immersion, nuance, and ability to tie in other skills into it. So, amidst the sea of negativity, it's gonna be a huge thumbs up from me, Dev Team.
  7. 82 quality Supreme Steel Plate Sabaton. Would like get 20s for it, but I know plate is not as popular as it has been in the past, so I'm willing to negotiate as necessary. Feel free to PM me here on the forums, but expect a quicker response if you PM me ingame at Bdckoolaid.
  8. If anyone has a mid to high level priest account with beverages and HFC and all the other relevant skills, I might have them contact this person in my stead, as I believe they’re tired of hearing from me.
  9. @WurmholeThey would. I have yet to find an account with the specific skills they have trained on the priest in my absence. Mainly HFC nearly 90, 80 or 90 faith Vyn with 50 ish channeling, farming of a decent level ofc, and the real kicker is a beverages skill for transmutation liquid. They arent very willing to communicate on the topic either as they find the issue of buying and selling accounts to be a real pain. Hoping their priorities shift over time and they lose interest in the toon. Whether they are kind enough to contact me in that event, I’m not so sure, so I anticipate that if I do get it back, it’ll be from a 3rd party somewhere sad days, but I’ll hold out hope that one day something will give.
  10. WTB an old priest account that I made about a year ago. Has a great deal of sentimental value to me and am willing to pay a price reflective of that sentimental value. I know who has the account currently and they are unwilling to sell, but in the event that A. they see this post and have a change of heart or B. They decide to sell it and don’t bother selling it to me, I’ll bump this thread occasionally as a standing offer for the account at any time from any owner. Thank you all
  11. Close He goes by Bjergsen and was made to convert his new owner to a believer in the power of Paaw priests. Comes naked or with his 80ql dyed priest clothes, knife for chopping, electrum statuette of Magranon, and a rowboat. Hoping to get about 25s for him, and will happily deliver him anywhere on Xanadu. If on a server other than Xanadu, will need to do some negotiating, as I'm not sure a rowboat will cross servers. PM me here or in game. In game will be your surest bet. PM's here will be seen but perhaps not immediately. Thank you!
  12. Looking to buy a Vynora Priest. Preferably high end. 100 faith would be nice. High channeling is also desired. Would also like to see high farming and HFC skills aswell. Will be open to any and all offers, however, so if you or anyone you know has a vynora priest they'd like to get a good price for, please have them PM me in game or on forums. Both @BDCKoolaid Thank you