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  1. But alas, I hardly knew him. I heard he threw great parties.
  2. @JazI think you may be on to something there. Don't give it time to get so postmodern that no one can enjoy it anymore.
  3. Reading the comments pretty much confirmed my suspicion that people who make these "Name and Shame" threads are all the same. You feel burned by someone who didn't actually break any rules, so you try to take the rules into your own hands to somehow "punish" them by what basically amounts to slander. The only thing I'm taking away from this thread is to never do business with players by the name of Ainelan
  4. Fishing is a hard one for me too. I love fishing in game, and I do like that it's more complex than the old system was, which I didn't do at all because it was so shallow, but I have to agree with @Chiqathat it has a bit too much depth now. It takes an act of congress to go from having no materials to actually being able to cast your line in the water. And I love the concept of the tackle boxes, but having so many categories in them and having to scroll for days while dragging an item down the list to get to my fishing rod is really tedious and off putting. Every time I stop fishing for a couple weeks, I feel like I have to "get back into it" as far as gathering baits and floats and making hooks again. And semi-unrelated but also not is that I HATE the bug that is still unfixed to this day where if you leave a kitted out rod in a rod rack, after a day or two, it spits out it's hook, float, and bait onto the ground into a pile of items. That is so infuriating. So TL;DR: Going with Cool on this one, but bordering on uncool mainly just because it is now somewhat too complex and has a really annoying bug.
  5. Gonna side with @Rugerand @Alyeskaon this one. There was a clearly defined way you could have altered the highway to your heart's content without upsetting a soul and being rid of your great encumbrance of having a highway through your property. You did not use that correct method and instead just blew up a high traffic highway without any warning or consideration for anyone but yourself. Far as I can tell, you're just inconsiderate and selfish and shouldn't be here complaining. Follow the rules next time.
  6. Please add me to the list of impers I'm always excited for a new impalong. I have: 82 Leatherworking 83 Plate Armor Smithing 87 Carpentry 70 Shipbuilding if needed
  7. Gonna have to go with Uncool for this one. The idea is great. the rewards are cool. It gives people a reason to leave deed and something for the higher end toons to get into. My wife logs in almost exclusively for them, BUT I've never once gone to a rift and left feeling any other way than drained/exhausted and not wanting to do another for weeks. I think perhaps that they are too long/slow without much challenge in the way of interacting with them. It's pretty much just 1) have enough CR and 2) dont fight more than 2 or 3 at a time. Ironically, this involves less movement than regular old hunting, which atleast has the benefit of getting to see a beautiful landscape as you ride and perhaps stumble onto a cool new place or ruin.
  8. Another game reviewer doing their best to live up to the stereotype that videogame reviewers are the least qualified people to review games. "Yes, from the very off, my starting character is already bearing a load that’s too much for her to bear by mere dint of wearing armor — another possible throwback that makes about as much logical sense as coin weight does." I just had to laugh at this part. Like OP stated, this is a blatant lie that the average wurm player would have figured out in their first hour of playtime by them self, perhaps 5 minutes if they would use the in-game help channel.
  9. It makes perfect sense for anyone who understands the workings of wurm. Probably a foolish pursuit to try to compare it to real life.
  10. I'm just waiting for a weaponsmithing difficulty buff on SFI since we're an "endgame" server and don't have a need to gate weapon quality behind enhanced difficulty to slow server progression. Only makes sense that if they're going to shoot us in the foot with a crap change like this, they use the same impartial judgement to give a very nice QoL improvement to the older servers.
  11. @ScytheYou can "link" one priest to another priest and allow the 2nd priest to use your accumulated favor as their own in addition to their own. The more links, the more total favor pool you have to cast with on the "linked to" priest. The idea of the exploit is that you have so many priests lending you their favor via links that they passively regenerate favor more quickly than you can spend it even when casting constantly. Thus allowing a priest to grind their channeling much more quickly by casting spells more frequently and with no breaks between casts.
  12. Evidently, OP has no idea how supply and demand works and even arrogantly exclaims Except the reality is that it is nowhere near the same amount of time. As you said, it goes by your tools, enchants, and lvl, all of which are almost nonexistent on a new server. Crap skill, crap tools, crap supplies, no sleep bonus, no high nutrition level, and hardly any time to prepare anything. You're used to a stagnant economy where the prices for everything have been artificially lowered. You can continue to be willfully ignorant all you want, but this is the natural, healthy, expected course for the economy of a newborn server. Don't like it? Go back to SFI and quit complaining that people aren't willing to give you something for nothing.
  13. Without reading any other replies, my answer is absolutely. The point of hardcore grinding is to achieve in a few months what was designed to take years. I would argue that casually is the way the game was meant to be played, and that's exactly how myself and my village mates have done it for several years now, and we're still getting along just fine. Our accounts are just now starting to reach a level close to what I would consider end game, admittedly still with TONS of room for growth and improvement, but I say that to illustrate that casual players end up just as successful as the more hardcore players, perhaps just more slowly. Which I think is fine and welcome. I think trying to play in a "hardcore" style when that isn't your normal playstyle just results in burnout and losing the enjoyment you used to get from the game. Killing the golden goose for a quicker egg type of play.
  14. What on earth would a free faith transfer accomplish? Every priest has to grind channeling to cast spells.