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  1. They are aware of this post, Shydow was the one who gave me a link to post here
  2. I made a Fo alter yesterday in the middle of my horse pen, imped it up to 60, and waited for the Spring affect to come into effect. But NONE of my animals have been cured. Pirates Bay, Harmony, P10 EvaryaOConnor
  3. Fatigue lol

    What is the difference between account sharing and a brought account? Getting rid of account sharing is stupid. The actual problem is the use of macro's and rules to limit macroing is not very affective, and is affecting many players who don't macro. What needs to happen is a flagging system where an account is on long hours, and can be monitored to make sure that individual is not macroing. The fatigue system needs to change.
  4. As a paying customer, I would like to see this system fixed. Some of my friends have lost interest in this game because of fatigue issues they have. Over the past 5-6 years I have played, we have lost a lot of players, can this game afford to keep losing it players because they are not listening to them on issues like this, where it affects the hard core players who invest the most.
  5. You can go off topic and argue till your blue in the face, but the reality is, there is an overwhelming amount of people who disagree with the current ''fatigue'' system.
  6. I bet other games are experiencing the same complaints from their players also. I think it is up to the individual player to decide when he/she should stop playing.
  7. Im also concerned, there are people who agree with the comments being made but are worried to "like" it cos there is a ''cap''...….. OMG
  8. When you say these comments, or "quote'' these comments, you are being vague to why fatigue is there, or pointing to ''preventing queueing actions'' which is another way of saying macroing. Which is the point, to preventing macroing, where there are better ways to detect macroing rather than limiting everyone with this ''fatigue'' system.
  9. What sort of game would make everyone to pay top dollar for each account, then impose these restrictions, where they have to walk away for days just to play, its just encouraging people to play other games..... and when they find a better game, then they will stop investing in this game.
  10. I agree, this game is made to be a "grindy" game..... it take years to gain good skills, and it really is not fair to cripple a players account with "fatigue" when they are playing the game exactly how it is designed to play.
  11. This is a chaos kingdom that values even it's newest members. Take up a weapon and come join us, being here in chaos is very community based and its really like being part of a family.
  12. Can you please remove 2 deeds (Haven Farms and Haven) that no longer exist, cords 6740, -6512... and 6764, -6536. Can you please add Kiwiana at 6769, -6545. Thanks