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  1. I can attest to the fact they suck. What is worse concerns the refund policy. They give you "credit".. Who in their right mind would use them for anything. Refund is something they don't seem to do. Instead they pretend to fix problems, and the next day it is broke again. Total player count on our server during testing? TWO PEOPLE. And it could not even support that. Ridiculous and terribly disappointing. It is a dis-service to people here allowing them to spam adverts about how great they are when in fact their services are horrible.
  2. PC account and intems

    Yay for Archer Avatar!
  3. I'm curious as to how many people are running the lowest price option of 1GB of RAM and how it performs with WU. or 2GB and the performance of that vs the 1GB. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. Liquidating Wurm Online Things

  5. I have some random tools and weapons that need to be sold. *Will Add More* 1)Longsword 91.71ql w/ N99,LT84,C83 - 7s 2) Medium Maul 90.20ql w/ N90,LT71,C74 -6s Buyer pays COD
  6. Congrats to Soonwaldler. You were the winning bidder. I'm at work right now and can't log into Wurm but I will be in contact with you later this evening. It's 10:57AM my time at the moment.
  7. Added 1hr sniper protection to this auction
  8. 19 hrs left on this no reserve auction
  9. Thanks Jake. I understand the whole coin thing, that is why my main character is here for sale.
  10. Redone the timer, removed the reserve.
  11. General Discussion

    Xanadu is NOT an "Original" server.. Old JK Home and "Wild" were "Original"
  12. Again, I appreciate the input. The whole 10-15% loss thing is something that bothers me. Before I take near nothing the account will just sit and evaporate away. Rather get something out of it, and let somebody else use the guy but sure not willing to give it all away. Anyone that has invested time and money into their main character can understand that stance I think. to Redd, thanks man. It's just that fork in the road and it's time for me to take the other road.
  13. Feel Bad :(

    yeah, please PM me the server and names too.. I'm "interested"