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  1. I'd like to hire a panfiller to fill some bowls, 500 at a time. Looking for a few thousand fills. PM me here or in game (ssmokes)
  2. Hello everyone! I'm auctioning my very first set of QL80 Steel Plate! Starting Bid: 10s Buyout: Offer (message me in this thread, ingame (ssmokes) or PM on forums) Increment: 50c Snipe Protection: 1 Hour No reserve Have a great day!!
  3. yea but that's a public slaying.
  4. Hello Enchanters! I'm looking for a set of BotD smithing tools please: 90+ power. Looking for: 90+ql Pelt 90+ql Whetstoen Hammer (ql doesn't matter) Bonus for a steel lump with 90BotD PM me on forums here, or in game @ssmokes
  5. Ordered a custom cast using some items i had sent, and he nailed a 99 coc. Great service, super face, very friendly. A+
  6. He wants iron. He came to me first, but since i only do steel i sent him your way.
  7. Closed

    1 hour ago, i guess i win \o/! Understandable and no problem. Please COD it to ssmokes
  8. Closed

    17s. Sniper protection starts now?
  9. I'll start it off 6s
  10. Defic is one of my neighbors and his boats are really nice looking!
  11. bump still looking!