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  1. WTS Bulk Gems

    Dropping price down to 25s, and i'm still paying for the shipping
  2. Smokes has officially been sold. Thank you everyone. Still taking offers on smokez...
  3. Hello All, I'm selling all my gems. I have added up the QL to 3194. QL ranges from all over. I'm asking for 30s for them all, and will pay for the shipping (about 1.2s). PM me on forums, reply to this post, or in game. ~Smokes
  4. I got some offers i'm considering. Will be making the sale within 24h.
  5. 25% discount on all items below
  6. Hello guys. I'm finally selling my accounts. I have a 5 month old beautiful daughter, and need some last minute funds. Please PM me some offers, and i'll most likely take the best one. Smokes has been officially sold! Smokez (woodcutter/toymaker) You entered through the portal to Wurm on day of Sleep, week 1 of the starfall of Fires, 1039. That's 715 days, 16 hours and 1 minute ago. You have played 59 days, 1 hours and 26 minutes. You have been premium a total of 0 months until Dec 2013. You have been premium a total of 20 since Dec 2013. You have been premium consecutively for 0 months since Dec 2013. Comes with 1180 Karma Giving of the Path of Love You have 10 hours left of your sleep bonus, which is frozen. Skills Dump:
  7. Heya Kolek I will start playing here and there on a noobie account soon so you won't be lonely Mubels, i remember very clearly
  8. Thanks I'll actually be starting a new account as well. I really enjoy wurm, just need the cash to pay for baby stuff. Just bought a house, and my wife is 35 weeks pregnant . Lots of exciting things happening
  9. That someone is not you, good sir. Please stop posting in my thread and move along. Have a wonderful day.
  10. Sorry you didn't like my pricing. From the sounds of it, you're having a bad day, (based on the dozen rude PMs you've sent me) For future reference, if you don't agree with someone's prices, just move along. Don't get butthurt, whine in PMs and post in the thread. PS. I've had 2 offers better then yours already that i'm still not content with. So i'm not pressured AT ALL to take your so-called best offer. Have a good day Rolandt.
  11. Any interest in the Smokes and Smokez account anyone?
  12. Thanks Zeth I am Currently all out of coins for sale, thanks everyone!
  13. Thanks Vortexxx i still have plenty of coins
  14. bump, still looking to sell
  15. Thanks buddy. I'll still be around in some way or another