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  1. Great! nice event, depending on attendance i'll donate something nice
  2. Birchwood? too bad it wasn't Ligon grats though bro!
  3. Please advise when and where it is, i'd like to pay my respects and donate to the upkeep.
  4. This is a good skilling file, it's easier to keep in the sweetspot for imping. very nice, good luck with the auction!
  5. Let me know if you ever change your mind ❤️
  6. Whoa nice find! Grats! rolled some really usefull runes on it as well!
  7. You're missing a rune in your description i believe
  8. This is a nice piece for grinding not only weaponsmithing, but Bladesmithing. Easier to keep in the double gains sweetspot. Good luck!
  9. Hello all, My wishlist Supremes: Supreme Small Maul, Silver Supreme Horseshoe *3 Supreme Saddle Supreme Metal Brush Supreme Trowel Supreme dirts, logs, and other mats. PM me in game or on the forums! Thanks, ~Ssmokes
  10. This is a hammer fit for the gods. If I had a Fantastic bone, it would be worthy. Nice work and good luck on the auction!
  11. yay ty! Please apply the skin and mail over the backpack