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  1. Ladies and gentleman, trolls and goblins, Too long has this menace been stealing our sheep and cattle to do god knows what with! I'd like to formally invite everyone to a Slaying of The Aged Starving Kyklops! The event will be held on Wednesday at High Noon Eastern (EST) The location will be given out on Tuesday. It is fairly accessible. Although he doesn't drop a hide, he does drop blood to make Leatherworking Potions to imbue your tools with! If you haven't gotten it already, everyone that takes a swing at it will obtain the 'Giantslayer' Title. Come early for a good time, I'll have altars for sermons and a forge/imping area! Summons will also be available.
  2. The winner! Thanks everyone for bidding Aleck, ping me when you're online please
  3. Gentlemen, I'm out of game time for the night. To the winner, please contact me with either you want me to finish and mail the item, or if you want to arrange a pickup.
  4. Sniper protection activated and extends the auction by 30 mins. Good luck all.
  5. Hello and welcome again to one of my auctions! Today we have a supreme unfinished ropetool, oak. Get your signature on completion (pickup needed - Can deliver for an extra cost). If you want it mailed, i'll need to finish it, since you can't mail unfinished items. Only 3 large nails to finish it, so oak is it's wood type. Starting bid: 1Min. inc.: 1Buyout: 1gSniper protection: 30 MinsNo reserve - no private bids. Good luck everyone
  6. Looking for 5k of each, could pick them up. Please reply here or ping in game, Thanks, Ssmokes
  7. if the reserve was 20s, but the last bid was 17s, then the auction failed? /scratches head
  8. Mmmm it's my wood type too! Thank you for auctioning this beauty! Delivery included? *Adds auction to watch list and sets reminders*