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  1. Grats! I'll mail it over asap! Thanks!
  2. Oh i have a Rare iron Chain boot! my rare chain boot is STEEL sorry not iron. Still interested?
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to another one of my auctions! Today I'd like to auction off 1.636kg of dragon scale 6 different pieces: Black Dragon Scales 0.277KG *3 Red Dragon Scales 0.182 *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.127KG *1 Blue Dragon Scale 0.496KG *1 Total of 1.636KG of scale. Starting bid: 2.5 Gold Increment (minimum): 5s Reserve: NONE Buyout: 6.5g Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Not accepted Once the auction ends, I will ship the scale via mailbox in a backpack, unless the buyer wants it combined. When bidding, please also note which character to ship the item to. Happy Bidding!
  4. All 3 sets have been shipped. Thanks again for the business!!!
  5. Bobhope's on Release. This should be moved to the SFI forums